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the press.

Lon., 1840, 2 rols. 8vo. Abridged by Do Canto, 1826, his Plays and Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, with Es. '45. sq. 12mo. 2. Portuguese Exercises, 12mo. 3. Por- planatory Notes and Memoirs of the Author, (by T. tuguese Grammar, 1777, 8vo; 12th ed., 1858, 12mo. 4. Evans,) Lon., 1775, 2 vols. 12mo; on India paper, SteeAninadversiones Philologicæ in nonnulla Corani Loca, vens, 1227, 188. &c., Dubl., 1779, '85, 4to. 5. Brevis Clara, facilis ac “ His poems, which indeed are not very numerous, are capital jucunda, nou soluin Arabicum Linguam, sed etiam in their kind; but what will immortalize his niemory while our hodiernam Persicain, addiscendi, Methodus, 1789, 4to. language shall be understood or true wit relished is his cele Viger, James, an eminent arcbæologist, b. in Mon

brated play of The Rehearsal; a comedy which is so perfect a treal, Canada East, 1787, d. at the same place, Dec. 12,

master-piece in its way, and so truly an original," &c.-ISAAC

REED: Bing. Dramal., 1., Part 2, 1812, 730. 1858, publisbed some treatises on the parishes of Mon- "He had so vitiatedu taste, and so vulgar a style, that, except treal, &c., q. o. in Hist. Mag., (N. York,) 1859, 128. his Pincaric on Lord Fairtaix, the following (To Iris Mistress is

Vigier, John. Elements of Spanish Grammar, perhaps the only effort of his muse which can be selected with. 1810, 12no.

out conferring blame on the selector."-Park: Walpole's R. and

N. Authors, iii. 311. Vigne, Godfrey T., of Lincoln's Inn, died whilst the MS. of his last work (No. 4) was passing through

See, also, Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., iv. 207: Biog. 1. Six Months in America, Lon., 1832, 2 Brit. ; Cibber's Lives: Maty's Review, iv. 425; H. wai. vols. cr. Svo; Phila., 1833, 18ino.

pole's Letters, ed. 1861, vii. 309 ; VERTUE, GEORGE, No. * We think that even at the other side of the Atlantic he

4; Poems and Songs relating to George Villiers. Duke may expect full justice to be done to the candour and mauliness of Buckingham, (father of the above,) and his Assas. which belas exhibited on all occasions.”—Lon. Mon. Rev., 1832, sination by John Felton; ed. by F. W. Fairholt, 1850, ii. 132.

p. 8vo, (Percy Soc. Pub. :) see Lon. Athen., 1850, 1276. See, also, Edin. Rev., lv. 479. 2. Personal Narrative of a Visit to Ghuzni, Kabul,

A man so various, that he seem'd to be

Not one, but all mankind's epitome. and Afghanistan, Lon., 1810, 8vo. 3. Travels in Kash

Suff in opinions, always in the wrong, mir, Ladak, Iskario, &r., 1842, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed.,

He's every thing ly starts, and nothing long; 1844, 2 vols. 8vo; red. to 216., 1848. 4. Travels in Mexico,

But in the course of one revolving moon South America, &c., 1863, 2 vols. p. 8vo.

Was chymist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon."

DRYDEN : Absalo. and Achitophel. “A pleasantly-written narrative of travel in a most interesting and little-known region."-- Lon. Reader, 1861, i. 70.

Villiers, George William Frederick, fourth

Earl of Clarendon. See CLARENDON. Vignoles, Charles, Civil Engineer. 1. Observations on the Floridas, N. York, 1823, 8vo, pp. 197. 2.

Villiers, Hon. Henry Montagu, D.D., brother Map of the Shadow-Path thrown across Spain by the

of the fourth Earl of Clarendon, (9.0.,) was b. in Lon. Total Eclipse of the Sun, July 18, 1860, &c.; with

don, 1813; becamo Bishop of Carlisle, 1850; Bishop of Printed Observations, Lon., 1860, r. 8vo, case.

Durham, 1860; d. Aug. 9, 1861. Soe Lon. Gent. Mag., Vigor, Rev. T. Stonhouse. See Ston HOUSE, Sir

1861, ii. 324, (Obituary.) JAMES, M.D.

1. Serms. at St. George's, Bloomsbury, Lon., 1845, Vigors, Nicholas Aylward, D.C.L., an eminent tion, 1846, 12mo. 3. Word of God : Serms.. 1849, 12 mno.

12mo. 2. Young Professor; Eight Lects. on Confirmazoologist, b. 1787, at Old Leighton, Carlow, was M.P. for the town of Carlow, 1832 to 1835, and for the county of

4. Serin., Zach. i. 5. 1851, 8vo. 5. Family Prayers for

6. PrinCarlow, 18:35 until his death, Oct. 26, 1840. Inquiry Four Wecks, 1853, 12mo; 4th ed., 1862.

7. Charge to into the Nature and Extent of Poetick License, Lon., ciple and Practice, new ed., 1855, 1810, (some 1811,) r. 8vo: 2d ed., 1813. He was Secre

the Clergy of Carlisle, 1858, 8vo. He contributed a Pre. tary of the Zoological Society, 1826–33, and contributed

face to the English translation of Boucher's Prize Essay many valuable papers to its Transactions, to those of the

on Man's Right to God's Word, Dec. 1847, fp. 8vo. Linnæan Society, and to the Zoological Journal. See The Affinity between the English, French, and Latin

Villiers, Jacob. Vocabularium Analogicum; or, Lon. Gent. Mag., 1810, ii. 659, (Obituary.)

Vilaut, Nicolas, Regius Prof. of Mathematios in Alphabetically Digested, Lon., 1680, 8vo. the University of St. Andrews. Elements of Mathema- Exeter College, 1593, at 18, and elected Fellow, 1599;

Vilvain, Robert, a native of Exeter, entered of tical Analysis, abridged, Edin., 1798, 8vo.

