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Gian Merchants from the English Mer- after admission of the validity and juftchants, have appointed and ordained an ness of the Claimants, an equal dividend Especial Commission, or Board of Com- upon their respeciive demands, and full missioners, for managing English Pro- satisfaction, perty, and they direct the said Board to VII. In case the Fund of English be conftituted, and their operations and Property does not prove adequate to proceedings to be guided by the follow. the demands of the Russian creditors; ing regulations :

or that there shall remain a surplus, then 1. It shall consist of two Russian, two the result shall be communicated to the English, and two Merchants of other College of Commerce at St Petersburgh. Nations, all of whom shall be men of VIII. The Commissioners shall not known good character, and the English be accountable or responsible for their shall be chosen or selected by the Eng- decisions, nor shall there be any appeal lih Merchants; to whom shall be added from their determinations, either by peone of the Members of the Imperial tition or any other way, on any account College of Commerce in St Petersburgh. whatever.

II. All matters that come under their IX. To defray the expence and macognizance, shall be adjusted conform- nagement of the Board of Commissionably to the accustomed rules and esta- ers, and for the salary of their Clerks blished usage in trade: they are to de. and Agents, both Debtors and Creditors cide amongst themselves by a majority shall allow them one half per Cent. upor of votes, upon matters under discussion; the amount of the respective sums but in case of any points involving the brought under their confideration. interests of the Rusian Commerce, the St Petersburgh, the 17th Nov. 1800. opinion of his Imperial Majesty's Coun-'

GERMANY. fellor of the College of Commerce is to fupersede the majority of votes, subject,

VIENNA, Dec. 31. however, to the concurrence of the Col- The following Proclamation lege of Commerce.

published on the 28th in the Court GaIII. Every British Merchant resident zette : in Russia, without excepting such as “ As in the Proclamation issued on have fubfcribed themselves visitors, shall the 24th inst. it was announced, that deliver to the Commissioners in writing, Negociations were entered into for a statement of all the Balances of AC Peace; at the same time our faithful counts in their books, and a schedule of subjects and citizens were called upon Effects and Goods in their poffeffion : to be ready to make every exertion in and they shall, when required, deliver defence of their property and effects ; to the Commiflioners their Book's of Ac- and it is now hereby notified, that becounts out of their accounting houses. tween the Austrian and French troops,

IV. Every Russian Subject, who has an Armistice for 30 days, with 15 days any claim or demand upon an English- notice, making in the whole 45 days, man, of whatever nature or kind it may, has been concluded. Notwithstanding be, or who is indebted to a Britiih Sub.' the certain hope we entertain of an apject, shall transmit an account of the proaching conclufion of peace, yet as it particulars of such debts or claims to behoves every prudent Government, till the Commissioners, within four months peace is actually concluded, to remit in from the date of the publication of this no manner the preparations for defence Ordinance, and in default thereof, the and security, on which the welfare of Commissioners are not to take cog- the whole Monarchy depends, as well nizance of any claims after that pe- as the property and tranquillity of indi. riod.

viduals; with respect to this defence, it V. The Commissioners are to dispose is therefore ordered, that such as are to of all English Effects now sequestrated, serve in person, shall appear before the and to receive all Balances of Accounts, proper officers, and receive their direcand to bring the whole into one general tions under the orders of the General of mass *

Artillery the Prince of Wirtemberg. VI. The Russian Subjects shall re- Such as cannot serve in person, but are ceive out of the Fund of the English in possession of arms, shall deliver up the Property (collected as before directed,) fame to the Arsenal, to be employed in

defence Similar to a Baukrupt’s Efects.

defence of the city, whence they may

DUBLIN, Jan. 21. receive them again at the peace.

" A number of Danish and Swedish “ People of the Austrian Monarchy! vessels have been detained in Dublin you have ever lived under the happiest harbour.-Two days before the accounts and mildest Government; to this all of the embargo arrived twelve vessels Europe allents: Austrians! your fideli. belonging to those countries failed, but ty to your Religion, your Princes, and as fwift sailing cutters are dispatched your Country ; your morality, your after them, it is thought they will again courage, your bravery in all the Wars be brought in. you have waged, have ever been your “ Thursday night, Major Sirr appre. inheritance, and an example to others, hended two men in Francis-street, in the however the fortune of War may be act of casting bullets. One of them calls changeable to every State and every himself Bryan Early, but, it seems, afPeople. This mutability is in the na- sumes many other names; the other is ture of human events; but the virtues James Cullen, and are from the county of a People, their courage, fidelity, and of Wicklow. They had cast above 300 loyalty to their Monarch ; the State bullets, most of which had not been se-, and Religion (the greatest good and parated, but were in the state they were comfort of man,) nothing can fo alter taken from the moulds, which the Major or depress, that they fhall not be exert- secured with the offenders.” ed, and calmly repair every loss.--Per- " An affair of honour took place a few severe, therefore, and Peace Thall restore days ago, at Enniscorthy, between John every, thing.

