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I 25.

determined in the Courts of Law, during the City of Bristol. 8vo. 25. 6d. Rich. the Reign of his present Majesty. By ardson, Debrett. Thomas Williams, Elg. Vols. III. and

Novels and Romances. IV. 8vo. 155. each. Robinsons, Kears. The Rival Mothers; or, Calumny: a Novel. ley.

Translated from the French of Madame Remarks on the Poor Laws, and on the

de Gestis

12mo. 188: LongMaintenance of the Poor. By William man and Rees. Bleamire, Esq. Barrister at law, and one Ermina de Montrose : or, the Cottage in the of the Police Magistrates. 8vo.

Vale, By Emily Clarke, grand-daughter Butterworth.

of the late Colonel Frederick. 3 vols.A Digest oi the Hindu Law on Contracts jamo. 125, Wallis, Parernoster-Row.

and Succession : with a Commentary; By The Soldier Boy : a Novel. 3 vols. 1 2mo. Jagannat'ha Tercapanchanana. Tran

I 25. Lane, Miller. Dzied from the original Sinscrit, by H. Tales and Romances of ancient and modern T. Colebrooke, Esq. of the Hon. Com- Times. By Joseph Moser, Esq. Author pany's civil Service, Calcutta.

of “ Turkish Talis," &c. 5 vois. Izmo. 8vo. 21 25. Debretr.

il. Low, Hurst, The Spirit of Marine Law; or, Compendi- 'The Victim of Friendship; a German Ro

um of the Statutes relating to the Admi- mance. By Sophia King. 2 vols. 12mo. talty ; being a concise but perspicuous A- 79, Dutron. bridgment of all the Acts relative to Na First Impreilions ; or, the Portrait : a Novo vigation. Alphabetically arranged, and el. By Mr Hollord. 4 vols. the Substance and References to the seve- 183. Lane, Miller. sal Clauses placed in the Margin By The Adventures of Telemachus the Son of John Irving Maxwell, of the Hon. Soci- Ulyffes. From the French of Fenelon. ety of the Inner Temple, and late of the By the late John Hawkesworth, L. I.. D. Royal Navy. 8vo. Chapwan, With plates. 2 vols. 12mo.

Large Sewell.

Paper 125. Vernor and Hood, Cuthell.

An Edition in French. 2 vols. The fame

Piates and Price. Do. D).
An easy and entertaining Selection of Gero Physic, Animal Economy'.

man Prose and Poetry, with a small Dic- A Treatise on Febrile Difcates, including tionary, and other Aids for translating. intermitting, remirting, and continued By George Crabb, 12mo. 2s. 6d. John- Fever3, eruptive Fevers, Inflammation, son, Dulau and Co.

Hæmorrhages, and the Profluvia, ir Quaint Scsaps, or Sudden Cogitations. By which an Altenpt is made to present at

Nathan Coward, Profeffor of Quaintness, cne View, whatever, in the present State and Member of the principal Cogitating of Medicine, it is requisite for the PhySocieties of Europe, 8vo. 28. 6d. Lynn, fician to knew relpeeling the Symptoms, Turner.

Causes, and Cure of thote Diseases. Dy Ten Thousand Hackeny Coach Fares. regu- Alexander Phillip Wilson, M. D. F.R. S. lated agreeable to the last Act of Parlia- Edin. Vol. II. 8vo.

9. Robbins, ment; containing alphabetical Lists of all Winchester: Cadell and Davies, London. the principai Fares in and about the Me- Answer for the junior Membersof the Roya tropolis, with their Admeasurements and al College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, to Price: also the Rates of Watermen and the Memorial of Dr James Gregory, ProChairmen. I 2mo. 25. 6d. West and

fessor of the Practice of Physic in the Hughes.

University of Edinburgh, &c. &c. By Obfervations and Advices for the Improve- John Bell, Surgeon. 8vo. 45. 6d. Longment of the Manufacture of Muscovado

man and Rees, Cadell and Davies, LonSugar and Run. By Bryan Higgins, don. Hill, Edinburgh. M.D. Part Second. 8vo. 45. Cadell An Essay on the Malignant peftilential l'. and Davies.

