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Courts the bright vision of descending power,
Tells every gate, and measures every tower ;
And chides the tardy seals that yet detain
Thy Lion, Judah, from his destin'd reign.

And who is He ? the vast, the awful form,
Girt with the whirlwind, sandal'd with the storm ?
A western cloud around his limbs is spread,
His crown a rainbow, and a sun his head.
To highest heaven he lifts his kingly hand,
And treads at once the ocean and the land;
And, hark! his voice amid the thunder's roar,
His dreadful voice, that time shall be no more !

Lo! cherub hands the golden courts prepare,
Lo! thrones arise, and every saint is there;
Earth’s utmost bounds confess their awful sway,
The mountains worship, and the isles obey ;
Nor sun nor moon they need,

,-nor day, nor night ;God is their temple, and the Lamb their light : And shall not Israel's sons exulting come, Hail the glad beam, and claim their ancient home? On David's throne shall David's offspring reign, And the dry bones be warm with life again, Hark! white-rob’d crowds their deep hosannas raise, And the hoarse flood repeats the sound of praise ; Ten thousand harps attune the mystic song, Ten thousand thousand saints the strain prolong ; “ Worthy the Lamb! omnipotent to save, When died, who lives,triumphant o'er the grave!”.

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