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peculiar pleasure in mentioning the zeal under the favour of Divine Providence, and activity I have ever found in Mr to perpetuate and to extend the blessings Ebdon, my First Lieutenant, to whom I we already postess : We trust that it will oniy do justice in recommending him to secure the tranquillity of the Empire, teir Lordships' notice and favour. protect its Liberty, augment its Re

Too much praise cannot be given to sources, and raise it, if posiible, to a still the captains, offices, and crews of the more diftinguished Rank among the cidifferent ihips under my convoy, for vilized Nations of the World. their ready obedience to my signals, and Approaching, as we have the honour for the whole of their conduct on that to do, your Majesty, in the name of a day, particularly to Captains Hamilton City which was once the Capital of an and Meriton, who very gallantly pursu. independent kingdom, but which has ed and captured the aforesaid frigate, long enjoyed a more enviable pre-emia La Medee; and also to Captain Torin, nepce by sharing fo amply in the geneof the Courts, and Captain Spens, of the ral prosperity of the British Empire, we Neptune, who' with great alacrity pur- anticipate with peculiar satisfaction the fued La Franchise, although they had cor sequence of an event destined to imnot the good fortune to come up with part similar advantages to our Sifter her, for the reasons above aligned; and Island. Nor can we form a more pa.. my best thanks are due to the whole triotic with for the happiness of our felof the commanders of the ihips 'under low subjects, than that Ireland may ex. my convoy, for their aliistance, in taking perience, in the course of the period a number of prisoners on board their re. which now so aufpiciously opens, the fpective thips. We arrived at Rio Ja- same accession of wealth, of industry, of neiro on Tuesday the 12th of August. concord, and of freedom, which ScotExtra& of a Letter from Captain Robert land has gained during the Century that

Barton, commander of his Majesty's
Skip Concorde, to Evan Nepean, E/2. served to maintain the privileges, and to

That your Majesty may be long predated at Lipon, the 4th January.

watch over the interests of a free, a hapDuring my stay off the bar of 0- py, and a truly united people, is the ferporto, 1 captured the Spanish privateer vent prayer of your Majesty's most lugger San josef, alias Larcon, of 6 guns faithful and devoted Subjects, the Lord and 40 men, out from Vigo, and had Provost, Magistrates, and Council of captured the Speedy brig, one of our

your City of Edinburgh in Council af. convoy, and in an hour more would have sembled. captured another, as she was within hail

Signed and sealed in our presence, and when we saw her.

by our appointment, at Edinburgh, St James's, Jan. 14, 1801.

the 5th day of January, 1801. The following Address has been

WM. FETTES, Provoft.

prefented to the King; which leis Majesty [Presented by the Right Hon. was pleased to receive very graciously: Henry Dundas.] TO THE KING.

( End of the Gazettes.) Mejl Gracious Scorreişn,

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. WE, your Majcity's mof dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lord i'rovoli, Magi- Menou, General in Chief, to Bonaparte. ftrates, and Town Council of Eoin- CITIZEN Consul, Cairo. Nov. I. burgh, intreat your Majeity 10 receive You have, by your shining victories, our humble and fincere congratulations givın to France the fplendour of which on the final accomplimert of a Legif- events, no more perhaps to be mentionlative Union between your kingdors of ed, were about to deprive her. History Great Britain and Ireland; an Union will engrave in letters of gold the pacewh: h, after all the profperity difuled ficati a of La Vendee, the re-establisharing your people, ise your wife ana ment of the finances, and the confidence paternal GOVCTCT. sur Mety of the Bench; the passage of the St deigned to annonce froni tipo low.coltittard and St Bernard, the battle of as the happiest ever sf On Heijn. No, and the conquest of a great

We trust that the stomat!'. LEW For Gerr any. Hiftcry shall engrave carried into execunch will comisione', tiülene, the genius of Bonaparte pre




Cding over all directing all-repairing portance with his master. We render all. She will not forget, Citizen Con- one another many civilities, and interful, the expedition to Egypt, an epoch change presents. which will become so celebrated by pos- I write to the Minister at Ivar letters terity; for undoubtedly it will produce full of details on all parts of the service, the civilization of Africa and of Asia. and on our position. Citizen Consul, this army, with which I am labouring towards the complete you made the first conquest of taly organization of the country in regard to with which you carried into the east the finances, the adminiitration of justice, name and the glory of the French Re- and of commerce. public-this army merits all your folici- I have re-established, under another tude and all your interest:-Victorious form, a Divan at Cairo. I have turned over all the united forces of Afia, com- it into a tribunal of appeal. Three other nianded by the Grand Visier in person, similar tribunals are established in other nothing can equal its love for its coun- parts of Egypt, at Smuth, at Damietta, try and for you, and its desire to be al- and at Roletta. Alexandria will be conways the worthy favourites of glory. fidered as a city of war and of com

