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35 Vols. at 5s. each. Bede's Ecclesiastical History, and Keightley's Fairy Mythology. Fron. the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

tsspiece by Cruikshank. Boethius's Consolation of Philoso- Lepsius's Letters from Egypt, Ethiophy. In Anglo-Saxon, with the A. S.

pis, and the Peninsula of Sinai. Metres, and an English Translation, by

Mallet's Northern Antiquition. By the Rev. 8. Fox.

Bishop PERCY. With an Abstract of the Brand's Popular Antiquities of Eng.

Eyrbiggla Saga, by Sir WALTER Soort.

Edited by J. A. BLACKWELL. land, Scotland, and Ireland. By Sk HENRY ELLIS. In 3 vols.

Marco Polo's Travels. The Trans

lation of Marsden. Edited by THOMAS Chronicles of the Crusaders. Richard W BIGIT.

of Devizes, Geoffrey de Viusauf, Lord de Matthew Paris's Chronicle. Io 5 vols. Jolnile.

FIRST SEOTION : Roger of Wendover'ı Dyer's British Popular Customs,

Flowers of English History, from the

Descent of the Saxons to A.D. 1236. Present and last. An Account of the various Games and Customs associated

Translated by Dr. GILES. In 7 vols. with different days of the year. By the

820OND SXOTION : From 1235 to 1278.

With badex to the entire Work. In Rev. T. F, TUSELTON DTER, M.A. With

3 vols. Index.

Matthew of Westminster's Flowen Early Travels in Palestine. Willi

of History, especially such as relate to the bald, Sæwulf, Benjamin of Todela, Man

affairs of Bruin; to A.D. 1307. Translated deville, La Brocquière, and Maundrell; by C. D. YONGE. In 2 vols. all anabridged. Edited by THOMAS WRIGHT.

Ordericus Vitalis' Ecclesiastical Elis.

tory of England and Normandy. TransEllis's Early English Metrical Ro

lated with Notes, by T. FORESTER, M.A. mancae, Revised by J. O. HALLIWELL. lu 4 vols. Florence of Worcester's Chronicle,

Pauli's (Dr. B.) Life of Alfred the with the Two Continuations : comprising

Great Translated from the German. To Annals of English History to the Reign of

which is appended Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Edward I.

version of Crosius, with a literal Transla

tion, and an Anglo-Saxon Grammar and Gesta Romanorum. Edited by WYN- Glossary. NARD HOOPER, B.A.

Roger De Hovedon's Annals of EngGiraldas Cambrensis Historical

hish History, from AD. 732 to A.D. 1201. Works : Topography of Ireland; History Edited by H. T. RILEY. In 2 vols. of the Conquest of Ireland; Itinerary Six Old English Chronicles, tix.: through Wales; and Description of Wales.

Asser's Life of Alfred, and the Chronicle With Index. Edited by TE108. WRIGHT,

of Ethelwerd, Gildas, Nennius, Geoffrey Henry of Huntingdon's History of of Monmonth, and Richard of Olren

the English, from the Roman Invasion to cester. Henry II.; with the Acts of King Stephen, William of Malmesbury's Chronicle &c.;

of the Kings of England. Translated by Ingulph's Chroniclo of the Abbey of SHABPE.

Croyland, with the Continuations by Feter Yule-Tide Stories, A Collection of of Blois and other Writers. By H. T. Scandinavian Tales and Traditions. Balted RILEY.



83 Vols. at 58. each, excepting those marked otherwise. Allen's Battles of the British Navy. Ariosto's Orlando Furioso.

In Eng Revised and enlarged. Numerous fins

Heb Vorse. By W. S. Rosu. Toate Ano Portraite. În 2 vols.

Engravings. In 2 vole. Andersen's Danish Legends and

Bechstein's Cage and Chamber Birde.

Including Sweet's Warblers. Enlarged Fairy Tales. With many 'Tales not in any edition. Numerons plates. other edition, Translated by CAROLIND

All other editions are abridged. PEACHEY. 120 Wood Engravings.

With the plates coloured 75. 6d.


