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THE 'HE remains of the Castle of St his numerous domestics one by one ;

Andrews * are still to be seen and, turning them out of the castle, on the east side of the city, on a rock they, without violence, tumult, or ofa overlooking the sea. This fortress fering the smallest injury to any other was founded in 1401, by Bishop perfon, infiicted on Beaton the death Trail, who was buried in the high he justly merited. The conspirators altar of the cathedral; and was af- were immediately befieged in this terwards the residence of cardinal castle by the regent, Earl of Arran ; Beaton; who, after the death of and notwithstanding they had acquirGeorge Wishart, apprehending fome ed no greater strength than iso danger, caused it to be fortified so men, they resisted all his efforts for strongly as to be at that time deem- five months. This, however, was ed impregnable. In this fortress, owing to the unskilfulness of the however, he was surprized and affas- besiegers more than to the strength of finated by Norman Leily with 15 the place ; for, in 1547, the castle others. They seized on


of was reduced and demolished. The the castle early in the morning of entrance of it is still to be seen ; and

1 May 29,. 1546 ; it having been left the window is shown, out of which open for the workmen who were fi- it is said the cardinal looked, to glut nishing the fortifications; and having his eyes with the cruel martyrdom placed centinels at the door of the of George Wishart, who was buint çardinal's apartment, they awakened on a spot beneath.



AS S the following calculations are place whose longitude, from Green.

made according to apparent wich obfervatory, is known. time at the meridian of Edinburgh, place is to the westward of Greenwhich is 12'..59" to the westward of wich, add 12'..59", or the longitude the royal observatory of Greenwich, of Edinburgh, to the time when the it will be neceffary to point out the phenomenon takes place at Edinmethod of finding the time when burgh; from this sum fubtract the ihese phenomena happen at any other given place, and the result will be the



time when the phenomenon happens the planet, at 12 minutes and 46 at this place. If, on the other hand, conds paft 11 in the evening ; and athe place is to the eastward of Green- bout 2 hours and a quarter before wich, add its longitude to 12'..59", this emersion, the first, second, and the longitude of Edinburgh, then this third satellites are all invisible; the sum, added to the time at Edinburgh, first being eclipsed by his fhadow, gives the time when the phenomenon and the other two being on the face happens at the given place. It may of the planet. be necessary also to remark, that if Monday, February 16th. either a Newtonian reflector, or At 35 minutes and


feconds past common refracting telescope with a fin- 7 in the evening, the first satellite of gle convex eye glass, be made use of Jupiter will emerge from behind the in obferving the eclipses and relative Shadow of the planet ; and about situations of Jupiter's satellites, or the half an hour after, viz. at 6 minutes position of the moon with respect to and 36 seconds past 8, the second a fixed star or planet, then the situa- satellite will also emerge from the tion of the fatellite, with respect to shadow of Jupiter. Near about the to Jupiter, and the position of the same time the fourth satellite will be fixed star, with respect to the moon, found a little to the right hand of will be directly contrary to what is Jupiter, and the third about thrice here set down ; that is, if the satellite as far from the planet as the fourth, is said to be on the right hand of the but on the same fide with it. planet, and if the moon is said to Wednesday, February 18th. pass above a fixed ftar or planet, then, The planet Venus is in conjunction when a telescope of the above def- with & Pisces, a star of the fourth cription is used, the fatellite will ap- magnitude, and paffes below it, at the pear on the left hand of the planet, distance of 25 minutes. and the moon will seem to pass below Thursday, February 19th. the fixed star.

The sun enters the sign Pisces at Sunday, February 1f. 25 minutes past one in the morningAt twelve o'clock in the evening, Monday, February 23d. the Georgium Sidus may be seen in The first satellite of Jupiter will the south east, about 22 degrees ào emerge from behind his shadow at bove the horizon. It is fituated a- gh..44.38", and about an hour after, bout

37 minutes south-west of , Vir- viz. at ioh.. 30'.. 32", the second faginis, a ftar of the third magnitude, tellite will also emerge, At the and will retain that position, without same time, the fourth satellite will any sen Gible deviation from it during be found a little to the right hand of the whole of February, excepting the planet, and the third satellite, only that it will come into the fouth about twice as far from it, on the east, with an altitude of 22 degrees, fame fide. about four minutes sooner every Tuesday, February 24th. night.

The fourth fatellite of Jupiter will Tuesday, February 3d. enter into the shadow of the planet About a quarter pait two in the at lih.21..38", and about four morning, the moon will be in con- hours afterwards, viz. at 3h..49'4" junction with the Georgium Sidus, next morning, it will also emerge and will pass very near it.

from the shadow. In the same evenSaturday, February 7th. ing, about two hours and a half hea The first satellite of Jupiter will fore the emersion of the fourth faemerge from behind his shadow, tellite, the first and third satellites which at that time lies to the left of are situated towards the right hand



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