The Grand Vifier is at Jaffa, where he has employed all the resources of I establish connections with all the force and despotism to recruit an army surrounding Princes. The caravans arthat will no longer measure itlelf with rive from all parts. I see my way in the bayonets and artillery of Frenchmen: making Suez a grand depot of comeight or nine thousand men who desert, merce. and are replaced incessantly, compose all The new organization of the finances his force. The Grand Vizier has re- is such that we gain a great deal more paired El-Arith with activity, but with- revenue ; and that the people pay much out fkill. He has quarrelled with the less. I get rid by degrees of the agents Naplufians, and with Dezzar Pacha. who cheated us; but among them I All the Arabs have declared war against have found one man of talent, named him, and pillage his convoys. About Mallen Yacomb, who is now forming as 200 English are united with the troops many auxiliary troops ; our demi-briof the Grand Vizier, and they exercise gades take recruits. The 21st, which is them at the cannon.-A Rufiian Envoy in Upper Egypt, has enrolled above 200 is still in the Ottoman camp, but he is Egyptian Mussulmen. viewed with great jealousy. The Grand Several manufactories begin to rise up. Vizier has written me several letters, We make beer, cloth, candles, wine, part low, part infolent, to demand peace. gold and silver lace, hats, and a very I have constantly answered him that it good tannery has been establithed. Citiis at Paris only that he ought to treat. zens Caute and Champy, men whom I

The Captain Pacha cruises between cannot praise fufficiently, have performDamietta aod Alexandria with 20 or 15 ed the most wonderful, things. 'Citizen Ships, of which about 10 or 12 are of the Conful, they deserve all your benefiline. He is himself on board a three

I folicit for them a juft national decker, named Selim. He is the sworn recompence. enemy of the Grand Vizier. He cor- The Institute has renewed its feftions. dially detests the English. He is named Citizen Fourier, perpetual Secretary, Houssain ; was a Mameluck, or a white has conducted himielf marvellously, and slave originally; has been brought up is of great service to us. I ihall request, by the Grand Seignior, whose entire Citizen Consul, that you will do fomeconfidence he poffeftes. He is polithed, thing for the Institute. humane, and tolerably intelligent.--He The corps of engineers, of roads and sends me often flags of truce, and is ar- bridges, and the geographical engineers, dently desirous of peace. He feels fen- ferve with distinction. The firii is emfibly ihat the position of the Porte is ployed in the levelling of Egypt, and on highly critical. He says, himself, that a general lystem of irrigation ; betidos if France does not support it, it is gone. which several works of importance are He is jealous of all his officers, whom he completed, and others begun. A magknows to be sold to the English ; but nificent road, planted with trees on both he wishes above all things to conclude fides, extends from the square Ebekies any treaty which might increase hìs im- to the borders of the Nile, travering




Boulac; they are now working at a road lected a vast number of followers, prin. which will encircle the square of E. cipally cavalry, and committed deprebekeir,

dations on the boundary of our newly Ali along the walls of the city, which acquired territory of Soondah. Doonis repaired on every point, I am making deah, on the 29th of June, engaged and a road 60 feet broad, to be planted on completely routed a body of the Peshboth sides with trees.

wa's troops, under Doonda Punt Golka: The second corps, the geographical the latter fled, and took refuge under engineers, are empioyed by double task the walls of our fort of Halliball, in in completing a chart, which will be Soondah. Doondeah came so near in magnificent, and which will contain the the pursuit, as to make it necessary for most minute details. I am also to pro- the guns to open on him, which foon cure the foundings of all the coasts. checked him.

The fortifications are going on with A circumstance of an extraordinary the greatest speed-every where I make nature has lately taken place in the them with the greatest folidity. General Southward. A party of Kanarese reSamson and his inferiors are excellent cruits, principally composed of men forofficers. I particularly recommend them merly in Tippoo's service, deserted one to you. The l-Iinister at War will re- night from Mangalore to the number of ceive the details of the fortifications, 300, with a disaffected Havildar at their which will enable you completely to head, made their way to the hill fort of judge of what has been done. Our ar- Jemaulabad, (a place which had cost tillery as to materials is on the best foot. much time and trouble, and some lives ing. Generals Sougis and Foultreir are to our people, to get possession of) surofficers of the greatest distinction. prized the garrison, murdered the Om

The army is in daily receipt of its pay. cer commanding (Lieut. Allen, of the It is perfectly clothed and fed. I am Honourable Company's service,) and perfectly satisfied with its discipline, and took poffeffion of the place, which, in cannot sufficiently praise the conduct of spite of an army sent against them, una great part of the General Officers and der the command of Lieut. Col. Cuin lividuals. I have prosecuted, and still mine, of the 75th regiment, who had continue to profecute to extremity all with him 2 mortars, and a train of ardilapidators. It is not an easy thing to tillery, they kept from the 16th of April do good-one makes enemies; but I do to the 19th of June, when it was retanot regard that, when the thing suc. ken; but not till after the garrison, all ceeds, and the public gains by it. but four men, had made their escape.

