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ceded by remarks by Sir R. Steele,) in The Spectator, "The most splendid work of the kind that has been attempted No. 334. Steele resumes the praise of dancing in No. in England."- Lon. Times.


2. Art of Dancing, 1706, 4to. 3. The Loves of He also edited some of the works in his excellent Mars and Venus; Dramatic Pantomime, 1717, 8vo. 4. Rudimentary Series and Educational Series, which, with Orpheus and Euridice; Dramatic Entertainment, 1718, his Classical Series, are now published by James S. 8vo. 5. Anatomical and Mechanical Lectures upon Virtue, London. For these and other aids to knowledge Dancing, 1721, 4to, pp. 156. 6. History of the Mimes Mr. Weale deserves the kindly remembrance of all stu- and Pantomimes, 1728, 4to. 7. The Judgment of Paris; dents. See Lon. Reader, 1864, i. 200; Virtue's (late Dramatic Pantomime, 1732. Weale's) Rudimentary Series.

“ Tradition says that Weaver was the first introducer of Weale, W. H. James. Belgium, Aix-la-Chapelle, Pantomimes into England.” — Miller's Ply. Leares, 1854, 143 : and Cologne: an Entirely New Guide-Book for Travel Neglected Bingruphy, No. x., (q. r.) lers, with Notes, Plans, and Maps, Lon., 1859, 12 mo.

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“We can safely commend Mr. Weaver's essay to the perusal," the First, and M.P. for Helston, by [his relative) George Duke, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. Lon., 1844, hibition of Public Worship from the Beginning of Pagan

4. The Pagan Altar and Jehovah's Temple; an Exfp. 8vo. Commended by Evangel. Mag., Chris. Exam., Idolatry, &c., 1840, 12 mo. &c.

“Calculated to do much service."-Lon. Genl. Mag., 1842, ii. * From A Brief Memoir' he appears to have been a most

397. learned, eloquent, and excellent man."-LORD CAMPBELL: Life “ This very instructive volume."-- Evangel. Mag. of C.-J. Willes, in Lives of the Chief Justices, note.

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of Puseyism, 1813, cr. 8vo; N. York, 1843. 8vo. 7. ChaWeatherby, C. and J. Racing Calendar, Lon., racter and Causes of Dissent, Lon., 1844, 12mo. 8. 1773-1812. 66 vols. sm. 8vo.

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p. 8vo,

Pimlico, July 2, 1855, aged 82. Treatise on the Ex- at Honiton; d. 1815, aged 80. 1. XVIII. Sermons, Loa., terpal Character of Fossils; from the German of Wer- | 1766, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. See No. 2. 2. XIX. Sermons, ner, Dubl., 1805, 8vo. He published Memoirs on the 1772, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. Nos. 1 and 2 were repub., with a Geology of the East and South of Ireland, and con- Memoir of his Life, all in 1 vol., 1. p., r. 8vo, 1818. tributed to Phil. Trans., Trans. Geolog. Soc., Phil. “ His published Sermons afford ample proof that his preaching Mag., Annals of Philos., &c. See Lon. Gent. Magi testify that he had superior intellectual powers, and a deer

was eminently sound, polished, impressive, and animating: they 1855, ii. 322, (Obituary ;) Eng. Cyc., Biog., vi. (1858) | sense of the value of religion."- Murch's Presbyterian Churches. 573.

3. Somerset; a Poem, 1811, 8vo. 4. Panbarmonicon, Webb, an English Jesuit. History of the Church in 1815, 4to. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1815, ii. 278, 563, Japan, Lon., 1705, 2 vols. 4to.

(Obituary.) * In Watt's Bibl. Brit. it is said that this work was written originally in French, and translated by Webb, an English

Webb, Frank J. The Garies and their Friends; Jesuit: he probably refers to a MSS., as no such work appears with an Introductory Preface by Mrs. Harriet B. Stowe, to have beco printed in France at the time, (Charlevoix's was Lon., 1857, cr. 8vo. not published till long after;) its contents are of remarkable Webb, G, H. F. See Wyatt, A. value and interest." Webb, Miss. See WALLINGTON, NEHEMIAH.

Webb, George, a native of Gloucester, emigrated Webb, Miss A. C., Principal of Zane Street Girls' quently a partner of, Samuel Keimer. the printer, and

to Philadelphia, became an apprentice to, and subseGrammar School, Philadelphia. 1. Historical Companion, was also a member of Benjamin Franklin's Junto. He with Geographical and Historical Notes, containing the published Batchelor's Hall; a Poem, Phila., 1731. See Chronology of the United States from 1492 to 1857, | Frapklin's Autobiography; Duyckick’s Cyc. of Amer. &c., Phila., 1858, &c. 2. The Model Etymology, Phila., Lit., i. 101. 1867, 12mo. Webb, Allan. 1. Pathologia Indica: Anatomy of Duty of Sheriffs, etc., of Virginia, Williamsb., 1736, 8vo.

Webb, George. Office of a Justice of the Peace, Indian Diseases, Lon., 1848, 1. 8vo. 2. Ready Rules for

Webb, George. Practical llints to Young SportsOperations in Surgery, 2d ed., 1863, r. 8vo.

men, Lon., 1857, 12mo. Webb, Benjamin. 1. Tables for Buying the Stocks, Lon., 1760, 12mo. 2. Compleat Annuitant, 1762, Academy of Music. 1. American Glee-Book, Bost.