Tales of the Genil; or, the Delightful

Lessons of Horam. Numerous Woodcuti, und 8 Steel Engravings, ofter Stotherd. Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Translated into English Spenserlan Verse, with

Life of the Author. By J. H. WIFFEN. Fight Engravings on Steel, d24 on

Wood, by Thurstons.
Walker's Manly Exercises. Con-
i taining Skating, Riding, Driving, Hunting,

Shooting, Sailing, Rowing. Swimming, &c.
New Edition, revised by “ CRAVIN."
Forty-four Steel Plates, and numerous

Walton's Complete Angler. Edited

by EDWARD JESSE, Esq. Uproards of 203 Egravings.

-; or, with 26 additional page 2Tlustrations on Steely 73. ed.

Wellington, Life of. From the ma

terials of Maxwell. Thighteen Engravings. Westropp's Handbook of Archäology

New Edition, revised. Numerous mus.

trations. 78. 60.
White's Natural History of Bel.

borne. With Notes by Sir WILLIAM JAR-
DINE and EDWARD JESSE, Esq. Illustrated
by 40 Engravinga.

; or, with the plates-volortred.
78. 6d.
Young, The, Lady's Book. "A Ma.

nual of Elegant Recreations, Arts, Solences,
and Accomplishments. Twebor Hundred
Woodcut Ilustrations, and everal Asse
gravings on Steel 78. Bd.

; or, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 9s.

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93 Vols. at 58. cach, caccepting those marked otherwise. Æschylus. Literally Translated into Aristotle's History of Animals. In Ten English Prose by an Oxonian. 88. BH. Books. Translated, with Notes and Index,

by RICHARD CRESSWELL, M.A. Appendix to. Containing the Readings given in Hermann's posthu- Organon ; or, Logical Treamous Edition of Eschyite. By GEORGI tises. With Notes, &c. By O.F.OWN, M.A. BURGES, M.A. 38. 60.

'vole., 38. 60. oach. Ammianus Marcellinus. History of ile Rhetoric and Postios. Lite

Rome from Constantias to Valens. Trans- Tally Translated, with Examination Ques

lated by C. D. YONGX,B.A. Dble. vol. 78. 6d. ons and Notes, by an Oxonian. Antoninus. Tho Thoughts of the Athenæus. The Deipnosophists; or.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Translated by the Banquet of the Learned. Translated
GEO. LONG, M.A. 36. Bd.

by C. D. YONGE, B.A. 3 vols.
Apuleius, the Golden Ass; Death of Obsar. Complete, with the Alexaire
Socrates; Florida; and Discourse on Magic. drian,

African, and Spanish Wars. LiteTo which is added a Metrical Version of

rally Translated, with Notes Cupid and Psyche; and Mrs. Tighe's Payche. Frontispiece.

Catullus, 'Tibullus, and the Vight of

Venas. A Literal Prose Translation. To Aristophanes' Comedies. Literally which are added Metrical Versions by

Translated, with Notes and Extracts from LAXR, GRAINGÈR, and others. "Frontis
Frero's and other Metrical Versions, by piece.
W.J. HIOKIE. 2 vols.
Vol. 1. Acharnians, Knights, Clouds,

Cicero's Orations. Literally Trans-
Wasps, Peace, and Birds.

lated by C. D. YONGE, B.A. In' volo. 1. 2. Lysistrata, Thesmophoriazuse, Vol. 1. Contains the Oratlong againg! gs, Ecclesiazuse, and Plutus.

Verres, &c. Portrait. Aristotle's Ethics. Literally Trans

VOL 2. Catiline, Archlas, Agrarian jated by Archdeacon BROWNE, late Classical

Law, Rabirius, Murena, Sylla, &c. Irofessor of King's Collegs.

Vol. 3. Orations for his House, Plancius,

Sextius, Coolius, Mllo, Ligarius, &c. Politics and Economico.

Vol. 4. Miscellaneous Orations, and Translated by E. WALFORD, M.A.

Rhetorical Works; with General InMetaphysics. Literally Trans

dex to the four volumes. lated, with Notes, Analysis, Examination

on the Nature of the Gods, Questions, and Index, by the Rov. JOHR Divination, Fate, Lawg, a Republic, do. Å. MʻMARON, M.A., and Gold Medailist in Translated by Ó. D. YONGE, BA., and Metaphysics, T.C.D.





