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כך בושתא ושונרא עבדו הלולא מתרבא גרא בישא;


תרי קבי רתמרי הד קבא דקשייתא וסריח :

i.e. When the weasel and the cat make a marriage, it is a very ill presage. The meaning is, that when evil men, who were formerly at variance, and are of great power, make agreement, it portends danger to the innocent, and to others who are within their reach. Thus upon the agreement of Herod and Pilate, the most innocent blood is shed. The Jews tell of two dogs that were very fierce one against the other; one of them is assaulted by a wolf, and thereupon the other dog resolves to help hina against the wolf who made the assault.

i. e. In two cabs of dates there is one cab of stones, and more. The meaning is, that there is much evil mingled with the good which is found in the world.

i. e. If the whole world does not enter, yet half of it will. 'Tis meant of calumny and reproach, where many times some part is believed, though all be not. Calumniare fortiter, et aliquid adhærebit.

i. e. He that hath been bitten by a serpent is afraid of a rope. The mcaning is, he is afraid of anything that hath the least likeness to a Berpent.

i. e. She plays the whore for apples, and then bestows them upon the sick. This proverb is used against those who give alms of what they get unjustly.

כך לא תיעול מלה תיעול פלגא :

מן דנכתיה חיויא הבלא מדחיל ליה :

גניפא בחזוריי ומחנקא לבישא :

e. The door that is.1 תרעא דלא פתיה למצותא פתיח לאסיא :

not opened to him that begs our alms will be opened to the physician.

Let but the drunkard alone, and שביק לרויא דמנפשיה נפיל:

he will fall of himself.

i. e. Thou hast dired צללת במים אדירים והצלות חרס בידך :

אוסיפת מיא אוסיף קמח 3

'deep into the water, and hast brought up a potsherd.

i. e. If thou hast increased thy water, thou must also increase thy meal. Thus he that raiseth many objections, is obliged to find solutions for 'hem also. 210 12 * v * i.e. There is nothing so bad in which there is not something of good.

... דאית ליה זקיפא בדיוק היה לא נימא לחבריה זקיף ביניתא!

He that hath one of his family hanged, may not say to his neighbour, Hang up this fish. The meaning is, we must abstain from words of reproach; and then especially when we are not free from the crimes which we reproach others for.

thou Nazarite, go about, go about, and do not come near the vineyard. The meaning is, that we should avoid the occasions of sin. The Naza. rite was forbidden the use of wine ; and it was therefore his wisest course to avoid all occasions of trespassing.

נזירא סחור סחור לכרמא לא תקרב :

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e. Thy secret is thy .: סורך אסירך ואם תגלהי תהיה אסירו :

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דטין מגושא ולא ידע מה רטין :

prisoner; if thou let it go, thou art a prisoner to it. The meaning is plain, viz. that we ought to be as careful in keeping a secret as an officer in keeping his prisoner, who makes himself a prisoner by letting his prisoner go. There is sometimes a great danger in revealing a secret, and always it is an argument of great folly. For, as the Jews say well, “Thy friend hath a friend, and thy friend's friend hath a friend; and therefore, what thou wouldst have kept as a secret reveal not to thy friend.” And they elsewhere say, that he who hath a narrow heart” (i.e. but a little wisdom) "hath a broad tongue;" i. e. is apt to talk at large.

i. e. The magician mutters, and knows not what he mutters. This is proverbially used against those who pray in an unknown tongue, or do anything which they do not understand. :objno 773y 1722 yna i.e. If thy daughter be mar

riageable, set thy servant free, and give her to him in

marriage. : 179 1898 189 yan nino no i. e. To expect, to expect, is

worth four hundred drachms. Zuz is the fourth part of the sacred shekel. This proverb is used to recommend to us the advantage of deliberation in our actions.

e. They can find money. זוזא לעללא לא שכיהא לתליתא שכיח :

for mischief, when they can find none to buy corn.

,In my own city my name במתא שמאו בלא מתא תותבאי :

in a strange city my clothes procure me a respect.

אין הארי נוהם מתוך קופה של תבן אלא מתוך קופה של בשר :

i. e. 'Tis not a basket of hay, but a basket of flesh, which will make a lion roar. That is, it must be flesh, and not hay, which will give courage and strength to a lion.


i.e. Let thy grandchild buy בר ברך קירא ליזבן ואת לא תצטער :

wax, and do not thou trouble thyself.

e. Pull of the skin in the. פשוט נבילתא בשוקא ושקיל אגרא 2

streets, and receive thy wages. That is, we were better submit to the meanest employment than want necessaries.

i.e. One grain of sharp pepper is better than a basket full of gourds. That is, one wise man, how mean soever, is more valuable than many that are unwise.

