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observations, moved his promised mo- this motion, when the House divided. tion, which was,

For the motion, one! (Mr Nicholls him. “ That an humble Address be pre- self,) againft it, 42.-Majority 41. sented to his Majesty, humbly request.' Mr Windham presented an account of ing that he would be graciously pleased the number of men raised for his Majesto take into considerarion the unhappy ty's land service, the number killed, and condition of his subjects, suffering from the number disbanded, from the comfamine, the confequence of those mea- mencement of the war down to the prefures which his Ministers have adopted est returns. He observed, that this acin the prosecution of the present war: count must necessarily be imperfect, bethat Peace alone can afford immediate cause several of the returns were made and complete relief from this calamity; by persons unacquainted with the busithat he would take into consideration ness: and that some of the disbanded the decrease of the gold Coin, and the men were afterwards incorporated into imminent danger of national bankrupt- other regiments, which of course made cy, from the issue of paper money. That the numbers appear greater than they his faithful Commons see with much an- really were. This account was made up xiety the prospect of new conflicts with at the Adjutant General's Office, up to other Powers. That they are penetrat- the 24th of this month; but as the ed with the deepest affliction when they House met but one day since that time, behold his Majesty's Ministers, alike re- he had not before an opportunity of pregardless of the honour and safety of the senting them. The accounts were orKing, and the welfare of his People, ob- dered to be printed. ftinately persevering to refist every of- The House was then summoned by fer of the enemy to treat for Peace. the Black Rod to attend his Majesty in That his faithful Commons have there- the House of Peers, where the royal affore thought it their duty to recommend sent was given to a great number of to his Majesty immediately to take mea- bills, and the speech delivered from the fures for opening a negociation for Peace. throne, which the Speaker read on his with France.”

return; and thus concluded the last sefThe question was immediately put on fion of the British Parliament.

Monthly Register for January 1801.

Interesting Inteiligence from the London Gazettes.

Admiralty Ofice, Dec. 20. fix hours, a French brig privateer called Extrax of a Letter from the Earl of St L'Actif, of 14 fix-pounders, two long

Vinceni, K. B. Admiral of the White, brass twelves, and 137 men ; she is a &c. to Evan Nepean, ésq. dated in particularly fine new vessel, coppered, Torbay the 14th inft.

and had been out only one day on her

first cruize.. I learn from the prisoners, 1

tion, a letter which I have received carried into any of the French or Spanfrom Capt. Lukin, of his Majesty's ship ish ports within these three months ; Thames, giving an account of the vel.

that one

them was carried into Rofels captured during his late cruize.

chelle, the other into Passage. I conThames, Plymouth Sound, clude Captain Hotham will have ac13th Dec. 1800.

quainted you of our having captured, I have the honour to acquaint your on the 29th of October last, at night, a" Lordship with the arrival of his Majef- schooner letter of marque, from Guadaty's ship I command, at this anchorage; loupe to Bourdeaux, laden with coffee, and of her having, on the 30th of last &c. having chaced her, in company

with month, captured, 'fifteen leagues from the Immortalite, all day. I am, &c. the Tower of Corduan, after a chace of Earl St Vincent, K. B. W. Lukin.

Ed. Mag. Jan. 1801.

My Lord,


Downing Street, Dec. 23.

Admiralty-Office, Dec. 27. A Dispatch, of which the following is an

Extract dated Head Quarters, Muhl- Copy of a letter from Lieutenant Matthew dorf 0:1 the Inn, Thursday, 4th Decem.

Smith, commanding his Majesty's fchoonber IRCO as been received from Wil

er Milbı ook, to Evan Nepean, Esq. datliam Wickham, Esq by the Right Hon.

ed Oporto, Nov. 14, 1800. Lord Grenville, his Majesty's Principal Sir, Secretary of State for the Foreign De- I have the honour to inclose, for their partment.

Lordships' information, a copy of a letter The army marched in the night of I have this day written to the Right Tuefday, and before day-break yester- Hon. Lord Lord Keith. I am, &c. day morning, towards Hohenlinden in

Matthew Smith. three colunins; the centre along the great road to Munich, which passes

His Majesty's schooner Milbrook, off through Hohenlinden ; the right and left

Oporto, Nov. 14, 1800. in the woods on each side of the great

My LORD, road.

I have the honour to inform your The corps of General Kienmayer, Lordship, that being off Oporto, in his which was destined to take the enemy Majesty's schooner Milbrouk, under my in flank, marched from Dorfen in the command, early on the morning of the direction of Schwaben.

