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Waagen, Gustav Friedrich, b. at Hamburg, 1794, 205; Knight's Eng. Cyc., Biog., vi., 1858, 458 ; Archæol., for many years Director of the Royal College of Paint- vols. xii., xiii., (by M. De La Rue ;) Brunet's Man., ubi ings at Berlin, and from 1844 Professor of Art History supra. in the University of Berlin, d. at Copenhagen, July 16, Wacker, Jacob David, M.D. Inaugural Essay 1868, has forever connected himself with English collec- on Hydrocephalus Internus, Phila., 1806, 8vo. tions of art (and therefore shall not be excluded from a Wackerbarth, A. D. Beowulf, an Epic Poem; register of English letters) by the following excellent Translated from the Anglo-Saxon, Lon., 1819, fp. 8vo. books. 1. Works of Art and Artists in England, Lon., Wackerbarth, F. D. 1. History of the Church 1838, 3 vols. p. 8vo. See Lon. Quar. Rev., June, 1838, to the Reformation, N. York, 1834, 8vo. 2. Music of 131; Edin. Rev., July, 1838, 384; Lon. Athen., 1838, the Anglo-Saxons, Lon., 1837, 8vo. 3. Egyptian Bond162, 191; Lun. Lit. Gaz., 182, 199. 2. Treasures of Art age; or, A Second Call to Union, 1842, 8vo. 4. Lyra io Great Britain, 1854, 3 vols. 8vo. See Lon. Quar. Ecclesiastica; with an English Translation, fp. 8vo. Rev., April, 1854, art. vi.; Lon. Athen., 1854, 517, 551, Part 1, 1842; Second Series, 1843. 622, 718; Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1854, 389, 419, 444; Notes and Wackerhagen, Augustus, D.D., Lutheran pastor, Q., 1851.

See No. 3. 3. Galleries and Cabinets of Art Clermont, N. York. Kurzer Iubegriff der Glaubens- und in Great Britain, 1857, 8vo. This is a supplement to Sittenlehre, Pbila., 1804, 12mo. No. 2. See Lon. Athen., 1857, 1457. 4. The Manchester Wadd, William, Surgeon-Extraordinary to George Exhibition, 1857, 12mo, pp. 80. See Lon. Athen., 1857, IV., d. 1829, aged 52. 1. On Strictures of the Urethra, 978. See, also, Lon. Art Jour., 1857: The Exhibition Lon., 1809, 8vo; 2d ed., 1811, 8vo. 2. Cursory Remarks of Art Treasures, (by Dr. Waagen.) of Dr. Wangen’s on Corpulence; by a Member of the College of Surgeons, other works there have also appeared in English–5. 1810, 8vo, pp. 44; 3d ed., with his pame, 1817, 8vo, pp. Peter Paul Rubens, his Life and Genius; from the 129; new ed., 1833. See reviews in Lon. Gent. Mag., German of Dr. Waagen, by Robert R. Noel, Esq. ; Edited | 1810, i. 153; 1817, i. 332 ; Blackw. Mag., xvii. 69. See by Mrs. Jameson, 1810, sq. 8vo. See Lon. Athen., 1840, No. 8, infra. 3. Cases of Diseased Bladder and Testicle, 339. 6. Hand-Book of Painting: The German, Flemish, 1815. 4to. Reviewed in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1816, i. 240, and Dutch Schools; Based on the Hand-Book of Kugler, (by Mr. Hills.) 4. Cases in Surgery on the Malforma(see Eastlake, Sir Charles Look, No. 2:] Enlarged, tion and Diseases of the Head, 1819. 5. Nugæ Chirurand for the most part Re-written, by Dr. Waagen; with gicæ; or, A Biographical Miscellany, Illustrative of a Illustrations, 1860, 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

Collection of Professional Portraits, 1824, 8vo, pp. 280, "Really a new and very superior work, as far as research and Reviewed in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1824, i. 340, and Blackw, wider experience could render it so."-Lon. Athen., 1860, ii. 388. Mag., xvii. 69. 6. Nugæ Canoræ; or, Epitaphian MeSee, also, 753. of Dr. Waagen's History of Painting, a translation of Modern Times; by Unus Quorum, 1827, 8vo, pp. 70.

mentos, in Stone-Cutter's Verse, of the Medici Family into French, by L. Hymans and J. Petit, in three volumes, Reviewed in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1827, i. 242. 7. Memo, was announced some years since. The following impor, randums, Maxims, and Memoirs, 1827. Reviewed in tant work is now (1870) in preparation : A Critical and Loo. Gent. Mag., 1827, ii. 533. 8. Comments on CorpuCommercial Dictionary of the Works of Painters, (com- Tency, Liueaments of Leanness, Mems, on Diet and prising 8850 sale-notes of pictures and 980 original notes Dietetics, 1828, 8vo. See No. 2. Reviewed in Lon. on the subjects and styles of various artists who have Gent. Mag., 1828, ii. 542 ; and see same for 1829, ii. 562, painted in the schools of Europe between A.D. 1250 and

for Obituary of Mr. Wadd. 1850,) by F. P. Seguier. To be published by Longmans Waddel, George. 1. Remarks on Mr. (Thomas) & Co.

Innes's Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of the Wace, Master, Anglo-Norman poet, b. in the island Northern Parts of Britain, or Scotland, Edin., 1733, 4to. of Jersey about 1112, was a canon in the cathedral 2. Animadversiones Criticæ in Loca quædam Virgilii, church of Bayeux from 1161 to 1171, and is supposed to

Horatii, Ovidii et Lucani, 1734, 12mo. bave d. in England about 1184. 1. Le Roman de Rou, Waddel, Moses, D.D., b. in Iredell co., N. Caroet des Ducs de Normandie, par Robert Wace, Poëte Nor-lina, 1770; graduated at Hampden Sidney College, 1791; mand du XIIe siècle, publié pour la première fois d'après President of Franklin College, Georgia, 1819–29; d. at les Manuscrits de France et d'Angleterre, avec des Notes Wellington, S. Carolina, 1840. Memoirs of the Life of pour servir à l'Intelligence du Texte, par Fred. Pluquet, Miss Caroline E. Smelt, N. York, 1810, 1200. See Me(et Auguste Le Prevost,) Rouen, éd. Frère, (Paris, de moirs, &c. of S. Grellet, Pbila., 1860, ii. 187. l'imprimn. de Crapelet,) 1827, 2 vols. 8vo, 20 fr.

