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Reciter; consisting of Pieces in Prose and Verse, 1812, Ward, Sir Henry George, G.C.M.G., only son of 12mo. 2. Psalms and Ilymns, 2d ed., Uxb., 1831, 18mo. 3. Robert Plumer Ward, (infra,) was b. about 1796 to 1798, Pastoral Addresses, 1800-1835, 2d ed., Lon., 1837, 24mo. and as early as 1816 commenced his diplomatic career

Ward, Rev. F. de W., b. at Bergen, N. York, on the Continent; British Chargé-d'Affaires in Mexico, 1812, and graduated at Union College and Princeton 1825-27: M.P. for St. Alban's, 1832–37, and for Shef. Theological Seminary, was for ten years a missionary field, 1837-19; Secretary to the Admiralty, 1846–49; (A.B.C.F.M.) in S. India. 1. India and the Hindoos; Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, 1849– being a Popular View of the Geography, History, Gov. 55; Governor of Ceylon from Feb. 1855 until the sumernment, Manners, Customs, Literature, and Religion of mer of 1860, when he succeeded ir Cbarles Trevelyan that Ancient People, &c., N. York, 1850, 12mo: Hart- as Governor of Madras. He d. at Madras, of cholera, ford, 1854, 12mo. Repub. in London and Glasgow. Aug. 2, 1860, a few days after his arrival. Mexico in Commended. 2. Christian Gift; or, Pastoral Letters 1827, Lon., 1828, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., enlarged; Travels upon Character, Roches., 32mo. 3. Summer Vacation in Mexico, 1825–27, &c., 1829, 2 vols. Abroad, in Notes of a Visit to England, Scotland, Ire

“The most systematic and complete work of which we are in land, France, Italy, and Belgium, new ed., 1855, 12 mo. possession respecting Mexico."Lon. Lit. Gaz., 18:29, 520. 4. Historical Collections of the Junior Pioneer Associa- “Two of the most oppressive and unreadable volumes which tion of the City of Rochester and Monroe County, N.Y.:

we have ever encountered."--Lon. Mon. Rev., 1828, ii. 315. an Address, 1860, 8vo, pp. 48. Descriptive of the city It was commended by Westm. Rev., ix. 480, Lon. of Rochester. He is also the author of several works in Athen., and Swainson's Discourse on the Study of Natuthe Tamil language.

ral History. It was also reviewed in South. Quar. Ward, Mrs. F. Marshall. 1. Claude Spencer; Rev., xii. 330, and in Amer. Quar. Rev., which (iv. 85) Waddles; Gerty Ross; and Little Blue-Coat Boy, Lon., coinmended the first edition, but (vii. 450) censured the 1869, r. 16mo. 2. Through Life and Beyond; and Paul additions in the second edition. See, also, Blackw. Mag., Fenton, 1870, sm. 8vo.

xxvii. 236. Recent mining-operations in Mexico have Ward, F.0. Outlines of Human Osteology, Lon., en banced the value of the work. The Views noticed 24mo; 2d ed., 1858, 32mo.

below (WARD, Mrs. Sir HENRY GEORGE) must accomWard, G. Decreto del P. Ejecutivo sobre pagarés pony Ward's Mexico. Sir H. G. Ward was the originator afianzados. Representacion al Congreso de varios comer- and editor of The Weekly Chronicle, and its proprietor ciantes contra esta medida. Contestacion del S. Secre- from its establishment until May, 1849. He was also an tario de Hacienda y Replica á Su Sria, Caracas, 1833, active promoter of railway enterprises. See Lon. Gent. 4to, pp. 51.

Mag., 1860, ii. 432, (Obituary.) Ward, G. G. Essay on the Lever, Lon., 1829, 8vo. Ward, Mrs. Sir Henry George, the second

Ward, G. R. M., Late Fellow of Trinity College, daughter of Sir John Edward Swinburne, Bart., and b. and Deputy High Steward of the University of Oxford, 1798, was married to the preceding in 1824. 1. Six has translated the following volumes : 1. Statutes of All- Views of the Most Important Towns and Mining DisSouls' College, Lon., 1843, 8vo. 2. Statutes of All-Souls' tricts upon the Table Land of Mexico, drawp by Mrs. and Magdalene Colleges, 1843, 8vo. 3. Statutes of Cos. H. G. Ward, and engraved by Mr. Pye, with a Statistical pus Christi College, 1843, 8vo. 4. Oxford University Account of each, Lon., 1829, ob. 4to. 2. Views of JaStatutes, 8vo: vol. i., 1845, (see Sir Wm. Hamilton's lapa, Guadalaxara, Tlalpuxahua, and other Parts of Discussions, notes:) vol. ii., with Mr. HEYWOOD, 1851. Mexico, 1829, 4to; 19 plates, See, also, Early Cambridge University and College Sta- Ward, Hugh, Dean of Dublin, in Latin, Vardæus tutes, from the 13th to the 16th Century, in English, Hugo, Hibernos, in Lovaniensi Collegio S. Antonii Collected hy James Heywood, 1855, 2 vols. 8vo; Wright, 1 de Padua, F. F. Min. Hibernorum strict. observ. GuardiaThomas. No. 40.

nus et S. T. Professor et Hagiographus. 1. Vita, Passio Ward, George Atkinson, grandson of the lady et Miracula S. Rumoldi, Arch. Dubl. J. V. W. Decano (a niece of the author) to whom the MSS. of the follow- Capituli Metrop. Mechlin. Autore, Mechlinæ, 1634, 4to. ing work was transmitted by Judge Curwen. Journal 2. Sancti Rumoldi Martyris incliti, Archiep. Dublin., &c., and Letters of the Late Samuel Curwen, Judge of Admi. Acta, Martyrium, Liturgia, Antiqua et Patria, &c., Notis ralty, &c.; an American Refugee in England from 1775 | illustrata, &c. per R. P. F. Hugonem Vardæum, Hiberto 1784, &c., N. York, 1842, Svo; 4th ed., Bost., 1864, num: Opus posthumum, nunc recens a V. A. P. F. 8vo. Reviewed in N. Amer. Rev., lvi. 89, (by C. F. Thoma Sirino. Lovanii, 1662, 4to. Liber rarissimus. Adams,) and Lon. Athen., 181:, 207. See, also, Chris. See, also, FLEMING, PATRICK. Exam., Xurii. 259; South. Lit. Mess., xiii. 48, 422; N. Ward, James. Representations of Cattle, Sheep, Amer. Rev., lix. 261, 279. (hy L. Sabine,) c. 288; Dick- Pigs, Horses, &c. at Present in this Island, Lon., 1795, ens's Household Words, May and June, 1853.

