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pp. 634.

1857, pp.

pp. 320.

Sionary. The Dictionaries of Webster, Worcester, John. , 179, (by S. Willard,) Ixvi. 256, 1sxviii. 247 and (by A. son of 1773, (reprinted by H. G. Bobn) Johnson by P. Peabody) 549, xcv. 87, (by Rev. R. T. S. Lowell, ) Todd, Johnson by Latham, Richardson, Hyde Clarke, xovi. 83, (by A. P. Peabody :) Amer. Quar. Rev., xxii. Crabbe, Craig. Ogilvie, the Dictionary of the Philologi- | 172 ; Amer. Whig Rev., vii. 301; Dem. Rev., Mar. cal Society of London, (see Proposals for its Publication, 1856, (and see SARGENT, Eres, No. 13 ;) Meth. Quar. 1859, 8vo. pp. 32,) Crabb's Synonyms, and Taylor's | Rev., viii. 103; Chris. Rev., xiii. 126. (by S. F. Smith ;) Tooke's Diversions of Purley, should stand on the same N. Englander, ii. 350, (hy H. N. Day,) vi. 24, (by N. shelf.

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"I think it Webster's 4to, 1864) srperior, in most respects,

to any other English Dictionary known to me. Undoubtedly D.D., (1856 ;) Nos. VII. to XII., inclusive, by William

the best etymologicon we yet possess of the language; its G. Webster, (q. v.)

Vocabulary is as ample as could well be given in the compass The annual aggregate sale of these Dictionaries (ex- of a single volume; its definitions are, in general, exact and dis. clusive of No. IV.) reached 200,000 copies, and the total criminating, and its propuneintion is apparently conformalile sale about 2,000,000 in 1858: what it is at present we

to the best usage."--GEORGE P. MARSH, Florence, Italy, March

7, 1866. know not. Of Webster's Spellers, Dictionaries, and other educational works, the aggregate sale to Jan. 1, 1865, Dictionary, in The Nation, Aug. 16, 1866, et seq.

See, also, his Notes on the New Edition of Webster's was over 50,000,000. For the Quarto Dictionary there

** As Webster may be very fairly called the Johnson, so Dr. is a continuous demand from India, China, Turkey, Worcester is the Walker, of America.”—Lon. Reader, 1861, i. Africa, and "every quarter of the globe."


For biographical and other notices of Noah Webster, London Editions or WEBSTER's DicTIONARIES,

see Duyckinek's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., i. 474, ii. 155; NaH. G. Bohn, 4to and r. 8vo; Bogue, 4to, r. 8vo, cr. tional Portrait-Gallery, vol. ii. ; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1813, 8vo, and 18mo: Ingram, r. 8vo; Cooke, 8vo; Ward ii. 208, (Obituary :) Internat. Mag., with portrait by & Lock, Svo, 18mo, and imp. 16mo; Routledge, r. 8vo, Morse, iv. 12; N. Englander, i. 568; Amer. Lit. Mag., 12mo, and 18mo; Scott, p. 8vo and square; Kent, 4to; ii. 1, (by C. A. Goodrich ;) Life, Corresp., &c. of John Tegg, square; Cassell, 8vo.

Jay, 1832, 2 vols. 8vo; Hist. Mag., 1858, 243 ; 1859, Bell & Daldy published, in Parts, the New Illus- | 119; Congreg. Quar., Jan. 1865, i., (by Rev. Increase N. trated Royal Quarto Unabridged, Springfield, Mass., Tarbox.) 1864, pp. 1840. This poble volume contains of printer's Dr. Goodrich tells us that while Dr. Webster was preems 18,492,562, (the unabridged crown quarto of 1848 paring the quarto edition of 1828 contains 14,070.880.) or about eight times as many as “The results of his inquiries into the origin and filiation of the common English Bible, which contains, with the languages were embodied in a work, about half the size of the Apocrypha. 2,369,960 ems: and is probably the largest

American Dictionary, entitled 'A Synopsis of Words in Twenty

Linguager.' This, owing to the expense of the undertaking, volume in typographical bulk ever published. Its manu

has not yet been published; though its principal results, so far facture in 1865 consumed paper at the rate of 100 tons as our language is concerned, are briefly given in tracing the per annum, paving a tax to the Government of $600 etymology of our leading terms."-- Memoir of Noah Webster, per month, and giving constant employment to about

August, 1817, ut supra. 100 persons.