Waddell, Captain. Voyage towards the South “Il a été tiré 60 exemp. sur papier Vélin jésus, 40 fr.; 3 sur Pole, 1822-24. jésus de Hollande, et 2 sur papier Hollande un peu plus petit. Uu des trois sur Gr. Pap., avec fig. coloriées et rehaussées d'or,

“This was a private trading voyage. Captain Waddell peneayant de plus les Observalions et le Supplément ci-dessons, égale

trated the Antarctic Sea to latitude 74, which was three dement en pap. de Hollande, 130 fr. Le Prevost, en 1857. Pre- grees further south than Cook or any preceding navigator had mière édition complète d'une des productions les plus reinarqua

penetrated."-CHANCELLOR KENT: Course of Eng. Read., ed. bles de notre ancienne littérature; on n'en avait encore publié

1853, 77. que des fragments.”--BRUNET: Man., 5th ed., v, (1864) 1391. Waddell, Hope Masterton, a minister of the

See, also, For. Quar. Rev., ii. 82; Blackw. Mag., xxxix. United Secession body of Dissenters from the Kirk of 817, xl. 278.

Scotland, and a missionary at Jamaica, and subsequently There has recently appeared, The Conquest of Eng- at Old Calabar, Upper Guinea, bas related a portion of land, froin Wace's Poem, now first Translated into Eng- his experience in Twenty-Nine Years in the West In lies lish Rhyme, by Sir Alexander Malet, Bart., (H.B.M.'s and Central Africa : a Review of Missionary Work and Mioister-Plenipotentiary to the Germanic Confedera- Adventures, 1829–58, Lon., 1863, p. 8vo, pp. 681. tion,) Lon., Dec. 1860, 4to, £2 28. This includes the “He says much that is curious, instructive, valuable. But Franco-Norman text of Wace, as edited by Pluquet, with

his work is, as it were, au uuthrashed corn-stack."-Lon. the Notes of Edgar Taylor, Le Prevost, &c., and is

Reader, 1863, 1. 189. illustrated by photographs from the Bayeux Tapestry, ing the Polarity of the Mariner's Compass; Phil. Trans.,

Waddell, John. Effects of Lightning in destroyexecuted by Herr Albert, of Munich. 2. Roman de Brut, publié pour la première fois d'après

1749. les Manuscrits des Bibliothèques de Paris, avec un Com

Waddell, Rev. P. Hately, LL.D. 1. Sojourn of mentaire et des Notes par M. Le Roux de Linoy, Rouen, 2. Church of the Future ; a Discourse. 1862, p. 8vo.

a Sceptic in the Land of Darkness, Edin., 1819, p. 8vo, éd. Frère, 1836-38, 2 vols. 8vo.

3. “Publication important: 20 fr.; Gr. pap. vélin, tiré à 40

Christ of Revelation and Reality; a Discourse, 1863, p. exempl., 45 fr. L'appendice, contenant la description du manu. 8vo. 4. The Life and Works of Robert Burns; Criti. scrit, n'a paru qu'après le 2e volume. Il a été tiré dix exeni- cal and Analytical Edition, Glasgow, Wilson, Oct. 1869, plaires sur pap. jésuis de Hollande, (79 fr. Labéilovère en 1862; 2 vols. 4to, £1 108. un senl sur papier carré anglais, et 3 sur papier coquille azure." -BRUNET: ubi supra.

“Is Illustrated by upwards of Thirty Engravings, Fac-Similes, See, also, LAYAMON; Taylor, Edgar, No. 4; Intro- letters, and Poems; with an immense amount of original Bio

and Wood-cuts; contains upwarıls of Sixty Original Documents, duction, p. 20, supra; and the notices of these and graphical Anecdote and Memorauda hitherto unknown; and other works of Wace in Wright's Biog. Brit. Lit., A. N. P., 1 hits been pronounced by the Press universally the Best, Fullest, and most Perfect Edition of Robert Burns ever published.”- neers, contributed to LEYDEN, John, M.D., No. 7, a MePublisher's Adrert.

moir on the Map in that volume. Waddell, Thomas. Offices of Prayer; embracing Waddington, Edward, D.D., Bishop of Chichesall the Devotional Parts of Scripture, Lon., 1846, 8vo. ter, 1724; d. 1731. 1. Serm., 1 Cor. iv. 1, Lon., 1718,

Waddell, William Henry, Professor of Ancient Svo. 2. Serm., Luke xxii, 32, 1721, 870. 3. Serin., Jer. Languages in the University of Georgia. A Greek xxvi. 14, 15, 1729, 4to. Grammar for Beginners, N. York, 1869, 12m0, pp. 104. Waddington, George, D.D., b. about 1793; edu

Waddie, Charles. Wallace: or, The Field of cated at, and Fellow of, Trinity College, Cambridge; was Stirling Bridge; an Historical Play, in Five Acts, (in made Dean of Dublin in 1840; d. July 21, 1869. 1. A verse.) Edin., 1858, 12mo.

Visit to Greece in 1823 and 1824, Lon., 1825, p. 8vo; 2d Waddie, Eden. The Maid of Norway; a Roman. ed., 1825, p. 8vo. tic Comedy, in Five Acts, Lon., 1859, 12no.

“Unquestionably by far the most impartial and valuable pic“A more tedious and artificial composition dever called itself

ture yet given to the public of the Greek Revolutiou and its a comedy."-Lon. Athen., 1859, i. 355.

present aspects."-Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1825, 113. See, also, 134, 151,

165. Waddilove, Alfred, D.C.L. 1. Digest of Cases 2. Serm., (Commemoration,) Camb., 1828, 8vo. 3. decided in the Court of Arches, &c., Lon., 1849, r. 8vo. Present Condition and Prospects of the Greek or Orien2. Church Patronage, Historically, Legally, and Morally tal Church, &c., Lon., 1829, p. 8vo; new ed., 1854, fp. Considered, 1854, p. 8vo. 3. Act to Amend the Law 8vo. Commended by Oriental Review. 4. History of relating to Probates, &c., 1857, 8vo, pp. 90; with the the Church from the Earliest Ages to the Reformation, Rules and Orders, 1858, 8vo. 4. The Laws of Marriage 1833, 8vo, (Lib. U. K.;) New York, 1834, 8vo; 2d ed., and the Laws of Divorce of England, 1861, 8vo.

enlarged, Lon., 1835, 3 vols. 8vo. “A compendious and accurate digest."--Lon. Reader, 1864, ii. "Most assuredly it will secure him an honourable place among 443.

the masters of historical narrativn."- Bril. Crilic, 1833. Waddilove, W. System of Discrimioating Duties, and yet it is at least half a century behind the progress of the

"Perhaps the best of native growth of which we can boast; Lon., Dec. 1847, 4to.

age in accuracy and extent of information, and in the principles Waddilove, Rev. W. J. D. 1. Canadian Clergy upon which it is constructed."— Edin. Rre., 1835, 133–166. Reserves, Newc.-on-Tyne, 1810, pp. 46. See Rich's * A compendious and useful narrative."'-Lon. Quar. Rev., Bib). Amer. Nova, ii. 334. 2. Lamp in the Wilderness, July, 1851: Latin Christianity. 1847, cr.

