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shall be free in every case from all fe- and endeavouring to perpetrate the same questration or search.

foul offence yourlelf. How you can re3. Should the Court of Copenhagen concile this to the mild precepts of the with to recede from this Convention, fix Gospel, which enjoins forgiveness of inweeks notice thall be given; and this juries, and teaches him whose cheek is Convention thall be in force during îmote to turn the other side. is a subject there lix weeks.

for your own consideration, but it is far On the other part, I engage that the from being consonant to the character Danish Mhips from the harbours of the of a chriftian. From the prosecutor Elbe bound to Greenland or Norway, you have received a lesson of forbearthall be provided with the necessary ance, which, it is to be hoped, you will paites for them to proceed on their voy- in future practise. Aware that, had age, and return without in any manner you succeeded, your life would have being detained or molested by the Bri- heen forfeited to the law, the prosecutor tiih.

prudently declined your challenge, and RUSSIA.

by so doing may have poflibly saved you St Petersburgh, April 20.

from the infamy attendant on the comOn the 13th inst. the Senate was hon- million of murder, or have spared your oured with the presence of his Imperial life from becoming a juft facrifice to the Majesty. Several Ukafes have been law. We are forry to observe, that your publithed: 1. Confirming the Rights of crime is one which is increasing in this the Nobility.

2. Re-establishing the country, and that this is the second inRegulations of Catharine the Great, for stance of its having been committed by the encouragement of commerce and

one of your sacred Function. This is industry, and confirming the City Char- the more to be lamented, when it is

3. An Act of Indemnity. 4. A- considered how such an offence degrades bolishing the Chancery of Inquisitions

the Ministers of Religion, in the eyes of 5. Repealing the Prohibition of the Ex: those by whom they are entitled to be portation of Commodities, and providing regarded with respect. If men will not indemnifications for those who had ful profit by the punishment of others, they

must submit to be made the objects of fered by it.

punishment themselves. The Court, From the LONDON Papers.

taking all the circumstances of your case COURT OF KING'S BENCH, May 7.

into consideration, order and adjudge

that you pay a fine to the King of ten The King, v. the Rev. A. BELVOR.

marks; that you be imprisoned in the The Defendant, the Rev. Auguftus prison of this Court for the space of Beevor, was brought into Court to re- three weeks ; that you give security for ceive its judgment, for' fending a chal- your good behaviour for three years, lenge to Major Payne.

yourself in gool. and two sureties in 2501. Mr Justice Grose“ Augustus Bee- each ; and that you be further imprisonvor, you are here to receive the Judg- ed until such fine is paid, and such sement of the Court on a conviction, upon curity entered into. an information, charging you with have The Defendant was immediately coning written different letters with intent veyed to the King's Bench prison. to provoke Edward Dawes Payne to fight a duel. You have been guilty of Lord Nelson, second in command in a violation of the law in a manner dif- the Baltic expedition, is created a Vifgraceful to you as a member of society, count; and Admiral Graves, who was and most dilgraceful to you as a Minis. the third, a Knight of the Bath.-Reter of Religion. The situation of the specting the honours reserved for Sir prosecutor, who held a military charac- Hyde Parker, late Commander in Chief ter, and your publicly affronting him in in this expedition, we have not yet rethe streets of Norwich, are but so many ceived any information. circumstances of aggravation. We tind A misunderstanding exifts between cool deliberation, and perfevering ma- Sir Hyde Parker and the First Lord of lice, in the breast of one whose peculiar the Admiralty, which, it is supposed, duty it was to preach peace to others; will lead to a serious inquiry. we find you striving to provoke a man John Wentworth Ifolland, First Lieu. to commit the horible crime of murder, tenant of the Phoebe frigate, is promot



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ed to the rank of Commander in his Ma. Mar 20. The King was pleased to grant juty's Nay, for his gallant conduct in the dignity of a baroness of the United The late action with the French frigate Kingdoin oi Great Britain and Ireland, L'Africaine.