13th instant, we fell in with a French The columns ought all to have arri- fhip wearing a pendant, apparently a ved at their destination a little before frigate, mounting thirty-fix guns; and day break, or at the latest between eight as I had at that time two brigs of the and nine o'clock; but from a heavy fall Newfoundland convoy under my proof snow and sleet, which continued all tection, and several vessels appearing in night and the greater part of the morn- the offing, which I have every reason to ing, the centre column only was at its suppose part of that convoy 'also, I dedettination at eight o'clock, whilft both termined, as the only mearis of preservthe left and right were still considerably ing them, to give her battle, and made behind; and the left, under General fail to close with her accordingly; at Risch had, besides, lost its way, and the same time with a view of increasing marched to the left towards Ebersberg, our distance from the convoy. instead of turning to the right, in the di- It was nearly calm when the action rection of Hohenlinden.

commenced at eight A. M. and continuIn this state of things it appears, that ed till near ten, when the enemy's cothe division of General Richepance pier, lours came down ; but the Milbrook at ced between the left and the centre a- this time having her masts, yards, fails, bout nine o'clock, got upon the great and rigging very much cut, and ten of road behind the centre, and fell upon her guns disabled, I could not prevent the left flarik and rear of that column his taking advantage of a light breeze at the time that it had formed in front, springing up, ailifted by his Tweeps, to and had just begun to attack the enemy's get from us. position.

The bravery and steady conduct of I have not yet been able to obtain any the officers and seamen under my comaccurate account of what passed after- mand against such superior force, in the wards; but it seems that the disorder disabled state of the Milbrook, for a long foon became irretrievable, and that the time with only three guns opposed to retreat towards the heights of Ramsau the enemy's broadside, and their activity was made with very heavy loss, parti- in changing her position with the oars cularly in artillery. Generals Spanior- (not a fail fet,) whilst exposed to his chi and Loppert are 'prisoners. I have raking us for fifteen minutes, merits my not yet heard of the loss of any other of highest commendation, and does them ficers of the same rank.

the greatest credit ; but I should fail in Gen. Kienmayer was attacked on his my duty if I did not in the strongest march by two divifions from Aerdrag, manner recommend to your Lordship’s and suffered also severely in his retreat, notice Mr Thomas Fletcher, the Master, which'he made upon Isen in good order, who, wounded in the beginning of the on learning the disaster that had befallen action continued on deck,

exerting himthe main army.

felf with the greatest bravery;

as did al.




fo Mr Thomas Groves, the clerk, and called Scotland, on Thursday the twelfth Mr Jose da Sa, the Portuguese pilot. day of February next; that so both we

I inclose a list of wounded; and have and our people may humble ourselves the honour to be, &c.

before Almighty God, in order to ob

Matthew Smith. tain pardon of our fins; and may, in the Tbe Right Hon. Lord Keith, K. B. most devout and folemn manner, send List of Wounded.

up our prayers and supplications to the 8 seamen and i marine (severely.) Divine Majesty, for the removal of those Mr Thomas Fletcher, Master; Mr J. heavy judgments which our manifold

Parfter, surgeon's mate; and 1 sea- fins and provocations have most juftly man (slightly.)

deserved, and under which we at this Total.-2 :-2 petty officers and 19 seamen. present time labour; and for imploring

Matthew Smith. his blessing and aliistance on our arms, At the Court of St James's, Jan. 1, 1801.

and for restoring and perpetuating

peace, safety, and prosperity, to us PRESENT,

and our dominions : And we do ítrict. The King's Moft Excellent Majesty in ly charge and command, that the faid Council.

public fast be reverently and devoutThis day the Great Seal of Great Bri- ly observed by all our loving subjects tain being delivered up to his Majesty in Scotland, as they tender the favour by the Right Hon. Alexander Lord of Almighty God, and would avoid Loughborough, Lord High Chancellor his wrath and indignation; and upon of Great Britain, the same was defaced pain or such punishment as we may justly in his Majesty's presence; and his Ma- inflict on all such as contemn and neglect jesty was thereupon pleased to deliver the performance of fo religious and neto his Lordihip a new Great Seal for the ceilary a duty. Our will is therefore, United Kingdom of Great Britain and and we charge, that this our proclamaIreland, and to direct that the same be tion feen, ye forthwith pass to the Marmade use of (pro tempore ) for sealing all ket Cross of Edinburgh, and all other things whatever which pass the Great places needful, and there, in our name Seal.