4to, Ward, George Sturton, Mathematical Lecturer Ward, James. 1. Bank of England Justified, Lon., in Magdalene Hall, and Public Examiner in the Uni- | 1847, 8vo. 2. Refutation of Louis Blanc, Lon., 1848, versity of Oxford. The Propositions of the Fifth Book 12mo. 3. Life of the Duke of Wellington, 1852, sq. 4. of Euclid, Proved Algebraically ; with an Introduction, Adolphe Renouard, 1852, p. 8vo. 5. History of Gold, Notes, and Questions, Oxf, and Lon., 1862, cr. 8vo. No. 1853, 12mo. 6. Flax: its Cultivation and Preparation, ticed in Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 77, and Lon. Athen., 1863, 1854, 12mo. 7. The World and its Workshops, 1854, i. 152.

12mo, Ward, H. D. Glad Tidings: The Kingdom of Ward, James Harman, b. in Ilartford, Conn., Ileaven at Hand, N. York, 1838, 12mo.

1806; entered the U.S. Nary, 1823; lieutenant, 1831; Ward, Hamnel. Serm., Ephes. iii. 8, Lon., 1674,410. commander, 1853 ; killed in an attack on Matthias

Ward, Mrs. Harriet, wife of Captain Ward, 91st Point, on the Potomac, June 27, 1861. 1. Elementary Regiment. 1. Five Years in Kaflirland; with Sketches Course of Instruction in Naval Ordnance and Guppery, of the Late War in that Country, Lon., 1848, 2 vols. p. Phila., 1851, 8vo: new ed., N. York, 1861, 8vo. 2. 8v0; 3d ed., 1850, p. 8vo, (Bohu's Shill. Series, xxix.) Steain for the Million, new ed., 1860, 8vo. 3. Manual

" The fullest, clearest, and most impartial account of the Cape of Naval Tactics, 1859, 8vo. See Lon. Atben., 1860, i. of Good Hope and of the recent war that has yet come before 685, tbe public."- Nar. and Milit. Gazette.

Ward, James W., b. at Newark, N. Jersey, 1817, 2. Helen Charteris, 1848, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 4th ed., 1852, associate editor (with John A. Warden, M.D.) of the 12mo. 3. Memoirs of Colonel Tidy, 1849, p. 8vo. 4. Botanical Magazine and Horticultural Review, (Cin., Jasper Lyle, 1851, 12mo ; 1857, 12mo; 1862, fp. 8vo. 1854 et seq., ) is the author of many papers on subjects Noticed in Lon. Athen., 1851, 1020, 5. Hester Flerning, of natural bistory, and of articles in prose and poetry, in 1854, 12mo. 6. Lizzy Dorian, 1854, 12mo. 7. Hardy and periodicals, and has published a number of poems, &c. Hunter; a Boy's Own Story, 1858, fp. 8vo. Edited Emi- Ward, John. The First Set of English Madrigals gration; or, Book of the Cape, 1819, p. 8vo; 1851, p. to 3, 4, 5, and 6 Parts, 1613, 4to. 8vo: see NAPIER, LIEUT.-COL. ELERS, No. 6.

Ward, John, Trooper under the Earl of Bedford. Ward, Henry. Dramatic Works and Poems, 1746, An Encovragement to Warre; or, Bellum Parliamentale, 8vo.

8. l. et a., (1642,) 4to. Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 880, £3 38. Ward, Henry Dana, a renouncing Mason of New Some copies have an engraved title-page, The Christians York. 1. Freemasonry; its Pretensions, &c., by a Mas- Incovragement earnestly to contend for Christ his Goster-Mason, N. York, 1818, 8vo. 2. The Anti-Masonic pel, &c., 1643, 4to. Review and Magazine, 1828–30, 2 vols. 8vo. See Gow- Ward, John, of Ipswich. 1. Serm., Ps. Ixxxii. 1, an's Cat. of Books on Free Masonry, &c., 1858, 57. Lon., 1645, 4to. For this he was presented with the thanks of the House of Commons by Sir Roger North. Trial of M. F. Ward for the Murder of W. H. G. Butler, 2. Sern... Deut. xxxiii. 16, 1645, 4to.

1854, 8vo. Ward, John. Diary of the Rev. John Ward, A.M., Ward, Michael, M.D. Facts establishing the Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon. Extending from 16-18 to Efficacy of Opiate Frictions in Spasmodic and Febrile 1679: From the Original MSS., &c.; Arranged by Diseases, Manches., 1809, 8vo. "See, also, Med. and Charles Severn, M.D., Lon., 1839, 8vo, pp. 315. See Phys. Jour., i. 441. Lon. Gent. Mag., 1839. ii. 63; Lon. Athen., 1839, 310; Ward, Milton, published a volume of poetry, most and Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1839, 261.

of it composed at fifteen, at Hanover, N.H., 1826. See Ward, John, of Chester. 1. Compendium of Al-Kettell's Spec. of Amer. Poetry, and N. Amer. Rev., gebra, 2d ed., Lon., 1698. 12mo. 2. Clavis Usuriæ, &c., xxix. 493, (by S. A. Eliot,) where his poem of The Lyre 1710, 12mo. 3. Longitude at Sea, 1714, 8vo. 4. Young is praised. Mathematician's Guide, 4th ed., 1724, Svo; 1728, 8vo. Ward, Nathaniel, a son of Samuel Ward, D.D.,

Ward, John, LL.D., b. in London about 1679, Ipswich, (infra,) was b. at Haverbill, Suffolk, England, was for some years a clerk in the Navy Office: in 1710 about 1570; entered of Emmanuel College, Carnbridge, opened a school in Moorfields; in 1720 became Professor 1596, and received his degree of A.M., 1603; for a time of Rhetoric in Greshamn College: d. at his apartments | practised law, and then travelled on the Continent; bein Greshamn College, Oct. 31, 1758. 1. History of the came preacher at St. James's, Duke Place, Loudon, 1626, Lives of the Professors of Gresham College; to which is and was afterwards Rector of Standon Massaye; was Prefixed the Life of the Founder, Sir Thomas Gresham ; suspended by Laud for nonconformity, 16:33, and in 1634 with an Appendix, Lon., 1740, fol., some 1. p. 2. Four became pastor of Agawam, or Ipswich, Massachusetts; Essays on the English Language, 1758, 8vo. 3. System was the author of the Body of Liberties, (see GRAY, of Oratory, 1759, 2 vols. 8vo. Dr. Priestley was indebted Francis CALLEY, LL.D., No. 10,) the first code of laws to this work. 4. Dissertations on Several Passages of established in New England, (adopted in 1611:) returned Scripture. 1761-64, 2 vols. Svo.