"There are some good remiarks on Julian in Waddington's 8vo. See, also, STEWART, Hon. CHARLES Church History, ch. viii."- Farrar: Crit. Hist. of Free Thought, JAMES, D.D.

1863, Lect. II., 1. Wadding, Luke, b. at Waterford, Ireland, 1588, See, also, Schaff's Hist. of the Christian Church and was admitted to the order of St. Francis, 1605; founded his Hist, of the Apostolic Church; and add to No. 4 the College of St. Isidore, 1625; Procurator for the

Chronicles of the Ancient British Church previous to Franciscans at Rome, 1630-34; Vice-Commissary of the

the Arrival of St. Augustine, A.D. 596, 2d ed., p. 8vo. Franciscans, 1645-48; died, shortly after refusing a car- See Notes and Queries, July 24, 1869, p. 1. 5. History dinal's bat, Nov. 18, 1657, and was buried in the chapel of the Reformation on the Continent, (also styled Hisof St. Isidore. See Harris's Ware's Ireland.

tory of the Church during the Reformatiou,) 1811, 3 1. Culasio Concordantiæ Bibliorum, Hebraice et Lat., vols. 8vo. Romæ, 1621, 4 vols, fol. Calasio died at Rome whilst “ These volumes would more properly have been designated Wadding was there, leaving this work in MS. Wad- the Life and Times of Martin Luther;' they are in the main an ding procured and superintended the publication, and

elaborate defence of the career of the great Reformer."--Lon. prefixed to the text a learned treatise, De Hebraicæ

Athen., 1811, 301. See Pocock, N.

6. Three Lectures on National Education, 1845, 8vo. Linguæ Origine, Præstantia et Utilitate. A better edi.

See, also, HANBURY, BARNARD. tion of the Concordance was published by Romaine,

Waddington, John. 1. Hebrew Martyrs, Lon., (RomainE, WILLIAM.) 2. Opusculorum St. Francisci,

1844, 18mo. 2. Emmaus; or, Communion with the Libri tres, Antw., 1623. 3. Legatio Philippi III. et IV., Regum Hispaniæ, ad Sanc. D.D. Paulum V. et

Saviour at Eventide, 1846, fp. 8vo. See, also, Penri or

PENRY AP HENRY, John. Gregoriuw XV. et Urbanum VIII., Papas, pro defini. enda Controversia Immaculatæ Conceptionis B. Mariæ

Waddington, Julia R. 1. Misrepresentation : a

2. Janet; or, Glances Virginis; per Illust. Anthoniuin a Trejo. Louvaine, Novel, Lon., 1838, 3 vols. p. 8vo.

3. Newstoke 1624, fol.

at Human Nature, 1839, 3 vols. p. 8vo. This was preceded by three pamphlets of his

Priors; a Novel, 1842, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 4. Monk and on this point. 4. Annales Minorum, in quibus res omnes

the Married Man, 1819, 3 rols. p.

8vo. 3 Ordinis Franciscanorum tractantur, Lugd., 1625-40, 8

Waddington, Robert. 1. Longitude and Latitude vols. fol.; Romæ, 1654, 8 vols. fol. Epitome, &c., F. Haroldi, (Hiberni Liinericensis,) 1662, 2 vols. fol.

of a Ship at Sea, 1763, 4to; Supp., 1764, 4to. 2. Sea P.

Officer's Companion, 1771, 4to; Bath, 1778, 4to. 3. Silvestre-Cartel translated this abridgment into French,

Treatise on the Longitude, &c., Lon., 1773, 4to.

4. EpiToulouse, 1680–83, 8 vols. in 4, 4to. New ed. of the whole work, enlarged, Annales Minorum, seu Historia

toine of Navigation, 1777, 4to. trium Ordinum a S. Francisco Institutorum ; editio se.

Waddington, Rodolphus. See Verox, or VER

NON, JOAN SENONOYS. cunda studio Jos. Mar. Fonseca, Romæ, 1731-47, 22

Waddington, Samuel Ferrand, M.D. The Metavols. fol. Wadding's work terminates with vol. xvi.. pub. 1737: the others appeared : xvii., xviii., 1741: physic of Man: from the German of J. C. Goldbeck,

Lon., 1806. xix., 1745; XX., 1791; xxi., 1814; xxii., 1817.

Also political, &c. pamphlets, 1796–1812,

To which aid xxiii., 1859 ; xxiv., 1860. Soe Gibbon's De

9. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit.

Waddy, Richard. Christian Soldier's Manual, cline and Fall, ch. Ixii. n.; Le Serapeuin, 1854, 49–55,

Leeds, 1815, 12no. (by Dr. Ant. Ruland ;) Brunet's Man., 5th ed., v. (1864) 1395. 5. Vita B. Petri Thomæ Aquitani Carmelita,

Waddy, S. D. Charges at Western Methodist Con

ference, 1860. 8vo. Lugd., 1637, 8vo. 6. Scriptores Oridinis Minorum, quibus accedit Syllabus eorum qui ex eodem Ordine pro

Wade. Catalogus Plantarum Indigenarum in Coni. Fide Christi fortiter occubuerunt, &c., Romæ, 1660, fol.

tatu Dubliniensi, 1794, 8vo.

Wade. Panorama of Hudson River from New York Liber rarissimus. Nova edita, 1806, fol. To which add,

to Albany, N. York and Phila., 1815, 181o. Supplementum et Castigatio ad Scriptores, &c., Opus

Wade, Dr. Case of a Præternatural Fatness; Med. posthumumn F. J. Hyacinthi Sharalæ, 1806, fol.