Webb, George James, Professor in the Boston

2. 12mo. 3. Complete Negociator, 1767, 8vo. Webb, Benjamin, of Trinity College, Cambridge, 4. Vocal Class-Book for Schools. 5. Massachusetts Col

Common-School Songster. 3. Little Songster for Schools. Perpetual Curate of Sheen, Staffordshire, and Hon. Sec

6. retary of the Ecclesiological (late Cambridge Camden) With Hayward, T. B., Musical Cabinet, 1832, 4to. 7.

lection of Psalmody; Edited, 2d ed., 1840, 8vo. Society. ). With NEALE, Joan Mason, Symbolism of

With Mason, William, The Melodist. 8. Cantica EccleChurches, &c., by Durandus, with Notes, &c., Lon., 1843, siastica, 1859. See, also, Mason, Lowell, Mus. Doc.;

2. Sketches of Continental Ecclesiology; or, Russell, William, No. 5. Church Notes in Belgium, Germany, and Italy, 1848, Bvo, 16x.; red. to 128., 1850. He edited Mill, WILLIAM Luke, new ed., Lon., 1810, 18mo. 2. Naomi; or, The

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4. Reflections on the History of Noab, 1816, 12mo; 2d

5. Travels and Adventures of Charles York, is the author of Liffith Lank, or Lunacy, (a Durand, 1847, 12mo; 1852, sq.; 1859, 12mo. 6. Beloved travesty of Griffith Gaunt,) N. York, 1867, 18mo: St. Disciple: Reflections on the History of St. John, 1848, Twel'mo; or, The Cuneiform Cyclopedist of Chatta

fp. 8vo. nooga, (a travesty of St. Elmo,) 1867, 16mo; Our Friend

“Very sensible and well-written reflections."-Chris. Guard. from Victoria, (a play performed and published in San Francisco, 1865;) Arrah-na-Poke, (a burlesque of Arrah

7. Julamerk; a Tale of the Nestorians, 1848, 3 vols. p. Da-Pogue, and played in San Francisco, 1865;) edited, Svo; 1851, 12mo; 1853, fp. 8vo; red. to 38. 6d., 1856. 8. under the name of John Paul, The Celebrated 'Jumping Martyrs of Carthage, 1850, 2 vols. 12mo; 1853, 12mo; Frog, (see Twain, Mark, No. 1;) founded, owned, and 1857, fp. 8vo; last ed., 1868, fp. 8vo. Condemned by edited The Californian, of San Francisco; and con

Lon. Aihen., 1850, 309. 9. Pilgrims of New England; tributed to the San Francisco Evening Bulletin, Har. Ipswich, 1855, 12mo ; red. to 38. 6d., 1856.

a Tale of the Early Settlers, 1852, 12mo; 1853, fp. 8vo;

See Lon. per's, the Atlantic, and Knickerbocker Magazines, Our Lit. Gaz., 1852, 812; Lon. Athen., 1853, 224. 10. AutoYoung Folks, &c.

Webb, Daniel, of Bath. 1. Enquiry into the biography of a £5 Note, Lon., 1853, '65, fp. 8vo. 11. Beauties of Painting, &c., Lon., 1760, sm. 8vo; 3d ed.,

Idaline; a Story of Egyptian Bondage, 1854, sm. 8vo.

12. Marco Griffi, the Italian Patriot, 1859, 6m. 8vo. 1769, sm. 8vo; 4th ed., 1777, sm. 8vo. See No. 5. 2.

13. Helen Mordaunt; or, The Standard of Life, 1860, Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry, 1762, sm. 8vo. See

12ino; red. to 38. 6d., 1864. No. 5. 3. Observations on the Correspondence between

“ This little work maintains its author's well-earned reputation Poetry and Music, 1769, sm. 8vo. See No. 5. 4. Some

in writing for the young."-Lon. Athen., 1860, ii. 124. Reasuns for thinking that the Greek Language was 14. Blind Ursula, 1860, fp. 8vo, (Magnet Stories, No. borrowed from the Chinese, 1787, 8vo. See No. 5.

v.;) 1864, fp. 8vo. See Magnet Stories, vol. i. (1860) Literary Amusements in Verse and Prose, 1787, sm. 8vo. and vol. iv., (1862.) 15. Arthur Merton ; a Story for the Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were subsequently pub. together, Young, 1862, 16mo. 16. Moses, the Lawgiver, 1864, p. by T. Winstanley, D.D., as Miscellanies by the Late

8vo. 17. Ishmael the Yezidee; a Romance of Syrian Daniel Webb, 1802, 4to. 6. Selections from M. de

Life, 1864, '66, p.

8vo. 18. Alypius of Tagaste, 1865, p. Pauw; with Additions, Bath, 1795, 8vo.

8vo. 19. Benaiah, 1865, '70, cr. 8vo. 20. Pomponia, Webb, Daniel Carless. Observations and Re- 1867, 16mo. 21. Oliver Wyndham, 1867, 12mo. 22. marks during Four Excursions to Various Parts of Great Loyal Charlie Bentham, new ed., 1868, 18mo. Her Britain, 1810-11, Lon., 1812, 8vo.