to England in 1645, became minister of Shenfield, Essex, *IIe everywhere discovers the greatest veneration for the au- and retained this connection until his death, in 1653. thority and the doctrines of revelation."-Orme's Bibl. Bib., 458. 1. The Simple Cobler of Agavvam in America, Willing

See Remarks on Dr. Ward's Dissertations, (vol. i.,) to help mend his Native Country, lamentably tattered, 1762. 8vo; repuh, in Lardner's Works, Inst vol. Other both in the upper-Leather and Sole, with all the honest publications. See his Life by Dr. Birch, pub, by Mr. stiches he can take, &c.; by Thcodore de la Guard, Lon., Maty, 1766, 8vo: Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. (Index) 45.3, 1647, 4to; 2d, 3d, and 4th edits., ea. 1617, fto. Written 706 ; Nichols'e Ilust. of Lit., viii. 114, (Index :) Chal- in America. For sales of copies in late years, see Moiners's Biog. Diet., xxxi. 123 ; Watt's Bibl. Brit.; Orig. rell's Cat., Jan. 12, 13, and 14, 1869, 556. That copy sold Letters of Em. Lit. Men, with Notes by Sir Henry Ellis, for $25. 1st Amer. ed., Bost., 1713, 16mo; last Amer. ed., 1813, 4to, (Camden Soc.)

ed. by David Pulsifer, 1813, 12mo, pp. 96. Ward, Johu. History of the Borough of Stoke- "This work is in its manner one of the most quaintanil pedan. apon-Trent, Lon., 1843, r. 8vo, £l 1..: 1. p., imp. 8vo, £2 tick of a period when quaintness and pedantry were the fashion; 28. See J. H. Burton's Book - Ilunter, 1862, p. 8vo, Part 2.

and in its principles one of the most violent and enthusiastick

of an age when violence and enthusiasm were almost universal. Ward, Rt. Hon. John William, M.P., b. 1781,

This book had several editions in England and in this succeeded his father as Earl Dudley, 1823, and d. March country; it is now scarce, and costs in England aloit thirty 6, 1833. lle died unmarried, and left an estate valued shillings."—William TUDOR: N. Amer. Rer., No. 3, (Sept. 1815,) at £84.000 per annum. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1833, i. / 297, 305. 367, (Obituary.) Among his contributions to the London See, also, Month. Anthology, Lon., May, 1809,-ReQuarterly Review are the following: vii. 265, (Roscoe's trospective Review,--(by J. G. Cogswell:) Lon. Quar. Letters on Reform ;) vii. 313, (Reid's Memoirs of the Rev., X. 112, (by R. Southey :) 0. Rich's Cat. of Books, Life of John Horne Tooke :) ix. 207, (Rogers's Poems;)

1500-1700, 1832, Svo, No. 256; Hist. Mag., 1859, 115; ix. 313, (Correspondence of Mr. Wakefield and Mr. Fox:) BRADSTREET, ANNE. x. 301. (Miss Edgeworth's Patronage.) After his death

2. Mercurius Anti-mechanicus, or the Simple Cobbler's appeared, Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Bishop of Boy with his Lap-full of Caveats, &c.; by Theodore de Llandaff, (Copleston,) Lon., Feb. 1840, 8vo; 2d ed., Dec. la Guarden, Lon., 1648, 4to. Roxburghe, 6689, 166. 6d. 1810, 8vo.

For notices of Bishop Copleston had prepared a second some other pieces are ascribed to him. rolume of Letters for publication: the objections of Ward, see Duyckinek's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., i. 9, 18, 194; Earl Dudley's executors (who remonstrated against the Sprague's Annals, i., Trin. Congreg., 39. publication of the first volume) prevented their seeing One of them, Samuel Ward's sons,) lately dead, was beneihe light: see Preface to the Letters, and review of the

ficed in Essex, and, following the counsel of the poet,

Ridentem dicere rerum volume, in Lon. Quar. Rev., Ixvii. 117. Notices of Earl

Quis retut! Dudley will be found in Blackw. Mag., xxii. 612, xxiii.

"What doth forbid but one may smile 27. xxiv. 110, 477, xxvii. 20, xxxi. 131, xxxv. 564, xlviii.

And also tell the truth the while?' 364.

hath in a jesting way, in some of his books, delivered much “Ward is one of the best-informed men I know, and, in a smart truth of the present time.”—Tuomas FULLER : Worthies, tête-à-tête, is one of the most agreeabile companions."-LORD ed. Lon., 1840, iii. 187. Brron: Conrersations with the Countess of Blessington.

“The celebrated Nathaniel Ward, whose wit made him known Ward, Joseph. Four single sermons, 1746, '7, ’9, Ilartford, 1855, i. 522.

to more Englands than one."-COTTON MATHER: Mugnalia, ed. '60, pa. 4to.

A Memoir of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, A.M., Aut Ward, Julia Rush, a daughter of Mr. B. C. Cutler, of the Simple Cobbler of Agawam in America ; with of Boston, was b. in that city, 1796: married to Mr. Notices of his Family, by John Ward Dean, Albany, J. Samuel Ward, banker, of New York, 1812: d. 1824. She Munsell, 1868, 8vo. Mr. Ward was furnished with new was the author of a number of occasional poems. See materials by Col. Joseph L. Chester, (see Rogers, Joun) Howe, Mrs. JuliA WARD. Mrs. Howe has recently and the Rev. Thomas W. Davids, of Colchester, author published Later Lyrics, Bost., 1866, 12mo, and From the

of the Annals of Evangelical Non-conforinity. Oak to the Olive, 1868, 12mo.

Ward, Nathaniel. Memoir on Strangulated Hernia, Ward, Rev. Julius H., of Cheshire, Conn. See 2d ed., Lon., 1855, 8vo. PERCIVAL, JAMES Gates, M.D.

Ward, Nathaniel Bagshaw, a member of the Ward, Luke. See FENTON, Edward.

Royal College of Surgeons, for 40 years Vaccinator to the Ward, M. A. The Queen Bee; or, A Fete to the

National Vaccine Establishment, b, about 1790; d. 1864. Blossoms, Lon., 1839, 16io. A child's book.

On the Growth of Plants in Closely-Glazed Cases, Lon., Ward, Mabella Ann. Kate Dashaway; an Auto

1842, 8vo; 2d ed., 1852, p. 8vo: 3d ed., 1854, p. 8vo. biography of a “ Fast Young Lady," &c., (in verre.) 1865.