Tottenham, Esq. a commander of a yeo. 66 Count Lehrbach. “Minister of State, and Plenipoten and John Colclongh, Esq. of Dublin, of

manry corps, in the county of Wexford, tiary Court-Commillary.” the attornies corps, in which the latter IRELAND.

gentleman was unfortunately shot in the

first fire." DUBLIN, Jan. 1.

ENGLAND. “ This day the great event of the Union took place. The guns of the

Castle were fired, and the Union Fias Declaring his Majesty's plaufure concernhoisted, and a Feu-de Joie fired by the ing the Royal Ssile and Titles apperYeomanry and Militia.

taining to the Imperial Crown of the “ From this day forward we are the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Brethren of Britons, enjoying the same

Ireland and its Dependencies, and also Laws, the fame Constitution, the same

the Enhgns, Armorial Flags, and BanLegislature, and tbe fame Parental Care

ners thereof. of our beloved Father and Sovereign. George R. No longer Naken by the agitation of Whereas by the first article of the arLocal Politics, which, like the broken ticles of Union of Great Britain and Ireand dangerous waves of a narrow sea land, ratified and confirmed by two acts exposed our separate State to continual of Parliament, the one passed in the Pardanger, we this day launch forth into liament of Great Britain, and the other the great expanse of the World, protect in the Parliament of Ireland, and reed by the Union Flag, and Joint Poslef- spectively entitled, “ An act fog the fors of the Dignities, the Respect, and Union of Great Britain and Ireland," it the Power enjoyed by the Empress was declared, That the said kingdoms of the Occan. In the spirit of enter- of Great Britain and Ireland thould, prize which animates our Merchants ; upon this day, being the first day of Ja. in the laudable zeal for Agricultural Im- nuary, in the year of our Lord 1801, for provement which pervades the country; ever after be united into one kingdom, in the bustle of business which tills our by the name of T be United Kingdom of streets, we hail and acknowledge the Great Britain and Ireland; and that the first and most grateful advantages of this royal ftile and titles appertaining to the measure.

Imperial Crown of the faid united kingThe number of Peers who represent dom and its dependencies, and also the Ireland in the Imperial Purliament, is enfigns armorial, flags, and banners 28 Temporal and 4 Spiritual. There are thereof, should be such as we, by our forty Irish Peers who are also British. royal proclamation, under the Great



Seal of the united kingdom, should ap- one, were current and lawful monies or point; we have thought fit, b; and with Ireland, and all such gold, and tilver the advice of our Privy Council, to ap- and copper monies as ihall, on or after point and declare that our royal ftile this day, be coined by our authority and title thall henceforth be accepted, with the like imprellions, until our will taken, and ufed, as the lame are let. and pleasure shall be otherwise declared, forth in manner and form following: (hall be deemed and taken to be current That is to say, the same shall be expres- and lawful monies of the said United sed in the Latin tongue ly these words:-- Kingdom in Ireland; and all such moGEORGIUS TERTIUS, Dei Gratia, nies as thall have been coined for, and Britanniarum Rex, Fidei Defenfor:” And iflued in any of the dominions of the in the English tongue by these words :-- faid United Kingdom, and declared by “GEORGE THE THIRD, by the Grace of our proclamation to be current and lawGod, of the united kingdom of Great ful money of such dominions respecBritain and Ireland, King, Defender of tively, bearing our stile, or title, or arms, the Faith.” And that the arms or en- or entigns armorial, or any part or parts figris armorial of the faid united king- thereof, and all monies which thall heredom ihall be quarterly, first and fourth, after be coined and issued according to England ; second, Scotland; third, Ire- such proclamations, shall continue to be land: And it is our will and pleasure, lawful and current money of such domithat there shall be borne therewith, on nions respectively, notwithstanding such an escocheon of pretence, the arms of change in our ftile, titles, and arms, or our dominions in Germany enligned armorial bearings respectively as aforewith the electoral bonnet. And it is our said, until our pleasure shall be further will and pleasure that the standard of the declared thereupon. And all and every said united kingdom ihall be the same such monies as aforesaid shall be received quartering as are herein-before declared and taken in payment in Great Britain to be the arms or enligns armorial of the and Ireland respectively, and in the dofaid united kingdom, with the escocheon minions thereunto belonging, after the of pretence thereon, herein before de- date of this our proclamation, in such scribed : And that the union flag thall be manner, and as of the like value and deazure, the crofles-faltires of St Andrew nomination as the fame were received and St Patrick, quarterly per faltire and taken before the date hereof. And counter changed argent and gules; the it is our will and pleasure, that the fclatter fimbriated of the second ; fur- veral dies and marks which have been mounted by the cross of St George of used to denote the stamp duties, and all the third, fimbriated as the faltire. And other stamps and marks and instruments, our will and pleafure further is, that the which, before the inluing of this our prostile and titles aforesaid, and also the clamation, shall have been in actual use arms or enligns armorial aforesaid, shall for any public purpose, and in which our be used henceforth, as far as conveniently royal stile and titles, or our arms or enmay be, on all occasions wherein our signs armorial, or any part or parts thereroyal stile and titles or arms or ensigns of respectively, may be exprefTed, thail armorial ought to be used. But, never- not, by reason of this our proclamation, theless, it is our will and pleasure that or any thing therein contained, be all such gold, filver, and copper monies changed or altered, until the same may as, on the day before this first day of Ja- be conveniently lo changed or altered, nuary one thousand eight hundred and or until our pleasure thall be fully deone, were current and lawful monies of clared thereupon : But that all such dies, Great Britain, and all such gold, silver, ftamps, marks, and inftruments respecand copper monies as thall, on or after tively, bearing our royal stile and titles, this day, be coined by our authority or arms or ensigns armorial, used before with the like impressions, until our will this first day of January one thousand and pleasure shall be otherwise declared, eight hundred and one, or any parts er thall be deemed and taken to be current part of such stile, titles, or of such ums and lawful movies of the said United or enligns armorial, shall have the like Kingdom in Great Britain ; and that all force and effect as the same had before fuch gold, filver, and copper monies as the said first day of January instant. on the day before this first day of Janu- Given at our Court at St James's, the ary one thousand eight hundred and Crit day of January one thousand