1. Theoremata Villanueva, L. J. Phoenician Ireland, by h. practised medicine at Exeter; d. 1662. O'Brien, Lon., 8vo.

Theologica: Theological Treatises, in Eight Theses of Villette, Rev. John, Ordinary of Newgate. 1. Divinity, Lon., 1654, 4to. Chiefly a compilation. 2. Annals of Newgate ; or, Malefactors' Register, Lon., 1776, Compend of. Chronography, Adam to Christ, 1654, 4to. 4 vols. 8vo. Written in conjunction with others. See: Epitome of Essais, Englished out of Latin, &c.; besides

3. Enchiridium Epigrammatum Latino-Anglicum: an also, SANDERS, RODERT, No. 2. 2. Genuine Account of the Behaviour and Dying Words of William Dodd, LL.D., Anglo-Poet., 777, £2 28.

a Fardel of 76 Fragments, 1654, sm. 8vo, pp. 404. Bibl.

4. Short Survey of our Eng(p. 508, supra,) 1777, 8vo. Villettes, Lieut.-Gen., Governor of Jamaica. See

lish Julian Year, &c.; on one side of a sheet. See Bliss's A Short View of the Life and Character of, with Letters,

Wood's Athen. Oxon., iii. 631.

Vinall, J. Sermons, Lon., 1861, 8vo. by Thomas Bowdler, Lon., 1815, 8vo. Villiers, Rt. Hon. Charles Pelham, M.P.,

Vince, Samuel, a native of Fressingfield, Suffolk,

next brother to the fourth Earl of Clarendon. (q. v.,) was b.

entered of Caius College, Cambridge, 1775 ; was elected

Fellow of Sidney Sussex College; Plumian Professor of 1802, and made a privy-councillor, Dec. 1852. “To Mr. Charles Villiers the public owe tracts or speeches on

Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy, Cainbridge, Free-trade legislation: to allow more of free trade to authors

1796 ; presented successively to the rectory of Kirkby might be worthy of his attention.”Lon. Gent. Mag., Jan. 1860, Bedon, Norfolk, the vicarage of South Crenk, and the 20: Literature in the Cabinet.

archdeaconry of Bedford ; d. 1821. 1. Elements of Villiers, George, second Duke of Bucking-Conic Sections, Camb., 1781, 8vo; Lon., 1782, 8vo. 2. ham, b. in London, 1627, educated at Christ Church, Treatise on Practical Astronomy, 1790, 4to. 3. Plan of Oxford, d. of a fever in the house of one of his tenants a Course of Lectures on the Principles of Natural Phi. at Kirkby Moorside, (not in “the worst inn's worst room," losophy, 1793, 8vo. 4. Complete System of Astronomy, as Pope romances in his Moral Essays,) April 16, 1688, Camb., 3 vols. 4to : i., 1797 ; ii., 1799 ; iii., (commended was the author of The Rehearsal, a Comedy, Lon., 1672, by Prof. John Playfair in Edin. Rev., April, 1809, 64,) 4to, The Battle of Sedgemoor, a Farce, 1707, 8vo, 1714, 1808; 2d ed., with additions, 1814, 3 vols. 4to. 5. Credi(The Chances, 1682, 4to, is an alteration of Beaumont bility of Christianity Vindicated, 1798, 8vo; 2d ed., 1809, and Fletcher's Chances, and The Restauration, 1714, 8vo, 8vo. 6. Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, is not bis,) some poems, prose tracts, speeches, &c., 9. v. 1800, 8vo; 2d ed., 1805, 8vo. 7. Observations on Hyin Park's Walpole's R. and N. Authors, iii. 304–15. The potheses on Gravitation, 1806, 8vo. 8. Confutation of admirable comedy of The Rehearsal, (in which he is said Atheism from the Laws and Constitution of the Heato have bad assistance,) and the portrait (Zimri) it pro-venly Bodies; in Four Discourses, (on Ps. xiv. 1 and xix. voked froin a great limner, we have already noticed, (Dry- 1,) 1807, 8vo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1834, ii. 227.' 9. DEN, John, p. 523, supra.) A collection called his Mis | Propagation of Christianity, 1807, 8vo. 10. Elements cellaneous Works was published 1704, 8vo; his Works, of Astronomy, 1810, 8v0. 11. Divisions among Chris. 80 styled, ("a bookseller's miscellany, containing various tians; a Charge, 1811, 8vo. See, also, Wood, JAMES. A poems and speeches of all times :" Horace Walpole, ubi notice of Vince will be found in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1821, tupro,, 1715, 2 vols. 8vo; Works, 1721 ; Works, (said to ii. 613, (Obituary ;) and a list of papers of bis, contricontain his genuine works,) Edin., 1754, (Ruddiman.) | buted to Phil. Trans., Nie. Jour., Trans. Irish Acad., But the best edition is the following: Works, containing and Trans. Soo. Edin., occurs in Watt's Bibl. Brit.

Vincent, A. Introduction to Arithmetic, 1815, “This edition of the Gnomon is the best that has appeared, Bvo.

The editors have performed their labour with ability, care, and Vincent, A. Grammaire Française, Résuiné de, fidelity.”—Erangel. Quar. Rer., Oct. 1862, 151. Long, 1862, 8v0.

Also coinmended in N. Amer. Rev., xcv. 277, (by A. Vincent, Augustine, Windsor Herald temp. James P. Peabody, D.D.) I., published a work, (1. p., Gordonstoun, 2318, £6 168.

On the otber hand, a learned American critic, in a 6d.,) already noticed, (see BROOKE, RALPH,) which, ac

letter now before us, finds grave faults in vol. i., (all then cording to Sir N. H. Nicolas, (ubi infra,) " displays great pub.,) charges the translators with “ taking unwarrantindustry and skill," and compiled above 230 volumes of

able liberties with the original, the English translators, pedigrees. See Memoirs of Augustine Vincent, by N. and the public,” and much prefers the translation (the H. Nicolas, Lon., 1827, cr. 8vo, pp. 120.

first in English) Revised and Edited by Rev. A. R. "May indeed be fairly considered rather as a biographical Fausset, (trans. by A. R. Fausset, J. Bandinel, J. S. review of the leading heralds of the pera than merely a detail

Bryce, and W. Fletcher,) Edin., 1857-58, 5 vols. 8vo. of Vincent's personal history."- Lon. Gent. Mag., 1827, i. 312. Vincent, Matthew. Sermons, Lon., 12mno.

