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feet 5

&c yol. 3.

Saul, a ring leader of the robbers, an, Sellum, or Shallum, antiq. xi. ix, 1.
tiq. xx, ix. 4. vol. 2.

vol, 1.
Scauras, prelident of Syria, War, i, vi, Ser, or Shem, antiq, i iv. 1, vol. a.

3, &c. vol. 3. c. vii. fect. 7, and his posterity, c. vi feet. 4.
c. viit, fe&t. 1, he returns into Syria, Semegar, or Samgar, antiq, x. viii. 2.
antiq. xiv. ii. 3. vol. 2. he raises

vol, 1.
the fiege of Jerusalem, ib. his expe- Senei, or Shimci, the son of Gera, an-

dition into Arabia, c. v, fe&t. 1. tiq. vii. ix. 4. vol. i. c. xi. fect.
Scopas, general of Prolemy's army, de- 2. and c. xv. lect. 1. he is put to

feated by Antiochus the Great, antiq. death by Solomon, viii. i. 5. vol. 1.
xii, iii. 1, vol. 2.

Semelius, antiq. xi, ii. 2. vol. 1,
Sea ; the seventy interpreters wash their Sempronius (Caius) fon of Caius, antiq.
hands in the sea, before they begin

xiii. ix. 2. vol, 2,
their translation, antiq. xii, ii, 12. Senabar, or Shemebar, antiq. i. ix. I.
vol. 2.

vol. 1.
Sea divided for the Israelites, antiq. ii. Sernacherib makes wär on Hezekia,
xvi. 1. vol. 1,

antig. x. i. 1. vol. 1. his death,
Seba, antiq. i, vi. 2. vol. 1.
Sebas, the son of Ilus, antiq. vii. xii. Senate of Rome's decree concerning the
4. vol. I.

Jews, antiq. xix. 6. vol. 2. they
Sects of the Jews, antiq. xiii. v. 9 renew their league with the Jews,

vol. 2, and xviii, 1, 2, &c, vol. 2. xiv. viii. 5. vol. 2, another decree
Life, fect. 2. vol. 2. War, ii. viii. 2, of theirs concerning the Jews, c.

10. lect. 19.
Sedecias, or Zedekiah, a false prophet, Sepphoris bumt, antiq. xvii. x. 9.
antiq. viii. xv, 4 vol. 1.

vol. 2. taken by Josephus, Life, le&t.
Sedecias, or Zedekiah, king of Judea, 67. vol. 2.

antiq. x, vii, 1, &c. vol 1. revolts Seriah, high priest, antiq. X. vii, 5,
from the Babyloniens, lect. 3 calls

6, vol. 1.
for Jeremiah's advice, sect. 6. is car. Serebæus, antiq. xi, iii. 10. vol. 1.
ried captive to Babylon, c. viii. sect. Seron, general of the army of Cælofy-
2. his death, sect. 7.

ria, antiq. xii. vii. 1. vol. 2.
Sedition among the priests, antiq. xx. Serpent deprived both of speech and

viii, 8. vol. 2, (edition of Corah and feet, antiq. i. i. 4 vol. i.
his followers, iv, ii. 1, &c. vol. 1. Serug, antiq. i. vi. 5. col. 1.
of the Israelites, antiq. iii, xiv. 3. Servilius (Publius) his letter to the
vol. 1. is quelled by Joshua, sect. 4. Mil fians in favor of the Jews, an.
fedition at Cesarea between the Jews tiq. xiv. x, 21. vol. 2.

and Syrians, xx. viii. 7. vol. 2. Silac. See S shack.
Sejanus put to death, antiq. xviii. vi. Seth son of Adam, antiq.i. ii, 3. vol.
6. vol. 2

1. his posterity's pillars in the land
Seisan, the scribe, antiq. vii. v. 4. of Siriad, ib.