ver, introduced into the West India Il. A Vindication against certain Calumnics land from Boullam, or the Coast of Guia

which appeared on the Newspaper Re. nea, as it appeared in 1793, 1794, 1795. sorts of the Parliamentary Debate on the and 1796 ; interspersed with ObservaSubject of Mr Palmer's Claims : with a tions and Facts, cending to prove that copious Appendix. By Charles Bonnor,

the Epidemic existing ac Philadelphia, formerly Resident Surveyor and Depity New York, &c. was the same Fever, inComptroller General of the Poft Office, troduced by Infection imported from the and afterwards Comptroller of the Inland West India Islands; and illustrated by Department of the same, till that Ap. Evidences founded on the State of those pointment was abolished in the Year Tando, and the Information of the most 1795. Refpe&fully addresd to Charles eminent Praditioners refiding on them. Bragge, Esq. Member of Parliament for By C. Chifholm, M. D. and Inspector

General Butterworth Royal 8vo. Il. 18. Bell.



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General of the Ordnance Medical Depart. berland. A new Edition. 2 vols. With ment in the West Indies. Second Edition. Plates, Small 8vo. 128. Large Paper Much enlarged. 2 vols. Evo. 163.-. 18s. Lackington, Allen and Co. Mawmap.

Antonio : a Tragedy, as it was performed A Treatise on Ophthalmy, and those Dir. at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By

cales which are induced by information William Godwin. 8vo. 28. od. Roe of the Eyes; with new Methour of Cure. binsons By Edward Moore Noble, Surgeon. 8vo. The Conspiracy of Gowrie ; a Tragedy. gs. Robinsons.


28. 6d. Bell. Observations on the Effect of various Arti- The Historical Play of King John, altered

cles of the Materia Medica, in the Cure from Shakespeare, as it was acted ac of the Lics Venera. By John Pearson, Reading School, for the Benefit of the Senior Surgeon of the Lock Huspital and Fund for erecting the Naval Pillar; with Asylum, and of the Public Dispensary, Notes critical and historical. 8vo. Reader on the Principles and Practice of Reading printed; Ereminer, Pridden, Surgery. Svo. 45, 6d. Callow,

London. Cennparative View of the Theories and Prac. Obfervations on the Drama; with a View

fice of Drs Cullen, Brown, and Darwin, to its more beneficial Effects on the Mo. in the Treatment of Fever and Acute rals and Manners of Society. By Ed. Rheumatiim By Henrique Xavier Ba. ward Green, Correfpóliding Meniber of eta, M. D. 8vo.

Is. 6d. Johnson. the Literary and Philosophical Society of Philosophy.

Manchester. 8vo. Cadell and Da.

vies. F!!:ilosophical Transactions of the Royal Sosiety of London for the Year 1800

Political Economy. Paris l. and ll. 4to. 11. 55. 6d. Elmsly.

An Estimate of the Number of Johabitants The Dodrine of Phlogiston established, and

in Great Britain and Ireland. By Sir

Frederick Morton Eden, Bast. 8vo. 25. that of the Compoficion of Water resuted. By Joseph Priestley, L. L. D, F. R. S.

6d. Wright. &c. &c. 8vo. 35. 6d. Johnson.

A Letter to **** *******, E[q. on Bona.

parte's Proposals for opening a Negocia. Poetry and the Drama,

tion for Peace : in which the British GuaDears and Smiles: a miscellaneous Collec. rantee of the Crown of France to the

tior; confilling of Jul or the Victim House of Bourbon, contained in the triple of Love, an elegiac Ballad; Orlon and and quadruple Alliances, and renewed by Ellen, a legendary Tale; new old Bai. the Treaty of the Year 1783, is confiderJads; an Ode to an unfortunate Princess, ed: together with the Conduct of our &c. By Peter Pindar, Elij.

With a

national Parties relating to it. By J. Frontispiece. 12010. 6s. Piate colour. Brand, CI, M. A. &c. 8vo. Ri. ed 7s. Weft and Iłughes.

vingtons. The Poems of Oliver Goldsmith. A new 'The American Ruh-Light, hy the Help of

Edition. Adorned with places, deligned which, wayward and disaffiated Persons by Hamilton, engraved by Heath, Neagle, may see a complete Specimen of the Base&c. Small 8vo. Jos. 6d. Large Pape nels, Dishonesty, Ingratitude, and Perfidy Du Roveray, Wrighe,

of Republicans: and of the Profligacy, Suspiria Oceani : a Monody on the Death Injuitice, and Tyranny of republican Go

of Richard Earl Howe, K. G &c. By verrcaents. By Peter Porcupine. 8vo. Dr Troleer. 4to. Hatchard,

78. 6d. Wright. The Millennium : a Poen. In Three Can. Obfervations on the Seventh Form of Rom Canto I.