unto Mary Anne Lady Abercromby,

widow of the Right lion. Lieut.-Gene-
To the First of May, 1891. Excizjive of ral Sir Ralph Abercromby, K. B. by the
Hired Armed Vefjeis, &c,

name, ftile, and title of Baroness Aber-Line so's. Fr. Sps. Tot. cromby, of Aboukir, and of Tulliborly, In Port and ficring, 16 3

in the county of Clackmannan; and to Cuard-lips, Hospi

grant to the said Lady Abercromby, tal fhips, &c.

ol 7 with reversion to the two next succeedIn the English and

ing heirs-male of the late Sir Ralph do Irith Channels,

25. O 33 40 98 bercromby, who shall bear the title of In the Downs and

Baron Abercromby, a net Pention of North Seas,

9 22 58 91 200cl. per annum. On the Baltic Service 21

7 32


The King has been pleased to constiWest Indies, and on the paffuge,

tute and appoint George Prevoft, Eiq. 31 27 1

61 At Jamaica,

Brigadier-General of his Majesty's For18

33 America and New.

ces, to be Lieutenant-Governor of the foundland,


illand of St Lucia, in America.

6! East Indies, and on

The King has been pleased to constithe passage,

6 9 13
38 tute and appoint George Nugent, E.q.

Africa, and on Se-

Major-General of his Majesty's Forces, cret Expeditions, 8 15 9 34 to be Lieutenant-Governor of the island Coast of Portugal,

of Jamaica, in America, in the room of Gibraltar, and Me

Alexander Earl of Balcarras. diterranean,

51 27

The King has been pleased to confiHoipital and Prison.

tute and appoint Mr Archibald Burns to Ships,

17 2

4 ol 23 be Commilliry of the Commissariot of Total in commission,136 21 208 2911656 Hamilton and Campsey, in the room of Receiving ihips,

Mr Robert Frame, deceased. 9 9 Serviceable and see

The Danith and Swedilli West India pairing, .

Islands, lately captured by the British, Ju ordinary,

GI 73 are very valuable, particularly the illand Building,



of St Croix, or Santa Cruz, which

highly cultivated in every spot, and reTotal, 195 27 249 330 | 81 lembles a garden. It is scarcely inferi

or to any Island in the West Indies. Its Rezuiars. Fenc. Tot. Inv. afluence is immenfe, producing annual

ly about 20,000 hogtheads of lugar, (the England and

laft crop was 36,000 hogiheads, 10 ewt. Wales,


4 74 125 40 each,) each hogthead of 15colb, weight; North Britain,

10,000 hogtheads of rum; 3000 bales of Freland,

II 13 32

6 cotton, 3oclb. to the bale. Jersey, Guern.

An initance of suicide lately occurred fey, &c. 9

in Paris,--Citizen Delplans, one of the The Baltic,

Central Museum, thot himself. Previ. Gibraltar,

5 Mlinorca,

ously to his death, he wrote this note,

8 Malta,

“ It would be wrong to consider any

5 Ezypt,

individual as an accomplice in my mis

25 Canada, Nova

furtune--I have ruined myself by GamScotia, &c.


6 blingto one alone the crime is to be Weft Iudies, 35

ascribed." C. of Good Hope, I

East Indies,

April. 28. The Associate Burgher Sy-
Total 41 146 13 44 86 330* 72 nod, which met this day at Edinburgh,

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* Exclusive of the East India Company's Troops, Artillery and Engineers at home and abroad, Independent Companies, Aditional Companies of Regiments on Foreign Stations, Recruiting Corps, Volunteers, &c.