Steph. Cottrel. and authority, make publication hereof,

that none pretend ignorance : And our A Proclamation for a General Faft.

will and pleasure is, that our Solicitor

do cause printed copies hereof to be sent GEORGE R.

to the Sherills of the several Shires, We, taking into our most serious con

Stewarts of Stewartries, and Bailiffs of fideration the heavy judgonents with Regalities, and their Clerks, whom we which Almighty God is pleased to visit ordain to see the same published; and the iniquities of this land, by a grievous we appoint them to send copies hereof scarcity and dearth of divers articles of to the several Parish Churches within sustenance and necessaries of life ; more- their bounds, that upon the Lord's Day over, taking into our most ferious con- immediately preceding the day abovefideration the just and necessary war in mentioned, the fame may be published, which we are engaged, for the mainten- and read froin the pulpits, immediately ance of the independence of our crown, after divine service. for the defence of the commerce, and Given at our Court at St James's, the of the rights and liberties, civil and religious, of our subjects; and trusting in

firit day of January one thousand eight

hundred and one, in the forty-first the mercy of Almighty God, that, not

year of our reign. withstanding the fore punishment he hath laid upon us and upon our people, he will, if we turn to him in due con

From the London Gazette, Jan. 17. trition and penitence of heart, not only At the Court at St James's, the 14th of withdraw his afflicting hand, but more

January, 1801. over graciously bless our arms, both by sea and land, have therefore resolved, and do, by and with the advice of our The King's Most Excellent Majesty in Privy Council, hereby command, that a

Council. Public Fast and Humiliation be observed WHEREAS his Majesty has received throughout that part of our kingdom advice, that a large number of vessels






belonging to his Majesty's subjects have several persons interested therein ; his been and are detained in the ports of Majesty, with the advice of his Privy Rullia, and that the British failors navi- Council, is thereupon pleased to order, gating the same, have been, and now are as it is hereby ordered, that no Bills detained, as prisoners, in different parts drawn since the said twenty-ninth of of Russia ; and also, that during the con- November last, 0. S. (corresponding tinuance of these proceedings, a Confe- with the tenth of December N. S.) by deracy of a hostile nature, against the just or on behalf of any persons, being subrights and interests of his Majesty, and jects of or residing in the dominions of his dominions, has been entered into the Emperor of Rullia, shall be accepted, with the Court of St Petersburgh by the or paid, without licence from one of his Courts of Denmark and Sweden, respec- Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, tively, his Majesty, with the advice of first had in that behalf, until further fighis Privy Council, is thereupon pleased nification of his Majesty's pleasure, or to order, that no ihips or veileis belong- until provision shall be made in respect ing to any of his Majesty's subjects be thereof by Act of Parliament; whereof permitted to enter and clear out for any all persons concerned are to take notice, of the ports of Russia, Denmark, or Swe- and govern themselves accordingly. den, until further order; and his Majef

W. Fa wkener. ty is further pleafed to order, that a Ge- Admiralty-Office, Jan. 16. neral Embargo or Stop be made of all Extrait of a Letter from Admiral the Ruflian, Danish, and Swedish ships and Earl of St Vincent. K. B. to Evan Ne vessels whatsoever, now within, or which pean, Esq. dated on board his Majesty's hereafter shall come into any of the Jhip the Ville de Paris, in Torbay, the ports, harbours, or roads, within the

12th Jan. 1801. United Kingdom of Great Britain and

I inclose two letters of Capt. Sir RichIreland, together with all persons and ard Strachan, Bart. detailing particulars effects on board the said thips and vef- of the meritorious exertions of himself, fels; but that the utmost care be taken and the Officers under his command, in for the preservation of all and every part intercepting the enemy's supplies. of the cargoes on board of any of the said ships or vessels, so that no damage or

His Majesty's Hired Cutter Nile, embezzlement whatever be sustained :


Dec. 1, 1810. And the Right Hon. the Lords Com

I have the honour to inform


that miffioners of his Majesty's Treasury, the the vessels you signalled us to chace, on Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the 6th inst. never came through the and the Lord Warden of the Cinque Passage, but rowed up along shore again, Ports, are to give the necessary direc. and went under Fort Lomara ; I watchtions herein as to them may respective- ed for them all night, but in the mornly appertain.

W. Fawkener. ing seeing them no more, I left the

Lurcher off the Morbihan, and proceedAt the Court at the Queen's House, the ed to execute your farther orders ; on 16th of January, 1801. that day I saw a convoy courfing round

Croisic, of 15 or 16 fail, but was in no PRESENT, The King's moft Excellent Majesty in to get nearer to St Gildas, and in the

hurry to chace, rather permitting them Council.