Naomi, Idaline, The Children's Island, and Loyal Charlie Webb, Lieutenant E. Military Treatise on the Bentham, 4 vols., edited by L. Nugent, were published Appointment of the Army, Phila., 1759, 12mo.

together, London, as The Rose-Bud Stories. Webb, E. B. Our Iron Breakwaters and Piers,

Webb, J. Russell, late of the State Normal School, Lon., 1862, 4to.

Albany, New York. 1. John's First Book, N. York, Webb, Rev. Edward. Hindoo Life, with Pictures

18mo. 2. Young Pupil's Guide, 18mo. 3. Serios of of the Men, Women, and Children of India, Phila., Normal Readers, viz.: I. Normal Primer, 12mo. II. 1866, sq. 8vo.

Primary Lessons: a series of cards to be used in conWebb, Elizabeth. Letter to A. W. Boehm, with nection with No. 1. III. Word Primer: to precede his Answer, Phila., 1781, 12mo; 1806, 12mo.

No. 4. IV. Normal Reader, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Highly Webb, Col. F. Bhakspeare's Manuscripts in the recommended and largely circulated. Possession of Mr. Ireland Examined, &c., by Philaletbes,

Webb, James, Veterinary Surgeon, of Elgin. FarmLon., 1796, 8vo.

er's Guide; a Treatise on the Diseases of Horses and Webb, F. C. Principles of Electrical Accumulation Black Cattle, Elgin, 1834, 8vo; 7th ed., fp. 8vo. and Conduction, Lon., p. 8vo; Part 1, 1862.

" It contains many very useful practical directions."-DonaldWebb, Francis, a native of Taunton, minister of son's Agr. Biog., 124. a Baptist congregation, Barbican, London, also minister Webb, James, and Duval, Thomas H. Reports


of Cases in the Supreme Court of the State of Texas, company the Fac-Simile of the Original Record, Pbuto1846-1848, Galveston and Austin, 1848–51, 3 vols. 8vo. Zincographed under the Direction of Col. Sir Henry

Webb, James Watson, b. at Claverack, N. York, James, R.E., F.R.S., at the Ordnance Survey Office, 1802, was an officer in the U. States Army, 1819 to 1827; Southampton, (Vacher & Sons,) imp. 4to, 1861 et seq. editor N. York Courier, Dec. 1827 to 1829, and editor of See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1861, ii, 606; Lon. Athen., 1861, i. the N. York Courier and Inquirer, 1829 to 1861, when 469, 500, 606; 1862, i. 865, ii. 116, 133; Lon. Reader, he was appointed U. States Minister to Brazil ; returned 1863, i. 164; 1864, ii. 512, 736. The preceding and No. 5 to the city of New York, 1870. 1. Altowan; or, Incidents (infra) must be accompanied by General Introduction to of Life and Adventure in the Rocky Mountains, by an the Domesday-Book, illustrated by numervus Notes, by Amateur Traveller; Edited by J. Watson Webb, N. York, Sir Henry Ellis, 1833, 2 vols. 8vo. Mr. N. E. S. Hamilton 1816, 2 vols. 12mo. 2. Slavery and its Tendencies, was in 1865 employed in preparing for publication (by Washington, 1856, 8vo, pp. 6. See Bungay's Off-Hand the Roy. Soc. of Lit.) the original return for the county Takings, (1854.) 391, and Henry J. Raymond and the of Cambridge, (recently discovered by him in the British New York Press for Thirty Years : Progress of American Museum,) froin which the compilers of Domesday made Journalism from 1840 to 1870, (with portrait, illus- their entries in the great book. 5. Short Account of trations, and Appendix,) by Augustus Maverick, Hart. Danegeld: with some further Particulars relating to ford, 1870, 8vo, pp. 502.

Williain the Conqueror's Survey, 1756, 4to. See No. 4. Webb, Miss Jane. See LOUDON, MRS. JANE WEBB. "In this little essay is brought together, in one view, all that

Webb, Joanna. Perjury the Crying Sin of the had been said by former historians and antiquarians on the subNation, &c., 1691, 4to.

ject of Domesday.”—1 Reeves's Hisl. Eng. Law., 2:20, n. Webb, John. 1. Vindication of Stone-Heng Re- 6. State of Facts in Defence of his Majesty's Right to stored, Lon., 1655, sm. fol. See JONES, INIGO, No. 2 ; certain Fee-Farm Rents in the County of Norfolk, 1758, Lowndes's Bibl. Man., 1746; Stonehenge; or, The Romans 4to. 7. Account of a Copper Table containing two Inin Britain, 1812, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 2. Essay on the Probability scriptions in the Greek and Latin Tongues; discovered that the Language of China is the Primitive Language, in the Year 1732, near Heraclea, 1760, 4to. See Pettin1669, sm. 8vo.

GAL, John, D.D., No. 3.

He presented this table to the Webb, John, b. 1687; graduated at Harvard Col. King of Spain, who sent him, in return, a diamond ring lege, 1708; was ordained minister of the New North worth £300. For an account of Webb, and these and Church, Boston, 1714; d. 1750. He published twenty other publications by bim, see Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. single sermons. See Cat. of Lib. Mass. Hist. Soc., 1860, (Index) 457, 708; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., viii. 116, (Inii. 577.

dex.) Webb, John. 1. Appeal to Quakers and Method- Webb, R. H., Rector of Essendon, and Coleman, ists, Lon., 1754, 8vo. 2. Suffering Case of John Littell, Rev. W. H., &c. Flora Hertfordiensis, Hertford, 1849, 1756, Sro.