Obs. and Inq. iij. 69. “Déjà le P. Jean-François de Saint Antoine avait fait paraître

Wade, Edward. See Parker, AMASA J., LL.D., à Salamanque, en 1728, w premier sopplément in 4. à l'ouvrage de Wadding, que plus tard il retin lit, avec son supplé No. 2. ment, dans sa Billiotheca universa francisc., Matrii, 1732-33, 3

Wade, George. Doctrine of the Trinity, &c., Lon., vol, in fol."-BRUNET: ubi supra.

1722, 8vo. We have already noticed (p. 532, supra) Wadding's

Wade, Henry, Hon. Sec. to the Wear Valley Anged. of Duns Scotus: there was extracted from this, Vita ling Association. Haleyon; or, Red Fishing with Fly, Joannis Duns Scoti, &c., Montibus, typis F. Waudrai, Minnow, and Worm, with coloured plates, Lon., 1861, cr.

8vo. 1614, 12o.

“ It will be inferred that we think very highly of Mr. Wada Wadding, Peter, a native of Ireland. Tractatus

and his fly-leaves."- Lon, Athen., 1861, ii. 183. de Incarnatione, Antw., 1636.

“Mr. Wade has succeeded animirably. We recommend Waddingham, Rev. T. Geometrical Treatise on the book with the greatest pleasure."- Bell's Life, 1861. Conic Sections, Lon.. 1857, 8vo, pp. 66.

Wade, Rev. J. 1. Thesaurus of Karen Knowledge; Waddington, Charles, of the E. I. Co.'s Engi- / Written by Sau-Kau-Too, Tavoy, 1847–50, 4 vols. 8vo.

pp. 1024.

2. Vocabulary of the Sgau Karen Language, 1819, 8vo, Wade, Walter, M.D. 1. Planta Rariores in Hi.

bernia inventæ, Dubl., 1804, 8vo. 2. Lectures on the Wade, J. A. Hand-Book to the Piano-Forte, Lon., Meadow and Pasture Grasses, 1808, 8vo, pp. 106. 1842, 4to; 1844, 4to; by J. Burnett, 1852, 4to. Other * Possess much merit.”- Donaldson's Agr. Bing., 97. musical and poetical publications, q. v. in London Cata- 3. Sketch of Lectures on Artificial or Sown Grasses, logues. See, also, WestROPP, E. J., No. 5.

1808, 8vo, pp. 55. 4. Quercus, or Oaks; from the French Wade, J. A. Systematic Zoology, Grammar, and of Michaux, Histoire des Chênes de l'Amérique SepSynopsis of Natural History, Lon., 1812, fol.

tentrionale; with Notes, &c., 1809, r. 8vo, pp. 73. Wade, James A., of Darnick, co. of Roxborough,

Wadesworth, or Wadsworth, James. See Scotland. History of St. Mary's Abbey, Melrose; The

W ADS WORTH. Monastery of Old Melrose; and the Town and Parish Wadley, J. W. Letter on Vaccination, Lon., 1803, of Melrose; with numerous Illustrations by the Author, 8vo. Lon., 1861, cr. 8vo.

Wadstrom, C. B. 1. Observations on the Slave"A volume which, taken altogether, is worthy of the subject Trade, &c., Lon., 1789, 8vo. 2. Essay on Colonization, which it serves to illustrate."-Lon, Athen., 1861, ii. 407.

&c., 2 Parts 4to, 1794-95, Wade, Rev. John. 1. Redemption of Time; on Wadsworth, Benjamin, D.D., b. at Milton, Mass., Ephes. v. 16, Lon., 1683, 8vo; 1692, 8vo. 2. Confession 1669; graduated at Harvard College, 1690; ordained, of Sins; on 1 Joho i. 9, 1697, 8vo.

1696, and ministerially connected with the First Church, Wade, John, V.-P. Institut d'Afrique, (Historical Boston, from this time until 1725; President of Harvard Section,) Paris. 1. History of the Middle and Working College, 1725 until his death, Mar. 16, 1737. He pubClasses, (also styled History and Philosophy of the Pro. Jished many sermons and theological treatises, 1700ductive Classes,) Lon., 1833, 12mo; 1842, (Chambers's | 1725, q. v. in Sprague's Annals, i., Trin. Congreg., 220. People's Edits.) See Lieber's Essays on Prop. and Lab., See, also, Quincy's list. of Harvard Univ., Index. ed. 1854, 190, n. 2. Cabinet Lawyer, 14th ed., Lon., Wadsworth, Benjamin, D.D., b. at Milton, Mass., 1847, r. 18mo; 24th ed., 1868. 3. British History Chrono- 1750; graduated at Harvard College, 1769; was ordained logically Arranged, 18:39, 8vo; 5th ed., 1847, 8vo, pp. pastor of the church in Danvers, Mass., 1772, and rexii., 1240. Commended by Lon. Mon. Rev., Times, tained this connection until his death, Jan. 18, 1826. He Spec., &c. But see Lon. Athen., 1839, 996. 4. Unre- published single sermons, 1782-1821, and a Eulogy on formed Abuses in Church and State, 1819, fp. 8vo. 5. George Washington, Salemn, 1800, 8vo. See Sprague's Junius, 1850, 2 vols. p. 8vo. See Junius, pp. 1002, (iv.) | Annals, ii., Trin. Congreg., 31. 1004, (1850 :) Lon. Quar. Rev., Dec. 1851, 91, (same in Wadsworth, Charles, D.D., a Presbyterian divine, Bost. Liv. Age, xxxii. 385;) Dubl. Univ. Mag., xl. 20, settled successively at Troy, Philadelphia, San Francisco, (same in Bost. Liv. Age, xxxiv. 385: by William Dowe.) | and again, 1869 et seq., at Philadelphia, has published 6. England's Greatness, 1856, 16ıno.

a puinber of single serions: and a volume of his Ser* The quantity of matter is very considerable, if its quality is

mons preached in Calvary Church, San Francisco, was not very good."-- Westm. Rer., Jan. 1857: Contemp. Lil.

See Bun“It is a cumbrous dissertation on the several aspects of British published at San Francisco in 1869, 12mo. history."-Lon. Athen., 1857, 148,

gay's Off-lland Takings, (1854,) 378. 7. Women Past and Present, 1859, p. 8vo. See, also, Wadsworth, G. Factor's Guide to Cast PlateCOXE, William, No. 24. In 1862 a Civil Service Pension Glass, Lon., 1847, 8vo. of £50 was granted to Mr. Wade in consideration of his Wadsworth, or Wadesworth, James, left the contributions to political literature, more especially during Church of England for the Church of Rome, returned the Reform agitation of 1832.

to the former, and wrote against the latter. 1. Copies Wade, John. Baptism of the Spirit, Lon., 1841-42, of Letters on Religion between J. Wadesworth and Wm. 2 vols. 12mo.

Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore, Lon., 1624, 4to. See Lowndes's Wade, John Peter, M.D. 1. Select Evidence on Brit. Lib., 1068. 2. Present Estate of Spayne, 1630, 4to. Fever and Dysentery in Bengal, Lon., 1791, 8vo. 2. 3. English Spanish Pilgrime, 1630), 4to. 4. Further ObNature, &c. of Emetics, &c. in Bengal, 1792, 8vo. 3. servations of the English Spanish Pilgrime, 1629, '30, Paper on Disorders, &o. of Seamen and Soldiers in 4to; Memoirs, &c., 167t, 4tu; 1680, 8vo. 5. European Bengal, 1793, 8vo.

Mercury; from the Italian, 1611, 8vo. 6. The Civil Wade, Robert, Senior Surgeon to the Westminster Wars of Spain; from the Original of P. del Sandoval, Dispensary. Stricture of the Urethra ; its Complications 1652, fol. and Effects, &c., Lon., 8vo, 1810; 2d ed., 1849; 3d ed., "A renegado proselyte-turncoat, of any religion, and every 1852; 4th ed., 1860.

trade, now living, (1655, a common hackney to the basest catch* Mr. Waile ... is deservedly looked npon as an

pole bayliffs," &c.;-SANDERSON: Rrign and Death of K. James,

authority this matter."-Lon. Med. Times and Gaz.

1655, year 1620), 491. Quuted twice, with evident satisfaction, Wade, Thomas, 1. Mundi et Cordis: De Rebus 115, 130, 1077.

by Anthony Wood: see his Athen. Oxon., Bliss's ed., il. 662, iii. Sempiternis et Temperariis, Carinina: Poems and Sonnets. Lon., 1835, 12mo.

Wadsworth, Joseph. XVI. Lectures on the Apo“ With one shade more of freshness and nature, and one less calyptic Epistles addressed to the Seven Churches of of conceit, in the poems which make up this volume, it might | Asia, Idle, 1825, 12mo. have been acceptable to the public."-Lim. Athen., 1835, 569. Wadsworth, Olive A. Bill Riggs, Junr.: the

2. Prothanasia, and other Poems, 1839, brochure. Story of a City Boy, Bost., 1869, 18mo. Commended, with qualifications, by Lon. Athen., 1839, Wadsworth, Thomas, 1630–1676, a Nonconformist 275.

divine, minister of Newington Butts and of St. Lawrence, An eminent critic remarks of Mr. Wade,

Pountney. 1. Faith's Triumph over the Fears of Death, "He is a port; he is overflowing with fancy and sensibility,

Long, 1670, 8vo. and not without the finest subtleties of imagination."--LEIGHI

2. Immortality of the Soul Explained HUNT.

and Proved by Scripture and Reason, 1670, 8vo. Ruad his poems Helena, The Jew of Arragon, The

"Contains satisfactory evidences of the intermediate state."

-Bickersleth's C. S., 455.
Death of Gunderode. 3. What Does Hamlet Mean ? a
Lecture at the Jersey Mechanics' Institute, (1810,) 8vo.

3. Two Serms. on 1 Pet. iii. 18-20, with a Preface by "As a one-sided and clever exposition of Hamlet's character,

R. Baxter, 1677, Svo. Other treatises. His Remains this pamphlet deserves perusal."-Lon. Alhen., 18H, 713. were published after his death, with Life prefixed. See,

Wade, Rev. Thomas. Notes on the Gospel of St. also, Calamy and Clark's Lives, 1681, fol. John, as Translated by “ Five Clergymen," Lon., 1857, r. Wafer, Lionel, inade several voyages to the South 8vo, pp. 37.

Sea ; in 1677 embarked for Bantam ; sailed with Linen Wade, Thomas Francis, Chinese Secretary to and Cook, buccaneers; subsequently officiated as surH.B.M. Legation at Peking. 1. Hsin Ching Lu, Hong geon to the expedition of Dampier (DAMPIER, Capt. WM.) Kong, 1859, 4 vols. fol., £2 28. Yu Yen Tzū- Erh Chi: across the Isthmus of Darien, and was left ainong the & Progressive Course Designed to Assist the Student of Indians on account of a wound he received by the Colloquial Chinese, &c., Loo., 1867, (Hong Kong?) 8 explosion of some gunpowder, or in consequence of a Parts, 4 vols. iinp. 4to, £5 58. 3. Wen Chien Tzu-Erh quarrel with Dampier; returned to London in 1690, and Jhi: a Series of Papers Selected as Specimens of Docu- related his experience in A New Voyage and Description nentary Chinese, &c., imp. 4to: vol. i., and Part 1 of the of the Ist hinus of Ainerica, Lon., 1699, 8vo, 14 inaps key, 1867, £1 168.

and 3 plates; 1704, 8vo: in French, par M. de Montirat, Wade, W. M. Walks in Oxford, Oxf., 1817, 2 vols. Paris, 1706, 12mo : in French, Paris, Collin, 1700, 12ino. bro. £l 18.; I. p., £1 126.; 2d ed., 1819, 12mo.

“Une traduction Française se trouve aussi avec celle du Wade, w. M. Redeeming the Time; a Serm., voyage de Dampier, imprimnée il Amsterdain en 1795 in 1820.

12," (Brunet.)



"Lionel Wafer, a traveller possessed of more curiosity and in- | Society of Friends, 8vo: Part 1, N. York and Lon., 1845. telligence than we should have expected to find in an associate

2. Diseases of the Mucous Membrane of the Throat, and of buccaneers, discovered there in the Isthmus of Darien)a race of men, few in number, but of a singular make."---ROBERTSON :

their Treatinent by Topical Medication, 1851, p. 8vo. Hist. of America, book iv.

Wagstaffe. On Reclaiming Waste Lands; Nic. Jour., For bis voyage to Magellanica in 1685, see Callender's

1809. See Donaldson's Agr. Biog., 96. Voyages, ii. (1766) 673.

Wagstatte, Christopher. Life and Adventures Waferer, Myrth, Preb. of Winchester, 1660. Apo- of Christopher Wagstaffe, Gent., Grandfather to Trislogy for Dr. D. Featley, Lon., 1634.

tram Shandy, &c., Lon., 1763, 2 vols. sin. 8vo. A Wageby, John de. See WALTER, W. Joseph, No. 1. reprint of Duuton's Voynge round the World, 1691,

Wagener, Professor W. L. The First Discovery 12mo, with the object of showing that Sterne used it as of America, and its Early Civilization; trans. and en

the ground-work of Tristram Shandy. See Nichols's larged, N. York, 1863.