Sethon, king of Egypt, againit Apios,
Selene, queen of Syria, otherwise call- i, fect, 26, vol. 3.

ed Cleopatra, antiq. xiii. xvi. 4. Sethosis, or Sefoftris, king of Egypt,
vol. 2,

against Apion, i le&. 15. Yo!. 3.
Seleucus possesses Syria after the death Seventh day. See Sabbath.

of Alexander the Great, antiq .xii.i. Seventytwo interpreters sent by Elez-
vol, 2, he is called Nicator (the con. zar, the high priest, with the books
querer)c, iii. sect. 1. his bounty to- of the law, antiq. xii, ii, 10. vol. e.
ward the Jews, ib.

their arrival at Alexandria, ib. they
Seleucus Soter, or Philopator, son of bring with them the law written up-

Antiochus the Great, antiq xii. iv, on parchment in golden letters, ib.
10. vol, 2,

they wash in the fra before they fall
Seleucus, son of Antiochus Grypus, to their work, fe&. 12. they finish

antiq. xiii. xiii. 4. vol. 2, his death, the translation in seventytwo dayi,

Sella, or Zillah, Lamech's wife, antiq. Sextus Cæsar, president of Syria, as-
i, ii, 2. vol. a.

tiq. xiv, ix, 2, 4. vol. 2. 'War, i.

vol. 1.

XV. 1

9. vol. 3.

lect. 1.

x. 1, &c. vol. 3. he is liain by Ce- 2. he becomes troublesome to the
cilius Bassus, c, xi, sect. 1.

king, ib. he is killed, c, viii. sect. 3.
Shadrach, antiq. x. x, 1, vol. 1, Silas, a Babylonian, War, ii. xix. 2.
Shallum, antiq. ix. xi. 1. vol. 1.

vol. 3. and iii. ii. 1. vol. 3.
Shalmanczer, See Salmanaslar.

Silo, the Roman captain, antiq. xiv.
Shamgar, son of Anath, succeeds Ehud

--5. vol. 2.
as judge, antiq. v. iv. 3. vol. 1. S.lo, or Shiloh, a town where the tabu
Sharezer, antiq. x. i. §. vol. 1.

crnacle was fixed, antiq v. i. 19.
Sheba, antiq. i. vi. a. vol. 1.

7, 20. vol. 1.
Shechem, the place of Joshua's habita- Silva (Flavius) governor of Judea,
tion, antiq. v, i. 19, 28.

War, vii, viii. 1, vol 3. he belreges
Shechem ites meet Alexander the Great,

Massada sect. 2, 5.
antiq. xi. viii. 6. vol. 1. their kind- Silver of little value in the days of
red with Raguel, Moles's father in Solomon, antiq. viii. vii. 2. vol. a.
law, vi. vii. 3. vol. 1.

Simeon, fon of Gamaliel, War, iv. iii.
Sheckel, a coin equal to four Attic

drachmæ, antiq. iii viii. 2. vol. i, Simon, son of Bothus, made high
Shem, antiq. i. iv. 1. vol. 1, his polo priest, antiq. xv. ix. 3. pol. 2. his
terity, c. vi. sect 4

daughter married to Herod, ib, he is
Shemeber, king of Zeboim, antiq.i. ix. deprived, xvii. iv 2. vol. %.
1. vol. to.

Simon, son of Camithi, made high
Shield covered the left eye in war, an- pricft, antiq. xviii, ii, 2 vol. 2.
tiq. vi. v. 1. vol. 1.

Simon, son of Boethus, surnamed Can-
Shield, a token of a league between the theras, made high pricft, antiq. xix.

Jews and Romans, antig. xiv, viii. Vi. 2. vol. 2. he is deprived, keet. 4.
S. vol. 2.

Simon son of Cathias, War, iy. iy. 2.
Shimei, son of Gera, antiq. vii, ix. 4

vol. 3.
vol. 1. c. xi, feet 2. and c. xvi. fec. Simon the Just, Eleazar's brother, high
1. puto death by Solomon, viii, .. priest, antiq. xii, ii. 4. vol. 2.c. iv.

6. vol. I.
Ships sent to Pontus and Thrace un- Simon, lon of Onias, the high priest,

der Ahaziah, son of Abab, antiq. ix. dies, antiq. xii, iv, 10. vol. 2.
i, 4. vol. 1.

Simon the Essen, a prophet, antiq.
Silaack, or Sesac, king of Egypt, an- xvii, xiii 3. vol. 2

tiq. vii. v. 3. vol. 1. and viii. vii. Simon, son of Gieras, War, ii. xix, 2.
8. vol. 1. c. X.


vol 3. and iv. ix. 3. vol. 3 fights
Sibas, or Zibah, antiq. vii. v. 5. vol.a. with the-Zelotes, iv. ix 5. vol. 3.

c. ix. fe&t. 3. Saul's freed man, c. conquers Idumea, lict. 7. is made a
xi, fe&t. 3.