12mo, Webb, John. Haverhill; & Descriptive Poem, Webb, Richard. Collection of Madrigalls, Lon., 1810, 8vo.

1814, fol. Webb, Rev. John, an eminent antiquary, d. 1869, Webb, Richard D. Life and Letters of Captain aged 93.

1. Translation of a French Metrical History John Brown, executed Dec. 2, 1859, &c.; Edited, Lon., of the Deposition of King Richard the Second, Lon., 1861, sm. p. 8vo. Reviewed by Lon. Athen., 1861, ii. 1823, 4to : being part of vol. xx. of The Archæologia. 239. See, also, RepPATH, JAMES, No. 3. 2. Household Expenses of Richard De Swinfield, 1855, Webb, Robert. Instruction pour ceux qui ont 4to, (Camden Soc.)

dessein de se transporter en Amérique et principalement Webb, Mrs. Maria, of Dublin, Ireland. 1. Modern pour ceux qui sont déjà intéressés dans la Province de Geography Simplified, Lon., 1851, 12mo; 2d ed., 1852, Pensylvanie, e. a., 1686, 8vo: Bright, 5969, £1 10s. 12mo. 2. Annotations on Dr. D'Aubigné's Sketch of the Webb, S. H. 1. Farmer's Account-Book, Lon., Early British Church, &c.; Remarks Introductory froin 1846, fp. fol, and p. fol. Several edits. 2. Improved Archbisbop Whately, 1857, fp. 8vo. 3. The Fells of Game-Book and Sportsman's Register, 1847, ob. Swarthmoor Hall and their friends, with an Account of Webb, T. New Select Collection of Epitaphs, Lon., their Ancestor, Anne Askew the Martyr, 1865, p. 8vo; | 1775, 2 vols. 12mo. 2d ed., with the Illustration of Marsh Grange, 1867, p. Webb, Rev. T. W., Incumbent of Hardwick, 8v0; 2d Phila. ed., 1869, 18mo. 4. The Penns and Pen- Hertfordshire. 1. Celestial Objects for Common Teleingtons of the Seventeenth Century, in their Domestic scopes, Lon., 1859, 16mo. and Religious Life, Lon., 1867, p. 8vo. See Joseph

“Evidently the work of a zealous astronomer, who knows Smith'e Cat. of Friends' Books, 1867, ii. 869.

both the heavens and what has been written about them."

Lon. Webb, Philip Barker, grandson of the succeeding, Athen., 1859, ii. 304. See, also, 1860, i. 638. d. at the age of 62, Aug. 31, 1854, at Paris, where he " His very useful work."-W. R. Birt: Lom. Reader, 1863, ii. bad resided for inany years.

of his botanizing exour- | 783, (q. v.) See, also, 633, and 1864, i. 109. siops the most profitable to the world was the exploration Contributor to the Intellectual Observer. of the Canary Islands, (in company with M. Sabin-Ber- Webb, Thomas. Elements of Greek Prosody and thelot,) to the history of which, published at the ex- Metre, Lon., 1819, 8vo. pense of the French Government, in 106 livraisons, Webb, Thomas E., Professor of Moral Philosophy quarto, with 441 plates, (it was fifteen years in passing in the University of Dublin. The Intellectualism of through the press,) be contributed the descriptions and Locke ; an Essay, Lon., 1857, 8vo. Commended by Sat. geographical history of the flowering plants. He also Rev., Sept. 5, 1857. See, also, Lon. Athen., 1857, ii. published a Prodromus of his Spanish Herbarium, and 1177; Farrar's Crit. Hist. of Free Thought, 1863, Lect. several botanical papers in the Annales des Sciences. V., . 7. See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1854, 788; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1854, ii. Webb, Thomas Smith, Past Grand Master of the 394, (Obituary.)

Grand Lodge of Rhode Island, d. 1819, was the author Webb, Philip Cartaret, an eminent antiquary, b. of some masonic music and poetry (Most Excellent Mas1700, was adınitted attorney-at-law, 1724; elected M.P. ter's Song, &c.) still in use in the lodges, and of an exfor Haslemere, 1754 and 1761; was a Joint Solicitor of cellent manual, the model and groundwork of later the Treasury, 1756 to 1765; and d. 1770. 1. Letter to works on the subject, entitled The Freemason's Monitor; Wm. Warburton on “The Divine Legation," &c., Lon., or, Illustrations of Masonry, of which Part 1 was first 1742, 8vo. 2. Observations on the Course of Proceed- pub. in 1797 ; again, N. York, 1802, 16mo; Prov., 1805, inge in the Admiralty Courts, 1747, 8vo. 3. The Ques- 12mo; Newburyport, 1805, 12mo ; Salem, 1816, 12mo; tion whether a Jew, born within the British Dominions, Parts 1, 2, 1818, 12mo; 1821, 12mo; other edits. Of was, before the Making of the Late Act of Parliament, a late editions we notice the illustrated impression, edited Person capable by Law to purchase and hold Lands, &c., by George W. Chase, Bost., 32mo; and the best of all 1753, 4to. 4. Short Account of some Particulars con- the editions,--that by E. T. Carson, who has added A cerning Domes-Day Book, with a View to promote its Monitor of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, including being Published, 1756, 4to. It was published, 1783-1816, the "Ineffable Degrees," Cincinnati, 1858, 12ino; 1865, 4 vols. fol., (seé Bohn's Lowndes, 659 ;) and separate 8vo. This edition is commended in the highest terms counties have been issued by Reading, Nash, Manning, by past grand masters and other masonic authorities. and others; and the following title explains what has A Spanish edition of Webb’s Freemason's Monitor was already been done: A Literal Extension of the Latin pub. at Phila., 1822, 8vo, pp. viii., 292. Text and an English Translation of Domesday Book: Webb, William. See King, Rev. Daniel, No. 4. in Separate Counties, with Index of Places, &c. : to ac- Webb, William. Analysis of the History and Antiquities of Ireland prior to the Fifth Century, &c., Serms. on. Ps. ii., Lon., 1610, 4to. 2. Two Serma. on Dubl., 1791, 8vo.

