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hanged at the common place of execu. had got on the keel. The Captain, tion, on Wednesday the vith day of Fe- however, called out to them to go and bruary next.

save the old man at a distance in the Counsel for the Crown, George Aber- firit place, who providentially had laid cromby and John Burnet, Elgrs. A hold of an oar that was palling him. gent, Hugh Warrender, Esq.-For the They did so, and afterwards returned to Prifoner, Patrick Walker and James the boat, and brought the whole fix safe Keay, Esqrs. Agent, Janes Wylie, into Leith. Esq.

The thips belonging to Scotland, deOn Sunday night, January 4th, and tained in Rusia, so far as we have yet Monday the sth, we had a continued learnt, amount to Forty-one, of which and violent gale of wind from the S. W. Two belong to Leith, viz. Fame, and A good deal of damage was done to the Prescott; Seven belong to Dundee, viz. roofs of many houses in town, and a Blair, Navigator, Speedweil, Alexander, number of chimney canns, &c. blown Eliza, Tagus, and Nymph ; Five from down. The ships in Leith Roads drift- Aberdeen, viz. Hope, Ganges, Consolo, ed considerably, and one ship was oblig- Pomona, and Phænix; Five from Moned to cut away her masts.

trose, viz. Fortune, Hope, Aurora, InBy the violence of the storm of wind duftry, and Betsey; Three from Arat Glasgow, on Sunday and Monday, broath, viz. Betsey and Susan, James, one of the largest trees in the Green was and Nymph; One from Alloa, viz. torn up by the roots, a new unfinished Jane; Two from Grangemouth, viz. house in Gorbals, another in Mitchell Adventure, and Ann; Seven from Kirk. Street, and the side wall of a tenement caldy, viz. Minerva, Pilgrim, Supply, in Gallowgate were blown down. The Concord, Lively, Chance, and Resolutemporary wooden building in Ingram tion; Three from Borrowstounness, viz. Street, in which the Panorama of the Jane, John and Richard, and Elizabeth : Burning of the Boyne was exhibited, Two from Peterhead, viz. Minerva, was shattered to pieces, and the Paint- and Diana ; One from Anítruther, viz. ing completely destroyed. Two vessels Barbara and Mary; Two from Dyfart, at the Broomielaw were driven on the viz. Prompt, and Trusty ; One from quay, and having been damaged in the Kincardine, viz. Kennet. --Total from hull filled with water and sunk. Many Scotland, Forty-one; and from Engchimnies were blown down.

land, One Hundred and Sixty-one. Upon the evening of Monday the sth 13. This forenoon, about 11 o'clock, January, in the violent storm, Henry an alarming fire broke out in the upper Black, tenant to Sir James Dalyell of part of a house in the Kirkgate, near Binns, on his way home from Borrow- the church-yard, at Leith, which burnt itounness, on horseback, palling the Up- with great fury from the partitions in per Coalliery of Grange, fell into a very the house being composed of wood; and deep uninclosed pit, which had not been for fome time threatened the destruction going for a considerable time, and both of several adjoining houses. A vast conhe and the horse were unfortunately course of people speedily assembled killed.

upon the first alarm, and the Military Jan. 6. Saturday last, about two and Volunteers lining the streets, for o'clock P. M. as the long boat belong the purpose of keeping order, a constant ing to an American ship riding in Leith supply of water was obtained for the Roads, was on the passage for the har. engines, which were conducted with lo bour, with the Captain, mate, two fail- much effect, that the progress of the ors, an Excise and Custom-house offi- fames was soon checked, and the fire cers, a sudden squall came on, and the in a short time after completely got unoverlet. The Custom-house officer, who der. We regret exceedingly to add, has but one hand, was driven a consider that two children, one aged five, and able distance from the boat, to which, the other three years, being locked in a with her keel uppermoft, the other five room, their parents having gone out in clung. Capt. Shiels of the Safeguard the morning to their work, unfortunategun-boat, then in the Roads, observing ly perished in the flames. A young man the accident, immediately manned his ailifting fell from a considerable height, boat, and sent her to their affiftance, and broke his back, and we are sorry to say fie foon came up with the persons who is fince dead. Another person had his



arm broke, and a third, by a fall from a College church, in room of Mr Dickladder, was much hurt. The houses fon. were inhabited by a number of poor

MEAL MARKET. people, who have lost a great part of their property. The fire-engines be

Jan. 6. This day there were 373 bolls longing to Leith were of great service,

of Lothian Oatmeal in Edinburgh Maras were a number of sailors, &c. from ket, which fold at 455. 44s. and 435. 6d. the shore. It is not known how the fire per boll. Best retail price per peck, began.