"Instructive for the information it presents, and delightful Ward, Mrs. Maria. Female Life among the Mor- for the spirit in which it is written."-im. Athen., 1853, 63. mons; a Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience; Ward, Ned. See WARD, EDWARD. by the Wife of a Mormon Elder, recently from Utah, N. Ward, Ned, Jr. The Comforts of Matrimony, &c.; York, 1855, 12mo. See N. Amer. Rev., xcv. 192, (by Rev. in Verse, Lon., 1780, 12mo. C. H. Brigham.) See, also, WARD, Austin N.

Ward, R. Remarks upon a Late Dissertation on Ward, Mary. Original Poetry, 1808, 8vo.

Hair. Dressing. Lon., 1768, 8vo. Ward, Matthew F., of Louisville, Kentucky, d. Ward, Richard. 1. On the Gospel of Matthew, 1863. 1. Letters from Three Continents, N. York, 1851, Theological, Dogmatical, and Evangelical, 1640, fol. 2. 12mo; 2d ed., 12mo. 2. English Items : or, Microscopic The Chiefest Divine Virtues Epitomized : Faith, Hope, Views of England and Englisbinen, 1853, 12mo. See l and Charity, Lon., 1655, 8vo.

Ward, Rev. Richard, d. 1684. Two Treatises on “No one can read 'Tremaine' without being persuaded that it Wit, &c., and the Tongue and Speech, Lon., 1673, 8vo.

affords most useful and practical lessons of conduct."-Lom. Ward, Richard, Rector of Ingoldsby. Lite of the

Quar. Per. Learner and Pious Dr. Henry More, Lon., 1710, 8vo.

Earl Spencer and others strore to discover the name Ward, Richard, Perpetual Curate of Christ Church, Richard Ryder;) but of this the publisher (llenry Col

of the author, (confidently declared to be the Rt. Hon Skipton. Sermons at Skipton. Leeds, 1813, 12mo. Ward, Robert. Animadversions of Warre, Lon.,

burn) was ignorant. It was reviewed in Westm. Rev., 1639, fol.

iv. 293 ; Blackw. Mag., xvii. 518: Lon. Mon. Rev.,

1825, ji. 249, and U.S. Lit. Gaz., jii. 121. See, also, Ward, Rev. Robert. Example of Christ enforced as a Motive to Benevolence, Lon., 1801, 8vo.

Lon. Quar. Rev., xxxvi. 269, 1xxxvii. 270: No. 7, infra. Ward, Robert Arthur, Solicitor. 1. Treatise on

7. De Vere: or, The Man of Independence; by the Investments, Lon., 1851, 12mo ; 2d ed., 1852, 8vo.

Author of Tremaine, 1827, 4 rols. p. Svo; 3d ed., 1827, “Supplies full and satisfactory information."--Lon. Lit. Gaz.,

3 vols. p. &vo: red. to 128., 1841; X. York, 2 vols. 12mo. 1852, 6996.

“The exccllence of De Vere, as of Tremaine, must be songht 2. North of England Directory, Newc.-on-Tyne, 1851, presented in many other forms of composition at least as advan

for in detachel delineations in sketches that might have been 12ino. 3. Notes on Joint-Stock Companies, 1865, 8vo. tageously as in this. The author wants the power of moulding

Ward, Robert Plumer, (Plumer was added after from discordant materials a harmonious whole. Many of his his marriage, in 1828, to Mrs. Plumer Lewin,) the son of pages deserve to go down in posterity in the Elegant Extracık;' John Warii, a Spanish merchant, resident at Gibraltar,

but his books appear to as to have no chance of ver being by his wife, Rebecca Raphael, a Spanish lady, was b. in printed in the Novelist's Library.'"- Lon. Quar. Rev., xxxvi.

270. See, al-o, lxxxvii. 271. London. 1765; passed his early boyhood at Gibraltar;

“The extravagantly overrated-the heavy, imbecile, point. returned to England when about eight years of age, and less, but still well-written, sensibile, and, we may even add, not was educated at Christ Church, Oxford; called to the disagreeable-Tremaine and De Vere."-Blackw. Mag., xxvi. Bar by the Hon. Society of the Inner Temple, 1790 ; 562. See, also, xxiji. 702. M.P. for Cockerinouth, on the nomination of William

On the other hand, the Lon. Mon. Rev. (1827. ii. 8) Pitt, 1802–5 : Under-Secretary of State in the Foreign thinks that there is “ an order of minds... who will look Department, 1805–6; M.P. for Haselmere, 1807–20. and upon this picture, as they did upon Tremaine, in the a Lord of the Admiralty, 1807-11; Clerk of the Ordnance, light of a most precious legacy from an artist of the 1811-23; Auditor of the Civil List, 1823-31: granted

very highest order;" and the Lon. Lit. Gazette (1827, a pension of £1000, 1828; d. at the residence of his 193, 209) ventures "to pronounce Tremaine and De Vere father-in-law. Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Anson, Governor

to be two most delightful works in the class to which of Chelsea Hospital, Aug. 13, 1846, aged 81. 1. An

they belong." Enquiry into the Foundation and History of the Law of

"The anthor of De Vere has shown his nn questionabile title to

rank among the true historical painters of manners and human Nations in Europe, from the Time of the Greeks and

nature."-NPro Month. Mag. Romans to the Age of Grotius, Lon., 1795, 2 vols. 8vo; " His admirable De Vere."-Lon. Athen., 1838, 929. Dubl., 1795, 2 vols. 8vo.

See, also, CANNING, GEORGE. " Ile who should take it up with the expectation of finding in 8. Illustrations of Human Life, Lon., 1837, (some it authoritative dicta npon any point in question would be dis

1838.) 3 vols. p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1843, 3 vols. p. 8vo. ComAppointed; while the lover of history will be agrepably sir. prised to find himself wandering, and wandering with profit, mended by Lon. Messenger and Lon. Sun. See, also, ihrongh the most powery paths of the history of the middle

Lon. Athen., 1837, 192. A part was repuh, as Fielding, Agos. "-llox. E. PIPPS: Memoirs of Ward, i. 16.

or Society. Phila., 1837. 12ino. 9. An "Historical Essay This may remind the reader of Canning's remark that on the Real Character and Amount of the Precedent of Ward's law-books were as pleasant as novels, and his the Revolution of 1688: in which the Opinions of Macknovels as dull as law-books. Mr. Phipps observes that intosh. Price, Hallam. Mr. Fox, Lord John Russell, the Enquiry was favourably noticed by the Annual Blackstone. Burke. and Locke, the Trial of Lord Russell, Register: it was also commended, as "replete with and the Merits of Sidney, are Critically considered, various and extended erudition," by Lon. Month. Rev., Lon., 1838. 2 vols. 8vo. 1796, iii. 381, and (see Lon. Quar. Rev., 1xxxvii. 245) is “This is a conservative Pamphlet in the disguise of an Ilis. quoted as a text-book both by Martens and Mr. Justice torical Essay. The author is apparently one of those mhappy Story.

persons whose peace of mind has been disturbed by Reform."