Dunton's Life and Errors, p. xiii. Wager, Lewis. A Newe Enterlude entreating of

Wagstaffe, Thomas. Piety Promoted, in Brief the Life and Repentance of Marie Magialene, Lon., Memorials, &c. of several of the People called Quakers, 1567, 4to. MS. copy by Ritson, Roxburghe, 1991, £1

Lon., in Pts. : viii., 1774, 75, 12mo; ix., 1796, '98, 12ino ; 108.

xii., 1774. Contains nearly 20 lives of American Friends. Wager, W. A very merry and pythie Commedie, See, also, ed. of N. York, 1823, 12mo; J. Smith's Cat. of called The longer thou liuest, the more Foole tbou art, Friends' Books, 845. Lon., 8. a., 4to.

Wagstaffe, William, M.D., Physician of St. Bar. Waghorn, Thomas, R.N., originator of the Over-tholomew's Hospital, b. in Cublington, Bucks, 1685, d. land Mail to India, was b. at Chathain, Kent, 1800;

at Bath, 1725. He published a Letter to Dr. Freind on entered the navy, 1812 ; became lieutenant, 1812 ; d. at

the Small-Pox, Lon., 1722, 8vo. See, also, DRAKE, Pentonville, London, Jan. 7, 1850. 1. Overland Guide | JAMES, M.D. After his death appeared a collective to India by Four Routes, Lon., fp. 8vo, 1842; new ed., edition of his Miscellaneous Works, 1726, 8vo. 1846, See T. Moore's Memoirs, viii. 29. 2. Letter on

"Most of these tracts were written in his early years, and without his name.

He was also the anthor of two scarce little Steain Navigation, 1846, 8vo. See Lon. Athen., 1846,

volumes called . Annotations on the Tatler,' frequently quoted 759. 3. On Emigration to Australia, 1848, 8vo. See

in the variorum editions (1786, 6 vols. sm. 850, &c.] of that Lon. Athen., 1848, 981. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1850, i. periodical paper."---Chalmers's Biog. Dict., xxx. 401. 217, (Obituary.) On Nov. 20, 1869, a monument was See, also, Nichols's Lit. Avec., vii. (Index) 439, 703. erected on the Isthmus of Suez to the memory of this Wailes, Benjamin L. C., b. in Columbia co., enterprising and energetic map.

Georgia, 1797, emigrated to the Mississippi Territory, Wagner, Alice B. Introduction to Widow Bedott 1807, and subsequently became Geologist to the State of Papers, Lon., 1856, 12mo.

Mississippi. Report on the Agriculture and Geology of Wagner, Professor G. H. New and Easy Mississippi; embracing a Sketch of the Social and NatuMethod of Learning the German Language, Phila., 8vo: ral History of the State, Jackson, Miss., 1854, 8vo. Also, Part 1, 1847.

agricultural addresses, 1811, '2, '3, and papers in ScienWaguer, George, Incumbent of St. Stephen's tific Ainerican, N. Orleans Delta, &c. Church, Brighton. 1. Serms. to Children, Brighton, Wainewright, Arnold. See Rutt, Joan Towil, 1852, 18mo; 3d ed., 1858. 2. Children's Wishes, 1854, No. 2. 18mo; 10th ed., 1870. 3. Children's Temptations; Wainewright, Jeremiah, M.D. 1. Mechanical Addresses, Lon., 1859, 18mo. 4. Serms, on the Bouk Account of tbe Non-Naturals, Lon., 1707, Svo; 2d ed., of Job, 1860, p. 8vo; 1864, p. 8vo. 5. Wanderings of 1708. 8vo; 1717, 8v0; with No. 2, 1737, 8vo; in Latin, the Children of Israel, 1861, cr. 8vo. 6. Lects. for Lent by J. S. Murcas, Avig., 1748, 12ino. 2. Anatomical und Passion Week, 1863, cr. 8vo. See SinkinSOX, Joan Treatise of the Liver, Lon., 1722, 8vo. See No. 1. NASSAU, No. 1.

Wainewright, Latham, of Emmanuel College, Wagner, Orlando Henry. Chronological Key to Cambridge, and Rector of Great Brickhill, Bucks, &c. Ancient and Modern History, Lon., Dec. 1861, cr. 8vo. 1. Serin., Lon., 1810, 4to. 2. Serin., 1814, 8vo. 3.

Wagner, William, the munificent founder of the Literary and Scientific Pursuits of Cambridge, 1815, 8vo. Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia, and a 4. Observations on the Wesleyan Methodists, 1818, 8vo. native of Philadelphia, is the author of papers on fossils See, also, Paley, WILLIAM, D.D. and shells, published in Jour. of Acad. of Nat. Sci., Wainewright, William. Elements of Human vol. viii., Part 1, Jan. 1838, and in London, June, 1841. Happiness, Lon., 1857, 8vo. See First Annual Announcement of the Wagner Free Wainhouse, Richard. 1. Serm. on Rebellion, 1 Institute, Phila., 1855, 8vo.

Tim. vi. 5, 1745, 8v0. 2. Serm. on Rebellion, 2 Tim Wagstaff, or Wagstaffe, John, of Oriel College, ii. 24, 1745, 8vo; 1757, 4to. Oxford, d. 1677. 1. Historical Reflections on the Bishop Wainhouse, William. Poetical Essays in Latit of Rome, &c., Oxon., 1660. 2. Question of Witchcraft and English, 1796. 8vo. Debated, 1669, 8vo; 1671, 8vo. See Bliss's Wood's Wainman, William. Ready Reckoner of Weights Athen. Oxon., iii. 1113.