agreed to translate the Rev. John Dick, disposal of these heritable subjects. The at Slateford to be colleague to the Rev. pursuers denominated themselves OldAlex. Pirie, minister of the Associate Light Men, who were for adhering to Congregation, Shuttle-ftreet, Glasgow, the doctrines of the Secession as they on an harmonious call from that congre- ftood; and the Rev. Mt Brunton apgation,

proved of the new declaration or preamMay 1. The boiling house at Carmyle able, which the Associate Synod of the Field, was'broke into by William Fogo, Burgher Secession had prefixed to the and James Spiers, two notorious offen. formula of Burgher Seceders. The Sheders, who have at three different times riff pronounced an interlocutor, finding, carried off goods from the same place “ That as in this case, the defender (Mr since the beginning of February. Spiers, Brunton) has not denied that the purwho had been formerly manager of the suers (the managers,) and those who con-field, was the first who entered the boil. cur with them, are a majority of the coning house, and was immediately shot, gregation, and has not asserted that they and mortally wounded by the owner, are opposed by a majority of the conwho, from the determination of discove. tributors to, or of the heirs of the conry, had been induced to watch for some tributors to the expence of erecting the weeks past. The unfortunate man liv- houses in question, and has not brought ed but a few hours after, and made a full sufficient evidence to shew that the call confeffion before several witnesses, that in his favour imported a right in him to he had been in the practice for eight the possession of said houses for life, or years,paft, of robbing not only this, but until removed by the judicatories of the several other fields in the neighbourhood Burgher Seceders, the pursuers have a of Glasgow. Upon report of the gun, right to pursue and insist in the conjoined Fogo made his escape, and has not been processes now depending; therefore, sufheard of fince.

tains faid libel, and decerns against the 12. The Right Hon. Lord Chief Ba. defender, in terms of the original petiron Montgomery took leave of the tion presented for the pursuers, and also Court of Exchequer in a very affecting of the libel of removing at their instance, speech. The attachment and respect but finds no expences due.” which this venerable judge, after a fer- Against the judgment of the Sheriff, vice of twenty-fix years, carries with Mr Brunton prefented a bill of advocahim into his retirement, are such as the tion; and the cause heing taken to relength of that service, and the highly port by the Lord Ordinary, very full inmeritorious manner in which he exer- formations were given in for both parcised his office, deserved. Integrity, at- ties. The court, after considering the tention, impartiality, and candour, were cause in a very deliberate manner, Afthe virtues which he eminently posiel-firmed the judgment of the Sheriff, resed as a judge ; while, as a man, he is moving Mr Brunton from the meetingnot less endeared by the uncommon house and manse, and finding the manasweetness of his disposition and manners, gers and other suers, who were a great and by the mildness and benevolence majority of the contributors and congrewhich he, on every occasion, thewed in gation, intitled to the possession and disthe Court in which he so long and so posal of these heritable subjects as their honourably prelided.


Counsel for Mr Brunton, the Hon. May 13. The Court of 'Session gave Henry Erskine, and Mr George Joseph judgment in a cause of general intereft. Bell; agent Mr John Peat. --Counsel William Dunn, merchant in Aberdeen, for the pursuers, Mr Solicitor General, and others, managers of the Burgher Se- Mr Archibald Campbell, and Mr Arch. ceder meeting-house in Aberdeen, mem- Campbell, junior; Agent, Mr Robert bers of the congregation and contribu- Sym, W. S. tors, brought an action before the She- 15. The Court determined a question riff of Aberdeenshire, againit the Rev. between the Incorporation of Mary's Mr William Brunton, minister of that Chapel, Pursuers, and the Incorporation Burgher Congregation, for removing of Wrights and Masons of South Leith, him from the manse and meeting-house, Defenders. The amount of the action and for having it found that the pursuers was to have it declared, that the Memwere intitled to the sole poffeflion and bers of Mary's Chapel have a right to Ed. Mag. April 1801.