For notices of Vincent's Discoverie of Errours, see Vincent, Nathaniel, educated at Oxford; ejected Moule's Bibl. Herald., 89, 92, and Peacbam's Complete in 1662, for Nonconformity, from the living of LangleyGentleman, 176. Vincent had a son John, also a herald, March, Buckinghamshire; d. 1697; published a number who left in MS. Heroloogia Anglica, (No. 8467 of Wood's of sermons and theological treatises. 1. The Conversion MSS. in the Ashmolean Museum.) of which see notice in of a Sinner, Lon., 1669, 8vo. 2. The Spirit of Prayer, Moule's Bibl. Herald., 95. See, also, H. Walpole to Sir 1674, '77, '84, &c., 8vo; Phila., 32mo; by Bennet, Lon., H. Mann, April 2, [4,] 1750.

18mo. Vincent, Benjamin, Assistant Secretary and “There are other valnable practical Treatises by him." Keeper of the Library of the Royal Institution of Bickersteth's C. S., 4th ed., 503. Great Britain. 1. New Classified Catalogue of the Li- 3. A Hell and Heaven upon Earth ; or, A Discourse brary of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Lon., concerning Conscience, 1676, 8vo. 4. True Touch-Stone, 1857, 8vo, pp. xvii., 928. Supersedes Harris, William, 1681, 8vo. 5. Good of Afictions, 1693, 8vo. 6. Cure (9. v.) 2. İlaydn's Dictionary of Dates, (see Hayn, of Distractions, 1695, 8vo. Other treatises and sermons: Joseph, No. 1.) Svo; 12th ed., 1866, 8vo; Authorized see Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oron., iv. 617. He contributed American edition, with Supplement [also sold separately) a paper to. Pbil. Trans., 1685, and edited Morning Exrelating chiefly to Ainerican Topics, and a Copious Bio- ercises against Popery, 1675, 4to. graphical Index, by G. P. Putnam, A.M., [q. v., No. 6,] Vincent, P. Lamentations of Germany, Lon., 1633, N. York, G. P. Putnam & Son, 1867, p. 8vo, pp. 60, 100, 8vo. viii., 833 ; Harpers, 1869, 8vo. pp. 541; 13th ed., Lon., Vincent, Rev. Philip, visited New England in 1868, 8vo. Add to it: Haydn's Universal Index of Bis 1637. History of the Pequot War: in Collec. Mass. Hist. ography, from the Creation to the Present Time, &c.; Soc., vol. vi., 3d Ser. See a Biog. Notice of Vincent in edited by J. Bertrand Payne, Lon., Moxon, 1870, 8vo. same, vol. i., 4th Ser. See THOMAS, JOSEPH, M.D., No. 6.

Vincept, Sir R. See HAWKE, Hon. MARTIN BLAD. Vincent, Sir Francis, tenth Baronet, b. 1803, DER. M.P. for St. Alban's, 1832-35. Arundel; a Tale of the Vincent, Richard. Christian Education ; a Serm., French Revolution, Lon., 1840, 3 vols. p. 8vo.

Lon., 1868, 8v0. “The sensible but ponderous pages of Arundel."-Lon. Athen.,

Vincent, S. See Sweet, GEORGE, No. 5. 1840. 372.

Vincent, Thomas, brother of Nathaniel Vincent, Vincent, Francis, of Wilmington, Delaware, b. in (supra,) and also educated at Oxford, was ejected in 1662, England, 1822, was for many years editor of The Blue for Nonconformity, from St. Mary Magdalene Church, Hen's Chicken, published 1843 et seq. at Wilmington, London, and preached at Hoxton until his death, 1678. Delaware. 1. Vincent's Semi-Annunl Register, Jan. During the plague in London in 1665 he was noted for July, 1860, Phila., 8vo, pp. 662, 1860. Unfortunately, his benevolent ininistrations to the sufferers. 1. God's not continued. 2. Essay recommending the Union of Terrible Voice in the City by Plague and Fire, Lon., Great Britain and her Colonies and the United States, 1667, 8vo; 1668, 8vo. 13 edits. before 1671. With Pref. and the Final Union of the World into One Great Naby Dr. J. Evans, 1722, 12mo. Since repub. See extion, Wilmington, 1868, pp. 10. 3. A History of the tracts in Brydges's Restituta, iii. 89-106. 2. Of Christ's State of Delaware, from its First Settlement until the Certain and Sudden Appearance to Judgment, 1667, Present Time, containing a Full Account of the First 8vo; 1669, 12mo : 6th ed., 1683; 10th ed., Glasgow, Dutch and Swedish Settlements, with a Description of 1723, 12mo.

Since repub. 3. Fire and Brimstone, &c., its Geography and Geology, Phila., 8vo, in Nos., 1870. Long, 1670, 80. 4. Explicatory Catechism, 1673, 8vo;

Vincent, G. G. 1. Explanation of Moral Rights, 1708, 12ino; last ed., 1818, 18mo. 5. True Christian's Long, 8v0. 2. Explanation of Morality, 8vo. 3. Law Love of the l'n seen Christ, 1677, 12mo ; 1681, 12ino. of the Human Judgment, with Sequel, 8vo. 4. The “There are various excellent practical works by him.”BickMoral System, 2 vols. 8vo: i., 1841; ii., 1846 ; Appendix, ersteth's C. S., 4th ed., 503. 8vo, 1850. See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1846, 719. 5. Evidence

See a list of bis treatises and sermons in Bliss's in Human Nature of a Future State, 1853, 12mo. 6.

Wood's Athen. Oxon., iii. 1174. He had controversies Science of Moral Nature, 1855, 8vo.

with William Penn and Dr. William Sherlock. Vincent, Humphrey. The Cobler's Sermon Cried

" Vincent was a worthy, bumble, eminently pious man, of Down, or the sum of his Two Sermons, Lon., 1640, 4to.

sober principles and great zeal and diligence." - CALAMY: Vincent, J. H. Little Footprints in Bible Lands;

Ejected Ministers, ii. 32. with Introd. by T. M. Eddy, D.D., N. York, 1861.

Vincent, William, of Gray's Inn, i.e. HOLCROFT, Vincent, J. P. Observations on some of the Parts Thomas, (supra.) Plain and Succinct Narrative of the of Surgical Practice, Lon., 1847, 8vo.

Late Riots and Disturbances in the Cities of London Vincent, John. See Vincent, AUGUSTINE.

and Westminster and Borough of Southwark, Lon., 1780,

8vo, Vincent, Rev. John. Fowling; a Poem, 1808,

See Jeaffreson's Novels and Novelists, 1858, i. 8vo : 2d ed., 1812.

