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Staunton's Chess-player's Companion. | Tre's. (Dr. A.) Cotton Manntaoture Comprising a new Treatise on Odds, Col.

of Great Britain, systematically investilection of Match Games, and a Selection of Original Problems.

gated; with an introductory view of its

comparative state in Foreign countries. Chess Tournament of 1851.

New Edition, revised by P. L. SIMOAONDS. Numerowa Ihsstration..

One hundred and fifty Illustrations. In Stockhardt's Principles of Chemistry, 2 vola.

exemplified in a series of simple experimonts. Based upon the German work of

Philosophy of Manufacturos; Professor STOCKHARDT, and Edited by C. W. HEATON, Professor of Chemistry at

of, An Exposition of the Factory System Charing Crosa Hospital Upwards of 270

of Great Britain. Continued by P. L. Mustrations.

SIMKOND3. 72. 6d.


25 Vols. at various prices.

Blair's Chronological Tablos, Revised History of the World, from the earliest and Enlarged. Comprehending the Chro

time, alphabetically arranged. By J. W.

Rosse. Double volume, 108. ; or, hallnology and History of the World, from

bound, 16e. Bd the earliest times. By J. WILLOUGHBY ROSSE.. Double Volume. 106.; Or, bal

Lowndes' Bibliographor's Manual of bound, 108.6d,

English Literature. New Edition, en Clark'.. (Hugh) Introduction to larged, by H. G. BOF. Parts I to X. (A

to 2), 38, 6d. each.

Part XL (the Apo Keraldry. With nearly 1000 IAustrations.

pendix Volume). 68. Or the 12 parts in 18th Edition. Revised and enlarged by J.R.

4 vols., half morocco, 21. 28. PLANCHE, Rouge Croix. 68. Or, with all the Illustrations coloured, 188.

Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs. With Chronicles of the Tombe. A Collec- English Translations, and a General Index, tion of Remarkable Epitaphs. By T.J.

bringing the whole into parallela, by H.G.

BOHN. 58.
Handbook of Domestic Medicine. Pe-

Political Cyclopædias In 4 rols,

38. éd. each pularly arranged. By Dr. HENRY DAVIES. 700 pages. With completo Index. 68.

Also in 2 vols, bound. 158. Games. By various Amateurs and Professors.

Smith's (Archdeacon) Complete Col

Comprising trestises on all the principal Games of

lection of Synonyms and Antonyms. 68. chance, skill, and manual dexterity. In all, above 40 games (the Whist,

Draught, The Epigrammatists. Selections from and Billards being especially comprehen- the Epigrammatic Literature of Ancient, sive). Edited by H. G. Boun. Niuen

Mediæval, and Modern Times.. With trated by numerous Diagrams. 68.

Notes, Observations, Illustrations, and an

Introduction. By the Rev. HENRY PHILIP Proverbs. Comprising all

DODD, M.A., of Pembroke College, Oxford. Ray's English Proverbs, with additions ; Second Edition, revised and considerably his Foreign Proverbs; and an Alphabetical enlarged; containing many new Epigrams, Index 58.

principally of an amusing character. 68. Humphrey's Coin Collector's Ma. Wheeler's (W. A., M.A.) Dictionary

nual. A popular Introduction to the of Noted Names of Fictitious Persons and Stody of Coins. Highly finished Engrav.

Places. 58. ings. In 2 vols. 108.

Wright's (T.) Dictionary of Obsolete Index of Dates, Comprehending the and Provincial English. In 2 vols. 8. principal Facts in the Chronology and each; or ball-bound in 1 VOL, 108. 6d.



3 9015 03048 4086 NOVELIST

6 Vols. at 38. 6d., excepting those marked otherwise. Manzoni (Alessandro) The Betrothed Edition, revised. With Klustrations by (I promessi Sposi). The only completo

George Cruikshank, In 2 vols. 78. English translation.. With numerous Woodcuts.

Joseph Andrews. By HENRY FIELDbs. Uncle Tom's Cabin. With Introduc

ING. Roscoe's Edition, revised. With tory Remarks by the Rev. J. SHERMAN.

Illustrations by George Cruikshank. In

1 vol. 38. 6d. Printed in a large clear type. Ilustrabione. 39. 60.

Amelia. By HENRY FIELDING. Tom Jones; the History of a Found.

Roscoe's Edition, revised. With Cruik ling. By HENRY FIELDING. Roscoe's shank's Illustrations. 63.


5 vols. of various prices., Leonardo da Vinci's Treatise on Tlaxman's Lectures on Sculpture.

Painting. Numerous Plates. New Edition, Numerous Mrustrations. 68.

revised. 68. Planche's History of British Cos

The Anatomy and Philosophy of Extume, Third Edition. With numerous Woodcuts. 58.

pression as connected with the Fine

Arts, Demmin's (A.) Illustrated History of

By Sir CHARLES BELL, K.H. Arms and Armour from the Earliest Period.

Seventh Edition, revised. With numerous With nearly 2,000 Illustrations. 78. 6d. Woodcuts and 20 Plates. 65.

BOHN'S CHEAP SERIES. Boswell's Life of Johnson, and John- Emerson's Twenty Essays. 13. 6d.;

soniana. Including his Tour to the Hebrides, cloth, 28. English Characteristig Tour in Wales, &c. Edited by the Ri.

18.; cloth, 13. 6d. Orations and Hon. J. W. CZOKER. Cpwards of 60 Engravings. In 6 vols. cloth, 203,

tures. 1s. Representative

Complete. 18.; cloth, 18. 6d. Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Physiology Irving's (Washington) Li of Temperance and Total Abstinence, 1s.

hammed. Portrait. 13. 60

of Mohammed. ls. Bol Franklin's (Benjamin) Genuine Au- amith. 18. 6d. Skot

tobiography. From the Original Mana- cloth, 1s.6d. Tales script. By JABKD SPARKS. ls.

Tour on the

quests of Hawthorne's (Nathaniel) Twice Told vols, 13. 60

Tales. First and Second Series 3 vols. In vols. 18
one. 28.; cloth, 2s. 6d. Snow Image and Colw
other Tales. 18. Scarlet Letter. 18. 6d. Car
House with the Seven Gables. A
Romance, ls, 6d.

Hazlitt's Table Talk, Parts 1, 2,

and 3. 1s. each. Plain Speaks
Parts 1, 2, and 3. 18. each. Lect
on the English Comic Writery
Lectures on the English Po
Lectures on the Literat
Age of Elizabeth.
on the Characters of
Plays. 16. 6d.

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