work within the liberties of South Leith, dience to the faith among all nations for and that the Defenders have no right to his name.”. prevent them from doing so. The After Divine Service, his Grace the Court decided, that the Incorporation of Commissioner went to the Assembly; Wrights and Masons of South Leith are when the members proceeded to chufe intitled to prevent the Members of Ma. a Moderator, The Kev.DrWm. Ritchie, ry's Chapel from working within the li- Minister of Kilwinning, was unanimousberties of South Leith.

ly elected. His Majeity's Commission May 14. In the Court of Justiciary, and Warrant for One Thousand Pounds, and next day in the Court of Sellion, to be employed in Propagating ChrisCharles Hope, Esq. after presenting tian Religion in the Highlands of Scot. his commission, and having the usual land, were read. After which, his Grace oaths administered to him, took liis feat the Commissioner, opened the Assembly as Lord Advocate of Scotland, in place with an elegant speech from the Throne, of Robert Dundas, Esq. of Arniston, ap- to which the Moderator made a suitable pointed Lord Chief Baron of the Court reply. of Exchequer.

The Rev. Primcipal Baird moved, Friday, May 22.

that an humble addreis be presented to This morning the following convicts, his Majesty, on the present situation of who were under the sentence of tranf- public affairs. He said it liad been culportation, made their escape from Edin. tomary for the Assembly, but on no ocburgh prison, by taking off the lock of cation was it more necessary to present the door that leads to the place of execu- themselves at the foot of the throne than tion, and letting them felves down to the at prefent. The Principal proposed that itreet, viz. Andrew Holmes, for house- the address should specify the following breaking ; James Stevens, ox-stealing; remarkable occurrences fince the meetJohn Inglis, horse-stealing; John Hun- ing of last Afsembly: The happy recoter, rag-tealing; Lauchlan Love, shop- very of our Gracious Sovereign from breaking ; William Maxwell, fedition; his late dangerous illness, an event which Peter Anderson, shop-breaking. They had diffused universal joy over the whole were pursued by a party of guard fol- Empire--the attempts of a few deluded diers to Black fordhill, but they there fe- people who fill harboured sentiments parated, and got clear off.

of difaffection, but whose number he beSporting.

Mr Barcļay's horse Tally. lieved to be very fniall— The patience ho is engaged in two very extraordin- of the Poor, and the Liberality of the ary matches this summer: first, at Mon- Rich, in the Scarcity which had visited trose, with Mr C. Graham's Wirley, for the country--the great measure of a 400 guineas; and at Hamilton, with Mr Legislative Union between great Great Fletcher's Rolliker, for 1000 guineas, Britain and Ireland, which had been ef12 stone each. What renders there en- fected since they last met-and lastly, gagements so very remarkable is, that the signal success which had attended each race is to be the uncommon length his Majesty's arnis, particularly in the of ten miles.

Baltic, under the command of Lord NelGENERAL ASSEMBLY.

fun, and in Egypt, under the late Sir May 21. The General Assembly of the Ralph Abercromby, to whose memory Church of Scotland met at Edinburgh. he paid a very neat and just eulogium, -The Right Hon. the Earl of Leven, concluding with the words of his brave his Majesty's Commissioner, attended by fucceffor Gen. Hutchinson. feveral Noblemen and Gentlemen, walk- Dr Carlyle seconded the motion, ed in proceflion from the King's Arms which after a few words from Dr Hun. Tavern to the High Church (the Bum. ter and Dr Bryce Johnston, was unanifries-shire Militia and City Guard lining mously agreed to, and a committee was the streets,) where his Grace was re- appointed to prepare the address, and ceived by the Lord Provost and Magif- answer his Majesty's letter. trates in their robes.The Rev. Prin- 23. The aniwer to his Majesty's letcipal Baird, one of the Ministers of Edin- ter, and the Address on the present fiburgh, the last Moderator, preached an tuation of public affairs, were approved excellent discourse from Romans, ist. of by the Assembly, and his Grace the chap. 5th verse, “by whom we have Commissioner requested to received Grace and Apostlethip, for obe- them to his Majesty,