&c., Lon., 12mo. Wagstaff, Simon, (ie. Swift, Jonathan, D.D.) Wainwright, John. 1. Historical and TopograComplete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conver-phical Introduction to a knowledge of the Ancient State sation, Lon., 1738, 8vo.

of the Wapentake of Stratford and Tickhill, &c., Sheffield, Wagstaff, or Wagstaffe, Thomas, b. 1645; Rec- 1829, 4to. tor of Martin-Thorpe, Rutlandshire, 1669 ; Chancellor Wainwright, John, an American author. Julius and Preb. of the Cathedral of Lichfield, and Rector of Cæsar: Did He Cross the Channel? Reviewed, Lon., St. Margaret Pattens, London, all in 1681; deprived at 1869. See SURTEES, Scott F., No. 5, the Revolution as a Nonjuror; consecrated Bishop of Wainwright, John Howard, a native of New Ipswich among the Yonjurors, 1693; d. 1712. He pub- York, and son of Bishop J. M. Wainwright, (infra.) 1. lished some single sermons, political tracts, &c., and the Rip Van Winkle; an Opera Libretto, N. York, 1855. 2. following: 1. Vindication of King Charles the Martyr; | Rhyrnings, 1860, 12mo. proving that his Majesty was the author of Exkwv Baoi- *There is much natural sentiment and instinctive grace of alka), &c., Lon., 1693, 8vo; 2d ed., 1697, 8vo; 3d ed., expression in these effusions."--II. T. TECKERMAN. 1711, 4to. See No. 2. A synopsis will be found in Bur

See, also, Rice, GEORGE EDWARD, No. 2. Contributed ton's Genuineness of Clarendou's Rebellion.

to Knickerbocker Mag. and to N. York Evening Poet. * Let it be very specially observed, that those who decided

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., D.C.L., the question practically (against the authorship of Charles) in

Oxon., a son of Peter Wainwright, and a grandson of 1660 were within twelve years of the fact; while fifty years Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., was b. in Liverpool, England, hard passed before the greater part of the traditional and hear- 1792, and came to the United States when eleven years may stories ranged on the opposite side were brought together by Wagstaffe."--Sir J. MACKINTOSH: Elin. Rer., xliv. 25, (see,

of age : graduated at Harvard College, 1812, and was Also, 16, 29, and 30,) repub, in his Miscell, Works, ed. 1854, iii.

Tutor of Khetoric and Oratory there. 1815–17; ordained 508

deacon in the Prot. Epis. Church, 1816 ; Rector of Christ See GAUDEN, JOHN, D.D.

Church, Hartford, 1818; Assistant Minister of Trinity 2. Defence of the Vindication, &c., (No. 1.) 1699. See Church, N. York, 1819-21; Rector of Grace Church, N. SANCROFT, WILLIAM, D.D.; Biog. Brit.; Gen. Dict., (by York, 1821-34; Rector of Trinity Church, Boston, 1831Salinon ;) Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. (Index) 439, 703 ; 37; Assistant Minister of Trinity Church, N. York, Chalmers's Biog. Dict.

(having immediate charge of St. John's Chapel,) from Wagstaff, William R., M.D. 1. History of the I 1837 until his death; and from Nov. 9, 1852, until his death, Sept. 21, 1854, Provisional Bishop of New York. I and Rabbinical Writers, with Circumstances that 001. Chauts adapted to the Hymns in the Morning and curred in the Life of our Saviour, Camb., 1814, 8vo. Evening Service of the Protestant Episcopal Church, “ Very learned and cnrious."-Orme's Bibl. Bib., 454. 1819. 2. Music of the Church, N. York, 1828; new ed., 4. Jewish, Oriental, and Classical Antiquities; con1850, ob. 8vo. 3. Four Sermons on Religious Education taiping Illustrations of the Scriptures, and Classical and Filial Duty, 1829, 12mo; new ed., 1850, 12mo. 4. | Records, from Oriental Sources, 1823, 8vo. Lessons on the Church. 5. Order of Family Prayer, “That coincidence the author has satisfactorily shown by 1845, &c., 12mo. See No. 6. 6. Short Family Prayers, various examples."- Horne's Bibl. Bib., 392. 1850, &c., 12no; with No. 5, Bost., 1861, 12mo. 7. With 5. Sermons on the Patriarchal, Mosaic, and Christian MUHLENBERG, WILLIAM A., D.D., The Choir and Family Dispensation, &c., 1827, 8vo. Dr. Townley, in his verPsalter, N. York, 1851, 4to. 8. The Pathways and sion of the More Nevochim, acknowledges his obligaAbiding-Places of Our Lord, illustrated in the Journal tions to these sermons. 6. Introduction to the Writings of a Tour through the Land of Promise; with 18 Land- of the New Testament, by Dr. Leonard Hug; from the scape Views, 1851, 8m. 4to; Lon., 1853, 12010, (cheap ed.) | German, Lon., 1827, vols. 8vo.

“One of the most attractive of all that have appeared upon its “ Dr. Wait has added numerous notes. ... Some parts of his ever-engrossing subject."--Internat. Mag., Dec. 1850, 475. work, however, evidently show that he was not sufficiently 9. The Land of Bondage, its Ancient Monuments and acquainted with the German language."- Horne's Bibl. Bib.,

160. Present Condition; being the Journal of a Tour in Egypt;

Edited : with 28 engravings, N. York, 1852, sı. 4to.

See Lon. Quar. Rev., xliii. 118, n.

Muses Stuart's translation of this work, Andover, 1836, 10. Life of Bishop Heber, by his Widow, 1830, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. American Illustrated Prayer-Book. 12. Our

8vo, has been pronounced "in every respect preferable Saviour with Prophets and Apostles; with 18 engravings, to that of Dr. Wait.”.

7. Selection from the Psalms, Prepared for Congrega1850, imp. 8vo. See TURNER, SAMUEL HULBEART, D.D.

tional Use, 1848, 18mo. 13. The Women of the Bible; with 18 engravings, 1853, imp. 8vo. See, also, MARSHALL, THOMAS WILLIAM;

Wait, Nicholas. Incombustible Cloth; Phil. Trans.,

1685, RAVENSCHOFT, JOHN STARK, D.D. He also published a number of 'single sermons, and papers in periodicals, Texts of the Four Evangelists; with Notes, &c., Lon.,

Wait, Rev. Robert. The Gospel History, from the and contributed a Pretatory Note to Rev. W. H. Hav

1765, 8vo. ergal's History of the Old Hundredth Psalm Tune, 1854,

Wait, Rev. William. The Last Days of a Person 8vo, pp. 74. See, also—14. Controversy between Rev. Drs.

who had been Thomas Paine's Disciple, 1802, 8vo. Wainwright and [George] Potts : " There cannot be a Church without a Bishop," 1841, 8vo. Originally pub- and Practice in Civil Actions and Proceedings in Jus

Wait, William, Counsellor-at-Law. 1. The Law lished in N. York newspapers. See, also, The Contro; tices' Courts and on Appeals to the County Courts in the versy Reviewed, &c., 1841, 8vo. After his death appeared State of New York, Albany, 1865, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., -15. A Memorial Volume: Thirty-four Sermons by the Rt. Rev. J. M. Wainwright, D.D., &c.; Edited by his

1867, 2 vols. 8vo. 2. Digest of New York Reports, N. Widow, 1856, 8vo. Includes a Preface and Funeral York, Dec. 1869, r. 8vo. He is engaged on a work on Address by Edward Y. Higbee, D.D., (for twenty years

Practice, (1870.) the associate of the deceased,) and a Memoir by Bishop

Waite, Mrs. C. V., wife of a United States Judge

in Utah Territory. The Mormon Prophet and his Doane. The printing of the volume was superintended by Jesse Ames Spencer, D.D., (supra.) In 1858 a church,

Harem; or, An Authentic History of Brigham Young, erected in the city of New York in memory of this ex

his Ņumerous Wives and Children, N. York, 1866, 12mu.

