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of his age.

of Mfr David Blair, late one of the Minis- Jan. 14. At Aberdeen, Mrs Forbes, reters of that city.

lict of the Reverend Mr Forbes, minifter Jan. 4. Ac Houten, in Orkney, Robert of Fordoun. Nioncrief, Esq. of Houton, in the 8oth year At Paisley, Mr Edward Jamieson,

writer, Procurator-Fiscal of the county of 4. At Inglismaldie, Mrs Macdonald, wife Renfrew. of James Macclonald, 1 q.

At Stirling, Mr John Barclay, late of Ac Dumfries. Miss C. Mitchell, eld- Georgestown, Kinrossthire. est daughter of John Mitchell, Esq. Col. At Dundee, Mr James Nicol, mason, lector of Excise,

in the both year of his age 5. Mr John Bonthron, writer in Cupar. 15. At Leith, Mr James Lindfay, mer

At Dumfries, Mrs Nielson, wife of Mr chant. Robert Nielson, merchant.

Mr David: Oliphant, one of the Tele 5. At Linlithgow, Mir Alexander Lear- lers of the Bank of Scotland. month, schier, aged 77.

At Linlithgow, Mr George Bartho6. AAyrhouse, Nīrs Rosina Adair, lomcw, of Cross-flats. spouse of Gen. Som I ville, Esq. of Ayr-house." 16. At Newton, John Brown, Esq. of

At her house in Leith Walk, Mrs Newton. Learmonth, widow of the late Mr Alexan. 19. Mrs Laurie, wife of Mr George Laudur Learnonth, merchant in Ediaburghi. rie, merchant in Gla!gow.

7. Ai the Patha, near Newcastle, aged 17, - At Glasgow, Mrs Ewing, wife of the Nils Sophia Campbell, of Whitlaw. Rev. Mr Greville Ewing, minister of the

Robert Armour, Elg. merchant in Gospel. Glasgow.

20. Miss Agnes Maxwell, cldelt daughter, 9. Hugh Jamieson, Esq. låte Chief Magis- of the late Capt. James' Maxwell, of Glaftate of Paisley.

gow. 10. Of an apopleclic fit, the Right Hon. At his house at Great Ealing, Robert, Edward Earl of Aldborough. His Lord- Ormé, Esq. the celebrated East India Hir. Mhip having left no isstie, is fucceeded by his torian, in the 73d year of his age. brother the Hon. John Stratford, now Earl Henry Sewell, Esq. his Majesty's Naval of Aldborough, thie fa:her of the late Earl Ollicer and Mayor of Midras, having beer advanced to that dignity ia 22. At Edinburgh,, Patrick Rigg, of the year 1977

Dounfield and Mortor, Esq. At Aberdeen, Mr Andrew Blair, 23. Miss Rebecca Austin, daughter of the Tide Surveyor of the Customs.

deceased Dr Adam Austin, physician in Ed. At Leich, Mr Jines Anderson, late inburgh. furgeon in the Scots Brigade, aged 76.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Susannah Hay, II. Ac Greenlaw, Miss Marian Gordon, fpoufe of John Baxter, Glazier. youngest daughter of Sir Alexander Gor. -. At Kilmarnock, Mr Allan Howie, don, of Culvennan.

farmer, in the 93rh'year of his age. At Bath, Alexander Gordon, Esq. of 24. At her house in Nicolson Street, Ed-* 3?clmount, Tobago,

inburgh, Mrs Helena Fall, daughter of the II. Aged 86, Mr Hector Crookshanks, deceased Mr George Fall, w.s. fehoolmaster of Skipnels, Argylellire, sixty- At Perth, Mr James Grazie, minister, fix years of whole life were spent in the of the Gofpel there. ulesul profeffion of an infructor of youth. 24. At the Manse of Stenton, East Lothian,

12. At Edinburgh, Miss Anne Christie, the Rev. Mr Alexander Davidson, minifter' third daughter of the late Archibald Chris- of Scenton, in the 70th year of his age. tic, Esq. of Inveruk.

Lately, At Birmingham, aged 101, T. -. At Edinburgh, Mrs Douglas, widow Bouty, tailor, who worked at his trade till, of Francis Douglas, ££9.

within a few weeks of his doach. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Mir Joseph 25. Mr John Langlards, merchant in Ed.' Robertson VI:Gregor, for many years minis. inburgh. ter of the Gallic congregarien.

27. At Glasgow, in the Sift year of his 1.3. Mr Barclay lite, merchant, and late' age, Mr George Houshold, lugar-baker. one of the Magistrates of Leith.

At London, Mrs M'Taggart, wife of Ar Exmouth, Devoninire, Miss Susan John M'Taggart, Esq. Lawrence-Pountney, Smyth, eldest daughter of the Hon. David lane. Smyth of Methvin, one of the Senators of At Glasgow, George Buchanan, Esq. of the College of Juflice.

Spitral, Hanover parish, Jamaica. At his house, Buccleugh Street, Mr At Gatefide, near Paisley, William Con. William Vair, wig. maker.

nell, Esq. of Hanover, Jamaica. 14. At Brampton, in the rooth year of * 29 Ai Edinburgh, Mr James Symington, her age, Elcanor Liverick, widow.


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POSSIL, the Seai of R. CRAWF ORD Esq."






With a View of Possil; the Seat of Robert Crawford, Esq.

From a, Drawing taken upon the Spot by Mr DEN HOLM, of Glasgow.


Regler of the Weather for Feb. 86 Extracts from Damberger's Travels
High Water at Leith for March in the Interior of Africa, from

ib. the Cape of Good Hope to AloDescription of the View,


rocco, from the Years 1781 to Plan of a History of Scottish 1797,

126 Poetry, by Mr Thomson, 88 Celestial Phenomena for March Account of the Rise and Establish- 1801, with an attempt to ex

ment of the Highland Society plain the Red Colour of the of Scotland,


Moon in Lunar Eclipses, - 133 Well Customs,

93 Story of Perourou, or the BellowsObservations on the Manners of Mender,

139 the English,


POETRY. Account of the Process of Felting, Ode for the New Year 1801, 142 or the Method of working up To a Robin Red-breast,

143 Wool or Hair into a kind of Verses addressed to the Wherf, 144 Cls h or Stuff , without either Song;

ibid. spá ing or weaying it,

Ode to Winter,

145 Letter from the late Sir James On a young Lady who died in her

Foulis, Bart, of Colinton, to the eighteenth year, after a linger-
Earl of Buchan,
105 ing illness,

ibid. Some Account of the late Mat- Verses, to the Memory of four

therw Young, D. D. Lord Bi- young Ladies who perished in shop of Clonfert and Kilmac- Ettrick, August 1800,

146 duach,

106 Impromptu, on hearing that a colSituation of the Borders and High

lection of Border Ballads is prelands at the commencement of paring for publication by Walter the Seventeenth Century,

108 Scott, Advocate, Sheriff of EtDiscourse delivered July 18. 1800,

trick Forest,

ibid. at the Funeral of M. Euler, Elegy,

Counsellor of Regency, to his
Serene Highness the Prince of Books and Pamphlets published

in London in January 1801, 149
Some Account of Madame Helve. Proceedings of the First Session


of the Imperial Parliament, 151 Account of Thomas Whalley, Esq. 115 His Majesty's Speech,

ibid. On the Submersion of Swallows, 116 New Taxes,

164 Retrospect of the Eighteenth Affairs in Scotland,

ibid. Century,

118 Births, and Marriages, - 166 Remarks on the Poetry of Cowper, 123 Deaths,

- 167


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