Cant. ii. 10, 1613, 4to. 3. Serm., Pe. xxiv. 19, 1616, 4to. Webb, William. Inaugural Dissertation on the Webbe, Samuel, 1740–1817, was the composer of Colic, Phila., 1798, 8vo.

107 glees and part songs, published collectively in 2 Webb, William, Deputy Commissary to the Forces. volumes, and a number of masses, (he was a Roman Minutes of Remarks, &c. made in a Course along the Catholic,) anthems, single songs, &c. See Moore's EnRhine, and during a Residence in Switzerland and Italy, cyc. of Music, 1854, 979. in the Years 1822 and 1823, Lon., 1827, 2 vols. 8vo. Webbe, Samuel, Jr., eldest son of the preceding, “A very singular performance."-Lon. Quar. Rev.

b. about 1770, composed a number of songs, music for “Full of mirthful excitation."-Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1827, 214. the Roman Catholic Church, (see Novello's collection of

Webbe, Carlton. Markham, and other Poems, motets, &c.) See Moore's Encyc. of Music, 980. Lon., 1865, p. 8vo.

Webbe, w. H. Jane and Jessie, by “Magpie ;" Webbe, Cornelius, was for many years proof- Illustrated by W. H. Webbe, Lon., 1859, sq. 16mo. reader of the Quarterly Review, and a contributor to Webbe, William, Graduate. A Discourse of Engseveral periodicals. 1. Posthumous Papers of a Person lish Poetrie, together with the Author's Judgment touchabout Town, Lon.,


8vo. 2. Lyric Leaves, 12 mo. ing the Reformation of our English Verse, Lon., 1586, "He has feeling and fancy,-an eye and a heart for nature." 4to, five sheets and a balf. In 1773, West, 1856, 108. -Blackw. Mag., April, 1833, 698. See, also, Dec. 1822, 702. 3. Glances at Life in City and Suburb, 1836, p. 8vo; 1128, £8 88.: resold in 1812, Roxburghe, 3168, £61; re

6d.; in 1778, Pearson, 1888, £3 58.; in 1800, Steevens, again, 1845.

sold in 1819, White Knight's, 4608, £36 158. It was “ He has recorded his impressions in a style of picturesque liveliness which reminds 1s (and this is no slight praise) of

repub. in vol. ii. of Ancient Critical Essays upon English Charles Lamb."-Lon. Quar. Rer., Sept. 1836, 2:24.

Poets and Poetry, (edited by J. Haslewood,) 1811-15, 2 “The humour of these papers is quiet, gentle, and harmless.”

vols. 4to. -Lon. Athen., 1845, 659.

“ Valuable on account of the characters which he has drawn See, also, Lon. Gent. Mag., 1837, i. 71. 4. The Man of the English poets from Chaucer to his own time."- DR. DRAKE: about Town, 1838, 2 vols. p. 8vo; Edin., 1857, 12mo, Shaksp. and his Times, i. 461. Noticed, not without censure, in Lon. Athen., 1838, 457.

See, also, Oldvs's Brit. Lib., 86; Beloe's Anecdotes, i. 5. The Absent Man, new ed., 1858, 12mo.

234; Warton's Hist. of Eng. Poet. ; Hallam's Lit. Hist. Webbe, Edward. The Rare and most Wonderful of Europe. Things which Edward Webbe, an Englishman borne, “William Webhe, who is styled a graduate, translated the bath seene and passed in his troublesome Trauailes, in Georgies into English verse, as he informs us in the Discourse

of English Poetrie, lately quoted, and printed in 1586. And in the Cities of Ierusalem, Dammaske, Bethlem, and Gale

the same discourse, which was written in defence of the new ly: and in the Landes of lewrie, Egipt, Grecia, Russia, fashion of English hexameters, he has given us his own version and in the Land of Prester John, &c., Lon., 8. a., (1590,) of two of Virgil's Bucolics, written in that unnatural and imprac4to. Heber, Part 9, 3159, £6 28. 6d. Another ed., 8. a.,

ticalle mode of versification." - WARTOX: History of English 4to: Jadis, 235, £13; Nassau, Part 2, 1404, £14 148.

Poetry, ed. 1810, iii, 327.