Svo. 35. Carpenter, man Government, in a Letter to the Rev. Hurit.

Henry Kett, B. D. Aurbor of " History Tales of Wonder. Written and felected the literpreter of Prophecy.” 8vo. by M, G. Lewis, Esq. M. P. 2 vols.

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Letters to a Member of the British ParliaA Difh of Hodge Podge; or, a collection of mont, on the Absurdity of popular Pre. Poems By Paul Bobbin.

judices; the Cause of the prelent high L:w.

Prices of Food; the means of Speedy AlConvivialia et Saltatoria; or, Thoughts on leviation; and the Measures niolt proper

Ftalling and Dancing. To which are for fecuring future Plenty. By Thomas added, an Epistle in Praise of Tobacco; Parsons, 8vo. Cructwell, Bach; and a Letter in Prose, from the late W. Robinsons, London. Cowper, Esq. relative to the Poem on Remarks on the Deficiency of Grain, occae

Tobacco. 12m10. 18. West and Hughes. fioned by the bad Harvest of 1799; on Calvary; or, The Death of Christ ; a Po. the Means of prefent Relief, and of fucm, in eight Bouks. By Richard Cun. cure Plenty. With an Appendix, con.


I 2mo.



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taining Accounts of all Corn imported of Bossuet, Bishop of Meux To which and exported; with the Prices from 1697 is prefixed an Essay on the Eloquence to the roth of October 1800, and also le- of the Pulpit in England. Scco..d Fliveral other Tables. By Johu Lord Shef- tion, congderably augmented. Sm. 8vo. field. 8vo. 39 Debret.

49. Clarke. New Bond Street. Reprelentation of the Lords of the Commit. Induttry and a pious Submission, Charity

tee of Council, appointed for the Confi-, and a strict Economy, recommende i and deration of all Miters relating to Trade enforced, as the best means of alle viating and Foreign Plantations; upon the pre- the prefent Distrefs; a Sermon preached fent State of the Laws for regulating he in the Parish Church of St Anne, WestImportation and Exportation of Corn; minster, on Sunday the 14th Day of Dea and submitting to his Majesty's Corsider- cember 1800. heing the Day on which ation fome further Provisions which are his Majesty's Proclamation on the Scar. wanting to amend and improve the said city of Grain was directed to be read. Laws. 8vo. 25. 6d. Stockdale.

By Jos. Jefferson, A M. F. A. S. 400. Radical Means of counteracting the present Roblon, Rivingtons.

Scarcity, and preventing Famine in fu- The Diffusion of Divine Truth; a Sermon ture ; in Juding the Proposal of a Maxi- preached before the Religious Tract So. trum, founded on a new Principle. io ciety on Lord's Day, May 18, 1800 and which is prefixed, an Address to the Le. published at their R quest. By David gislature on a Plan for ameliorating the Bogue. 8vo 6d. Williams. Condition of Society at Large. By Geo. Reflections on the prelent State of Popery,

Edwards, Esq. 8vo. 35. 60. Johnton. compared with its former State ; a Sere Resolutions, earnestly submitted to the At. mon preached at Salter's Hall, November

tention of the several Associations, which 2, 1800. By Robert Winter. 8vo. 1S. may be entered into throughout the King- Conder Button dom, in Furtherance of his Majesty's most A Sermon preached at the Parish Church gracious Proclamation, recommending of Barking, in the County of Eflex, on Frugality and Economy in the Consump- Sunday, Muy 25, 12oo. By Samuel tion of every Species of Grain ; with cur- Crouther, M A. 4to. Is. Riving(ory remarks. By the Author of " An Appeal to the good Sense of the higher on the prevalent and increasing Negledt af and wealthier Orders of the People, &c.” the Holy Coununion ; a Sermon

Is, per dozen, or fifty for 35.-- which is added, an Appendix, containing Harchard.

an Account of the Number of Communio War proved to be the real Cause of the pre- cants at the Quarterly Sacraments, in the

fene Scarcity, and of the enormous high Parith Church of Sheffield, for the last Price of every Article of Confumption : twenty Years. By George Smith, M. A. with the only radical Reniedies. By R. Curate of the said Church, and formerly Wathman, Common Councilman of the of Trinity College, Canıbridge. 8vo.