prisoner, and reserved for the tri-
Sibbechai, the Hittite, antiq. vii. xii. umph, War, vii. 2. vol. 3. is put to
2. vol. 1,

death at the triumph, c. v, le&. 6.
Sicarii, or banditti, flee to Alexandria, Simon, brother of Judas and Jonathan

War, vii. x, 1, vol. 1. caunot be the Maccabees, beats the enemy in
forced to own Cæsar for their lord, Galilee, antig. xii. viii 2, vol. 2.

is made captain of the Jews, c. X.
Sichon, or Sihon, king of the Amo- sect. 6. he makes a speech to them,
rites, conquered, antiq. iv, v. 1, xiii, vi. 3.

vol. 2. is made their
&c. vol.s.

prince, feet, 3, 4 is made high priest,
Sidon, antiq. i. vi. 2. vol. 1.'

fect 6 War, 1. ii. 2. vol. 3. is kille
Signs appraring before the destruction ed by Ptolemy his son in law, lect. 3.

of Jerusalem, War, vi. v 3. vol. 3. Simon, foa of Arinus, War, v. vi. i.
Silanus, president of Siria, antiq.
xviii, ii, 4. vol. 2.

Simon, son of Dofitheus, antiq. xiii.
Silas, governor of Tiberias, Life, fcct. ix, 2. vol. 2.
17,53. vol. 2.

Simon, captain of the Idumeans at Jem
Silas, tyrant of Lysias, antin, xiv. iii. rusalern, War, iv. iv. 4. vol. 3.
2, vol. 2

Simon, a liteguard marr to Jolephus,
Silas, an attendant on king Agrippa se- Life, fect, 28. vol. 2.
nior in his adversities, antiq. xviii

. Simon' of Jerufalem, antiq. xix, vii..the
vi. 7. vol. 2. and xix, vii, 1. vol.

vol, z.

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vol. 3. •

fect. 4.

vol. 3:

vol. 1..

Simon, a magician, antiq. mec. vii, 2. solve them all, fortifies Jers
vol., 2.

falem, and builds several towns, ci
Simon, a Pharisee. Life, scat. 38 vol 2.. vi, feat, 1. lays a lax on the re-
Simon Psellus, Josephus's grandfather, maining Canaanites, lect. 3. fita ost
Life, le&. 1. vol. 2.

a fleet, lect. 4. his great riches, c.
Simon, a lervant of Herod, allumes vii. le&. 2. bis immoderate love of

the crown, antiq. xvii. x. 6, vol. 2. women, icat, 5 his death, le&t. 8.
Simon, son of Saul, War, ij, xviii. 4. Solyma, or Salem, the old name of

Jeru!alem, antiq. vii. iii. 2. vol. 1.
Simon persuades the people to exclude Sopronius, or Zephaniah, the second

Agrippa from the temple, antiq. xix. priest, antiq. x, viii. s. vol. i.
vii. 4 vol. 3.

Solibius of Tarentum, antiq. xü. ii. 2..
Simonides Agrippa, Josephus's son, vol. 2.
Life, fed. 76. vol. a.

Solius, a Roman captain in Judea, antiq.
Siphar, the Ammonite, antiq. vii. ix. xiv, xv. 9. vol. 2. c. xvi. sect. 1.
8. vol. 1.

joins with Herod against Antigoous,
Sitera oppresses the Israelites, antiq. v. ib. War, i. xvii, 2. vol. 3. be
v. 1. vol. 1. is killed by Jael, takes Antigonus prisoner, and car.

sies bim to Anthony, antiq. xiv.
Sifinnes, antiq. xi. i. 3. vol. s. gover. xvi. 4. vol. 2. War, i. xviii. 2. 3.

nor of Syria and Phenica, c. iv. lect.
4, T.

Souls of heroes, Nain in war, suppola
Slaughter, the greatest that ever was ed to pe placed among the stars, Way.
in one battle, antiq. viii. xi. 3. vi, i. 5. vol. 3

Speech of Herod to his army, antiq.
Sodomites and their associates, con. xv. V. 3. vol. 2. to the people, c.

quered by the Allyrians, antiq. i. ix. xi. lect. 1. (peech of Moses to Colah
vol. 1.

and the people, iv. ii. 4, &c. vol. 1,
Sudomites so wicked, that they are to the people before his death, c, viii.

burnt with fire from heaven, antiq.
i, xi, vol. I.

Spies, sent by Moses to view the land of
Sohemus, tetrarch, antiq. xvii. iii. 2. Canaan, antiq. iii. xiv. I, &c. vat,
vol. 2, Life, sec, Il. vol. 2.