“Gabriel Harvey ... recommended the adoption of bexame. Newly Enlarged and Corrected by the Author, 1590, ters, ... and Spenser appears to have concurred. Wettbe, a few 4to. A copy is in the Grenville collection. Reprinted, years afterwards, a writer of little taste or ear for portry, supEdited by Edward Arber, 1868, 12mo, (A. Murray & ported the same scheme, but may be said to have avenged the Son's Early Eng. Reprints.)

wrong of English verse upon our great poet hy travestying the Mungo Park's pathetic account of the hospitality and Spherd's Kalendar into Sapphics." - IIALLAM: Lit. Hist. of

Europe, 4th ed., 1834, ii. 132. kindness of women will ever be famous. Mr. Webbe's

On English hexametere, see FRAUNCE, ABRAHAM. experience of the sex was less fortunate. He was taken

2. Tancred and Gismund; a Tragedy, 1592, 4to. prisoner by the Turks in a sea-fight during a voyage from Alexandria to Leghorn in 1572. Being a gunner

Webber, Alexander. Shooting; a Poein, Lon.,

1841, p. 8vo. by profession, he was, in 1583, made master-gunner of

Webber, Charles Wilkins, was b. at Russellville, the Admiral's galley in an expedition to the “ Land of Prester John (Turkestan (?)], within 18 degrees (1080 tures in the Camanche Country in Search of a Gold Mine,

Kentucky, 1819. 1. Old Hicks the Guide; or, Advenmiles) of the sun." In describing a battle that took

N. York, 1848, 12mo; Lon., 1856, 12ino. Originally place there, he says,

“ But it is worthy of memorie to see how the women of ye published in N. York Sunday Dispatch. See No. 2. 2. towne did plie themselves with their weapons, making a great

Gold Mines of the Gila; a Sequel to Old Hicks the Guide, massacre upon our men, and murthered 500 of them in such 1849, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. 3. The Hunter Naturalist, a speedie and furious sort as is wonderfull: we needed not to have Romance of Sporting; or, Wild Scenes and Wild Hunters, feared their men at all, had not their women bin our great

with 40 engravings from original drawings by Mrs. C. overthrow, at which time I my self was maister Gunner of the Admiral's Gally, yet chainde greeuously, and beaten naked

W. Webber, Phila., 1851, (some 1852.) r. 8vo, $5. Again, with a Turkish sword flatling, for not shooting where they

Romance of Natural History; or, Wild Scenes and Wild would have me, and where I could not shoot."

Hunters, with numerous illustrations, 1852, 8vo, $2; Lon., Webbe, George, D.D., b. at Brombam, Wiltshire, 1852, 12mo. Again, The Wild Scenes and Wild Hunters 1581; became a scholar of Corpus Christi, Oxford, 1598; of the World, Phila., 1852, 8vo, $1.50. See Amer. Pub. minister of Steeple Aston, Wiltshire; Rector of St. Circ., Oct. 15, 1863, 425 ; No. 5, infra. 4. Wild Scenes Peter and St. Paul, Bath, 1621 ; Bishop of Limerick, and Song Birds ; with 20 Ilustrations, printed in Colors, 1634 ; d. 1641.

from Drawings by Mrs. C. W. Webber and A. J. Miller, 1. God's Controversie with England, Lon., 1609, 8vo. N. York, 1854, r. 8vo, $5. This is vol. ii. (and the last 2. Posie of Spiritual Flowers, 1610, 8vo. 3. Pathway which has appeared) of the Hunter Naturalist (No. 3, to Honour, 1612. 8vo. 4. Brief Exposition of the Prin

supra) Series ciples of the Christian Religion, 1612, 8vo. 5. The * The book is a very handsome one, and, notwithstanding its Bride Royall; a Sermon, 1613, 12mo.

deficiencies in taste and sentiment, contains much that is really 6. Arraignment

good."- Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1853, 1111, of an Unruly Tongue, 1619, 8vo. 7. Agur's Prayer, 1621, 8vo. 8. Catalogus Protestantium, 1624, 4to.

5. Texan Virago; or. The Tailor of Gotham, 1852, 9.

8vo. 6. Wild Girl of Nebraska, 1852, 8vo. 7. Tales of Lessons and Exercises out of Cicero and Atticum,

the Southern Border, 12mo, Part 1. 1852 ; complete, 1853. 1627, 4to. 10. Pueriles Confabulatiunculæ; or, Children's Talk; English and Latin, 1627, 4to. 11. Ter

8. Spiritual Vampirism: the History of Ethereal Softence's Andria and Eunuch, in Latin and English, 1629; 9. Shot in the Eye, (originally pub. in Whig Review and

down and her Friends of the " New Light,” 1853, 12mo. 4to. 11. Practice of Quietness, 3d ed., 1631, 12mo; 7th

Democratic Review] and Adventures with the Texas ed., 1638, 24mo; 8th ed., 1653, 12mo; 1663, 12mo; with

Rifle Rangers, Lon., 1853, 12mo. 10. History of Mysportrait by Slater, 1705, cr. 8vo. He published at least

tery, Phila., 12mo. Mr. Webber was for more than two twelve sermons between 1609 and 1619.

“ He was accounted the best preacher of his time in the royal years co-editor and co-proprietor of the Whig Review, court, and the smoothert writer of sermons that were then and has been a contributor to The Nassau Monthly, published."- Bliss's Wood's Athen. Orm., iii. 29, (q. v.)

(pub, by students at Princeton,) Democratic Review, See, also, Harris's Ware's Ireland.