Edin. Rer., Ixvii. 415. "In a late publication, from the title of which some attention to dates miglit have been expected, we are told that • Hobbes's

Also condemned hy Lon. Athen., 1838, 161. See, also, book De Cire appeared but a little before the treatise of Grotius;' Lon. Quar. Rev., lxxxvii. 274. whereas, in point of fact, Ilobbes's book did not appear till 10. Pictures of the World at Home and Abroad, 1839, twenty-two years after it. A few copies were indeed printed at

3 vols. p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1843, 3 vols. p. Svo. This work Paris, and privately circulated by Hobbes, as early as 1612; but the look was not polilished till 1647. (See 'An Inquiry into the

consists of three tales, viz.: Sterling, Penruddock, or Foundation and liistory of the Law of Nations in Europe,' &r.,

The High-Minded, and Rheindorf, or The Enthusiast, by Robert Ward, of the Inner Temple, Esq., London, 1795.) each in one volume. Noticed in Lon. Athen., 1838, 929, This inaccuracy, bowever, is trifling, when compared with those and Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1838, 803. 11. De Clifforil; or, The committed in the same work in stating the distinguishing doc.

Constant Man, 1811, 4 vols. p. 8vo; Phila., 1841, 3 vols. trines of the two systems."-DUGALD STEWART : Dissert. First,

12mo. Enrye. Bril., 8th ed., 1. 90, n.

"De Clifford is a very agreeable and clever novel, and really 2. A Treatise of the Relative Rights and Duties of

wonderful as the work of a man of seronty-six."-Lon. Quar. Belligerent and Neutral Powers in Maritime Affairs; in Rrr., Ixxxvii, 275. which the Principles of the Armed Neutralities, and the See, also, PATMORE, PETER GEORGE, No. 4. A brief Opinions of Hübner and Schlegel, are fully discussed, hingraphical sketch of Mr. Ward was pub. in Lon. Gent. Lon.. 1801, 8vo, pp. 190. See, also, CROKE, ALEXANDER, Mag., 1816, ii. 650. See, also, Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1846, 740, LL.D.; No. 3. infra.

(and Bost. Liv. Age, xi. 239 :) Burke's Gentry of Eng. " Exhausted all ihe law and learning applicable to the ques- land. In 1850 appeared Memoirs of the Political and tion."-1 krnt, com., 128.

Literary Life of Robert Plumer Ward, Esq., &c.: with 3. An Essay on Contraband: being a Continuation of the Treatise of the Relative Rights and Duties, &c., lished Literary Remains, by the Honourable Edmund

Selections from his Correspondence, Diaries, and Unpub1801, 8v0, pp. 83. This and No. 2 are noticed, not with. Phipps, 2 vols. 8vo. out censure, in Lon. Mon. Rev., 1801, ii. 307. 4. View

“We congratnlate Mr. Phipps on the general discretion, delic of the Relative Situations of Mr. Pitt and Mr. Adding- cacy, and peatness of literary execution which he has loronght ton previous to and on the Night of Mr. Patten's Mo. to his dutiful labour as editor and biographer."-Lon. Quur. tion; by a Member of Parliament, 1804, 8vo; 2d ed.,

Rer., Ixxxvii. 276. 1804, 8vo. This elicited a Letter to Robert Ward, Esq., throw great light upon some of the most memorable passages

“ There are a number of particulars brought forward, which M.P., &c., 1804, 8vo. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1804, i. 328, of our public affairs from the beginning of the present century." ii. 219. 5. An Inquiry into the Manner in which the -Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1850, 401. Sep, also, 420. Different Wars of Europe bave commenced during the Also commended by Blackw. Mag., lxviii. 216. The Last Two Centuries, 8vo. Intended as a justification of Lon. Gent. Mag. (1850, ii. 157) does not think so bighly Pitt's capture of the Spanish treasure-ships, October 5, of Mr. Phipps's la hours. The work was also reviewed 1804: see accounts of this sad affair in Lon. Gent. Mag., in Lon. Athen., 1850, 653, and Lon. Examiner, 1850. 1804, 1059, 1066, 1186.

Mr. Phipps remarks, 6. Tremaine; or, The Man of Refinement, 1825, 3 vols. “The remaining portion of Mr. Ward's diary, though emp. 8vo. Anon.

bracing many curious and interesting political details, and pro

3d 1500 copies were sold in six weeks. ed., 1825, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 4th ed., 3 vols. p. 8vo; new ed., 1 fesseilly intended for publicatim, appears to me to comprebend

a period too recent to make its continuance expedient."- vol. iL 1835, 2 vols. p. 8vo.


fp. 8vo.

We trust that when the fire burns a little lower- madversions upon Mr. John Webster's Book, stiled Thu "incidens per ignes

Examen of Academies, 1654. 4to. 5. In Thomæ lobbii Suppositos cineri doloso”—

Philosopbiam Exercitatio Epistolica, ad D. Joh. Wilthe remainder of the Diary will be given to the world, kinsiun, S.T.D., Guardianum Coll. Wadbami, &c., 1656, (1870.)

8vo. 6. Astronomnia geometrica, ubi Methodus proponitur Ward, s. 6. Essays on Art, by Goethe; Translated, quâ Primarioruin Planetarum Astronomia, sive Elliptica, N. York, 1845. &c., 12no.

sive Circularis, possit geometrice absolvi, Lon., 1656, Ward, S. H. 1. Natural History of Man, Lon., 1850, 8vo. He pub. a number of occasional sermons, and of 2. Healthy Respiration, 1855, 12mo.

these seven were pub. together in one vol., 1673, 8vo; 2d Ward, S. R. Autobiography of a Fugitive Negro, ed., 1674, 8vo. See Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., iv. 246 ; Lon., 1855, cr. 8vo.

