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THE FUNERAL PROCESSION OF THE SCRIBE ANI. From his Papyrus in the British Museum.





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1. The oxen for sacrifice drawing the bier. censer of burning incense, and

2. A priest holding a sprinkling the bier with natron water. 3. The bier. By the side of it sits Ani's wife Tutu.

4. A company of friends, one of whom is addressing the mummy.

5. Servants carrying vases of unguents, a couch, a chair,
palette, etc.

6. The coffer containing the "Canopic" Jars.

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1. Cow



for sacrifice and a heap of offerings.'

2. The group of wailing women.

3. Servants carrying vegetables, fruit and flowers to the


4. The ceremony of "Opening the Mouth" at the door of the tomb.

5. An assistant priest carrying a haunch of beef,

6. A priest reciting the text of the Book of Opening the Mouth.

7. Two priests, one holding the implement Urt-hekau, and the other sprinkling natron water.

8. Anubis receiving the mummy of Ani.

9. Ani's wife Tutu kneeling at the feet of the mummy,

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