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Approaching Deliverance of


Proving, that the Papacy is the Antichristian Kingdom; and that that Kingdom is not far from its Ruin. That the prefent Perfecution may end in Three years and half, after which the Deftruction of Antichrift fhall begin; which fhall be Finisht in the beginning of the next Age: and then the Kingdom of Chrift fhall come upon Earth.

Written in French by Mr. PETER JURIEU, one of the prefent Minifters of the French Church at Rotterdam.

In two Parts.

Faithfully Englished from the New French Edition, Corrected and Enlarged by almoft a third part, with the explication of the Vifions of Daniel, and the Revelation.

LONDON, Printed in the Year 1687.



Tappan Prest, Ass






Defire of that People, that they would pleafe to read this book attentively, and without prejudice; efpecially from the middle of the fecond Part to the end; they will find nothing there that can irritate 'em. I confefs the hopes they conceive of a Kingdom of the Messiah, which shall be chiefly for them, is built upon exprefs and unquestionable Prophecies; that even their Ierufalem should be rebuilt, and that

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they shall be again gathered together in their own Land. And if any thing be capable to recover them from their obftinacy, for the establishment of the Law of Mofes, and against the Law of Chrift; this is certainly the most likely method, which we make use of,

because it grants them almoft

all the Advantages which they



Advice to all Chriftians, concerning the approaching End of the ANTICHRISTIAN Empire of the PAPACY, and of the coming of the Kingdom of Chrift.

HE Afflicted Church feeks for confo-, lation where can fhe find it, but in the Promifes of God? when the prefent profpect is fad and dolefull, we muft fearch for it in what is future. The promises of God are either General, or Perticular. The general Promifes are fuch, as affure us in the general, that God will not caft off his children; that this Grace fhall never forfake his Church; that he will be with them to the end of the World; that though the mountains be overthrown, he will not depart from them. But afflicted perfons would be glad of fomething more perticular: they would be willing to fee, in fome particular Promifes, near about what Time they may expect the Period of their Calamities. Now the Promifes and this infight into the future, is no where to be had but in the Prophecies. They doubtlefs contain the promises which respect the Deliverance of the Church; yea, they set forth the very Time, and the circumftances of it. But as God hath caused the Prophecies to be written more for his own glory, than for our fakes, 'tis almost impoffible to dive into the meaning of them till their accomplishment. And experience The depth teacheth us, that even after the Things are come to pafs, we, do not well understand the Prophecies which foretold 'em. Infomuch, that it may be faid, that God hath rather concealed Things in the.. Frophecies, than thereby revealed 'em. He hath referved

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