Biog. Brit.; Hutton's Dict.; Keill's Astronomy; Granger; Ward, Samuel, a native of Haverhill, Suffolk, edu- Warton's Bathurst; D'Israeli's Quarrels of Authors; cated at Sidney College, where he was chosen Fellow, Pope, Walter, M.D., No. 5; WARD, SAMUEL, D.D., becaine Lecturer at Haverhill, 1607, and afterwards min- | Nos. 4 and 5. ister of one of the churches of Ipswich; prosecuted for “ Vir prudens, pins, ingenuus, nec mathesi solum, sed et Puritanism, 1634, and retired to Holland, where he d. omni politioris literaturæ genere, cultissimns," &c.-OUGUTRED: about 1640. A collective edition of his Works--sermons

Claris Mathemat., Pref. and theological treatises--was pub. Lon., 1635, (some

* Both in mathematics and philosophy, and in the strength 1636. em. Svo; with a leaf with two wood-cuts and the

of judgment and rerstanding, one of the first pen of his

time."--Bishop BURNET: Hist. of his Own Times, ed. Oxf., 1833, following verses :

iii. 141. " Watch, WARD, and keepe thy garments tight,

Ward, Stephen S. Paper in Mem. Med., 1792,
For I come Thiefe-like at Midnight.

Ward, T. Willie's Home Exercises, Manches., 12mo,
All-seeing, never-slumbring Lori,
Be thou my Watch, Ile be thy WARD."

Part 2, 1862.
His best-known production is Woc to Drunkards: a

Ward, T. Outline Facts of Chemistry, &c., Manches., Sermon on Proverbis xxiii. 29, 32, 1622, sm. 8vo. (See 1866, 2 Pts., 12mo. Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., i. 18.) This and his

Ward, T. W. The Bedouin, and other Poems, Lon., Works are both rare. Adams's Practical Works Com- 1852, 12mo. plete, and Sermons and Treatises by Samuel Ward,

Ward, Thomas, a schoolmaster, b. at Danby Castle, Edin., 3 vols. 8vo. (Nichol's Stand. Div., Puritan Period.) Yorksbire, 1652, became a Roman Catholic, and resided

“ He had a sanctified fancy, dexterous in designing expressive for some years at Rome; had a commission in the Pope's pictures, representing much maiter in a little model."--THOMAS Guards, and served against the Turks ; in the reign of FULLER: Worthies, ed. 1810, iii. 186.

James II. returned to England, and rode in the King's Dr. Doddridge also commends his compositions. See, Guards; after the Revolution, retired to Flanders ; d. at also, Notes and Queries, Jan. 4, 1868, i., (The Carica- Saint Germain's, 1708. 1. The Errata of the Protestant tures of Samuel Ward, of Ipswich.)

Bible; or, The Truth of the English Translations ExWard, Samuel, D.D., a native of Bishops-Middle- amined, 1st ed. pub, anon. in reign of James II. ; 2d ed., bam, Durham, was educated at Christ's College, Cam- 1688, 4to : Lon., 1737, 4to; Dubl., 1807, 4t0 ; Phila., 1824, bridge, and chosen Fellow of Emmanuel College; Mas-8vo; N. York, 8vo; new ed., with the Preface of the ter of Sidney Sussex College, 1609; Archdeacon of Rev. Dr. L**, and a Vindication by Dr. Milner in Reply Taunton, 1615; Preb. of York, Feb. 21, 1617-18; Vice- to Grier, Dubl., 1841, r. 8vo. Chancellor of Cainbridge, 1620; Margaret Professor of “Ward's Errata was answered, in all its principal parts, before Divinity at Cambridge, 1622 ; in the Rebellion adhered it was ever composed : since it is professedly extracted from Dr. to Charles I., and therefore was deprived of his mas.

or Mr. Gregory Martin's Discovery of the Manifold Corruptions

of the Holy Scriptures, &c., printed at Rheims in 1582; which tership and professorship, plundered, and imprisoned ; was answered, paragraph by paragraph, by Dr. W. Fulke (seo d. in great poverty, Sept. 7, 1613. 1. Concio in Phil. FULKE, W., D.D., No.6) and others."--Lowndes's Brit. Lib., 105. ii. 12, 13, Lon., 1626, 4to. 2. Suffragium Collegiale See, also, An Answer to Ward's Errata of the Pro. Theologorum, &c., et Concio in Phil. ii. 12, 13, 1627, testant Bible, by Richard Grier, D.D., Dubl., 1812, 4to, 4to; 1633, 8vo. 3. Magnetis Reductoriuin Theologicum, some l. p. ; (“ a very satisfactory reply:" Lowndes's Brit. Tropologicum, &c., 16:37, 8vo. After his death appeared | Lib., 105;) Lon., 1817, 4t0; HAMILTON, George, Nos. 3 -4. Dissertatio inter cum et Thomam Gatakerum de and 4: RYAN, EDWARD, D.D., No. 3. Baptismatis Infantilis Vi et Efficacio; Ed. by Seth Ward, 2. Monomachia; or, A Duel between Dr. Tenison, 1652, 8vo. 5. Opera nonnulla, viz.: Determinationes Pastor of St. Martin's, London, and a Catholick Soldier, Theologicæ, &c.; Ed. by Seth Ward, 1658, fol. Many 1687, 4to. 3. Some Queries to the Protestants concern. of his letters will be found in Archbishop Usher's Life ing the English Reformation, 1687, 4to. Reprinted and and Letters. See, also, Fuller's Hist. of Cambridge; Answered, 1688, 410, pp. 48. 4. Speculum Ecclesiasticam. Fuller's Worthies; Walker's Sufferings; Lloyd's Me- 5. Tree of Life; or, The Church of Christ. Taken froin moirs ; Chalmers's Biog. Dict., xxxi. 127.

a large copper cut.

New ed., Balt. 6. England's ReWard, Samuel. The Wonders of the Loadstone, formation : from the Tiine of King Henry VIII. to the Lon., 1640.

End of Oates's Plot; a Poem, in Four Cantos, Hambourg, Ward, Rev. Samuel. 1. Natural History of Fishes, | 1710, 2 vols. in 1, 4to; Lon., 1715, 2 vols. 8vo : 1719, 2 Lon., 1770, 2 vols. 12mo. 2. Modern System of Natural

vols. sm. 8vo; Adorned with copper-plates, 1747, 2 vols. History, 1775–77, 12 vols. 12mo.

sm. 8vo: best cd.; Dubl., 1791, 8vo; 1804, 2 vols. 18mo; Ward, Samuel, Jr. Address, Stuyvesant Insti- Dubl., 1814, 12 mo; Balt., 18mo. tute, N. York, 1837, 8vo.