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eight hundred and one, in the forty-first charged men,” in the monthly returns ; year of our reign.

leaving no clue to form a more specific

statement; and of the former dischargReturns Presented to the House of Com- than wounds or bodily infirmities.

ed, many are discharged for other causes mons by Mr Secretary ai War.

Harry Calvert, A. G. Return of the number of men who

Return of the number of men who have been raised for the service of the have been killed in action, or who have army since the commencement of the died in the service of the army, since the present war, as far as can be made up commencement of the present war, as from the documents in the Adjutant- far as can be made up from documents General's Office, to Nov. 1800.

in the Adjutant General's office, to Nov. 24th Dec. 1800.

24, 1800. Yrs. Rk. & File | Yrs. Rk. & File.

Yrs. Rk. & File | Yrs. Rk. & File. 1793 17,033 1797- 16,096

1793- 2,059 1797- 5,967 1794- 38,563

1794 8,596

1798 4,008 1795 – 40,463 1799- 41,316

1795 11,870 1799 5,071 1796- 16,336 1800- 17,124

2796- 9,858 | 1800Total, 208,388.


Total, 48,971. Note. --The number stated in the above return include those received as

Note. In the above return it has not drafts by one regiment from another, as

heen practicable to distinguish the num

ber of men who have been killed in acwell as those originally enlisted. , It has been found imposible to avoid this blen. tion, from those who have died a natuded statement, as the column in the res the column of « Dead,” to the Adju

ral death, as they are alike returned, in gimental monthly returns, which gives the number of men " recruited or join

tant General. ed," includes the transfers from other

Harry Calvert, A. G.

Dec. 24. 1800. corps, and which have seldom been ac

Return of the total number of effeccounted for at the foot of the returns; tive rank and file actually serving in the the above return cannot therefore, with pay of Great Britain, as per last returns. any degree of certainty, be considered -Adjutant General's Office, Dec. 14, I giving the actual number of men

1800, brought into the service of the army in

Total, 168,082 rank and file. the period stated. The militia are not

Note.--The above is the most correct jocluded in this, or the two following re

ftatement which can be formed of the Jurns, the manner of keeping up those number of effective rank and file actuforces differing entirely from the princi- ally serving in the pay of Great Britain, I'ie on which the regular army is re. according to the latest returns, includcruited. Harry Calvert, A. G. ing invalids, militia, and foreign corps.

as well as the regular and fencible troops, Return of the number of men who

Harry Calvert, A. G. have been discharged from the service of the army, on account of wounds or

SCOTLAND. bodily infirmity, since the commence

ABERDEEN, Dec. 29. ment of the present war, ?s far as can « In the midst of the present scarcity be made up from documents in the Ad- and dearth of provifions, it is no small jutant-General's Ofice.-24th Decem- confolation to reflect on the prospect ber, 1800.

which we.may reafonably entertain, unSis. Rk, & File. | Yrs. Rk. & File. der the Blessing of Providence, of a fuc1793,- 2,234 1797,1

