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if I must be so unhappy) of your great Respects, and many fingular Favours to me; which have been always so free and generous, that they never gave Time, nor left any Room for me to ask; especially that obliging Welcome you gave me at my first Coming, I mean your

Present of a House, which, besides the Conveniencies and Pleasure of a delightful Habitation, has afforded me that which I value much more, the frequent Opportunities of your Conversation.

Tho’ I am able to make you no better Return than Thanks, I hope that Great MASTER whom I serve will; and that GOD would multiply all temporal and spiritual Blessings on you, is, and always shall be, the fincere and hearty Prayer of,


Your most Obliged,

and Humble Servant,


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TORGIVE the Mufe, who, in unhallow'd Strains,

The Saint one Moment from his God detains.

For sure whate'er you do, whate'er you are,
"Tis all but one good Work, one constant Prayer.
Forgive her; and intreat that God to whom
Thy favour'd Vows with kind Acceptance come,
To raise her Notes to that fublime Degree,
That suits a Song of Piety and Thee.

Wondrous good Man! whose Labours may repel
The Force of Sin, may stop the Rage of Hell:
Who, like the Baptist, from thy God was sent
The crying Voice to bid the World repent.

Thee Youth shall study; and no more engage
His fattering Wishes for uncertain Age;
No more, with fruitless Care, and cheated Strife,
Chase fleeting Pleasure through this Maze of Life;


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