25. 930. Second, 25. 94d. Third, 25,73d. Jan. 14. The Right Hon. the Lord There were 112 bolls Pease and Barley Provost and Magistrates, in their robes,

Meal, which fold from zos. to 315. per preceded by the city sword and mace

boll. bearers, paid a visit to the Lords of Sef- 13. This day the price of Oatmeal fion during their fitting. His Lordship fell a little in Edinburgh Market. There and the Magistrates were admitted with

were 327 bolls of Lothian Oatmeal in in the bar, when the Lord Provost ad- Market, which fold at 435. 428. and 415. dressed the Court in an appropriate per boll. Beit retail price per peck, speech, and was replied to by the Lord 25. 81d. Second, 25. 7.d. Third, 2s. President, who, in name of the Court, 61. There were 152 bolls Pease and , congratulated the Magistrates on the ex- Barley Meal, which fold from 28s, to cellent ftate of the police of the city, 305. per boll. and on the success of their humane ex- 20. This day the price of Oatmeal feil ertions in behalf of the poor of the city upwards of twopence per peck in Edinand neighbourhood. The Lord Provořt burgh Market. There were 280 bolls and Magiftrates having paid their re

of Lothian Oatmeal in Market, which spects to the Court and Bar, retired to foid at 40s. 6d. 395. 6d. and 30s. per the Council Chamber.

boll. Best retail price per peck, 25. 6d. Jan. 20. George Buchan Hepburn, Second, 2s. 51d.. Third, 25. 5d. There Esq. was received as a Baron of Ex- were also 79 bolls of Barley and Pease chequer, in place of the late Baron Meal, which fold from 275. 6d. to 30s. Gordon, deceased-At same time, Mr per boll. Patrick Walker, advocate, was admitted 27. This day there were 230 bolls of Deputy Usher of Court, in room of Lothian Oatmeal in Edinburgh Market, Thomas Tod, Esq. writer to the signet, Belt retail price per peck, 25. 91d. Se

which fold at 455. and 445. per boli. deceased.

Peter Anderson and Lauchlan Love, cond, 25. 9d. There were also 54 bolls lately convicted before the High Court of Pease and Barley Meal, which fold of Justiciary of shop-breaking, and or

· from 30s. to 319. per boll. dained to be hanged on the uth of February; have received a remision of

BIRTHS. their fentence : Anderson on condition of being transported beyond feas for life,

At Yarmouth, the Lady of Capt. Wright and Love for seven

of the R. Navy, a son. years.

Mrs Purvis, of Broomhouse, a son. Jan 26. The High Court of Justiciary met to consider the verdict formerly Street, Mrs Duncan of Stony wynd, her fe

Dec. 29, 1800. At her house; Antigma mentioned in the case of George Elliot, venth son. for forgery, or ifluing Bank Notes, Jan. 2. 1801, At Monymusk, Lady knowing them to be forged.--This be- Grant of Monynusk, a daughter. ing a case of considerable importance 14. At her house, Princes Sireet, Mrs and difficulty, the Court delayed giving Maenab, a daughter. judgment for a fortnight..

