Fredericksburg: Squandered Courage and Uncertain Allegiance

Front Cover
iUniverse, 2004 - 340 pages
Newly appointed Union General Ambrose Burnside is plagued with doubt. Haunted by his abysmal performance at Antietam, he finds himself in a race against time to move 120,000 men and tons of material to Fredericksburg, Virginia before General Lee can react. Success means an open road to Richmond, the end of the war, and redemption. Failure means disgrace and the possible fall of a president. It is a heavy burden.

Behind the scenes Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase plots against President Lincoln while Confederate spies and jealous federal officers work to undermine Burnside. And Emily Foster, beautiful and embittered, plays a dangerous game; one with far-reaching consequences sure to touch the lives of everyone she meets, innocent and guilty alike.

Fredericksburg: Squandered Courage and Uncertain Allegiance captures the drama and intensity of one of the War's most decisive battles; and one of the nation's must desperate months.

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