293. Vincent, John, chaplain at Fort William, Bengal. educated at Westininster School and at Trinity College,

Vincent, William, D.D., b. in London, 1739, and Serms. on Prac. Subjects, Lon., 1814, (some 1815,) 8vo.

Vincent, John. See HUNTINGTON, JEDEDIA'H VIN- Cambridge, of which be was elected Fellow, 1761; beCENT, No. 5.

came Usher of Westminster School, 1762 ; Second MagVincent, John, Architect. Country Cottages: a

ter, 1771; Rector of Allhallows the Great and Less, Series of Designs for an Improved Class of Dwellings London, 1778; Head- Master of Westminster School, for Agricultural Labourers, Lon., 1860, imp. 4to or fol.; 1788; Preb. of Westminster, 1801 ; Dean of Westmin2d ed., 1861. Noticed in Lon. Athen., 1860, ii. 194.

ster, 1802; d. 1815. Vincent, L. New Geographical Exercises, Lon.,

1. De Legione Manliana Quæstio, ex Livio desumpta, 1808, 4to.

et Rei Militaris Romance Studiosis proposita, Lon., Vincent, Marvin R., and Lewis, Charlton

1793, 4to. Commended. T., Professors in Troy University, N. York. John

2. The Origination of the Greek Verb; an HypotheAlbert Bengel's Gnomon of the New Testament; a New sis, 1794, 8vo. 3. The Greek Verb Analyzed : an HyTranslation, Phila., 2 vols. 8vo: i., 1860; ii., 1862.

pothesis, 1795, 8vo. 4. The Voyage of Nearchus from “The translators have proved themselves fully eqnal to the

the Indus to the Euphrates, &c., 1797, 4to. See No. 5. immense task of rendering the book into elegant English."

5. The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, in two Parts, Presby. Quar. Rev., July, 1862, 168.

4to: 1, 1800; 2, 1805. Both repub., with No. 4, under


the title of History of the Commerce, Navigation, and all that can he said in its favour, it is an enormous mass of crude, Discoveries of the Ancients in the Indian Ocean, 1807, undigested matter, and not worth the labour of the compilation.”

- Kent, Com., 510. 2 vols. 4to, £4 48. Contains contributions by Bishop

“Read Viner's title of Pleadings yesterday and to-day. It is Horsley, Prof. Heyne, Sir H. J. Brydges, Sir Gore

not so copione nor so instructive as what Bacon says under the Ouseley, Dr. Schneider, Niebuhr, Rennell, Dr. Burney, same title."-DANIEL WEBSTER : Diary, Sept. 24, 1801: Webster's &c. See WALES, WILLIAM.

Prir. Corresp., 1857, i. 179. " A most valuable contribution to the geography of antiquity See, also, Pref., 18 Viner; Wooddesson's Elem., 175; 1 and the history of commerce."- McCulloch's Lil. oj Polit. Econ., Co. Lit., 45 a; Marvin's Leg. Bibl., 711 ; 2 l'es. Jr., 159; 148.

Sch. & Lef., 380; 1 Burr., 364; 1 Leg. Rep., 298. ReAlso commended by Annual Rev., Lon. Mon. Rev., specting Viner, see Lon. Gent. Mag., 1756, 314; 1758, Malte-Brun's Univ. Geog., Rees's Cyc., Penny Cyc., 336, 337, 541; Gibbon's Miscell. Works, ed. 1837, 34; &c.

Story's Miscell. Works, 389. The Vinerian professors There should accompany it-6. The Voyage of Near- have been: 1758, W. Blackstone, D.C.L.; 1760, Robert chus and the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea: translated Chambers, Knt., B.C.L.; 1777, Richard Wooddesson, from the Greek (with the text) by W. Vincent, D.D., D.C.L.; 1793, James Blackstone, D.C.L. ; 1824, Philip Oxf., 1809, 4to. 7. Defence of Public Education, Lon., Williams, B.C.L.; 1843, John Robert Kenyon, D.C.L. 1802, 8vo; 2d ed., 1802, 8vo. To this he was indebted

Vines, c. 1. Dictionary Appendix and Orthografor the deanery of Westminster. He also published pher, Lon., 1834, 12mo ; 1853, fp. 8vo ; 22d 1000, fp. 8vo. some pamphlets and single sermons, and contributed

2. Key to Keith's Treatise on the Globes, new ed., 1851, Notes to Gibbon’s Inquiry into the Circumnavigation of 12mo. 3. Thunderbolt for Rome, 1857, 12mo. Africa, (see Gibbon's Miscell. Works, 1814, 5 vols. 8vo,)

Vines, R. Treatise on Diseases of the Horse, Lon., to Nichole's Lit. Anec., five papers to the Classical 8vo. Journal, and many articles to the British Critic. After

Vines, Richard, a famous Presbyterian preacher his death appeared8. XXXIX. Sermons on Faith, Doc. and scholar, b. at Blaston, Leicestershire, and educated trines, and Public Duties, &c., 2 vols. 8vo: I. With a

at Magdalene College, Cambridge, became Rector of Life of the Author by the Rev. Robert Nares, 1817. II. Weddington, Warwickshire, and subsequently minister With a Preliminary Discourse: Published by Lieut.

of St. Clement Dane's and Vicar of St. Lawrence Jewry, Gen. Wm. Thornton, 1836.

London; one of the Assembly of Divines, 1644; in 1645 “Chiefly calm and argumentative."- Brit. Mag.

" Jis language was chaste, his composition elegant."--An appointed Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, which, nual Biog., vol. i.

with the living of St. Lawrence Jewry, he resigned in For notices of Dr. Vincent, see Life by Nares, ubi supra,

1650 on account of the Engagement; d. 1655. 1. Serms., and Class. Jour., Nos. xxvi. and xxvii.. by Nares, (and Lon., 16+1, 4to. 2. Hearse of Robert Earle of Essex and Chalmers's Biog. Dict., xxx. 371-87;) Lon. Gent. Mag., Ewe, in a Serm. at his Funerall. Lon., 1646, 4to. TowneIxxxv., ii. 573, 633, and lxxxvii., i. 83 ; Nichols's Lit. ley, Pt. 2, 1559, £1 3e. 3. Twenty Serms, on the Lord's Anec., vii. (Index) 435, 701 ; Nichols's' Illust. of Lit., Supper, 1657, 4to; 2d ed., 1660, 4to; 1070 : 1677. Comviii. 112, (Index.)

mended by Baxter and Dr. Burgess. 4. Serms., Twelve, "A gentleman of very considerable erudition, diligence, ability, with bis Funl. Serm. by T. Jacomb, 1658. 5. Thirtyaud most exemplary conduct."-- Pursuits of Lit., ed. 1812, Dial. two Serms. on John vi. 44, 1662, 4to. 6. Serms., 1667, Third, Note 38.