We hope that so valuable a contribution to philology Bell & Daldy also publish The People's Dictionary will not always slumber in manuscript. of the English Language, by Noah Webster and W. A. Webster, Pelatiah, b. at Lebanon, Conn., 1725; Wheeler, 26 monthly Parts, r. 8vo, 6d. ea., 1868–70. graduated at Yale College, 1746 : preached at Greenwich, To which add Webster's Complete English Dictionary, Mass., in the winter of 1748-9 ;' about 1755 became a by Goodrich, new ed., Routledge, 1869, r. 8vo, 128.; and merchant in Philadelphia, and acquired a large estate ; Webster's Etymological Dictionary, by A. Macpherson, being an active Whig, he was, in Feb. 1778, thrown into Cassell, 1869, cr. 8vo, 38. 6d.

prison by the British and was confined in the city jail

for 132 days; d. 1795. He published an essay urging REVIEWS AND OTHER NOTICES OF WEBSTER's Dic

the redemption of Continental money in 1776, and suhTIONARY

sequently issued: 1. Av Essay on Free Trade and Fi. Lon. Quar. Rev., liv. 2.5, (with this read Bohn's nance, Phila., 8vo, Nos. I.-VII., 1779 et seq. 2. A DisGuinea Cat. 1841, 1902, and Append., 67, and Bohn's sertation on the Political Union and Constitution of the Lowndles, Part 10, 1864, 2864:) Westm. Rev., xiv. 56; | Thirteen United States of North America, 1783, 8vo. Blackw. Mag., xiv. 56 : Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1818, 227; Lon. See Madison Papers, 706. 3. An Essay on Credit, in Athen., 1858, i. 187, 480, 517, ii. 692; 1859, i. 32, 300, which the Doctrine of Banks is Considered, 1786, 8vo. 569, ii. 160, 544: 1861, ii. 41, 709; 1862, ii. 648; Lon. 4. Reasons for Repealing the Act of the Legislature of Reader, 1862. ii. 214: 1864, i. 697; N. Amer. Rev., xxviii. Pennsylvania which took away the Charter of the Bank 433, (by J. L. Kingsley,) xlv. 194, (by S. Willard,) Ixiv. 1 of North America, 1786, 8vo. 5. Political Essays on the Nature and Operation of Money, Public Finances, and Camh., 1835, 8vo; 4th ed., 1856, p. 8vo. 2. Theory of other Subjects, Published during the American War, the Equilibrium and Motion of Fluids, 1836, Svo. 3. and continued up to the Present Year 1791, 1791, 8vo, Elements of Physics, Lon., 1837, 12mo. pp. 504; Lon., 1791, 8vo.

* It is easier to read than Arnott's work, and merits consi. " These essays are written with much ability, and constitute

derable praise for simplicity of style and felicity of illustration." an important contribution to the political and commercial litera

-Lon. Athen., 1837, 799. ture of the country."-Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., Supp.,

Webster, Thomas, Barrister-at-Law. 1. Law and 1906, 58.

Practice of Letters-Patent for Inventions, with Supp. Webster, R. Sermon, Phil. iv. 5, Hull, 1771, 4to. on the Subject-Matter of Letters-Patent for Inventions,

Webster, Mrs. Rebecca G. See Memoirs of, Lon., 1842, r. 8vo. Supp., (3d ed., 1851, r. 8vo,) also Bost., 12mo.

separate. A good book. See 4 Jurist, 1173 ; 5 ib.. 402; Webster, Redford, d. in Boston, 1838, aged 77, 21 Leg. Obs., 135; 10 Mon. Law Mag., 73. 2. Reports was the author of poetical and other pieces.

and Notes of Cases on Letters-Patent for Inventions, Webster, Richard, Pastor of the Presbyterian from 44 Eliz., 1602, to 1843, r. 8vo: vol. i., 1842 ; vol. ii., Church, Mauch Chunk, Penna., was b. in Albany, New Part 1, 1814.' All pub. 3. The Ports and Docks of York, 1811; d. 1856. History of the Presbyterian Church Birkenhead: with Maps, Plans, Sections, and Tidal in America from its Origin until the Year 1760, (really Diagrams, &c., 1818, r. 8vo. to 1758:) with Biographical Sketches of its Early Minis