At Rose Caitle, the Lady of the Hon. Jan. 28. The Magistrates and Coun- and Right Rev. the Lord Eishop of Carlisle, cil relolved to present the reverend Dr of a tenth fon and child. George Baid, to be one of the ministers

18. Mrs Robertson Ednam, a son. of the High Chu in room of Dr

21. Mrs Walker, Mallendean, a daughBlair; the rev. Mr David Dickson, of

Mrs Stewart, Stonefield, a son. the College Church, to the New North 21. At her house in Grolvenor-nlace, the Church, in room of Dr Baird ; and the Lady of Colonel Austruther, a daughter. rev. Mr Robert Anderson, of Eastwood, 22. At Cleland, the Lady of Marton Dal. in the presbytery of Pailley, to the rymple; Líq. oi Poruel, a lon and heir. Ed. Mag. Jan. 1891.



that city,


Jan. 20. Luke White of Dublin, Esq. to At London. Crptain Dundas, of the R. Miss Fortescue, daughter of Henry FortesNavy, to Miss Charlotte Wood.

cue, Esq. of Cork, Ai York, Captain Browo, to Miss Don. 26 At Muffelburgh, by the Rev. Mr aldlon, eldest daughter of Mr Donaldson, of Smith, Mr Charles Grant, of St Peters.

burgh, to Mifs Newton, daughter of the At Alnwick, Charles Hutchinson, Esq. late De Newton of Liverpool. Captain of Artillery in the Hon. the East

At Glasgow, Charles Campbell of India Company's service, to Miss Lambert, Leckuary, merchant, to Miss Janeit Laird, daughter of Anthony Lamberi, Esq. of Aln. eldest daughter of Mr John Laird, mer. wick

chant, Greenock. Lieut. Campbell, of the Bombay Marine, to Miss Gregory, of Windsor.

DEATHS. Aug. 9, 1800. At Fort St George, in the About twelve months ago, ar Jamaica, Mr East Indies, Mr John Locke, of the Hon. William Beatson, late merchant in Edin. the East India Company's ship Marquis burgh. Wellafley, to Miss Cullen, daughter of Col. In India.--- At New Town, Cuddalore, Cullen, of his Majesty's Scots Brigade, and aged 76, Capt. Andrew Kerr, formerly of grand-daughter of the late Sir Archibald the Country service, buc better known by Hope, of Pinkie, Bart.

the name of the Old Commodore. Dec. 27. At Arbroath, the Rev. Andrew In India, s. Whitehill, Esq. Chief at MaFergusson, minister at Maryton, to Miss him, and senior merchant. Elizabeth Bruce, daughter of the Rev. Wil.

At Bassora, Mr J. Skinner, acting Lieuliam Bruce, minister of the Episcopal con- tenant in the Company's marine, gregation, Arbroath.

At Bombay, Lieut.-Col. Robinson, fon of 29. Al Glasgow, James Dalzell, Esq. fur. Sir George Robinson, Bart. geon, 32d regiment of Foot, to Miss Eliza

At Calcutta, lately, Mr Lewis Mackenbeth M'Culloch, daughter of the deceased zie, in the Civil Service of the East India David M.Culloch, Esq. of Leaths.

Company there, son of H. Mackenzie, Esq. At Dundee, Capr. James Robertson of Comptroller of Taxes in Scotland. the 76th Regt. of Foot, to Miss Catharine March 7. 1800. Lieut. Edward Maxwell Guild, daughter of Mr John Guild, mer- Gilchrift, of the ist batt. 16th regt. of pachant.

tive infantry on the Madras establishment, 31. At Helme, J. Troup, Esq. to Miss when on a visit to his brother-in-law, LieuJane Rose, second daughter of John Rose, tenant-Colonel Callendar, of the 88th regt. Esq. of Holme.

aed two sisters, at Bombay. This GentleJan. 8. 1801. At Edinburgh. Capt. Chas. man, although only 24 years of age, was Dallas, of the Hon. the East India Compa- prefent at seven engagements without re. ny's service, to Miss Haldane, eldest daugh. ceiving a wound; and at the fieges of Fore der of the late George Haldane, Esq. of Nugar, Simoga, and Seringapatam. He Gleneagles.

was gentle in his manners, yet firm and ac--. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lord tive in his professional daty; and beloved by Downe, lo Miss Margaret Jean Ainsie, eld. all who knew hini. est daughter of Sir Phillip Ainslie of Pila

June 15, 1800. At Petty Ghur, Major

David Birrell, of the East India Company's 9. At Bowbridge, Mr Robert Wright, service. Architect, Edinburgh, to Mils Mary Finuie, 25. At Bombay, Major Thomas Fyfe, in daughter of Mr John Finnie, Farmer. the service of the East India Company.