1. by Joshua to Jericho, v. i. 1.
Sohernus, king of Emela, fucceeds his vol. 1. they bring back a faithful

brother Azizus, antiq. xx. viit. 4. account, fect. 2.

vol, 2. War, vii. vä. 1, vol. 3. Spoils of barbarians reposited in Here
Sutemus of sturea, antiq. xv. vi. S. od's temple, antiq, xv, xi. 3. vol. 2.

vol. 2, betrays Herod's secret order Spoils in was to be equally divided
for killing Marianne, c. vii, fect, 1. between those that fight and those
is put to death by Herod, feat.

4 that guard the baggage, antiq. vi.
Solomon, son of David, antiq vii. iii.

xiv. 6. vol. I.
3. vol. 1. promised to David, c. iv. Stars, supposed to have their virtue from
fect. 4. born, c, vii, sect. 4. anoint- the sun and moon, antiq. ii, ii. 3.
ed and proclaimed king, c.
5. anointed and proclainned a lec. Stechus, antiq. xviii. vi. 7, vol. 2.
ond time, feet 11. marries Phae Stephanus, Cæsar's fervant, antiq. XX.
raoh's daughter, antiq, viii. i. 1. de- v. 4. vol. 2. War, ii, xii. 2 vol. 3.
termines the couse of two harlots, Sterility of the country is one of the
feat. 2, his power, grandeur and punishments for the kingos doing ill,
wisdom, fe&t.


&c. the books he antiq, vii, iv. 4 vol. 1.
wrote, feet,

his letter to Hiram Stratton tyrannizes over Berea, antiq.
king of Tyre, lect, 6. he builds the xiii. xiv. 3. vol. 8
temple, fe&t. 9 and c. iii. his ad. Subjects follow the manners of theit
dresses to God and the people after it princes, aptiq. viii, X. 2. vol. i.
was built, c. iv. fect. 2. &c, he of. Suiaober, or Shemeber, king of Zebo.
fers abundance of lacrifices, fect. 4. im, antiy, i. ix, 1. vol. i.
he builds himself a royal palace, c. Suppi.cants in Syria used to come with
v lect. 1. &c. folves the problems an balıer about their heads, antiq -
propoled by the king of Tyre, ect. viii. xiv. 4. vol. ..

Dius lays, Solomon could not

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vol. 1

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retur, or Zur, a king of the Midianites, 4 vol. 2. like to that at Jerusalem,
antiq. iv. vii, 1. vol. 1.

xi, viii. 2. vol. 1.
-Sylla, captain of King Agrippa's life. Temple built by Herod near Pancas, in

guard, Life, fect. 70. vol. 2, honor of Augustus, antiq. xv. x.
Syileus, an Arabian, first minister to 3. vol. 2. War, i, xxi. 3 vol.

king Obodas, antiq. xvi. vii. 6. Temple of the golden calf, War, iv. i.
Vol. 2, War, i. xxiv. 6. vol. 3. C. 1. vol. 3
xxvii. fect. 1. he goes to Rome, an- Temples in Egypt, many and different,
tiq. xvi, ix, 2. vol. 2. accules Her- antiq. xiii iii. i. vol. 2.
od before Augustus, sect. 3. de Temples of the 'Canaanites were to be
mands Salome in marriage, c. vii. demolished, antiq. iv, viii. 2. vol. 1,
sect. 6. is refuled, becaufe he would Temples of foreign nations not to be
not turn Jew, ib. is charged with plundered, nor their donations ta.

several murders, xvii, iii, 2. vol. 2. ken away, antiq. iv. viii. 1o. vol. 1,
-War, i, x, ix. 3. vol. 3. is accused Temple of Hercules, and Astarte at
before Auguitas by Nicolaus of Tyre, antir, vii. v. 3. vol. 1.
Damascus, antiq. xvi. x. 8. vol. 2. Temple of Demus and the graces at A.

receives fentence of death, fect. 9. thens, antiq. xiv, viii. 5. vol. 2.
Synedrion, or "Sanhedrim. See Sanhe Temple of Belus, at Babylon, antiq. X.

ix. i. vol. 1.
Syrian commodities, antig. ii. iii. 3. Temple built by Herod at Samaria, an.
vol. I.

tiq. xv. viii. 5. vol. 2.
Syrians hatred to the Jews, War, i. iv. Temple (Herod's) at Jerufalem describe
3. vol. 3.

ed, antiq. xv. xi. 3. '5. "vol. 2.
A Syrian king of Mesopotamia, antiq. Temple Onion in Egypt, built like
vii. vi. 1. vol. 1.

that at Jerutalem, antiq xii, x, 7..
Tabernacle built, antiq. iii. vi. 1, vol. vol. 2. and Kili. iii. 1, 3. vol. %

1. its description, lect. 2. its purihi. c, x, lect. 4. and xx. x vol. 2.
cation, c. viii. fe&t. 3.