Cicero's Academics, De Finibus, and

Iaeculan Questions. By C. D. YONGE, B.A. With Sketch of the Greek Philo. sopher.

Offices, Old Age, Friendship, Scipio's Dream, Paradoxes, &c. Literally Trenelated, by R. EDXOND3. 36, Blind

on Oratory and Oratore. By
Demosthenes' Orations. Translated,

with Notes, by C. RANN KENNEDY. 6 8
Vol. 1. The Olynthiac, Philippic, wzd

other Public Orations. 38. 6d.
VOL. 2 On the Crown and on the Ex-

Vol. 3. Against Leplinee, Midias, An-

drotrion, and Aristocrates.
VOL 4. Private and other Orations.

VOL 5. Miscellaneous Orations.
Dictionary of Latin Quotations. In

cluding Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Law Terms, and Phrases; and s Collection of above 500 Greek Quotations. With all the quantities marked, & English Translations.

with Index Verborum, Index Verborum only. 18. Diogenes Laertius. Lives and Opin

ions of the Ancient Philosophers. Trans

lated, with Notes, by C. D.'YONGE, Epictetus. Discourses, with Enchei

ridion and Fragments. Translated with

Notes, by GEORGE Long, M.A. Luripides. Literally Translated, 2 vols.

VOL 1. Hecuba, Orestes, Medea, Hippo

Tytus, Alcestis, Bacchs, Heraclids,
Ipbigenta in Aolide, and Iphigenia in

Vol. 2. Hercules Furens, Troades, Ion,

Andromache, Suppllanta, Helon,

Electra, Cyclops, Rhestia.
Greek Anthology. Literally Trans-

lated. With Metrical Ver ons by varlons

Romances of Holiodorus,
Longus, and Achilles Tatius.
Herodotus. A New and Literal

Translation, by HENRY CARY, M.A., of

Worcester College, Oxford.
Hesiod, Callimachus, and Theognis.
Literally Translated, with Notes, by J.

Homer's Iliad. Literally Translated,

Odyssey, Hymns, &e. Lite-
rally Translated.
Horace. Literally Translated by

SMART. Carefully revised by an OXONIAN.

38. 60. Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and Eatro

plus. Literally Translated, with Notes and Index, by J. S. Watson, M.A.

Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia, and Lo.

cilius. By L. Evang, M.A. With the

Metrical Version by Gifford. Frontispiece Livy. A new and Literal Translation. By Dr. SPILLAN and othery. In 4 vole. VOL 1. Contains Books IB Vol. 2. Books g_-26. Vol. 3. Booke 27--36.

Vol. 4. Books 37 to the end; and Index. Lacan's Pharsalia. Translated, with

Notes, by H. T. RILEY. Lucretius. Literally Translated, with

Notes, by the Rev. J.S. WATSON, M.A.

And the Metrical Version by J. M. GOOD. Martial's Epigrams, complets. Lite

rally Translated. Kach accompanied by one or more Verse Translations selected from the Works of English Poets, and other sources, With a copious Index.

Double volume (660 pages). 78. 8d. Ovid's Works, complete. Literally Translated. 3 vola.

Vol. 1. Fasti, Tristla, Epistles, dc.
Vol. 2. Metamorphoses.

Vol. 3. Heroides, Art of Love, &c. Pindar. Literally Translated, by Daw

SON W. TURNKB, and the Metrical Version

By ABRARAN MOORE, Plato's Works. Translated by the Itev. H. CARY and others. In 6 vola. Vol. 1. The Apology of Socrates, Ciltr,

Phædo, Gorgias, Protagoras, Pheddrua,

Theætetus, Euthyphron, Lysis.
VOL 2. The Republic, Timæns, & Crites,
Vol. 3. Meno, Euthydemus, The so-

phist, Statesman, Cratylus, Parme.

nides, and the Banquet. Vol. 4. Philebus, Charmidee, Laches,

The Two Alcibiades, And Ten Other

Vol. 6. The Laws.
Vol. 6 The Doubtfal Works. With
General Index.