See Smith, Joseph. celient man, was consecrated.

Waite, George. 1. Critical Inquiry on the Teeth, “I had the privilege of some acquaintance with Bishop Wain

Lon., 4to. wright from an early period of my ministry, and was always

2. Surgeon-Dentist's Manual, 12 mo; Phila., impressed with his fine, gentlemanly bearing, his simple yet

1830, 3. The Gums, Lon., 1835, 12mo; with W. highly-cultivated manners, and his great general intelligence, C. Wells's Essay on Dew, Phila., 1838, 8vo. as indicated by the apiness and richness of his conversation. Waite, J. Law of Christian Liberty; a Serm., No one, I think, could have known him even casually without Southamp., 1862, 12mo. Mr. W. is one of the Committee learning the secret of his great popularity in every circle in which he moved."-WILLIAM B. Sprague, D.D.: Annuls, V., Epis- gested by the Rt. Hon. J. E. Denison, Speaker of the

on the new Commentary on the Holy Scriptures sugcopalian, 613-17, (q. v.) See, also, S. G. Goodrich's Recollec., ii. 109; Mem. of

House of Commons: see Lon. Reader, 1863, ii. 574. Sydney Smith, Lett. 556; N. Amer. Rev., lxxxiv. 430,

Waite, Rev. J.J., d. 1869, and Gauntlett, J. J. (by George E. Ellis.)

The Hallelujah, or Devotional Psalmody, Lon., r. 8vo; A Lite of Bishop Wainwright, by Rev. John N. Nor- 1. p., imp. 8vo: Part 1, 1849 ; 2, 1851.

Waite, S. C. ton. (supra,) was pub. N. York (Gen. P. E. S. S. U. and

Graceful Riding, Lon., 1859, 12mo. C. B. Soc.) in 1858.

Waite, Thomas. Serm., Tit. i. 7, Lon., 1728, 4to.

Waite, Thomas, LL.D., b. 1776, becaine Curate of * Mr. Norton has made his narrative attractive to the young @ud not uninteresting to the old."Hist. Mug., 1859, 130.

Wellington : was Principal of the Grammar School on

Lewisham Hill, 1815-33; Rector of High Halden, 1833, Wainwright, Samuel, Vicar of Holy Trinity, and of Great Chart, 1835; d. 1841. 1. Vindiciæ EcclesiYork. 1. Voices froin the Sanctuary, Lon., 1861, p. 8vo. asticæ ; a Serm., 1811, 8vo. 2. XL. Serms., Explanatory 2. Christian Certainty, Dec. 1864, 8vo.

and Critical, on the XXXIX. Articles, 1826, 8vo. Wainwright, Thomas Griffith, a contributor to

“ His object is to show that they are neither Calvinistic nor the London Magazine, (see bis sketch of Blood-paper Arminian, but scriptural."Bickersteth's C. S., 4th ed., 467. styled Jaous Weatherbound, &c.—in the No. for Jan. “ Full of good sense and good feeling."-Lun. Mon. Reo. 1822,) to whose criminal career a reference will be found Waithman, Robert, M.P., 1818, &c., and Lord in Talfourd's Fival Memorials of Lamb. See, also, Mayor of London, 1823; d. 1833, in his 70th year. See Hood's Works, ed. by Epes Sargent, vol. vi., Appendix. Lon. Gent. Mag., 1833, i. 179, (Obituary,) 634.

Waisbrooker, Lois. Suffrage for Women: The 1. War the Cause of the Scarcity, &c., Lon., 1800, 8vo. Reasons Why, St. Louis, 1869, fp. 8vo. For the other 2. Letter to the Governors of Christ Church Hospital, side, gee Wate, Carlos.

1808, 8vo. Waistell, Charles, Chairman of the Committee Waitz, T. Introduction to Anthropology, Lon., of Agriculture of the Soeiety of Arts, contributed agri- 1863, 8vo. cultural papers to Nic. Jour., 1805, '10, '12. After his Wake, Lady. Bible Readings, &c.; being a Simple death appeared his Designs for Agricultural Buildings, Commentary on the Four Gospels, Lon., sq. 12mo: Part Edited by [his nephew] Joseph Jopling, Lon., 1826, r. 1, 1849 ; 2, 1850 ; 4, 1854; all in 4 vols. in 2, 1855. Svo. Cominended by Brit. Farm. Chron., Gardener's Wake, C. Staniland. Chapters on Man: with Mag., &c., and censured by Donaldson's Agr. Biog., 116. the Outlines of a Science of Comparative Psychology,

Wait, Daniel Guilford, LL.D., of St. John's Col. &c., Lon., 1868, cr. 8vo, pp. viii., 311. lege, Cambridge, for some time Curate of Puckle Church, Wake, Sir Isaac, b. at Billing, Northamptonshire, Dear Bristol, and in 1819 made Rector of Blagdon, Som. 1575, was elected Probationer Fellow of Merton College, erset; d. 1850, aged 61. 1. Defence of a Critique on Oxford, 1598, and Public Orator, 1604; kuighted, 1619; the Hebrew Woru Nachash, against the Hypothesis of was ambassador to Venice, Savoy, and other courts; Adam Clarke, 1811, 8vo. 2. Inquiry respecting the M.P. for Oxford, 1625; d. at Paris, 1632. He published Religious Koowledge which the Heathen Philosophers a number of political Discourses, Funeral Orations, &c., derived from the Jewish Scriptures, 1813, 8vo. 3. Com but is best known by his Latin account of King James's parison of Certain Traditions in the Thalmud, Targumin, I visit to Oxford: Rex Platonicus; sive de Potentissimi

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