8vo. “Dr. Vincent was one of the sonndest scholars in Europe, an

He published some single sermons, and a tract admirable critic, and a most accomplished geographer."— BELOE.

on His Majesties Concessions, &c., reprinted 1660, em.

4to. Vine, Rev. II.

See Clark's Lives: Fuller's Worthies; Nichols's Pleasant Fruits : Tales, &c. for the Leicestershire, art. Hinckley ; Peck’s Desiderata ; Grey's Young, Collected and Edited. Lon., 1857, 18mo.

Exam. of Neal, i. 414. Viner, Charles, d. at Aldershot, Hampshire, June 5, 1756, already noticed under BLACKSTONE, Sir Wil

“He was a burning and shining light, mighty in the Scrip

tures, and an interpreter one of a thousand." - DR. THOMAS LIAM, Was, according to the gentleman just named, JACOMB. employed for more than half a century on A General "Not a week before his death, preaching in St. Gregory's, a Abridgment of Law and Equity, Alphabetically Digested rude fellow cried out unto him, 'Lift up your voice, for I cannot under Proper Titles, with Notes and References to the

hear you! To which Mr. Vines returned, 'Lift you up your

ears, for I can speak no louder!'"-Fuller's Worthies, ed. 1810, ii. Whole, Allershot, 1742-51, 23 vols. fol.; to which (making 24 vols.) is added An Alphabetical Index to Vines, W. R. English-Latin and Latin-English all the Abridgments of Law and Equity, &c., by Robert Pocket Dictionary, Lon., 32mo; new ed., 1860, 32mo. Kelham, Lon., 1758, fol. Viner had his work printed in Viney, Rev. Josiah. 1. The Past and the Future, his own house, from paper (inarked with the numbers of

Lon., 1849, fp. 8vo. 2. The Prison Opened, 1854. 3. the volumes, or the letters C. V.) manufactured for the

Gleanings among the Sheaves, 1863, 18mo. purpose. It is based upon Rolle, (see Rolle, Sir Henry,

Vingut, Francisco Javier, Professor of the No. 1;) and, as D'Anvers's translation concludes with Spanish Language and Literature in the University of Extinguishinent, (see p. 475, supra) Viner began at

New York, b. in Trinidad de Cuba, 1823, after 1848 Factor, and, after concluding the alphabet, proceeded to resided in the city of New York, where he published the title Abatement and worked up to his starting point. the following works: 1. Spanish Grammar, on Ollen2d ed., Lon., 1791.94, 24 vols. r. 8vo. To which add a

dorff's Plan, 12mo. 2. Spanish and English PhraseSupplement by Several Gentlemen in the Respective Book, 12mo. 3. Spanish Reader and Translator, 1855, Branches of the Law, (J. E. Watson, S. Comyn, J. Sedg- 12mo. 4. El Maestro de Francés, 1855, 12mno. Key, wick, H. Alevek, J. Wyatt, J. Humphreys, A. Anstruther, 1855. 5. El Maestro de Inglés, 1855, 12mo. Key, 1855. and M. Nolan,) 1700-1806, 6 vols. r. 8vo. The vol.

6. Le Maitre d'Espagnol, 1855, 12ino. Key. 1855. 7. known as Viner on I'vidence is vol. xii. of his Abridg- Lector y Traductor inglés, 1855, 12mo. 8. With others, ment, which was soll separately.

Gems of Spanish Poetry, 1855, 12mo. Edited Nueva “When a question of Evidence of any novelty or difficulty

Gramática Inglesa de Urcullu, enlarged ; and La Indiana Arises, fail not to search the 12th vol, of the last edition of Viner's Abridgment."- PROFESS 'R WHITESIDE.

and La Aurora, newspapers published in English and We quote some opinions on Viner's Abridgment: Spanish.

“ Brother Viner is not an authority. Cite the Cases that Viner Vingut, Mrs. Gertrude Fairfield, a native of quotes-that you may do.”-FOSTER, J.

Philadelphia, youngest daughter of Sunner Lincoln * Notwithstanding all its defects and inaccuracies, it must be

Fairfielil. (supra,) and wife of the preceding. 1. Irene; allowed to be a necessary part of every lawyer's library."—HARGRAVE: 3 (0) Lill., 9 a, note 3.

or, The Autobiography of an Artist's Daughter, and other ** The writer who alridges least is most to he relied on : hence

Tales, Bost., 1851, 8vo. She has since written a novel, Viver, as the repository of certain and ample information, is, entitled-2. Madeline. 3. Naomi Torrento : The llistory perhaps, of all others, except the book of reports, the safest for of a Woman, N. York, 1864, 12mo. Edited Gems of Spanreference."--HOFFMAN: Leg. Stun, 388. See the note to this. “ He (the young practitioner) will find a great deal of impor

ish Poetry, N. York, 1855, 12mo. tant matter there which cannot be found elsewhere without

Vinje, A. 0., Advocate before the High Courts of great difficulty and inconvenience."-WARREN: Law Stu., 2d ed., Justice, Christiania, came from Norway to Great Britain 1815, 780.

in 1850, and is, or was in 1863, a resident of Edinburgh. " It is a cumbrons compilation, by no means accurate or com- A Norseman's l'iews of Britain and the British, (in letplete in its citations, anii difficult to use. ... It often rewards

ters, Feb. 2 - May 27, 1863, ) Edin., 1863, cr. 8vo, pp. the labor when all other resources have failed the diligent searcher for anthorities."-JUDGE STORY: 26 N. Amer. Rev., 9;

168, repub, in his Miscell. Writings, ed. 1852, 388, 389.

“Readable and interesting, and not unfrequently amusing." See 6 N. Amer. Rev., 74, (republiebed in his Miscell.

Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 575. Writings, 88.)

Vink. Voyage to Australasia in 1663. See Callao“A convenient part of every lawyer's library;... but, after der's Voyages, ii. 420.