Dialogues, an Analysis and Index to. With References to the Trang lation in Bohn's Classical Library. By Dr.

DAY. Plautus's Comedios. Literally Trans

lated, with Notes, by H. T. RILEY, B.A.

In 2 vols. Pliny's Natural History. Translated,

with Coplous Notes, by the late JOEN BOSTOCK, M.D., F.R.S., and H. T. RILSE,

B.A. In 6 vols Pliny the Younger, The Letters of,

MELIOTH'S Translation revised. By the

Rev. F. C. T. BOSANQUET, M.A. Propertius, Petronius, and Johannis

Secundus, and Aristenactus Literally
Translated, and accompanied by Poetic. 1
Versions, from various sourcer,



Quintilian's Institutes of Oratory.

Literally Translated, with Notes, &c., by : J. S. WATSON, M.A. In 2 vols. Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Pater

valus.With Copious Notes, Biographical

Notices, and Index, by J. S. WATSON. Sophocles. The Oxford Translation

revised. Standard Library Atlas of Classical

Geography. Twenty-two large coloured Maps according to the latest authorities. With a complete Index (accentuated), giving the latitude and longitude of every

place named in the Maps. Imp. 8vo. 78. 63. Strabo’s Geography: Translated,

with Coplous Notes, by W. FALCONER, M.A., and H. C. HAMILTON, Esq. With Index, giving the Ancient and Modern

Names. In 3 vols.
Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve

Cæsars, and other Works. Thomson's
Translation, revised, with Notes by T.


56 Vols. at 58. each, excepting those marked otherwise. BOHNS VARIOUS LIBRARIES.

Agassiz and Gould's Comparative Anysiology. Enlarged by Dr. WRIGAT.

Tacitus, Literally Translated, with
Notes. In 2 vols.

Vol. 1. The Annals.
Yol. 2. The History, Germanis, Agri-

cola, &c. With Index.
Terence and Phædrus. By H. T.

Theocritus, Bion, Moschus, and

Tyrtæus. By J. BANKS, M.A. With the

Metrical Versions of Chapman. Thucydides. Literally Translated by

Rov. H. DALE. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each. Virgil. Literally Translated by DAVID

SON. New Edition, carefully revised. 38. 8d. Xenophon’s Works. In 3 Vols.

Vol. 1. The Anabasis and Memorabilis.

Translated, with Notes, by J. S. WAT-

And a Geographical Commentary, by W.F. AINSWORTE, F.S.A.,

F.R.G.S., &c.
Vol. 2. Cyropædia and Hellenica. By

J. S. WATSON, M.A., and the Rev. H.

Vol. 3. The Minor Works By J, 8.


Opwards of 400 Engravings.
Bacon's Novum Organum and Ad-

vancement of Learning. Completo, with

Notes, by J. DEVEY, M.A.
Bolley's Manual of Technical Analy.

sis. A Guide for the Testing of Natural
and Artificial Substances. By B. A. PAUL.


Bell on the Hand. Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as evincing Design. Seventh Edition Revised.

· Kirby on the History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. Edited, with Notes, by T. RYMEB JONES. Numerous Engravings, many of which are additional. In 2 vols.

Kidd on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man. 38. od.

Whewell's Astronomy and General Physics, considered with refermance to Natural Theology. 85. Bd.

Chalmers on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.


Prout's Treatise on Chemis. try, Meteorology, and Digestion. Edited by Dr. J. W. GRIFFITH.

Buckland's Geology and Mineralogy. 2 vola. '168.

Roget's Animal and Vegotable Physiology. Ilustrated In 2 vols.

88. each, Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Zoology. A

Systematic View of the Structure, Habitos, instincts, and Uses, of the principal Familes of the Animal Kingdom, and of the chief forms of Fossil Remains. Revised by W. S. DALLAS, F.L.S. Mlustrated with many hundred Wood Engravings. In 2 vols. 68. each.

Mechanical Philosophy, Astronomy, aná Horology. A Popular Exposition. 187 Mistrations.

Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany. A complete Introduction to the Knowledge of Plants. Revised, under arrangement with the Author, by E. LANKESTEB, M.D., &c. Several hundred nlustrations on Wood, 68.

