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Page 8, line 2 from top, for "passions " read "Passion." Page 10, line 9 from bottom, for "Mended " read "Ended."

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Page 76, line 10 from bottom, for "revived" read " ceived comfort."



Two years ago, in the stillness of a calm, fragrant summer night, it pleased GOD to call to Himself our father and founder, the Rev. John Mason Neale. When day broke on the morning of the Transfiguration, its beams fell on a weary body, newly laid to rest, and on a very sore bereaven home.

What Dr. Neale was, in his relation to the Sisterhood he founded, it would not be easy

to express. How, through all the troubles and difficulties that beset S. Margaret's at various times of its existence, his far-sighted judgments and loving courage upheld, and taught, and guided his Sisters. How, first by his example, and then in sermons, Scripture lessons, prayers, and conferences, he spared no pains to brace them for their daily labours, and for the high line of religious life

which he had marked out for them to follow : the union of action and contemplation.

Now, taken suddenly from amongst us, in, as it seemed, the summer of his life and of his toils, he has left us with our duties still before us; with his lessons, so we hope, still in our minds.

By the help of GOD we continue unto this day. But we are aware that if the spirit of our founder is to remain with us, his teaching must not be entrusted to the guardianship of mere memory or manuscript. Therefore we not only prepare his sermons for the press, but collect in the present volume the devotional exercises given by him at various times for private use. We hope that they may be profitable to other Sisters besides ourselves; and we also consider this collection to be a tribute due to our founder's memory.

It has been subjected to no revision external to the Sisterhood. It is simply a Sisters' book, prepared by Sisters, who, alone, are responsible for it. Various devotions have

been added to the original matter, in order to render the book more useful as a manual; but the additions are carefully in accordance with Dr. Neale's own teaching, and, in almost all cases, from books given by himself for devotional use; almost the only exception being the Himmlisches Palmgärtlein (the German original of the Caleste Palmetum), which has kindly been put into our hands by Mr. J. D. Chambers.

The principal works thus made use of are:"The Priest to the Altar," and "Ancient Collects;" by kind permission of the Revs. J. G. Medd and W. Bright.

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Opuscules de S. François de Sales."

"Heures de nostre Dame." Paris, 1541. Guéranger's "Année Eucharistique."

A Portuguese book of devotions for Holy Communion, which has lost its title-page.

The "Paradise of the Christian Soul," the "Enchiridion," by Mr. J. D. Chambers, and Bp. Andrewes' "Devotions" (of which the latter half was translated by Dr. Neale himself),

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