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Of fun, or moon, or ftar, throughout the year,
Or man, or woman. Yet I argue not
Against Heav'n's hand or will, nor bate a jot
Of heart or hope; but still bear up and steer
Right onward. What fupports me, doft thou ask?
The confcience, Friend, to' have loft them overply'd
In liberty's defence, my noble task,

Of which all Europe talks from fide to fide.

This thought might lead me through the world's vain mafk

Content though blind, had I no better guide.


On his deceafed WIFE *.

Methought I faw my late efpoused faint

Brought to me like Alceftis from the grave,
Whom Jove's great son to her glad husband gave,
Rescued from death by force, though pale and faint.
Mine, as whom wash'd from spot of child-bed taint
Purification in the old Law did fave,

And fuch, as yet once more I trust to have
Full fight of her in Heav'n without restraint,
Came vested all in white, pure as her mind :
Her face was veil'd, yet to my fancied fight
Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shin'd



* This was his fecond wife, Catharine the daughter of Captain Woodcock of Hackney, who lived with him not above a year after their marriage, and died in childbed of a daughter.

So clear, as in no face with more delight.

But O as to embrace me fhe inclin'd,

I wak'd, she fled, and day brought back my night.


On occafion of the PLAGUE in LONDON.

Found on a glass window at Chalfont, in Buckinghamfhire, where Milton refided during the continuance of that calamity.

[From Birch's Life.]

Fair mirror of foul times; whofe fragile sheen Shall, as it blazeth, break; while Providence (Aye watching o'er his faints with eye unfeen)

Spreads the red rod of angry peftilence,

To fweep the wicked and their counsels hence; Yea, all to break the pride of luftful kings,

Who heaven's lore reject for brutish sense;


As erft he fcourg'd Jeffides' fin of yore,

For the fair Hittite, when, on feraph's wings, He fent him war, or plague, or famine fore.



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PSALM I. Done into verfe, 1653.

BLefs'd is the man who hath not walk'd aftray

In counsel of the wicked, and i' th' way

of finners hath not stood, and in the feat
Of fcorners hath not fat. But in the great
Jehovah's law is ever his delight,

And in his law he ftudies day and night.
He shall be as a tree which planted grows
By watery ftreams, and in his feafon knows
To yield his fruit, and his leaf shall not fall,
And what he takes in hand shall profper all.
Not fo the wicked, but as chaff which fann'd
The wind drives, fo the wicked fhall not ftand
In judgment, or abide their trial then,
Nor finners in th' affembly of juft men.
For the Lord knows th' upright way of the just,
And the way of bad men to ruin must.

PSAL. II. Done Aug. 8, 1653. Terzette.

́HY do the Gentiles tumult, and the nations


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Muse a vain thing, the kings of th' earth up stand With power, and princes in their congregations Lay deep their plots together through each land



PS AL. IV. Aug. 10, 1653.

NSWER me when I call,

God of my righteousness,

In ftraits and in diftress

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Things falfe and vain, and nothing elfe but lies?

Yet know the Lord hath chose,

Chofe to himself apart,

The good and meek of heart

(For whom to choose he knows):

Jehovah from on high

Will hear my voice what time to him I cry.

Be aw'd, and do not fin,

Speak to your hearts alone,

Upon your beds, each one,

And be at peace within.

Offer the offerings just




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Thou, Lord, alone in fafety mak'st me dwell.


PSAL. V. Aug. 12, 1653.

EHOVAH, to my words give ear,
My meditation weigh,

The voice of my complaining hear
My King and God; for unto thee I pray.
Jehovah, thou my early voice.

Shalt in the morning hear,

I' th' morning I to thee with choice

Will rank my prayers, and watch till thou appear.

For thou art not a God that takes

In wickedness delight,

Evil with thee no biding makes,

Fools or mad men ftand not within thy fight.

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