Grabam's Mag., Literary World, New World, &c. See Webbe, Joseph, M.D. 1. Appeal to Truth about Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., ii. 665. Languages, Lon., 1622, 4to. 2. Petition in Behalf of "In the winter of 1855-6, Mr. Webber left New York to join Ancient and Authentic Authors, 1623, 4to. 3. Usus et the forces of Captain William Walker, then endeavouring to Authoritatis, id est Liber loquens, 1626, 8vo. Heber, He took part with the forces of Walker in the battle of Rivas,

maintain himself as a military adventurer in Central America. Part 1, 7217, (q. v.,) 38. 6d.

and fell in some chance rencontre or ambuscade incidental to Webbe, Richard. 1. Christ's Kingdom; Seven that engagement. He was in his thirty-seventh year. His do scriptions of wild border-life, and his enthusiasm for natural See, also, Edin. Rev., Ixxiii. 209, (Darley's Beaumont history, exhibited in various volumes, we have already fully set forth." - Duychinck's Cyc., Supp., 1866, 66.

and Fletcher: by Wm. Spaulding;) Lon. Quar. Rev., Webber, F. A. 1. Italian Dictionary, Lon., 18mo. xxxiii. 377, (Dyce's, and Darley's, Beaumont and 2. English and German Dictionary, 18mo; new ed.,

Fletcher.) 1844, sq:

5. Tales of the East; comprising the Most Popular Webber, Francis, D.D., Rector of Exeter College, Romances of Oriental Origin, and the Best Imitations Oxford, and in 1756 inade Dean of Hereford, published by European Authors, &c., Edin., 3 vols. r. 8vo, £3 188. five single sermons, 1738-58, 9. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit.

6. Popular Romances : consisting of Iinaginary Voyages

and Travels, &c., 1812, r. 8vo, £1 68. 7. Illustrations Webber, James, D.D., graduated at Christ Church, Oxford, M.A., 1796, B.D., 1807; Vicar of Kirkham, of Northern Antiquities, &c., with Translations (by Dr. 1815; Preb. of Westminster, 1816; Rector of St. Mar: Jamieson) of Meirical Tales, with Notes and Dissergaret's, Westminster, 1827; Dean of Ripon, 1828 ; d. tations, 1814, 1: 4to, £3 38. Subjoined are an Abstract Sept. 3, 1847, aged 75. Sermons in Aid of the Infant

of the Eyrbiggia Saga, by Sir Walter Scott, and a GlosSchool at Ripon, Lon., 1840, 12mo.

sary, by Dr. Jamieson. Webber, John, b. in London, 1751, accompanied

Weber, J. Church of England Choral-Book, Lon., Captain Cook (in the "Resolution”) on his third voyage,

1856, r. 8vo. 1776-79, and d. 1793. Sixteen Coloured Views in the

Weber, J. R. 1. Training School Part Songs, edited South Seas, after drawings by J. Webber, with descrip- by W., J. Unwin, 1862, p. 8vo. 2. Singing Method; tive Letter-press, Lon., 1808, colomb. fol., £2 28., (Bul- from the German, 1862, p. 8vo. mer.) These were made to illustrate, but were not pub

Webster. Weather Guide, Lon., 1839, r. 4to, card. lished with, the Admiralty ed. of Cook's Voyages. See

Webster, A. Dancing as a Means of Physical EduEdwards's Anec. of Painters; Pilkington's Dict.

cation. Webber, Samuel. 1. Short Account of the State

Webster, Mrs. A. L. Improved Housewife; or, of our Woolen Manufactories, Lon., 1739, 8vo. 2. Ac

Book of Receipts, Bost., 1853, 12mo; 20th 1000, 12mo. count of a Scheme for Preventing the Exportation of

Webster, A. W. 1. Treatise on the Ear and on Wool, 1740, 8vo. See remarks upon Mr. Webber's Deafness, Lon., 8vo. 2. On the Principles of Sound, 1840,

8vo. Scheme and the Draper's Pamphlet, 1741, 8vo. Webber, Samuel, D.D., b. in Byfield, Mass., 1759,

“ We suspect the anthor to be more of the anatomist than of graduated at Harvard College, 1784, and was Professor

the natural philosopher."--Lon. Athen., 1811, 618. of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in that institu

Webster, Alexander, D.D., b. in Edinburgh, 1707, tion from 1789 to 1806, and President of the same from

became minister of Culross, 1733, and of the Tolbooth May 6, 1806, until his death, July 17, 1810. In 1796 Church, Edinburgh, 1737; d. 1784. 1. Serion, Ephes. he was employed by the Government to ascertain the

ii. 12, Edin., 1741, 8vo. 2. Heathens professing Judaism boundary between the British Provinces and the United when the fear of the Jews fell upon them; Substance of States. 1. Mathematics; compiled from the Best Au

two Tk..nksgiving Sermons after Rebellion ; on Esther thors, and intended to be the Text-Book in the University vii. 17, 1746, 8vo. 3. Calculations, &c. relative to the at Cambridge, Bost., 1801, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., Camb., Fund for the Widows and Children of Ministers, &c., 1808, 2 vols. 8vo.

1748, fol. He was the chief institutor of this Fund. 4. " For a considerable period almost exclusively used in the col- | Zeal for the Civil and Religious Interests of Mankind leges of New England."- N. Amer. Rer., Jan. 1812, (liv.) 240. Recommended ; a Sermon, 1753. In 1755 he drew up 2. Eulogy on President Willard, 1804, 8vo.