Vinning, Pamela S., of Missouri. Poetical pieces. chusetts, 1792 ; graduated at Williams College, 1814; See Wm. T. Coggeshall's Poets and Poetry of the West, M.C., 1823-37 and 18433-51. Argument for Defendants Columbus, O., 1860, r. 8vo.

in the Case of Virginia vs. Garner and others for an Vinsauf, Geoffrey, (Galfridus de Vino Salvo.) | Alleged Abduction of Slaves, 1845, 8vo. Also, single See GEOFFREY DE VINSAUF; Rerum Anglic. Script. speeches in Congress, &c. Veteres, vol. ii. (ed. Gale,) 1687, fol.; Dibdin's Lib. Violet, Thomas, Goldsmith, of London, published Cump., ed. 1825, 163, n.

treatises against the transportation of gold and silver, Vint, Rev. W. Edited B. Pictet's Theologia Chris- &c., Lon., 1643–63, q. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit. and tiana, 4th ed., 1820. See, also, Towers, Joseph Lonas, Lowndes's Bibl. Man. No. 1.

Vipre, N. X. Growth of Wipe in England, Lon., Vinton, Alexander H., M.D., D.D., a divine of | 1786, 8vo. the Protestant Episcopal Church, successively stationed Virey, Jul. Jos. Natural History of the Negro in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, has published Race; Extracted by J. H. Guenebalt, Charleston, 1837, & volume of Sermons, Phila., 1855, 8vo, 4th ed., Bost., 8vo. 1867; single sermons, &c.; and contributed to Lectures Visconti, E. L. On the Elgin Marbles, with on the Evidences of Christianity, Phila., 1855, 8vo; Canova's Letter, Lon., 8vo ; in French, 8vo. the Amer. Church Quar. Rev., &c. See, also, The Chris- Vitalis, Ordericus. See ORDERICUS Vitalis; Cave, tian Sabbath, N. York, 1862, 12mo.

vol. i.; Nicolson's Eng. Hist. Lib.; Maseres's Hlist. Vinton, Francis, D.D., b. in Providence, R.I., Anglic., 1807, 4to. 1809; graduated at West Point, (rank each year one of Vitus. See WHITE, RICHARD. the five bead cadets,) 1830, at the Law School, Harvard Vitus. See White, THOMAS. University, 1833, and at the General Theological Semi- Vivian, Rev. E. Climate of Torquay, Lon., 1816, nary, N. York, 1839 ; was a Lieutenant U.S. Army, 8vo. Edited Cavern Researches, by the Late J. Mac1830–39; Civil Engineer on several railroads, 1830-34 ; | Enery; from the Original Manuscript Notes, Lon., 1859, ordained in the Prot. Episcopal Church, deacon, 1839, 8vo. Reviewed in Lon. Athen., 1859, i. 574. priest, 1810; elected Bishop of Indiana, and declined, Vivian, George. 1. Scenery of Portugal and Spain; 1847; Rector of Grace Church, Brooklyn Heights, 1847 31 lithographic views, Lon., 1838, imp. fol., £4 48. 2. to 1855, and Assistant Minister of Trinity Church, N. | Views from the Gardens of Rome and Albano, by HardYork, 1855 to the present date, (1870;) Professor of Ec-ing, 1848, fol., £5 58. clesiastical Polity and Law in the Episcopal General Vivian, Rev. Richard. 1. Letter on Friendly Theological Seminary, New York, Mareh, 1869. He has Societies, &c., Lon., 1816, 8vo. 2. Thoughts on Poor published Arthur Tremaine, or Annals of Cadet Life, Rates, 1817, 8vo. 1830, and single sermons, pamphlets, &c., 1810-64; con- Vivian, Thomas, Vicar of Cornwood. 1. Expos. tributed to Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity, of the Catechism of the Church of England, Lon., 1770, Phila., 1855, 8vo, &c., (see, also, Fast-Day Sermons, N. 12mo. Many edits. York, 1861, 12mo;) and delivered public lectures on "One of the best explanations of the Church Catechism,Dante, The Gentleman, &c. We notice especially his lively, evangelical, and simple."--Bickersteth's C. S., 165. excellent Oration on The Annals of Rhode Island and 2. Dissertation on the XIII. Chapter of the RevelaProvidence Plantations, N. York, 1863, 8vo.

tion of St. John, 1781. 3. Book of the Revelation of “It abounds in historical facts, and is copiously illustrated

St. John the Divine Explained, Plymouth, 1785, 8vo. with notes of great interest and value."-J. R. BARTLETT : Vivian, William. Contemplation; or, A Christian's Bibliog. of Rhode Islanıl, 1864, 8v0), 266.

Wanderings, Lon., 8vo. We apply the same language to Mr. Bartlett's book. Vivien, A. T. Londres, Guide des Etrangers à,

Vinton, Frederic, an industrious bibliographer, for- Lon., 1862, 12mo, case. merly connected with the Public Library of the City of Vivignis, P. De, M.D. Description of the Four Boston, deserves honourable notice as one of the com

Situations of a Gouty Person, Lon., 1774, imp. 8vo. pilers of the Indexes to the excellent Catalogues of that

Vizard, John. 1. Principles in Philosophy and institution.-viz. : I. Index to the Catalogue of a Portion Divinity, Lon., 12mo. 2. Comment on Exodus xii. lof the Public Library of the City of Boston, Arranged 8, 12mo. 3. An Opening of the Mystery of the Taberin the Lower Hall, 1858, r. 8vo, pp. iv., 204; II. Index nacle, 1838, 12mo. to the Catalogue of Books in the Upper Hall of the Pub- Vlieland, J. 1. Theory, &c. of French, Lon., 1846, lic Library of the City of Boston, 1861, r. 8vo, pp. vii., p. 8vo. 2. Petit Manuel Français, 1819, 16mo; last 902; III. Index to the Catalogue of Books in the Bates ed., 1861, 16mo. 3. Italian Grammar, 1850, 12mo ; 2d Hall of the Public Library of the City of Boston: First ed., 1851, 12 mo. 4. French Genders, 2d ed., 1851, 18mo. Supplement, 1866, r. 8vo, pp. iv., 718, 21.