At Edinburgh, Mr George Beghie of Ac the Zwart River, Cape of Good Hope, Queenston-Bank, to Miss Agnes Allan, eld. A. Farquhar, Esq. Navy Agent Victualler, eit davghter of the late Mr David Allan, at On his paffage to Europe, on board the Ingliston.

Upton-Caitle, Mr Smedley, of the Bombay 16. At Montrose, Patrick Scrymisoure, efahlifhment. Esq. of Tealing, to Miss Coutts, daughter of Lately, at Lisbon, the Conde da Lima, the deceased James Coutts, Esq. late of Haile Prime Minister of Portugal. This vener. green.

able Sratesman was much attached to the 18. At Lowestoff, Suffolk, Robert Mac. interests of Great Britain. donald, Esq. of the Royal Horse Artillery, At Drunireany, county of Westmeath, fun of the late Colin Macdonald, Esq. of aged 75, Maurice Dillon, Baron Drumrcany, Boisdale, to Miss Mary Douglas, daughter a Roman Catholic Lord. of the late Thomas Douglas, Esq. of Gran- At Jane Ville, in the county of Limerick, thai.

Richard Gripps, Esq. Captain and Adju. At Durham, John Goodchild, Esq. of Pal. tant of the city of Limerick Militia. His lion, to Mr3 Mowbray, widow of Gcorge death was occafioned by the wounds he reMowbray, Esq. of Bishopwearmouth. ceived at tlic action of Coloony, on the sth



of September, 1798, when that regiment They who are inclined may search for his stopped the career of the French troops. faults; it is more the novelty of his charac.

At Kibboy, county of Tipperary, Ireland, ter than its celebrity that makes us cotice Henry Lord Baron Donelly. His title and it. estates devolve to kis eldest son, the Hon. Dec. 18. A+ Edinburgh, Mr William H. S. Prittie, by which a vacancy occurs in Smith, riding post-mafter. the Imperial Parliament for the borough of 19. At Lifbori, whither he had gone for Carlow.

the recovery of his health, Mr Natthew At Cumberwell, William Road, Esq. of Trouter, junior, of Rothill, Northumberthe Custom-house, London,

land. Miss Henrietta Hope, second daughter of 19. Mr Juhu Christie, late of GlenduffCommissioner Hope, of the Navy.

hill, merchant, Glasgow. In Bloomsbury-square, W. Schaw, Esq. of 20. At Aberdeen Mrs Isabel Gordon, Jamaica.

school-mistress. At Bath, the Lady of Thomas Ahmuty, 23. At Forres, Mr William Dunbar, clerk Esq.

of that burgh. Ac his seat-near Wimbledon, Thomas 24. Thomas Tod, Esq. of Drygate, writer Robertson, Esq. of Winterton.

to the signer. At Hertford, the Hon. Baron Dimsdale, 24. At Long Cromarsh, Oxon, Mary aged 89.

North, in the 1o9th year of her age; she at.' At Clapton, Mrs Webster, widow of Mr tained lier 108th year on the 5th of May George Webster, late of Bucklersbury. last.

Ac his feat at Wilton, in Wiltshire, Phi- 25. At her house, in St Andrew's Square, lip Goldsworthy, Esq. a Lieutenant-General Mrs Anderson, wife of Robert Anderson, in the army, Colonel of the First Regiment Erg. of Dragoons, Equerry and Clerk Martial to 26, At the house of Mr A. Millon, his Majesty, and Member for Wiltor, Muchalls, Kincardinenkire, Mrs Christina

At Everton, W. Gregson, Esq. Banker, Campbell, spoule to Mr Peter Wilkie, quarfather of the Corporation of Liverpool, and ter-master, 92d regt. one of the senior Magistrates of the coun- At Skibbereen, Daniel Collins, M. D. ty.