The Arabs, whom I pursue without Preparations are making at Madras ceasing by dromedaries, ask every where for the embarkation of troops. The for peace.-Scheiks and Princes, who 12th regiment, and fome native battalive 50 days journey from Egypt, seek lions, are ordered to hold themselves in for the friendthip of the French. readiness for service, and it is rumoured

I permit some individuals, useless to that an expedition against Batavia and the colony, to say no worse of them, to Manilla is about to take place, under return to France,

the command of Sir James Craig. A As to myself personally, I have only detachment of ihe 84th are gone from the provisional command of the army. Aden, with the Sheriff of Medina, up If you send me a fucceflor, I thall obey the Red Sea, to the neighbourhood of him with the same zeal and the fame Suez, to act against the French in Egypt, retitude which ever animated me for Admiral Blanket is gone after them. the good of my country, and the interest

AMERICA. of the Republic*. Health and respect. (Signed)

As. 7. Mengut. On the 22d of November, the Presi.

dent of the United States met both EAST INDIES.

Ilouses of Congress in the Senate ChamGoa, July 7, 1800.

ber, at the New City of Washington, Colonel Wellesley has taken the field and delivered a Speech in which he with an army, against an Adventurer says, named Doondeah Weng, who has col- "I congratulate the people of the

United General Menou was appointed General of the army of the East on the 6th of September.

United States on the affembling of Con- the prospect which presents itself; if we gress at the permanent seat of their Go- perceive the interior of our country vernment, and I congratulate you, Gen- prosperous, free, and happy; if all entlemen, on the prospect of a refidence joy in fafety, under the protection of not to be changed.

laws emanating only from the general A Treaty of Amity, and Commerce will, the fruits of their own labour, we with the King of Prussia has been con- ought to fortify and cling to thote infticluded and ratified. The ratifications tutions, which have been the fource of have been exchanged, and I have direct. such real felicity, and resist, with una. ed the treaty to be promulgated by pro- boted perseverance, the progress of these clamation.

Dangerous Innovations, which may di. “ The difficulties which suspended miniih their influence. the execution of the 6th article of our

John Adams." treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation with Great Britain, have not yet

FRANCE. been removed. The negociation on

Paris, Dec. 25. this subject is still depending. As it Yesterday at eight in the evening the must be for the interest and honour of Firit Consul was repairing to the Oraboth nations to adjust this difference torio with bis Picquet. When arrived with good faith, I indulge confidently at the Rue Nicaise, a miserable cart the expectation, that the fincere endea- with a small horse harneffed in it, ftcod vours of the Government of the United placed in such a manner as to impede States to bring it to an amicable termi- the passage. The coachman, although nation, will not be disappointed. driving very fast, had the address to a

“ The Envoys Extraordinary, and void it. A few moments afterwards, a Ministers Plenipotentiary from the Unit- dreadful explosion took place, which ed States to France were received by broke the windows of the carriage, the First Consul with the respect due to wounded the horse of the last man of their character, and three persons with the Picquet, broke all the windows in equal powers were appointed to treat the neighbourhood, killed three women, with them. Although at the date of the a grocer, and a child. The number of laft official intelligence the negociation wounded which has yet come to our had not terminated, yet it is to be hop- knowledge amounts to fifteen: they ed, that our efforts to effect an accom- consist of passengers, and of the occul.. modation will at length meet with a piers of houses in the neighbourhood. success proporfioned to the fincerity About fifteen houses were materially inwith which they have been so often re- jured. peated.

