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ing in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour shall not be in vain in the Lord. And may the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, make you perfect, ftablish, strengthen, settle you. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen!

“ Now, my brethren, retire to your rooms, and pray for yourselves and one another, and for me, that your God and my God may be with me in the hour of death, and grant me a blessed and somfortable passage through that deep river, whicb each of you will cross in God's own time.”

Whereupon one of the gentlemen faid, “ Blefsed be God who hath called us by his grace, and revealed his Son in us; and blessed be his name for such a joyful instance of the communion of saints, and such an outpouring of the Spirit as I hope all of us have sweetly experienced on our souls on this occasion. If communion with God, even in this valley of tears, be so sweet and ravishing; how delightful and transporting must it be in the upper sanctuary, to which you, dear Sir, are faft approaching, and to which we pray an abundant entrance may be administered to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord ? Amea !” My dear friend then took each of them by the hand, withing them farewell till they should meet in glory. Upon which they all departed, blefling and praising God for his grace and mercy to them. Mr the young gentleman who spoke first when they came in, carnestly defired he might be permitted to return and sit up with Mr T- -s, as he defired above all things to be present at his death. To which my friend consented, and then lay down on his bed, (having been held up all the time by me and another of the gentlemen), in order to meditate and pray.


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The gentleman returned near nine in the evening. After he had sat down, Mr T-s, who had been quiet ever fince he went out, spoke to us as follows. " I have been meditating on the wonderful plan of salvation through the death of Christ, the glories of redeeming love and grace, and I have been loft in wonder, love, and praise. I have also been thinking on the glory and felicity of that happy world, which I have a near profpect of; and I long to be in that bleffed region, with my adorable Redeemer, that I may proftrate myself at his throne, own myself the greatest finner among the ranfomed race, and ascribe all the glory of my falvation to my incarnate and exalted Lord.

“ Now, my dear friends, as my cough is quite gone, and I am quite easy in body, feeling no pain or trouble whatever, I will fall afleep exactly at ten, and sleep foundly till five in the morning of the Lord's day, when I shall awake, and will remove from my clay-tabernacle exactly at fix, I hope, ravished with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I therefore desire you will fing an hymn, and

will pray; and then I shall take leave of you for this last night of my life. We accordingly, favoured by the divine presence, sung the following hymn.

My thoughts surmount these lower skies,

And look within the vail;
There Springs of endless pleasure rife,

The waters never fail.
There I behold, with sweet delight,

The blessed Three in One ;
And strong affe&tions fix my hight

On God's incarnate Son.


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His promise stands for ever firm,

His grace sball ne'er depart :
He binds my name upon

his arm,
And seals it on bis heart..
Light are the pains that nature brings;

How fbort our forrows are,
When with eternal, future things,

The present we compare!
I would not be a franger till

To that celestial place,
Where I for ever hope to dwell,

Near my Redeemer's face.


Mr was prevailed on to pray, and was remarkably affifted in every part of the duty, and we were all greatly refreshed with the presence of God, and the manifestations of his blessed face. My friend fell asleep exactly at ten, and had a very pleasant countenance all the night. Mr Mwent to bed for a while ; and Mr

and I continued awake, sometimes reading, and sometimes meditacing. Mr

Mwaked at four, and rose. We then waited impatiently for five, when our worthy and beloved friend awaked, as he had fore. told. He called us, and said, “Now, Gentlemen, mortality comes to an end. I shall fleep no more, hunger nor tbirft, eat nor drink any more. My time is come, and the last sands in my glass are running. I must now bid adieu to all created comforts; to you, my dear friends, whose services and labours of love to me, I pray, may be rewarded of my gracious Lord, who will not let a cup of water given to one of his disciples pass varewarded; to the bleffed Bible, and all the good books, from which I received inftruction and improvement; and to every visible object. I pray God, my dear friends, to be with you,


where-ever you are, and preferve you from all evil to his heavenly kingdom and glory; that he may shower down his best blessings on my ho. noured parents, my dear brothers and sisters, and my lovely cousin, and comfort them under my death; that he may enable them to live to his glory, that at laft they may all die in the Lord ; that the Lord may watch over my other compa. nions, and enable them to perfevere in cleaving to Christ and his commandments; and that the glorious gospel of his grace may be propagated through the world, and all nations may yield subjection to the Prince of the kings of the earth. - I have had a very pleasant night, having slepe foundly, without the least pain or uneasiness, and at this momeot nothing ails me. I have passed the night in a succession of agreeable dreams, the one half of which I have not time, nor dare I teil you. Suffice ir to say, that I thought I died without ligh or groan, or a wry face, full of the love of Christ, my adorable Redeemer, whose blessed and glorious face I shall see in a very little ; that the angels received my unembodied fpirit, and wafted me, wrapt up in love and wonder, to the manfions of love and glory, the blefled Paradife of God, which exceeded all imagination or description, and that I was presented as a trophy of victorious grace to the Lamb that fits upon the throne, and joined immediately in the songs of the redeemed. But human language cannot con• vey an idea of what I thought I saw and heard; neither dare I be more particular. Be exhorted, 'my friends, to seek falvation by the free grace of God in Jesus Christ, and to live by faith upon him, and you will be admitted to all the glory and felicity of the other world. As my time here is very short, let us, my dear friends, fing


one hymn more, and MrN-u will pray that the Lord may receive my spirit.

Accordingly we joined with the dying youth, being all of us in raptures of joy, and under a very sensible gale of heavenly influences, in finging the following hymn.

There is a house not made with hands,

Eternal, and on high;
And here my Spirit waiting lands,

Till God foall bid it Ay.
Shortly this prison of my clay

Must be diffolv'd, and fall;
Then, O my soul, with joy obey

Thy heav'nly Father's call.
'Tis he, by his almighty grace,

That forms thee fit for heav'na
And as an earned of the place,

Has his own Spirit giv'n.
We walk by faith of joys to come,

Faith lives upon his word;
But while the body is our home,

We're abfent from the Lord.
'Tis pleasant to believe thy grace,

But we had rather see-:
We would be abfent from the flesh,

And present, Lord, with thee.
After praise, I, as defired, was, I hope, ena-
bled, by che aflistance of divine grace, to pour out

foul in prayer to the throne of grace suitable to such a moving and affecting occafion. In every part of this duty we were all sepsibly filled with the Holy Spirit, and never enjoyed so much of the divine presence before. When prayer was ended, the dying youth fac


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