City of London. 8vo. 25. Jordan, 60. Gales, Sheffield; Matthews, LonInquiry into the Causes and Remedies of don.

the late and present Scarcity and high Freedom of Inquiry, and Zeal in the DiffuPrice of Provisions in a Letter to the fion of Christian Truth, allcrted and reRight Hon. Earl Spencer, K. G. First commended in a Discourie delivered at Lord of the Admiralty, &c. &c. Sc. 8vo. Bristol, July 9, 1800, before the Society 25. Wright.

of Unitarian Christians, establiihed in the An Abridgement of Mr Girdier's Publica- Wist of England for performing Christitions of the Cause of the high Price of an Knowledge and the Practice of VirProvisions. By the Author himself. 8vo. tue, by the Distribution of Books. By 25. Seeley, Wrighe.

Thomas Belsham.

Is. JohnHints for a Vindication of Monopoly, Fore.

fon Italling, and Regrating. To which are The Gospel Testimony; a Sermon preachannexed, References to the following po- ed at the opening of the new Meeting, pular Copics : the Conduct of the Firm. near Greenland Dock, Roiherhithe, Aug. ers; the Expedience of raising the Wiges 25, 1800. By John Towníend. 8vo. of Labour; and the influence of War on

Matthews, Button. the Prices of Provisions. Svo, Sernions on various Subjects, preached at Hare and Iraer. Jordan.

Hendon, in Middlesex. By the Rev. Thoughts of an old Man of independent W. M. Trinder, L. L. B. and M. D.

Mind, though dependent Fortune, on the 2 vols. 8vo. Second Edition. prefent hij Price of Corn. 8vo.

Dwyer, I.ongman and Rees.
Reynolds, Simmons.


An Harmony of the Epistles of the Holy Select Sermons, translated from the French Apoftles; with a Summary, Notes, and

Ed. Maz. Jan. 1801.


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I 2mo.







an Index of 'Texts. By the Rev. Peter and the North of Barbary to Morocca, Roberts. 410. 165. Deighton, Cam- between the Years 1781 and 1797. By bridge ; Cadell and Davies, London. Christopher Frederick Damberger. With Travels.

a Map and three coloured Plates. TranTravels through the Interior of Africa, from slated from the German. 8vo.

the Cape of Good Hope to Morocco; in Longman and Rees. Caffraria, the Kingdoms of Mataman, Another Translation; with coloured Plates Angola, Massi, Monoemagi Muschako, and a Map. 8vo. Ios. 6d. Phillips. Bahahara, Wangara, Haoulla, &c. &c. Travels in Atrica. By Mungo Park. 8vo. and thence through the Desart of Sahara, With Plates. 1os. 6d. Nicol.

IOs, 6d.





provisions into effect. To this propofiMonday, Dec. 15. 1800.

tion, as detailed in the bill, he felt the LORD CAMDEN presented the se- greatest repugnance, it being decidedly

cond report from the Committee hostile to the spirit of the established on the scarcity.

ecclesiastical constitution of the country, Lord Darnley gave notice that on Fri. which went to ordain, that none other day next he should make a motion on than Ecclesiastical Duties should be exthat subject, and moved they should be acted from the Ministers of the Church. summoned for that day.-Ordered. He therefore proposed, as an amend

Lord Holland gave notice, that on the ment, that these parts imposing the spesame day he should take an opportunity cified duties on the Clergy should be oof moving for the instructions fent to mitted. Lord Keith and Sir Sydney Smith, re

The Earl of Hardwicke was of opinion lative to the evacuation of Egypt. He the expunging of the clause which had then said, that on a former occasion he committed to the clergy, in their several stated his hopes that some noble Lord, districts, the authority of making returns whose talents and authority could give of their parishioners, was improper. more weight on the business, might fub- They acted as civil commissioners in mit the discussion of the late negociation various ways, and he thought them by and correspondence between Lord Gren- far the most proper persons to make ville and M. Otto, which, in his opinion, these returns. might have been made to terminate in

The Lord Chancellor differed completea folid and honourable peace for this ly from the noble Earl, and was of opicountry. The present feffion was per- nion, that the end and object of the bill haps too much advanced for that discus- would be as effectually obtained by comfior; and, should the subject not be mitting to the magistrates that charge taken up by some more competent peer, which the noble Earl would have conhe should feel it his duty to bring that fided to the clergy: Whenever the subject forward on the meeting of the clergy acted in civil occupations they Imperial Parliament,

did it optionally, whereas by the claufe Tuesday, Dec. 16.

ailuded to in this bill, they were comThe Lord Chancellor, the Archbishop of pelled to act. Canterbury, and Lord Walsing ham, em

Earl Hardwicke faid he was happy to powered by virtue of his Majesty's com

hearthe explanation that had been given, miflion, gave the royal assent to the her- as it would have been unfair to have imring fishery, the corn importation boun- posed a compulsory obligation on a part ty, and three private bills.

of the clergy of the kingdom, and not Wednesday, Dec. 17.

on all of them.