It appears that this cart contained a “ While our best endeavours for the fort of infernal machine, The exploprefervation of harmony with all nations fion was heard by every one in Paris ; will continue to be used, the experience part of the wheel of the cart was blown of the world, our own experience, admo- over the roof into the court-yard of nish us of the insecurity of trusting too Cambaceres. The Fiiht Consul conticonfidently to their success. We can- nued his journey, and took his feat at not, without committing a dangerous the Oratorio. imprudence, abandon those measures of It was difficult perfectly to underself-protection, which we adapted to stand and to take any interest in the our situation, and to which, notwith. Oratorio, and the reports which were in standing our pacific policy, the violence circulation in the Theatre respecting the and injustice of others may again com- horrid aflastination attempted a fecond pel us to refort.

time against the life of the Chief Consul, “ As one of the grand community of and that in luch an extraordinary man. nations, our attention is irresistibly ner. Bonaparte did not leave the Theadrawn to the important scenes which tre till the curtain dropped. Returning surround us. If they have exhibited an home, he found there the Min.ters, uncommon portion of calamity, it is the Counsellors of State, and Generals, who province of humanity to deplore, and of had come to receive his orders. Dewisdom to avoid the caules which may fides these, there were Members of the have produced it. If turning our eyes Tribunate and of the Legislative Body, homeward, we find reason to rejoice at and a great rumber of the Public FuncEd. Mag. Jan. 180!.


t. qionaries of Paris, all of whom came to his accomplices has commenced. Twelve feftify their joy at witnessing his escape individuals, seized at this moment, evirom this danger.

dently appear to form part of this conAll Paris has been anxious to see the spiracy." mischief produced by this terrible explo

Paris, Fan. 4. 1801. fion. It is dreadful. The windows of Memin, the famous asiafiia of Ma. the Chateau de Thuilleries, and of the dame Lamballe, fo often arrefted and let. houses which surround the Greater and loose on society, is one of those concernLess Carousel, are broken. The whole ed in the plot of the 24th ult. against of the streets of St. Nicaise, St. Thomas, the life of the Chief Conful, and has at L'Echelle, and Chartres, were shook as laft fallen into the hands of justice. with an earthquake. A shock fo consi

DENMARK derable in so populous a quarter must have been fatal to a great many. The

A letter from Copenhagen, dated the number of victims is not, however, so

both inft. ftates, that Mr Brummer, the considerable as was at first supposed. Danish Consul, who had been at the From the Report of the Justice of Peace Court of Petersburgh, arrived a day or of the Division of the Thuilleries, it ap- two before at Copenhagen, and that he pears that only five persons were killed, brought with him the Convention which a man and four women; ten grievously had been signed in that capital relative wounded have been carried to different to the Neutral Navigation of the NorthHospitals. It is not yet precisely known ern Powers. With respect to the dehow many have been more nightly mand of the English Government, whewounded in their shops and rooms.

ther Denmark intended to assist the This is meant to remove the impression Armed Neutrality to its utmost extent, produced by these lying relations, evi- the Danish Government has given a cadently written upder the dictation of tegorical answer in the affirmative. One fear. (Publiciste.)"

hundred of the military have been sent [The Prefect of the Police, in an Ad- to Cronberg, to work at the fortificavertisement, describes the horse, and of- tions of that place. fers a reward to whoever will discover

COPENHAGEN, Jan. 10. the owner.]

Mr Drummond, the English Charge Tbe Prefe& of Police to the General Chief know what part Denmark was about to

d'Affairs at our Court, has desired to Conful.

take in certain negociations that were " Paris, Dec. 26.

carrying on relative to an armed neu“ I have the honour to inform you, trality, which England considered as that this afternoon,, at two o'clock, I hoftile to her intereit. He has received have caused to be arrested a person for answer, “ That the Convention named Chevalier, who had a temporary which the King was resolved to sign, residence in the house des Blane-Mar- had for its object, to support his just teaus. There was seized along with rights, and to defend the same against him an infernal machine, constructed on every Power that Nould attempt to inthe most detestable plan, a basket full of jure them, without pointing at England -fireworks, and fome papers. I have at any more than any other Power.” the same time arrested an individual

RUSSIA. named Veycer, signalized as one of his accomplices, and at whose house he lodged; one named Burlay, and a wo- Proclamation of his Imperial Majesty, man called Bourquet; all of whom have Emperor of all the Rufias, &c. affirmed that Chevalier was not in the Whereas it has been represented by house at the time when inquiries were many Subjects of Russia, that large sums made for him there, though they knew of money are due to them from English well that he was there, and had con- Merchants resident in Russia, and that versed with him. Thiese four invalids payment of such Debts cannot be ob. are detained in separate and folitary con- tained ; his. Imperial Majesty's College finement. We shall proceed to interro- of Commerce at St. Petersburgh, by vir

“ Health and Respect, tue of powers vested in them, for the (Signed)

Dubois.purpofe of promoting an adjustment and * The examination of Chevalier and liquidation of the Debts due to the Rus



gate them.

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