28. At Dundee, George Blair, Esq. At Carlisle, a few days ago, Joseph Lanıb, Mr Andrew Hay, merchant, AherElq. Banker in Newcastle.

deen. Mrs M, Hyndman, aged 98, relict of 29. At Glasgow, the Rev. William Stew. Archibald Hyndman, of Belfast, merchant. art, minister of Cunabernauld.

Sept. 20. 1800, At Kingston, Jamaica, Sir Joseph Andrews, Bare, of Shaw Peter Mundell, Esq. merchant.

House, county of Berks, Vice President of 27. At Fearn Manse, Ross-lire, the Rev. the Marine Society. John Urquhart, of Mount-Eagle, minister of 30. At Kingsknows, Mír Robert Wright, Fearn.

aged 88. At Edinburgh, Mrs Frances Hay, widow Duke Gordon, M. A. Aslidant Libraof Mr William Anderson, surgeon. rian of the University of Edinburgh, up

Oct. 16. Ai Martinico, to which island wards of 37 years ; distinguished by his he removed for change of air, his Excellen- learning, and by the utnioft diligence, pacy Richard Mason, Esq. Governor of To. tience, and integrity in the discharge of that bago.

laborious and useful office. By his will, he 20. At Mornfendue, Grenada, Simpson left L.500 Sterling to the Royal Infirmary Strachan, Esq. of that island..

of this city, and several houses in Potter-row Nov. 6. At Trinidad, James Maxtone of to the Poor's House of the parilla of St Cultoquhey, Esq. Captain of the 57th regt. Cuthbert's. of foot.

-. At her house in George Street, Mrs Nov. 29. Licut.-Col. Houstoun of the Hart. Rifle Corps, at Gibraltar.

31. At Chatham, while attending the reDec. II. At Kirkwall, Bailie John Weir, pairing of his ship, Capt. Cayley, of the Inlate one of the niagistrates of that Burgh.

vincible of 74 guns. 17. At Edinburgh, Thomas Neil, wright, Jan. 1. 1301, At her house in Jamaica and precentor in the Old Church of Edin. Street, Glasgow, Mrs Agnes Bogle, relict of burgh, aged about 70 years. In the profes- Mr Janies Anderson, merchant. fion of a precentor, he held the incumben- 2. At Rome, Lavater, the physiognocy for full 10 years. He may be said to mist, of the wounds he received fron the have excelled in singing old humorous Scots French soldiers many months since. songs, and that certainly was his forte. The 3. At Brew, Mrs Mackeazie of Hilton. latter part of his life was employed princi- · At Glasgow, in an advanced age, Mr pally in making coffins, and to the narrow Archibald M.Brair, sen, merchant. boundaries of a Thell he is now couligned. M. Ac Brcchia Symmer Blair, daughter

of his age.

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of Mr David Blair, late one of the Minis- Fan. 14. At Aberdeen, Mrs Forbes, res tors of that city.

lict of the Reverend Mr Forbes, minifter 19. 4. At Houten, in Orkney, Robert of Fordoun. Nioncrief, Esq. of Houton, in the 8th ycar At Paisley, Mr Erward Jamiesoa,

writer, Procurator-Fiscal of the county of 4. At Inglismaldie, Mrs Macdonald, wife Renfrew. of James Macdonald, 1 q.

At Stirling, Mr John Barclay, late of Ac Dumfries. Milz C. Mitchell, eld. Georgestown, Kinrossthire. est daughter of John Mitchell, Esq. Col. A Dundee, Mr James Nicol, mason, lector of Excise.

in the 8th year of his age 5. Mr John Bonthron, writer in Cupar. 15. At Leith, Mr James Lindsay, mer

Ac Dumfries, Mrs Nielson, wife of Mr chant. Robert Nielson, merchant.

Mr David: Oliphant, one of the Tel. 5. At Linlithgow, Mr Alexander Lear- lers of the Bank of Scotland. month, fenior, aged 77.