evening stood out, and made the necesWHEREAS his Majesty has received fary signals to Mr Forbes; it fully anadvice that a large number of vessels be fivered my expectation, as he being to longing to his Majesty's subjects, have windward turned them all, and they been, and are detained in the ports of made for the Villain juft where I was ; Ruflia, and that the property of his Ma- about eight we took a small one just as jesty's subjects in-Russia, has, by virtue the battery of St Jacques was hailing us, of several orders and decrees, of the which I immediately manned, and fent Russian Government, particularly one her with our own boat along shore, and bearing date the 29th of November last, by four A. M. found ourselves in poffef0. S. (corresponding with the tenth of fion of five more. This is all they could December N. S.) been seized, and direc- attempt, as the whole coasts were then ted to be applied in violation of the prin- alarmed, and the bāttery of Notre Dame ciples of justice, and of the rights of the at the entrance of the river Peners, kept


up so brisk a fire as to send three shot day captured, between the Isles of Rhe through the last vefsel; but the spirit of and Oleron, a French floop laden with our people was such that they were de- wine and brandy for the use of the comtermined to have her out, and luckily bined fleet at Brest, and have sent her to only one man was slightly scratched with Plymouth. I am &c.

W. Ogilvy. a splinter; on joining the Lurcher in the morning, I found ihe had got three Extract of letter from Captain Rowley

Buiteel' commander of his Majesty's more, making nine, tbe particulars of which are expressed in the adjoined lift ;

Jhip Bellequeux, to Ezan Nepean, Esq.

dated at Rio Janeiro, the 24t0 Auguft the four largest are decked, and very ca

1800. pable of going to England, but the other cannot; since the 7th Mr "Forbes his On Monday the 4th day of August, been continually on the look-out, but soon after day light, four fail were difnot a fingle vessel, I believe, has itirred covered from the matt-head in the northfince. I am, &c.

west quarter, and apparently steering aGeorge Argles. bout N. by E. At 7 A. M. they hauled

their wind, tacked, and stood towards A List of Vessels captured by the Nile bir.

us, upon which I bore down with the ed Cutter, under the orders of Capt. Sir whole of my convoy : at noon the enemy Richard Strachan, Bart.

perceived our force, (which was greatly Maria Joseph, Pierre Midago, mafter, exaggerated in their opinion by the war.

of 5 'men, and 48 tons, from Bour- like appearance of the China thips,) they deaux bound to Brest, laden with wine bore up under a press of fail, and by figand brandy.

nal separated Notre Dame de Confolation, Clonarie, I stood for the largest ship, and not

master, of 5 men, and 35 tons, from withstanding the light and bafiling winds, Bourdeaux bound to Breft, laden with we came up with her, and after a few wine and brandy.

chace guns, and a partial firing for about Saint Pierre, Pierre Hoeck, master, of 7 10 minutes, at half past five in the aftermen, and 39 tons, from Bourdeaux

noon (Tuesday) the struck her colours, bound to Brest, laden with wine and and proved to be the French frigate La brándy.

Concorde, of 44 guns, 18 pounders, and L'Heloin, Matthew Rio, master, of 4 444 men, commanded by Citizen Jean

men and 13 tons, from Nantes bound Francois Landolphe, capitaine de vaison Auray, laden with Nantes wine.

seau, and chef de division. Le Francois, Jean Le Brass, master, of At 7 the same evening, the French

three men and four tons, from Nantes frigate La Medee, of 36 guns, 12 pounbound to Auray, laden with iron, tar, ders, and 315 men, commanded by Citipottery, &c.

zen Daniel Coudein, struck her colours L’Aimable Francois, Geldo Bonligan, to the Bombay Castle, Capt. John Ha

ter, of 55 tons, from Bordeaux bound milton, and the Exeter, Capt. Henry to Breft, laden with Bourdeaux wine. Meriton.

By his Majesty's cutter Lurcher. The above frigates were of the squaMaria Jofeph, Martin Beroist, master, dron which failed from Rochfort "the

of 2 men and eight tons, from Nantes 6th day of March 1799, and having combound to Yannes, laden with Nantes mitted great depredations on the coast wine.

of Africa, had refitted in the Rio de la L'Eponine, Yine Le Frank, of 3 men Plata, and were now cruizing on the

and 13 tons from Nantes bound to coast of Brazil. Yannes, laden with do, Driven on La Franchise, of ,42 guns and 380 fhore on Houat; cargo loft.

men, commanded by Citizen Pierre JuLe Bon Secour, Yine Nicolane, of two rien, escaped by throwing a part of her

men and eight tons, from Nantes guns overboard, and also her anchors, bound to Yannes, laden with do. Sunk boats, and booms, and by night coming at anchor; cargo saved.

on; as did also an American schooner La Magicienne, Ipe Cleron, S. E. by S. their prize, fitted as a cruizer. two leagues.

On this occasion I hope their Lord. MY LORD,

Thips will permit me to bear testimony I have the honour to inform your of the spirit of the officers and ship's Lordship, that, after a short chace, I this company of the Bellequeux; and I have


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