The amendment was agreed to, and Lord Grenville stated the outlines and the bill read a third time and palied. leading provisions of the bill. One of

Friday, Dec. 19. them he particularly disapproved of. Lord Darnley rose to make his promiHe meant that part of the bill which fed motion on the subject of scarcity. went to impose upon the clergy, an ac- He said, it was his intention to submit tive and a leading part in carrying its two motions, in the form of resolutions,


to the House; the first was, to refer to domestic arrangements, he considered as the Committee of their Lordihips the unpardonable. Consumption of Oats, and to resolve Lord Hobart believed that the examthat the use of them for feeding horses ple set by the upper ranks in life, in their kept for pleasure thould be prohibited ; attention to the King's Proclamation, and the second, to confine, by Act of would be productive of the strictest ecoParliament, the Consumption of Bread nomy. in all fainilies, who keep one male-ser- The question was put on the first revant, to one quartern loaf for each indi- solution, on which the House divided, vidual per week. He thought they Contents 5. Non-Contents 15. might be enforced by a penalty, half to

Saturday, Dec. 20. become the property of the informer, The motion for the third reading of and the other half to go to the parillı


poor relief bill was strongly opposed wherein the information was laid. He by the Duke of Bedford, upon this princoncluded by moving his first resolu- ciple, amongst others, that inasmuch as tion.

it diminished the price of wheat, it would Lord Camden was decidedly of opi- add to that of its proposed substitutes. nion that the adoption of such a refolu- Lord Camden replied to the arguments tion would by no means answer the ex- of his Grace; after which the House di, pectation which it might lead the public vided, for the third reading 13, against to imagine would be the case, for, upon it 2. enquiry, the Committee had found the

Monday, Dec. 23. number of horses kept for such purposes The House of Commons having at.. as the noble Lord had alluded to were tended at the bar, pursuant to a sumvery much exaggerated, as instead of mons from the Black Rod, the Lord 500,000, as far as the Committee could Chancellor, the Archbishop of Cantercollect from the very best accounts, they bury, and Lord Walfingham, empowered did not exceed 211,000: and from a va- by virtue of his Majesty's 'commiffion, riety of circumstances that attended ma- gave the royal assent to three bills; that ny of these, he knew not how they could for making better provision for the rebe considered as horses kept for plea- lief of the poor, and diminishing the sure. With respect to the other relolu- consumption of wheaten fiour; the Etion, he thought it was equally unpe- dinburgh poor bill, and that for the acceflary and improper, having more reli- commodation of the members of both ance upon the spirit and zeal of people Houses of Parliament, in paying attention to the Royal Procla

Tuesday, Dec, 23. mation than from any compulsory meafures; on this part also the Committee The order of the day for the House had made enquiries, and from the evi- to resolve itself into a Committee upon dence delivered to them by the Masters this bill, being read, and Wardens of the Bakers Company, Lord Holland rose to oppose it. He 'it appeared, upon the best average that could not help noticing what he must could be made within a few days of that call the cruelty of the provisions. He Proclamation being issued, that the con- lamented the excessive powers that had fumption did not exceed a quartern loaf been vested in Ministers, by which they per week in such families who had the were empowered to send any Alien out means of procuring other food.

of the kingdom, or to detain them in The Duke of Bedford thought the continement, thereby preventing their subject worthy investigation, as there , return to their native country. Any could be no manner of doubt, if a confi- person, in the contemplation of the Bill, derable faving could be made in the con- suspected of political machinations in the sumption of oats, that it would materially country might be placed in such a situatend to lower the prices of other grain. tion. The principle, in his mind, too

Lord Grenville strongly reprobated the nearly resembled the odious one of the idea of making servants informers against Lettres de chet, under the old G their employers. The encouraging in- vernment of France. On these grounds, formers, upon any occasion, he confider- he said, the Bill should have his decided ed as a measure that could only be de- negative., fended in cases arising from mere neces- Lord Grenville said, the immense consity ; but to eftablish them in a man's course and influx of the subjects of a




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