At Linlithgow, Mr George Bartho6, A: Ayrhouse, NTrs Rosina Adair, lomcw, of Crois-flats. Spouse of Geo. Somerville, Esq. of lyr-house. 16. At Newton, John Brown, Esq: of

At her house in Leith Walk, Mrs Newton: Learnonth, widow of the late Mr Alexan. 13. Mrs Laurie, wife of Mr George Lauder Learnónth, merchant in Edinburgh. rie, merchant in Gla!gow.

7. At the Bachs, near Newcastle, aged 17, - At Glasgow, Mr Ewing, wife of the Miss Sophia Campbell, of Whitlaw. Rev. Mr Greville Ewing, minister of the

Robert zirmour, Llq. merchant in Gospel. Clasgow.

20. Miss Agnes Mixwell, cldest daughter, 9. Hugh Janicfon, Esq. låte Chief Mugis- of the late Capt. James Maxwell, of Glaftrate of Paisley.

10. Of an apopleclic fit, the Right Hon. At his house at Great Ealing, Robert,
Edward Earl of Aldhorough. His Lord. Ormé, Esq. the celebrated East India Hifa'
Thip having lest no isfie, is fucceeded by his torian, in the 73d year of his age.
brother the Hon. John Stratford, now Earl' Henry Sewell, Ely. his Majesty's Naval.
of Aldboroughi, the fa:her of the late Earl Officer ard Mayor of Midras,
having been advanced to that dignity in 22. Ar Edinburgh, Patrick Rigg, of
che year 1777

Dounfield and Morton, Esq.
At Aberdeen, Mr Andrew Blair, 23. Mifs Reliceca Auftin, daughter of the
Tide Surveyor of the Cristoms.

deceased Dr Adam Austin, physician in Ed-
At Leich, Mr Jimes Anderson, late inburgh.
furgeou in the Scots Brigade, aged 76.

Ar Edinburgh, Mrs Susannah Hay, II. At Greenlaw, Mils Marian Gordon, spouse of John Baxter, Glazier. youngest daughter of Sir Alexander Gor. At Kilmarnock, Mr Allan Howie, don, of Culvenvan.

farmer, in the 93.h'year of his age. --. At Bath, Alexander Gordon, Esq. of 24. At her house in Nicolson Street, Ed-* Pelmount, Tobago,

inburgh, Mrs Helena Fall, daughter of the 11. Aged 86, Mr Hector Crookshanks, deceafed Mr George Fall, w.S. fchoolmaster of Skipnefs, Argylefire, fixty- At Perth, Mr James Grazie, minister, f'r years of whole life were spent in the of the Gofpel there. uieful profession of an infructor of youth. 21. At the Manse of Stenton, East Lothian,

12. At Edinburgh, Miss Anne Christie, the Rev. Mr Alexander Davidfon, minister third daughter of ile late Archibald Chrif- of Scenion, in the 701h year of his age. tic, Esq. of luveruk.

Lately, At Birminghan, aged 101, T. --. At Edinburgh, Mirs Douglas, widow, Booty, tailor, who worked at his trade till, of Francis Douglas, £19.

within a few weeks of his deach. At Elinburgh, the Rev. Mr Joseph 25. Mr John Langlands, merchant in Ed. Robertson M Gregor, for many ycars minif inburgh. ter of the Gaelic congregarien.

27. At Glasgow, in the Sit year of his 13. Mir Borckiy File, nuerchant, and late' age, Mr George Houihold, jugar-baker. one of the Magistrates of Leith.

At London, Mrs M.Taggart, wife of a Exmouth, Devoninire, Miss Susan John M'Taggart, Esq. Lawrence-Pountney., Smyth, oldest daughter of the Hon. David lane. Smyth of Niethvin, one of the Senators of At Glasgow, George Puchanan, Esq.of the College of Justice,

Spittal, Hanover parill, Jamaica. -. At his house, Buccleugh Street, Mr A Gateside, near Paisley, William Con. William Vair, wig: maker.

nell, Elo. of Hanover, Jamaica. 1.4. At Brampton, in the icoth year of * 29 At Edinburgh, Mr James Symington, her age, Eleanor Ljvick, widow.


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