Temple of Diana, at Elemais, antiq. xii.
Feaft of Tabernacles, a great festival of ix, .. vol. 2, of Dagon at Ashdod,

the Jews, antiq. viii, iv, 1. vol. 1. 'or Azotus, xiii, iv 4. vol. 2. of A
and xv. iii. 3 vol 2, celebraied in pollo at Gaza, c. xiii. lect. 3.
war by the leave of king Antiochus, Temple of Jeru!alem, rebuilt by Zoro.,
xiii. viii, 2. vol. 2. celebrated for babel, antiq. xi. i. vol. 1. c. iv.
fourteen days upon the dedication of fect 5. &c. XX. X. vol. 2. the Jews
Solomon's temple, viii, iv. 5 vol. hindered in buiiding it, xi, ii. vol.
3. Jews then carry boughs with fruiu, 1. they go on by order of Darius,
whereby Alexander the high priel: c. iv. ledt 1. &c. it is finished in
was pelted, xiii. xiii. 5. vol. 2. seven years, lect. 4. fixty cubits low-
Jews then fixed cabernacles in the er han Solomon's temple, xv. xi,
temple, War, vi. v. 3. vol. 3. it is 1. vol, 3. it is plundered by Antio.
celeb ated after the Babylonian, cap- chus, Epiphanes, xii. y. 4. vol. 2.
tivity, antiq. xi, iv. . vol. 1.c. v. taken by Pompey, and its molt bo-

ly place seen by him, but without
Tabie (of thew bread) golden, made by detriment thereto, xiv. v. 4. vole

Ptolemy, antiq. xii ii. 7, &c, vol. 2. War, i: vii. 6. vol. 3. new built

2. with his cups and vials, feat. 9. by Herod, antiq. xv. xi. 3. Vol. 2.
Delphic table, antiq. iii. vi. 7. vol. 1. burnt by Titus, War, vi iv. 5, &c.
Table ia the court of the pretts, antiq. vol. 3. Thus goes into the most ho.
iii. vi 7. vol. 1.

ly place, feet, 7.
Tachas, anriq. i. vi. 5. vol. 1.

Temple of Solomon described, antiq.
Tanganas, antiq. xi, iv. 9. vol. 1. viii, iii, 2, &c. vol i. dedicated
Tartan, a captain of the Assyrians, antiq: by Solomon, fe&t. 4. foreigners
X. 1. I. vol. 1.

could go but to a certain partition
Tears, natural signs of great joy or for. wall in Herod's temple, xv. xi. s.

row, antiq. xii, ii. 10. vol. 2, vol. 2. womeo excluded the two
Teba, antiq. i. vi. 5. vol. 1

innor couns, ib. open to S-maritans
Temple built upon Mount Gerrizim, and other natious for prayer, xi. iv.
antiq X. viii. 7. vol. s. and xiii. iii. 3. vol. 1. David's armory in the

temple, ix, vii. 2. vol, i, tax out

fect. 5

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of the temple treasure remitted by Thumosis, or Tethmosis, king of E.
Demetrius, xiii. ii. 3. vol. 2. Dan- gypt, against Apion, i. fe&t. 14, 15.
iel's prophecy of Antiochus's prof.

26. vol. 3.
anation of the temple fulfilled, xii. Thrygammes, or Togarmah, antiq. i.
vii. 6. vol. 2.

vi. i. vol. s.
Tephetus of Garsis, War, v. xi, 6. Tiberius Alexander, procurator or ju

dea, antiq. xx. v. 2. vol. 2,
Terah, Abraham's father, antiq. i. vi. Tiberius Alexander, governor of Al-
15.' yol, i.

exandria, War, ii. xviii, 7. vol. 3.
Teribioth, for turpentine tree, near He- and v, i, 6. vol. 3. he brings Egypt
: bron, supposed as old as the world, over to Vespasian, iv. x. 6. vol. 3.
War, iv. ix. 7. vol. 3.