5. Theory, &c. of German, 1851, 12ino; 2d ed., 1861, Mr. Vinton is now pursuing his useful labours in the 12mo. 6. Stepping Stone to Translating Conversational Library of Congress at Washington, D.C., (see Spor- | French, 1861, 12mo. Other publications. FORD, A. R.) Let us hope that the treasures of that too- Voddam, Adam. See Gondav. much-neglected collection will be rendered so easily Voe, Thomas Farrington De, b. 1811, in Yonaccessible that it can no longer be said, “ The American kers, N. York, and since 1815 a resident of the city of Congressman rends nothing but the newspapers,"—and N. York. 1. The Market-Book; containing an Historical those only of his own party.

Account of the Public Markets in the Cities of New Vinton, Rev. John Adams, b. in Boston, 1801: York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn, N. York, 2 graduated at Dartmouth College, 1828, and at the Theo- vols. Svo: i., 1862, pp. 621. logical Seminary, Andover, 1831. 1. The Vinton Meino

" This is a most curious contribution to local history:

Was well worth the writing; and the task could not have fallen rial, comprising a Genealogy of the Descendants of John

into better hands than those of the pains-taking, industrious, Vinton, of Lynn, 1648, also, Genealogical Researches of

and discriminating author of this work."- Hist. Mug., 1862, 101. Several Allied Families, &c., Bost., 1858, 8vo, pp. 532. 2. The Market Assistant, 1867, cr. 8vo.

“This is another of our most finished genealogies," &c.- Voelcker, Dr. Augustus. 1. Artificial Manures, Whilmore's H.-B. of Amer. Geneulog., 1862, 142, (q. 1'.)

Lon., 1857, Svo, pp. 18. 2. Chemistry of Food, 1857, Also commended by Hist. and Genealog. Reg., July, 8vo, pp. 54. See, also, Agr. Soc. Jour., xx., Part 1, 1859. 1858, &c.

Vogan, Robert. Anatomy and Diseases of the Genealogical Sketches of the Descendants of John Testis, Lon., 1838, 12mo. Vinton, of Lynn, 1619; and of Several Allied Families, Vogan, Thomas Stuart Lyle, h. about 1800, &c., 1858, 8vo, pp. 236. This is a portion of the pre- graduated at St. Edmund's Hall. Oxford, 1824, became ceding book, re-paged.

Preb, of Chichester, Vicar of Potter Higham, &c., and, 2. The Giles Memorial: Genealogies of the Giles, in 1843, Vicar of Walberton, Sussex; d. 1867. 1. Gould, Holmes, Jemison, &c. Families, 1864, 8vo, pp. Serms., Oxf., 1837, 8vo. 2. Principal objections to the 600. 3. The Sampson Family in America, 1861, 8vo. pp. Doctrine of the Trinity, &c. ; Eight Serms. at Bainpton 14. 4. Deborah Sampson, the Female Soldier of the Lect., 1837, 8v0. Revolution; a Reprint of the Rare Edition printed at

"It is indeed impossible to imagine a series of criticisms Dedham, Massachusetts, in 1797, with List of Subscri

better arranged or more cogently applied."--Ch. of Eng. Quar. bers; with an Introduction and Notes by John Adams

"The most complete and satisfactory manual of the evidence Vinton, 1866, 4to ; 250 copies. Contributed to Boston for the doctrine of the Trinity,"-Brit. Mug. Traveller, Boston Recorder, Congregationalist, Christian 3. Nine Lects. on the Sacrament of the Lord's SupMirror, and Verinont Chronicle.

per, 1819, 8vo.

He has also published a pamphlet on Vinton, Samuel F., b. in South Hadley, Massa- 1 Lights on the Altar, &o.


Vogdes, William, LL.D., b. in Philadelphia, 1802: | Recollections of Sermons preached by the Late Rev. admitted to the Philadelphix Bar, 1832 ; Professor of Thoinas Vores, Lon., 1858, 12ino; 2d ed., 1859, 12.0. Mathematics in the Philadelphia Central High School, 3d ed., 1860, Svo. Second Series, 1863, sin. cr. Svo; Sept. 1838 to 1862. 1. United States Arithmetic, Phila., Vose, George L., Civil Engineer. Hand-Book of 1845, 12in0,- (Answers, 12mo.) 230,000 copies sold to Railroad Construction ; for the Use of Aunerican EngiApril, 1860. New edits., by Samuel Alsop: First part neers, Bost., 1857, 12ino. also pub, separately, as Vogiles and Alsop's Elements of A manual of this sort onght to be in the hands of every man Practical Arithinetic. 2. Elementary Treatise on Men- who holuls a place of trust in the affairs of any of our railways." zuration and Practical Arithmetic, 1845, 12mo, (Key, | -N. Amer. Rer., lxxxv. 27+. 12mo.) 115,000 sold to April 24, 1860. Both of the above Contributor to Mathematical Montbly, (Cambridge.) have been highly commended.

Vose, John, b. in Bedford, N. H., 1766 ; graduated Vogel, A. F. On Equations, Lon., 1846, r. 8vo. at Dartinouth College, 1795 ; Preceptor in Atkinson

Vogel, Dr. Edward, sent out by the British Gov- Academy, 1795–1816; Principal of Pembroke Academy, ernment to join Dr. Barth after the loss of his col- 1820–31; returned to Atkinson, 1831, and there remained leagues Overinand and Richardson, perished in Africa. until his death, 1810. 1. System of Astronomy, ConSee his exploring journals to Central Africa, and account cord, 1827, 8vo. 2. Compendium of Astronormy, 1832. of his fate, in Hermann Wagner's Book of Journeys and Also, orations, &c., 1805, '13, '27. See N. H. Repos., Discoveries, Series Third, Leipsic, 1859.

July, 1816. Vogelbach, J., Lutheran pastor, Philadelphia. 1. Votier, John. Vox Dei ad Hominis: God's Call Kurtzgefasste Deutsche Sprachlehre zum Gebrauch für from Heaven, &c., 1658, sm. 8vo. Very rare. Schulen und Privatunterricht, New Berlin, 1838, pp. Vought, John G. Treatise on Bowel Complaints, 194. 2. Abschiedsrede an die St. Michaels Gemeinde in Roches., 1823, 12mo. Harrisburg, Sept. 9, 1847. 3. Leichenrede zuin Anden- Vowell, John. See Hooker, or Vowell, JOAN, M.P. ken des ehrw. J. Weiman, 1859. Editor of Zeichen Vowells, John. Attempt to show the Nature of der Zeit, Allentown, 1856.

the Oath of Canonical Obedience of the Clergy, 1801, 8vo. Voight, F. Atlas of Ancient Geography, for Schools Voysey, Rev. Charles. The Sling and the Stone, and Colleges, Lon., 1862, r. 8vo.