He re

for the Government an account of the number of people vised the Introduction to J. Morse's American Universal in Scotland, (praised by Sir John Sinclair,)—the first Geography, ed. Boston, 1796, 2 vols. 8vo. See Eulogy attempt at a census in that country. Some of his poetry by Henry Ware, D.D., Camb., 1810, 8vo; Willard's will be found in Scots Mag., 1747, and Scottish Songs, Memories; Quincy's Hist. of Harvard Univ.

ii. 337. See Chambers's and Thomson's Dict. of Em. Webber, Samuel, M.D. War; a Poem, Camb., Scots., ed. 1855, iv. 442; Dr. Alex. Carlyle's Autobiog., 1823, 18o.

1861; WEBSTER, Grace, No. 4. Webber, Samuel. Introduction to English Gram- Webster, Alexander. Latin Delectus, Lon., 12mo. diar, Camb., Mass., 1832, 12mo. Reviewed in Amer. Webster, Augusta. 1. A Woman Sold. 2. The Mon. Rev., iv, 271.

Medea Euripides, Literally Translated into English Weber, F. School Singing-Book, Lon., 1865, r. Verse, Camb. and Lon., 1868, 12mo. 3. Portraits : 8vn.

Poems, 1870, fp. 8vo. Weber, Henry William, (the “William” does not Webster, Ben. Acting Drama, Lon., 12mo, vols. appear on his title-pages,) the son of a Westphalian i.-xvi., 1838. and an English lady, and b. at St. Petersburg in 1783, Webster, C. Arminianism; or, Divine Sovereignty settled in Scotland, 1804, and acted for ten years as Contrasted with the Arminian Doctrine of Predestination, amanuensis to Sir Walter Scott, whose patronage secured Phila., 1855, 12mo. him profitable literary employment; went mad, December Webster, Charles, M.D., a native of Dundee, about 26, 1813, when writing at the same table with his bene- 1760 went to Edinburgh, where he practised physic: subfactor, and, producing a pair of pistols, challenged him sequently became minister of the Nonjurant Scottish to mortal combat; after symptoins of recovery, on the Episcopal church in Carrubber's Close, and afterwards death of his mother be reinpsed, and was supported to of St. Peter's Chapel, Roxburgh Place, built by himself; the end of his life, in June, 1818, at Scott's expense, at d. in the West Indies, 1796. 1. Medicinæ Praxeos Syg. an asylum at York. See Lockhart's Life of Scott, ch. tema, ex Academiæ Edinburgenæ Disputationibus Inxxvii.

auguralibus præcipue depromptum, et secundum Naturæ 1. Battle of Flodden Field, with Notes and Illustra-Ordinem digestum ; Curante Carolo Webster, M.D., Edin., tions, Edin., 1808, 8vo. Best edit. Notes and Illustra- | 1780-81, 3 vols. 8vo. 2. Account of the Life and tions to the Battle of Flodden Field, 8vo. 16 copies. Writings of the Celebrated Dr. Archibald Pitcairne, 1781, An edit, of the work, Newcastle, 1819. 2. Metrical Ro. 8vo. 3. With IrvinG, ROBERT, M.D., Edinburgh New mances of the XIIIth, XIVth, and XVIth Centuries, | Dispensatory, 1786, 8vo. 4. Sermon on Public Worship published from Ancient Manuscripts, with an Introduc- and Instruction, 1792, 4to. 5. Facts tending to show tion, Notes, and Glossary, Edin., 1810, 3 vols. 8vo, £2 the Connection of the Stomach with Life, Disease, and 28. This should accompany the collections of Ritson, Recovery, 1793, 8vo. 6. XV. Serinons, 1811, Svo. See Percy, and Ellis.

WEBSTER, GRACE, No. 4. "The collection formed by the late industrious and accurate Webster, Charles R., d. 1834, aged 71, for many Nr. Weber."-SIR W. Scott: Essay on Romunce.

years a bookseller of Albany, New York, established 3. The Dramatic Works of John Ford: with an Intro- May 28, 1784, and for forty years conducted. The Albany duction and Explanatory Notes, Lon., 1811, 2 vols. 8vo, Gazette ; and published, 1784 et seq., Webster's Calendar, £1 108.; 1. p., r. 8vo, £2 28. See FORD, John; Jeffrey's

or The Albany Almanac, still (1870) continued. Contrib. to Edin. Rev., ed. 1853, 376; Lon. Mon. Rev.,

Webster, Daniel, a son of Ebenezer Webster, a 1812, i. 254, 372–386, (condemnatory.) 4. The Works soldier of the Old French War and of the Revolution, of Francis Beaumont and Jobn Fletcher; with an In

was b. in Salisbury, New Hampshire, Jan. 18, 1782; troduction and Explanatory Notes, 1812, 14 vols. 8vo, graduated at Dartmouth College, 1801: studied law first £8 88.

with Thomas W. Thompson, of Salisbury, and sub** lIis incompetent and presunptuous hand. . . . Weher's text is thoroughly disgraceful, and so ure all the notes, except those sequently with Christopher Gore, of Boston, and was which die owed to his patron's own pen."-LOCKHART: 'Life of admitted to the Suffolk Bar, 1805; practised law at BosScott ch. xxii.

cawen, 1805–7, and at Portsmouth, 1807-16; removed to

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