Tiberias the emperor, antiq, xviii, ii.
Terertius, or Turnus Rufus, War, vii, 4. vol. 2. War, ii. ix, 2, 5, vol 3.
ii. vol. 2

bis dılatory proceedings, antiq. xviii.
Tercíh, antiq. xi. vi. 4. vol. 1.

vi 5. vol. 2. his fill in astrology.
Teridatis, or Tiridates, king of Arme.


9. his prognostic of a fucceflor,
i via, antiq. xx. iii, 3. vol. 2, War, ib, his death, ib.
vii, vii. 7. vol. 3.

Tibni, antiq. viii, xii. 5. vol. 1.
Tero, an old soldier, antiq, xvi, ix. 4. Tidal, antiq. i. ix. vol. 1.
&c.vol. 2. War, i. xxvii

. 4,&c.vol. Tiglathpileler, king of Allyria, antiq.
3 charged with caloo by Trypho, i ix. xi, 1, vol. 1.
Herod's barber, leet.


Tigranes, king of Armenia, antiq.xiii.
Tethmolis, or Thumolis, king of Egypt, xvi. 4 vol. 2. and xv. iv, si vol,

against Apion, i. xiv. 15.26, vol. 3. 2, and xviii. v. 4 vol. 2. War, is
Tetrarchies, antiq. xili. iv. 9. vol. 2. v. 3. vol. 3. c. xxviji. fect. 1,
Tharmar, David's daughter, antiq. vii. Tigranes, ton of Alexander and Glz.
jii 3. vol. 1.

phyra, antiq. xviii, v, 4. vol. 2.
Thamar, Absalom's daughter, married Timaus king of Egypt, againk Api-

to kehoboam, antiq. vii. x, 3 vol.1. on, i, sect. 14. col. 3.
Thaumaftus, antiq. xviii, vi, 6. vol. 2. Timidius, antiq. xix. i. 5. vol. 2.
Theatres erected at Jerusalem by Her. Timius, a Cypriot, antiq. xviii, 2.4.
od, antiq. xv, viii, 1, vol. 2. War,

vol. 2.
i. xxi. 8. vol. 3. at Cefarea, antiq. Timotheus, antiq. xii. viii. 1, 3. vol,
xv. ix. 6, vol. 2.

2. he is put to flight by Judas,
Theft, how punished by the law of

Moles, antiq. iv. viii, 27, &c, vol.s. Tiras, antiq. i. vi. 1. vol. a.
Themagus, antiq. xi, iii. 5. vol. s. iridates, king of Armenia, antiq. XX.
Theodorus, son of Zeno. antiq. xiii. ini. 3. vol. 2.

xiii, 3. vol. 2. War, i, iv. 2. vol. 3. Tithes, and first fruits, given to the
Theodofius, antiq. xii. iii. 4. vol. 2. : Levites, antiq. iv. iv. 3. vol. 1. their
Theophilus, son of Ananus, deprived tithes or tenth parts given to the

of the high priesthood, antiq. xix. ' priest, le&t. 4. this law reftored by
vi, 2. vol. 2.

Hezekiah, ix. xiii. 3. vol, s.
Theophilus, brother of Jonathan, made Titius, president of Syria, antiq. xvi.

{cct. 4.

high priest, apliq. xviii. v. 3. viii. 6. vol. 2.
vol. 2.

Titus Cæfar, son of Vespasian, fent to
Thermus, a Roman ambaffador, a- Alexandria, War, iii. i. 3. rol, si

gainst Apion, ii, fect. 5. vol. 3. he brings a great number of uroopa
Thermula, Phraataces's concubine, and to Vespalan, c. iv, lett. 2, his piety

then wife, antiq. xviii, ii. 4. vol. 2. towards his father, c. vii. le&. 22.
Theudas, an impoftor, antiq. xx. v. he and Vespasian take Jotapata, ka
I. vol, 2.

31. his mildness to Jolephus, c. viii.
Theudion, brother of Doris, Antipa- lect. 8, 9, be is sent against Taricher,
ler's., mother, antiq. xvii. iv, 2. c. x. tea... bis valor in this expe.

dition, lect. 3. his speech to his lola
Thobe, or Tubai-caio, antiq. i.ii. s. diers, iect. 4. be takes Tarichez, lett.
vol. 1.

5. he is sent to Rome, with king A-
Tholomy, son of Sobem us, antiq, xix. grippa, to compliment Galba, iv. ix.
viii, i.vol.a.

2. vol. 3. the order of his anay, v.

vol. 2.

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