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The Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib. 1. English'd - 166 On the new forcers of conscience under the Long Parliament

168 Sonnets

169 To the Nightingale

ibid. On his being arrived to the age of 23

173 When the assault was intended to the city ibid. To a virtuous young Lady

174 To the Lady Margaret Ley

- ibid. On the detraction which followed upon my writing certain Treatises

175 On the same

176 To Mr. H. Lawes on his Airs

- ibid. On the religious memory of Mrs. Catharine Thomson

177 To the Lord General Fairfax

,178 To the Lord General Cromwell

. ibid. To Sir Henry Vane the younger

179 On the late Massacre in Piemont

180 On his blindness

- ibid. To Mr. Lawrence

181 To Syriac Skinner To the same

ibid. On his deceased Wife

183 Psalms

185 Joannis Miltoni Londinensis Poemata

229 Elegiarum liber primus

231 Elegia Prima. Ad Carolum Deodatum - ibid. Elegia Sccunda. In obitum Præconis Academici Cantabrigienfis

234 3



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Elegia Tertia,
In obitum Præfulis Wintonienfis

235 Elegia Quarta. Ad Thomam Junium

231 Elegia Quinta. In adventum veris

242 Elegia Sexta. Ad Carolum Deodatum,' ruri commorantem.

247 Elegia Septima

250 In proditionem bombardicam

254 In eandem

255 In eandem

ibid. In eandem

256 In inventorem bombarda

. ibid. Ad Leonoram Romæ canentem

- ibid. Ad eandem

257 Ad eandem

ibid. Apologus de Rustico & Hero

258 Sylvarum Liber. In obitum Procancellarii Medici

259 In quintum Novembris

261 In obitum Præsulis Elienfis

269 Naturam non pati senium

271 De Idea Platonica quemadmodum Aristoteles intellexit

274 Ad Patrem

275 Pfalmus CXIV. Græcè

279 Philosophus ad regem quendam, &c.

280 In effigiei ejus sculptorem

ibid. Ad Salfillum Poetam Romanum ægrotantem 281 Mansus

283 Epitaphium

Epitaphium Damonis

289 Ad Joannem Roufium Oxoniensis Academiæ Bibliothecarium

295 Ad Christinam, Suecorum reginam

299 Translation from Toland's life of Milton .. ibid. A Fragment



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