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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1845, by E. R. TYLER, in the Clerk's

office in the District Court of Connecticut.




Biographical Sketch of Gen. Joseph Palmer,

Elements of Power in the Preaching of the Rev. George White-


The Ministry favorable to the Highest Development of Mind,

Tennyson's Poems,

Poems by Alfred Tennyson. In two volumes.

Truth in our Intercourse with the Sick,

Life and Character of Rev. Dr. Nettleton,

Memoir of the Life and Character of Rev. Asahel Nettleton, D.D. By

Bennet Tyler, D. D., President and Professor of Christian Theology

in the Theological Institute of Connecticut.

Mr. Webster's Plea in the Case of the Girard Will,

Mr. Webster's Plea in favor of the Christian Ministry and of the reli-

gious instruction of the young, before the Supreme Court of the Uni-

ted States in the case of Stephen Girard's Will, Feb. 10, 1844.

Archbishop Leighton,

The whole Works of Archbishop Leighton, in one volume.

The Roman Catholic Faith,

A Chronicle of “the Church” for 1844,

Literary Notices,

A Memoir of the late Timothy Dwight; with the Sermon delivered

on the occasion of his death. By Joseph P. Thompson.— Notes crit-

ical, illustrative and practical, on the book of Job: with a new Trans-

lation, and an Introductory Dissertation. By Albert Barnes.-Ele.

ments of Geometry, on the basis of Dr. Brewster's Legendre. By

James B. Thomson, A. M.—The Art of Elocution, exemplified in a

systematic course of exercises. By Prof. Henry N. Day.--The

Young Speaker ; An introduction to the United States Speaker. By

John E. Lovell.–Statutes of the State of Connecticut, and additional

laws to 1844, reduced to questions and answers, for the use of schools

and families. By Wm. B. Wedgwood, A. M.-Lectures on Church

Government. By Leonard Woods, D.D.-The American Journal

of Science and Arts.

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