טבא חדא פילפלתא חריפתא ממלא צנא וקארי :

e. As if a man that is killed should .: כגון שבא הרוג ברגליו :

come home upon his feet.
This is used proverbially of those things which we give for lost.

i. e. Honour a physician אוקיד לאסיא עד דלא תצטריך ליה :

These that follow are the Sentences of. BEN SYRA, a man of great fame and antiquity among the Jews.

. before thou hast need of him. That is, we must honour God in our health and prosperity, that He may be propitious to us in our adversity.

i. e. Thy child that is

. no child leave upon the waters, and let him swim. That is, where our child is not reclaimable by fair means, we may not hinder him from condign punishmeut.

בר דלא בר שבקיה על אפי מיא וישוט :

i.e. Gnaw the bone which is fallen גרמא דנפל בחולקן גרדיה :

to thy lot. That is, he that hath an ill wife must patiently bear with her. It may also be applied to other things.

i. e. Gold must be beaten, and a child scourged.

דהבא צריך לקמצאה ועולימא לאלקאה :

e. Be good and refrain not. הוי טב וידך מן טבתא לא תמנע:

,e. Woe be to the wicked.: ווי ליה לבישא ווי להון לדבוקיהו:

to be good.

3. and woe be to them that cleave to them: or, to their neigh. bours that live near them.

טב לבישא לא תעביד ובישא לא מטי לך:

If we would avoid a mischief, we must not be very kind and familiar with an evil man.

e. Withhold not thine hand from .: ידך מן טיבותא לא תמנע :

shuwing mercy to the poor.

e. The bride goes to.: כלתא עלתה לגיננא ולא ידעה מה מטילה :

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לחכימא ברמיזא ולשטיא בכור מיזא:

her marriage-bed, but knows not what shall happen to her. The meaning is, that we ought not confidently to promise ourselves in anything any great success. Thus it is said, that a certain man said he would enjoy his bride on the morrow; and when he was admonished to say he would if God will, he answered, that he would, whether God would or not. This man and his bride were both found dead the following night Thus was the saying of Ben Syra verified, “The bride," etc.

i. e. A nod for a wise man, and a rod for a fool.

i. e. He that gives honour to his enemy, is like to an ass.

i. e. A little fire burns up a great deal of corn. This saying is to be understood of the mischief which an evil and slandering tongue does ; and is exemplified in Doeg, who by this means


מוקיר מבסרוהי דאמי לחמרא:

גור דליק מוקיד גדישין סגיאין :

.nw dvderetגbrought destruction upon the priests, 'Ilow Myop wp Adow i

James iii. 5.

-Spread the table, and conten פתורא פריש מחלקת נסתלקה :

tion will cease.

e. If thou .: עריך את למיסב ולמיתן יהא חול קך עם בר טביין :

רחימא קדמאה לית את כפר ביה :

must deal, be sure to deal with an honest man.

Be not ungrateful to your old friend.

Though thou שיתין מליבין יהון לך ומליכות נפשך לא חשבוק :

היום קצר והמלאכה מרובה :

hast never so many counsellors, yet do not forsake the counsel of thy own soul.

8. e. The day is short, and the work is much. Ars longa, vita brevis.






* The numerals attached to many of the lines indicate tno page where those proverbs occur in Ray's Collection, which formo the first portion of the present volume.

A bad bush is better than the open field, 68.
A bad day never hath a good night, 5.
A bad Jack may have as bad a Jill.
A bad padlock invites a picklock.
A bad shift is better than no shift, 68, 91.
A bad thing never dies.
A bad workman quarrels with his tools, 144.
A bairn maun creep ere it gang, 230.
A bald head is soon shaven, 69.
A barber learneth to shave by shaving fools, 131.
A bargain is a bargain, 49.
A barley-corn is better than a diamond to a cock.
A barren sow was never good to pigs.
A basket-justice will do justice right or wrong, 54.
A bawbee cat may look at a king, 227.
A bean in liberty is better than a comfit in prison, 12.
A beggar payeth a benefit with a louse, 70.
A bellyful is a bellyful, whether it be meat or drink, 78.
A bellyful of gluttony will never study willingly, 98.
A beltless bairn canna lie, 230.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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