" I sing the deeds of great King Harry, Ward, Samuel. Lyrical Recreations, N. York and

or Ved his son, and langhter Mary, Lon., 1865, pp. xvi., 269.

Whence England's Common Prayer Book sprung,

What Canticles in kirks are sung." Ward, Seth, D.D., b. at Buntingford, Hertfordshire, 1617, (Wood) or 1618, (Pope,) was entered of Sidney is a considerable whare of humour, wit, and liveliness, but not

“ The imitation of Indibras is tolerably successful, and there College, Cambridge, 1632, and chosen Fellow, 1640; 1 enough to atone for the many misrepresentations of fact, and Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, 1649-61; the malignant tendencies of the whole."-Chalmers's Biog. Dict., elected Principal of Jesus College, but supplanted by xxxi. 137. Francis Howell, 1657; President of Trinity College, Ox

** Full of impious abuse put in a strain apt enough to take ford, 1659, but gave place to the former president, Dr.

with those who are disposed to divert themselves with a shew

of wit and humour dressed up to make the Reformation appear Hannibal Potter, 1660 ; Rector of St. Lawrence Jewry, both odious and ridiculous." -- BISHOP BURNET. 1660; Precentor of Exeter, 1660; Preb. of Exeter, 1660 ; * Thomas Ward has heavier sins than those of coarseness Dean of Exeter, 1661; Bishop of Exeter, 1662 ; Bishop and dulness to answer for, his work being written throughout of Salisbury, 1667 ; Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, with an utter disregard to truth, and falsifying or concealing 1671; Preb. of Salisbury, 1672; Archicacon of Wilts, facts, just as it suited the purposes of the author. ... Those

readers who can tolerate a work which burlesques martrydom Feb. 8, 1674-5; Preh. of Winchester, 1676 ; Chancellor anit makes merry with executions will find it not destitute of of Salisbury, 1681 ; Treasurer of Salisbury, Jan. 15, 1686– humour and ingenuity."- Retrosp. Rev., iii. 3:28, 329. 7; survived the loss of his mental faculties, and d. Jan, See, also, Lon. Gent. Mag., liii. 1028, liv. 252. 6, 1689, in his 720 year. 1. Philosophical Essay on the 7. The Controversy of Ordination Truly Stated, Lon., Being and Attributes of God, Immortality, and Scripture, 1719, 8vo. This elicited treatises on both sides. He Oxf., 1652, Bro: 1655, Svo. 2. Prælectio de Cometis, left in MS. (in the English College at Douay) A Confu&c., 1653, 4tu. See RookE, LAWRENCE. 3. Idea Trigo- tation of Dr. Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-Nine nometriæ Demonstratæ in Usum Juventutis, 165+, 4to. Articles: never published." See Dodd's Church Hist., 4. Vindiciæ Academiaruin : containing some brief Ani. I vol. iii.

Ward, Thomas. Sermon, Ps. cl., Lon., 1826, 8vo. ology in the R. C. College of St. Edmund's, near Ware,

Ward, Thomas, M.D., a son of General Thomas Herts. Ward, and b. at Newark, New Jersey, 1807, was educated 1. The Ideal of a Christian Church, considered in At Princeton and at Rutgers Medical College, New York. Comparison with Existing Practice, &c., Lon., 1844, 8vo, Passaic: a Group of Poeins touching that River; with (sold immediately ;) 2d ed., 1844, 8v0; red. to 68. 6d., other Musings, by Flaccus, N. York, 1842, 12mo. No-1846. Reviewed in Lon. Quar. Rev., lxxv. 149, and ticed in Griswold's Poets and Poetry of America, Poe's Brit. Quar. Rev., i. 37. See, also, Edin. Rev., 1xxx. Literati, Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., and knicker- 309: Recent Developinents of Puseyisin, (by Henry bocker Magazine. Dr. Ward has contributed to the Rogers.) The book was condemned in convocation at Knickerbocker, N. York American, &c.

Oxford, Feb. 13, 1815, and the author was degraded: see Ward, Thomas. War Lyrics, N. York, (1865,) Edin. Rev., lxxxi. (April, 1845) 385: Oxford and Mr. 8vo, pp. 16. Privately printed.

Ward. See TAIT, ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, D.D., D.C.L., Ward, Townsend, a native of Philadelphia, author | No. 2. 2. Address to Members of Convocation in Pro. of The Insurrection of the Year 1794 in the Western test against the Proposed Statute, 1845, 8vo, pp. 55. 3. Counties of Pennsylvania, in Mem. Hist. Soc. of Penna., The Anglican Establishment contrasted, in every PrinPhila., vol. vi., 1858, 117–182, (“ which bas thrown still ciple of its Constitution, with the Church Catholic of more light upon that event:" Henry D. Gilpin ;) Bio- every Age, 1850, 8vo, pp. 143. 4. Three Letters to the graphical Account of Richard Smith, ibid., vol. vii., Editor of the Guardian, 1852, 8vo. 5. On Nature and 1859; and Letters, (signed “ Logan,") &c., York Literary Grace, 1860, 8vo. Dedicated to Cardinal Wiseman. World, &c.

This is vol. i. of a contemplated comprehensive work Ward, Valentine. Collection of Hymns, new ed., on Moral Theology. Glasg., 1813, 18mo.

Ward, William Henry. The Tree of Life in the Ward, W. French Importer's Ready Calculator, N. Paradise of God, and The Tree of Knowledge of Good York, 1814, 8vo.

and Evil in the Garden of Eden, &c., Lon., 1864, cr. Ward, W. P. Antient Record of Isle of Man, 8vo. Lon., 1837, 12mo.

Ward, William T. 1. Observations on Tetanus, Ward, William. Treatise on the Method of Breed- Lon., 4to. 2. On Distortions of the Spine, Chest, and ing, Breaking, and Training Horses, 1776, 8vo. See Limhs, 1822, 8vo; 2d ed., 1840, 8vo. RAREY, JOHN S.

Warde, J, H. J. Catechism of Equitation for the Ward, William.

1. Essay on Grammar, Lon., | Use of Cadets, Lon., 1855, fp. 8vo. 1765, 4to; 1778, 4to. 2. Grammar of the English Lan- Warde, John. Case of, with the Alum Works, Lon., guage, York, 12mo. See, also, RAMSAY, ALLAN, No. 10. 1727, 4to.