Animal Physiology. In part To-written by the Author. Ugvards of 300 capital Ilustrations. 66.


Chevreul on Colour. Containing the

Principles of Harmony and Contract of Coloars, and their application to the Arts, Translated from the French by CHARLES MARTEL. Only complete Edition. Several Plates. Or, with an additional series of

16 Plates in Colours. 70. 64. Ennemoser's History of Magic.

Translated by WILLIAM HOWITT. With an Appendix of the most remarkable and best authenticated Stories of Apparitions, Dreams, Table-Turning, and Spirit-Rap

ping, &c. In 2 vols. Hogg's (Jaber) Elements of Experi.

mental and Natural Philosophy. Con. taining Mechanics, Pneumatics, Hydro statics, Hydraulica, Acoustics, Optia, Caloric, Electricity, Voltaism, and Mag. netism. New Edition, enlarged.


wards of 400 Woodcuts. Hind's Introduction to Astronomy.

With a Vocabulary, containing an Explenation of all the Terms in present 088. New Edition, enlarged. Numerowe E

gravings. 38, 6d.
Humboldt's Cosmos; or, Sketch of a

Physical Description of the Universe.
Translated by E. C. Orts and W. S.
DALLAB, F.L.S. Fine Portrait. In five
vols. 38. 6d. each ; excepting Vol. V., Be.

*.* In this edition the notes are placed beneath the text, Humboldt's analytical Summaries and the passages hitherto suppressed are included, and new and com. prehensive Indices are added.

Travels in America. In 3 vols.

Views of Nature; or, Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation. Translated by E C. OTTi and

H. G. BOHN. With a completo Index. Hunt's (Robert) Poetry of Science;

or, Studies of the Physical Phenomena of Nature. By Professor HUNT. New Edi.

tion, enlarged. Joyoo's Scientific Dialogues. By Dr. GRIFFITH. Numerous Woodcuts.

Introduction to the Arts and Sciences. With Examination Questions.

38. 6d. Knight's (Chas.) Knowledge is Power.

A Popular Manual of Political Economy. Lsctures on Painting. By the Royal

Academicians. With Introductory Essay, and Notea by R. WORNOM, Esq. Portraite

Lilly's Introduction to Astrology.

With numerous Emendations, by

Mantell's (Dr.) Geological Excur.

sions through the Isle of Wight and Dor.

New Edition, by T. RUPERT JONES, Esq. Numerous beautifully me cested Woodcuts, and a Geological Map.

Medals of Creation ; or, First Lessons in Geology and the Study of Organle Remains; including Geological Excursions. New Edition, revised. Co. Loured Plates, and several hundred beau tiful Woodcuts. In 2 vole, 71. 6d. each. Petrifactions and

their Teaching An Illustrated Handbook to the Organic Remains in the British Me. enm. Numerous Engravings. 68.

Wonders of Geology; or, & Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomene. Now Edition, angmented by T. RUPERT JONES, F.G.S. Coloured Geological Map of England, Plates, and nearly 200

beautiful Woodcuts. In 2 vols., 78. Bd. each. Morphy's Games of Chess, Being

the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with Explanatory and Analytical Notes, by J. LÖWENTXAL Portrait and Memoir.

It contains by far the largest collection of games played by Mr. Morphy extant in any form, and has received his endorse

ment and co-operation. Richardson's Geology, including

Mineralogy and Palæontology. Revised and enlarged, by Dr. T. WRIGHT. Opwards

of 400 Nlustrations. Schouw's Earth, Plants, and Man; and

Kobell's Sketches trom the Mineral Kingdom. Translated by A. HENFREY, F.R.S.

Coloured Map of the Geography of Plants Smith's (Pyo) Geology and Scrip

tire; or, The Relation between the Holy

Scriptores and Geological Scienoe. Stanley's Classified Synopsis of the

Principal Painters of the Dutch and Fle.

miah Schools. Staunton's Chess-player's Hanabook. Numerous Diagrams.

Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chess-player's Handbook. Con taining all the most important modern Improvements in the Openings, Wustrated by actual Games; a revised Code of Chess Lawa; and a Selection of Mr. Morphy's Games in England and France. Bc.

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