7,981 ceeding year of plenty. The labouring, 1794,- 4,229 1793, 7,772 in every part of the country, is much 1795,- 26 005 1799,- 8,734 more forward than it has been at this 1795,- 14,534 1800, 4,321 season for some years past- and the qua. Total 75,910.

lity of the feed is universally excellent. Note.-The above numbers includenot From this flattering prospect it has reonly those entirely discharged from the sulted, that offers have been made by an service, but such as have been transfer. intelligent and respectable landholder, red from one regiment to another, both (and we believe contracted for) to delibeing placed under the head of " dif- ver at Aberdeen, Oatmeal of next crop,


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at Sixteen Shillings per boll!"-Aber. libel proven ; but, on account of his fordeen Fournal.

mer good character, and other alleviatExtra& of a Letter from on board the ing circumstances, unanimouily recom-. fhip. Mercurius, off Ellineur, dated Dec.. mended him to mercy. The Court pro

nounced sentence, ordaining the prisoner 11, 1800, to a Gentleman of Glasgow.

to be hanged at the ordinary place of “ In my last I only mentioned, that execution on Wednesday the 17th of an embargo was laid on the British fhips February next. at Riga; but the ships are now taken

Couniel for the Crown-The Lord pofleflion of, and all the British proper- Advocate and George Abercromby, Esq. ty, in every ship of whatsoever nation, -Agent, H. Warrender, Esq. is sequestrated. The small thips, among For the Pannel-Thomas Thomson which is Mr Swinton's Ann, have been and F. Horner, Efqrs.-Agent, Mr Wiltaken into the canal, or mote, which liam Allefter. furrounds the city, the larger ones lie

31. The Court proceeded to the trial at the Dam, and at Bulderaa, and those of John Inglis, labourer, lately residing which were fo large as to be necessarily at Preston, in the county of Edinburgh, loaded in the bay, have been lightened accused of having, on the night of the and carried into Bulderaa, by Russian 2d of July, or early in the morning of soldiers and failors. Two days before the 3d of that month, feloniously itolen, we left Riga, the masters and crews of or carried off, from a park near Preston, fourteen Thips were marched into the

a grey horse, the property of Sir John country, only three men were left on

Callander, Bart. of Vreiterton, which ho board each ship to take care of the afterwards fold to George Hamilton, ships, Among this first division were

carter, in the Grassmarket. The priCaptains Martin and Hardie.

The soner pled Guilty, in consequence of whole are to be lodged in feven villages, which, and its being his first offence, the within the government of Riga, in the Lord Advocate restricted the libel io na province of Livonia, under the inspec. arbitrary punishment. The Jury retion of their captains; and the controul turned a verdict of Guilty. The Court of the Police. At Petersburgh the Bri- ordained him to be transported beyond tish sailors made a considerable refift- feas for seven years. ance, and from Riga, two ships crews Counsel for the Crown, the Lord Admade their escape in the night by going vocate, and George' Abercromby, Efa. to sea in large open boats; it is hoped -Agent, Hugh Warrender, Elg - For that they have reached Memel. I know the prisoner, G. J. Bell, and James of no Englishmen that have escaped Reddie, Efors.-Agent, Mr Andrew from Russia, except Capt. Jewson, my Sivewright. fellow-traveller, and mylelf."

Thereafter came, on the trial of Peter: EDINBURGH.

Anderson, accused of thest. The libe!

charges him with having, on the night High Court of Justiciary,

between the 29th and 30th days of NoDec. 30. Came on the trial of Lach- vember last, feloniously broke open a lan Love, late a private in the ist or. window in the house of Robert Hunter, Argyleshire regiment of North British grocer in Dalkeith, and having entered militia, accused of breaking into the the house, of stealing from the till 125. fhop of Andrew Carmichael, Thoemaker or thereby, in filver ; after which he in Newbigging, Muflelburgh, and car- broke open a chest of drawers in a bedrying off twenty pieces of leather, in the room of the said house, with an intert month of March laft.

to steal what was therein, but was deA proof was led, which lafted a con- tected, and immediately thereafter seizfiderable time, after which the Lord ed. The Jury returned their verdict Advocate for the prosecution, and Mr next morning, unanimously finding the Thomson for the pannel, severally charg- Prisoner Guilty ; but on account of his ed the Jury. The Lord Justice Clerk youth, candid confession, and other alle. addressed the Jury in a pretty long viating circumstances recommended him speech, after which the Jury were in- to Mercy. The Lord Justice Clerk te closed, and appointed to give in their served, that the province of the Count verdict next day, at eleven o'clock, was to pronounce sentence on the Prewhich they accordingl: did, finding the foner, which was, that he should in


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