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The Alsembly approved of the elec- at that time unable to attend the Sytion of Mr Alexander Stevenson, jun. nod, by reason of indispofition, and other as Clerk to the Trustees of the Widows causes. The petition was read, and Mr Fund, in room of his father who has re- Mill was heard on the reasons of his profigned.

test and complaint. A member of the May 25. The Affembly took into Committee of Bills having given their consideration a petition for the Synod of reasons for refusing to transmit the pe. Dumfries, respecting the relevancy of tition, the Assembly unanimously apobjections to Janet Kirk being admit- proved of the conduct of the Committee ted as a witness in the cause of the Rev. of Bills, and refused to admit the petiMr Nevison, Minister of Penpont. Mr tion as incompetent. Nevison appeared at the bar; and Mr 28. The Assembly had uuder confi. George Cranstown, Advocate, was heard deration Overtures from different Syas his Counsel. The Allembly unani- nods, &c. for enacting that no Ministemously found that the objections against rial Charge shall be held along with a the admiffibility of Janet Kirk as a wit- Profeilor hip in a College, unless it be ness are irrelevant; and with respect to in the town where the University or Col. her credibility, the Assembly recom- lege is seated. This being a cause of mend to the Presbytery to receive her much expectation, a great number of Testimony. The Assembly then proceed- Members were present, and the Galleries ed to consider the reference from the were crowded with Ladies and GentlePresbytery of Penpont, respecting the men between eight and nine in the admissibility of Agnes Fergusion as a morning. A very long and animated witness. After hearing Counsel, the debate took place, when much EloAssembly unanimously remitted it to the quence, Learning and Argument, were Presoytery of Penpont, with initructions displayed on both sides of the Honse. to reject' the testimony of Agnes Fer- The Assembly refolved itself into a guflon as an inadmissible witness. Committee of the whole House ; a mo

26. Several Presbyteries presented re- tion was made and seconded, that the ports of vagrant schoolmasters and teach- Committee report to the Assembly,“that ers within their bounds, which the Af- the General Assembly, considering that fembly remitted to a Committee to class. the existing laws of the Church and

Overtures from the Synods of Argyle, State, make sufficient provision for enGalloway, Glasgow and Ayr, and from furing the residence of the ministers of the Presbytery of Caithness, relative to the Church of Scotland, and their faiththe exemption of the Clergy from the ful discharge of the duties of the pasto. operation of the Income Tax, were pre- ral office, and having entire confidence, tented and read. The Assembly remit- that the Presbyteries of this Church will ted these overtures to a committee. continue their vigilant attention to the

27. The Assembly proceeded to con- execution of these laws, of which they äder the overture respecting the more are the Constitutional Guardians; Dila regular returns from Presbyteries to 0. miss the Overtures.” Another motion vertures transmitted to them; and, af- was made and seconded, That the fol. ter deliberating on the subject thereof, lowing overture shall be transmitted by did, without a vote, judge it unnecessary the Assembly to the several Presbyteries to transmit the overture ; but enjoin the of this Church, for their opinion, in orPresbyteries of this Church to be regu. der to its being afterwards enacted into lar in sending up reports upon the over- a standing law of this Church : tures tranfmitted to them by the Assem. " Whereas it is of theutmost importbly.

ance to the interests both of Religion The Assembly next confidered a pro- and Learning, that the Ministers of this test and complaint of Mr Thomas Mill, Church shall constantly refide in their late minister of Ladykirk, against the feveral parishes, and in particular, that Committee of Bills, for refusing to tranf- they shall not be called away from them mit a petition given in by him to the at any stated or frequently returning in.. Assembly, praying to be heard against a tervals; and also, that Professors in the sentence of the Synod of Merse and Ti. Universities of Scotland, shall, during the viotdale, depofing him from the office seffion of their Colleges, constantly reof the ministry, on account of non-resi- fide in the towns or cities where their dence, &c. because the complainer was respective Universities are situated ; and


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