Lon., 4 vols. p. 8vo : i., 1868; 2d ed., 1869; li., 1868; Voison, E. J. Key to Chambaud's French Exer- iii., iv, 1869." See Defence of, on the Hearing of the cises, Lon., 12mno.

Charges of Ileresy preferred against him in the ChanVolant, F., and Warren, J. R. Economy of cery Court of York, 1869, 8vo. Cookery, Lon., 1860, fp. 8vo. See, also, SoYER, ALEXIS. Vrooman, Ada Eugenie, b. in New York, 1846,

Volpe, Girolamo, an Italian Protestant, residing has contributed many prose and poetical articles to pein England. 1. Memoirs of an Ex-Capuchin, (Vincenzo riodicals. Her Zenobia and her Cleopatra have been Crespi :) or, Scenes of Modern Monastic Life, Lon., 1853, called " wonderful productions for a young woman, exfp. 8vo.

hibiting a knowledge of the human heart seldom given "A very interesting narrative."-Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1853, 1025. to a female.” Why not as often to a “female” as to a 2. Italian Graminar for Eton, 1862, 12mo. See, also, male? A voluine of Miss Vrooman's Poems has been WARREN, SAMUEI., D.C.L., No. 9.

promised. Volusenus, Florentius. See Wilson, FLORENCE. Vulliamy, B. L. Some Considerations on the Sub.

Von Buskirk, Rev. L., Lutheran pastor, New ject of Public Clocks, Lon., 1828, 4to. York. Serinons, 1797, pp. 123.

Vulliamy, Lewis. Examples of Ornamental SculpVon Gumpach, Johannes. 1. Practical Tables ture and Architecture, Lon., (1824,) Nos. 1-6, sup. r. for the Reduction of Mohammedan Dates to the Chris. fol.; l. p., imp. fol., on India paper. tian Kalendar, Lon., 1856. See Lon. Athen., 1856, 865. Vullianny, Benjamin.' Means to obtain an Over2. True Figure and Dimensions of the Earth, 1861, 8vo; flowing Well; Phil. Trans., 1797, and Nic. Jour., 1798. 2d ed., 1862, Svo. See Lon. Athen., 1861, ii. 687; 1862, Vyllagon, Sir Nycholas. Lamentable and Piteous ii. 375. 3. Baby Worlds: an Essay on the Nascent Treatise, Lon., 1542, 8vo. See Lowndes's Bibl. Man. Members of our Solar Household, 1863, 8vo.

Vyner, Robert T. Notitia Venetica : a Treatise on Von Hoxar, Henry, Lutheran pastor, Baltimore. Fox-Hunting, Lon., 1847, r. 8vo. Two Questions on Romanism, Balt., 1855, pp. 51.

Vyse, Charles, teacher at Vauxhall. 1. Tutor's Von Moschzisker, Franz Adolph, M.D., b. at Guide, 1770, 12mo.' Key, 1773, 12mo. 2. Geographical Lemberg, Galicia, 1824; graduated at Vienna and Leip- Grammar, 1774, 12mo. 3. New London Spelling. Book, sic, and served in the Austrian Army; Professor of, and 1777, 12mo; last ed., 1864, 12mo. At the sale of the Clinical Lecturer on, Diseases of the Eye and Ear, in the Robinsons, the copyright of this was sold for £2500, Philadelphia University of Medicine and Surgery, Dec. with an annuity of 50 guineas to the author. 4. Lady's 1866. 1. A Guide to German Literature; or, Manual | Accountant, 12mo. 5. Young Arithmetician, 12mo. to Facilitate an Acquaintance with the German Classic Vyse, General Howard, "carried on some very Authors, Lon., 1850, 2 vols. fp. 8vo; red. to 98., 1852. spirited and extensive operations for solving the long2. The Study of Modern Languages, 1850, fp. 8vo. In disputed question as to the interior of the Pyramids," German. 3. A Guide to the German Language, 1851, and published the results in Operations carried on at the

See Lon. Athen., 1851, 1045. 4. A Guide to Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837: with an Account of a Voyage the Diseases of the Eye and their Treatment, Balt., into Upper Egypt: Illustrated by J. S. Perring, (q. v.,) 1856, fp. 8vo. 5. The Ear: its Diseases and their Treat- Lon., 1810, imp. 8vo, £2 108.; Appendix, 1812, imp. Evo, ment, Phila., 1864, 12mo. 6. On Eye and Ear Diseases, £1 18. Throat Diseases in General, &c.; a Book for the People, “The late General Vyse's excellent work."-Encyc. Brit., 8th 1865. Contributor to periodicals in Germany, England, ed., 1855: Egypt, (by R. 8. Poole.) and America.

Vyse, William, LL.D., Rector of Lambeth. Fast Von Steinwehr, Adolph W. A. F., b. at Blan. Serm., Deut. xxiii. 9, Lon., 1778, 4to. kenburg, Germany, 1822, graduated at the Military Aca- Vyvyan, Sir Richard Rawlinson, eighth demy, Brunswick, Germany, 1841. 1. Outline Maps for Baronet, b. at Trelowarren, 1800, M.P. for Bristol, Schools, Phila., 1868. 2. The Continents: a Brief In- &c., 1825–57. See Index to Blackw. Mag., vols. i. to l. vestigation of their Physical Features, 1868, 12mo. 3. Letter on the Subject of Prison Discipline, 1845, 8vo. Warren's Physical Geography, Revised edition, 1869, See Law Rev., v. 152. 4to. 4. With Brinton, D. G., A Primary Geography, Vyvyan, Rev. Thomas G., Fellow of Gonville Cin., 1870, 4to. 5. With Brinton, D. G., An Interme- and Caius College, Cambridge, edited Rev. Harvey diate Geography; with Lessons on Map Drawing, 1870, Goodwin's (p. 704, supra) Problems and Examples, 4to. 6. A School Geography: Embracing a Mathemati- Camb., 8vo, and Rev. W. W. Hutt's Solutions of Godcal, Physical, and Political Description of the Earth, win's Collection of Problems and Examples, 8vo. Au1870, 4to.

thor of Elementary Analytical Geometry, Camb. and Vores, Rev. Thomas. See Loving Counsels : being | Lon., 1867, p. 8vo.



fp. 8vo.

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