Ward, William. 1. Plain Account of the Conver- Warde, Richard. Man's Terrene Refuge Slighted, sion and of the Doctrines contained in St. Paul's Epistle &c., Lon., 1641, sm. 8vo. to the Romans, 1797, 8vo. 2. Life of the Rev. C. Far- Warde, William. 1. Secrets, &c. in Physick; from mer, 1801, 12mno. 3. Discourses on Prophecy, the Mil- the French of D'Alexis, in 4 Parts, Lon., 1558, 4to; 1562 lennium, &c., 1805, 8vo. 4. Fulfilment of Revelation ; -63, 4to; 1566, 4to; 1578, 4to: 1580, 4tu. 2. Three Seror, Prophetic History; in which Important Periods are mons by Calvin, Englished, 1562, 16mo. 3. Troatise of noticed, from this Year 1820 to 1830, Lon., 1820, 6 vols. Astrology: froin Arcanduin or Alcandrin, 1634, 8vo. 8vo. 5. Events of the Seventh Truinpet, 8vo.

6. Apo

Warde, William. 1. Two Serms., Deut. xxviii. logy, &c. on the Coming of our Lord, 8vo.

58, 59, Lon., 1607, 8vo. 2. Serin., llos. iv, 2, 3, 1613, Ward, William, b. at Derby, England, 1769, re- 8vo. sided in India as a Baptist missionary from 1799 to 1819, Wardell, J. Antiquities of the Borough of Leeds, when he visited England; after travelling on the Conti- Lon., 1854, 8vo, 78. 6d.; 1. p., r. 8vo, 12s. nent and in America, returned to Serampore in 1821, Warden, Alexander J. Linen Trade, Ancient and and d. there, of the cholera, March, 1822.

Modern, Lon., 1864, 8vo. 1. Account of the Writings, Religion, and Manners of Warden, David Baillie, a native of Ireland, the Hindoos, including Translations from their Principal graduated M.D. at the New York Medical College; SeereWorks, Serampore, at the missionary press, 1811, 4 vols. tary of the U. States Legation under General Armstrong 4to; 2d'ed., A View of the History, Literature, and Re- at Holland, and for about forty years before his death ligion of the Hindoos, &c., 2 vols. 4to: vol. i., 1818; ii., Consul and Secretary of U. States Legation at Paris; d. 1815; 3d ed., Lon., 4 vols. 8vo: vol. i., ii., 1817 ; iii., iv., in that city in 1845, aged 67. 1820 ; 4th edition, (in wbicb Mythology is substituted in 1. Enquiry concerning the Intellectual and Moral the title for Religion,) arranged according to the order Faculties and Literature of Negroes; Trans. from H. of the original work printed at Serampore, Lon., 1822, Grégoire, Brooklyn, 1810, 8vo. 2. On the Origin, Na3 vols. Svo; 5th ed., Madras, 1863, 8v0; Introduction ture, Progress, and Influence of Consular Establishseparately, 1864, 8vo, pp. viii., 88. A bridged, in All ments, Paris, 1813, 8vo, pp. 531. Iu French, by Morlaix, Religions, &c., Hartford, 1823, 12mo. The first edition 1815, 8vo. and rols. i. and ii. of the third edition were reviewed by * The labour of Warden and Borel has been bestowed, in part, James Mill in Edin. Rev., xxix. (Feb. 1818) 377. See, upon good materials; but their researches, whatever other merit also, Rosenmüller, Alte u. Neue Morg.

they may possess, have produced only partial and very limited

results."-22 Amer. Jur., 215. " Ward's work, according to Wilson and others, is coloured

See, also, Lon. Mon. Rev., 1xxx. 543, xciii. 115. by prejudice, and his translations are not trustworthy."-E. ABHOT: Lil. of Doc. of a Future Life, 1864, No. 14+2.

3. Chorographical and Statistical Description of the

District of Columbia, 1816, 8vo. 4. Statistical, Political, 2. Farewell Letters (XXVI.) to Friends in Britain and

and Historical Account of the United States of North America, on Returning to Bengal in 1821, Lon., 1821: America, Edin., 1819, 3 vols. 8vo. In French, Paris, 12mo; N. York, 1821, 12mo. See Memoirs of Ward, by 1820, 5 vols. 8vo. In German, Ilmenau, 1824, 8vo. Samuel Stennett, 1825, 12mo; Life and Times of Carey,

"With all these defects, however, it contains more informa. Marshman, and Ward, embracing the History of Seram

tion about the United States of America than is to be found in pore Mission, by John Clark Marehman, 1859, 2 vols.

any other work, and is very deserving our attention."-EDWARD 8vo, (reviewed in Lon. Quar. Rev., Oct. 1859: same in EVERETT: N. Amer. Rr., xiii. (July, 1821) 62. N. York Eclec. Mag., Jan. 1860 :) abridged, Story of the Also reviewed in Lon. Mon. Rev., xciii. 113, 375. Sce, Lives, &c., 1863, cr. 8vo: 1864, cr. 8vo; Abridged. Life also, Warden Refuted : being a Defence of the British and Labours of Carey, Marshman, and Ward, N. York, Navy, &c., by William James, (p. 952, supru,) Lon., 1819, 1867. See, also, N. Haven Chris. Mon. Spec., iv. 92 ; | 8vo, pp. 48. John Foster's Life, &c., and The History of India, by J. 5. Bibliotheca Americo Septentrionalis : being a Choice C. Marshman, Lon., p. 8vo: vols. i., ii., iii., 1867. Collection of Books, &c. relating, &c. to America, &c.,

Ward, William. Treatise on Legacies, or Bequests (Paris,) 1820, 8vo, pp. 147. Privately printed. This is of Personal Property, Lon., 1829, r. Svo; in Phila. Law a catalogue of his own library. (containing nearly 1200 Lib., xviii., 1837, Svo.

volumes,) which was purchased in 1823 by S. A. Eliot, Ward, William George, b. 1812, graduated in Esq.. of Boston, for $5000, and presented to larvard classical and mathematical honours at Christ Church, College. 6. L'Art de Vérifier les Dates · Chronologio Oxford, 1834, was afterwards elected Fellow of Balliol historique de l'Amérique, Paris, 1826–44. Jo vols. 8vo. College, and was for some years Mathematical Tutor See Rich's Bibl. Amer. Nova, ii. 191; and for the comof bis College; shortly after publishing his Ideal of a plete series, old and new, see Brunet's Manuel, 5th ed., Christian Church, seceded to the Roman Catholic Church, | i. (1860) 514. 7. Bibliotheca Americana, &c., 1831, 8vo, and has been for some time Professor of Dogmatic Tbe- 1 pp. 140; 1840, 8vo, 3 leaves and pp. 124.

This colleo

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