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Who Are These Spiritualists,




J. M. PEEBLES, M. D., M. A.,

Author of

“The Seers of the Ages," "Immortality, and Our Future Dwelling Places,”
“The Christ Question Settled," "Three Journeys Around the
World,” “Death Defeated or the Psychic Secret of How to
Keep Young," "Spiritualism versus Materialism,"

“Vaccination a Curse," etc., etc.

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Over the portal of the Temple of Sais, said Iamblicus, “was inscribed these words,-'I am all that has been, and shall be; and my peplum, or vail, no mortal hath yet withdrawn.'“Man dieth, wasteth away, giveth up the ghost, and where is he?" was an Old Testament writer's inquiry. The thought of immortality was ever beiore the minds of the ancients, and measurably unanswered. They saw through a glass darkly; but thanks to God and the good angels, Spiritualism has lifted and drawn aside that 'vail, demonstrating a future, conscious existence, and thereby intimately acquainting us with the conditions and occupations of those whose bodies are wasting away beneath the grasses and the weeping willows of the valley.

"Have any of the scribes and the Pharisees believed on Him," the Nazarene? was the common question in the city of Jerusalem, in Galilee, and the regions beyond Jordan in the early days of that inspired man and martyr of Palestine.

Human nature, whether Turanian, Semitic or Aryanic, is the same in all ages. The masses seek fame, pelf, power. The everrecurring question of this materialistic generation is not — is this demonstrated fact of a future life true - is this newly conceived truth that invisible intelligences exist and communicate with us really true?- but, is it respectable, is it popular, have the churches — have the Pharisees of fashion accepted it? Do the rich and aristrocatic patronize it? Such is largely the poor, piteous obliquity of to-day's mental and religious condition.

To meet the needs of such inglorious specimens of humanity

such babes in the scale of a royally-unfolded manhood,— has this collection of noted names been gathered from press articles, hooks, and magazine essays — and booked; and in the collection I have been greatly aided by that distinguished writer, author, and book-reviewer, James Smith, of Melbourne, Austra

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ja; E. W. Wallis, eloquent lecturer, writer, and assistant editor of London “Light," in his recent "Testimonies of Distinguished Clergymen,” etc. Some of those, whose names are herein recorded, illumined the pages of long-ago history, such as Socrates. Certain others mentioned, though investigating the spiritual phenomena and the psychic forces in man for years, have not openly avowed their adhesion to Spiritualism, but with hyper-cautiousness, they announce themselves as, “investigators.". The great inajority, however, have been, or are to-day acknowledged and avowed Spiritualists, and I may add, very many of them have I personally met in my extensive travels in foreign lands. Some few mistakes there may be. These if pointed out will be promptly corrected in future editions.

J. M. PEEBLES, M. D. Battle Creek, Michigan.

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