" But a dull and unsatisfactory compilation.”—Lon. Athen.,

1848, 211. ters; with a Memoir of the Author by the Rev. C. Van Rensselaer, D.D., and an Historical Introduction by svo: 3d ed., 1853, r. 12ino ; red. to 38., 1854. 5. Minutes

4. New Patent Law, its History and Ohjects, 1852, p. the Rev. William Blackwood, D.D., Pbila., 1857, 8vo, of Evidence and of Proceedings on the Liverpool and pp. 720. 2000 copies. 2d ed., 1858, 8vo. "The history is quite full and satisfactory." Hist. Mag., 1852, r. 8vo, 1853.

Birkenhead Dock Bills, in the Sessions 1848, 1850, 1851, 1858, 30.

6. On Property in Designs and In“Mr. Webster's narrative is of high interest, as an elucidation, ventions, Dec. 1853, r. 8vo. carefnlly and conscientiously sustained, of American religious Webster, W. Needful Advertisement to a Needful history." ."- Lon. Alhen., 1858, i. 113.

Fortification, Lon., 1643, fol. To this work add-History of the Presbyterian Church Webster, W. H. B., Surgeon. Narratire of a in the United States of America, by E. H. Gillett, author Voyage to the Southern Atlantic Ocean, 1828-30, in the of " The Life and Times of John Huss,” Phila., 1865, 2 Chanticleer, under the Late Captain H. Foster, Lon., vols. 8vo.

1834, 2 vols. 8vo. Webster, Samuel, minister of Salisbury, Mass., “A well-written and connected narrative."-Lon. Lit. Gaz., was b. in Bradford, 1718 : graduated at Harvard College, 1834, 715. See, also, 7:34, 767. 1737; was ordained, 1741; d. 1796. He published a

Webster, William. The Moste Pleasant and Denumber of single sermons.

lightful Historie of Curon, a Prir.ce of Danske, and the Webster, Sidney, Attorney-at-Law. United States fuyre Princesse Argentile, &c., Lon., 8. a., 4to, in black verens The Steamship Meteor: in Admiralty. The Duties letter; again, 1617, 4to. Heher, Part 4, 2871, £4 108. of Neutrality: Closing Argument op Behalf of the United Expanded from the story in Warner, William, No. 2. States. N. York, 1867, 8vo, pp. 94.

"It is a miserabile paraphrase of Warner's exquisite episode."

-DR. DRAKE: Shaksp, and his Times, i. 705, n. Webster, Thomas, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, ininister of Tavistock Chapel, Drury Lane, Heaven, Lon., 1613, 8vo. 2. Tables of Interest, 1629, 8vo:

Webster, William. 1. Pilgrim's Journey towards London, and subsequently Rector of St. Botolph, Cambridge, and Vicar of Oakington. 1. Fourteen Evangeli. Practical Mathematics, Lon., 1725, 3 vols. 12mo : 1730,

Webster, William. 1. Compendious Course of cal Sermons, 1794, 8vo. 2. The Bible according to the

3 vols. 12mo; 1751, 3 vols, 12mo. 2. Studies of Youth Authorized Version, with Short Notes by several Learned

at the Writing-School, 1738, 8vo. 3. Arithmetic in Epiand Pious Reformers, Lon., 1810, 12 Parts, 4to, 58. ea.,

tome, 1740, 12mo. 4. Essay on Book-Keeping, 1740, 8vo. 1. p., r. 4to, 88. ea. The Apocrypha was printed to match the above, 4to, 78.; I. p., r. 4to, 128. See Lowndes's

Webster, William, D.D., b. 1689, and educated Brit. Lib., 117. 3. Sermon, 1813, 8vo. 4. Sermons be

at Caius College, Cambridge, became Curate of St. Dunfore the University of Cambridge, 1816, 8vo. 5. Sermon, 1733 ; Vicar of Ware, an

stan's-in-the-West, 1715 : Rector of Deptden, Suffolk, 1825, 8vo.

Thundridge, Hertfordshire, 6. Discourse, 1828, 8vo. 7. Church Reform,

1741; d. 1758. 1. Clergy's Right of Maintenance Vin. 1834, 8vo. 8. Prayers for Families, 12o. 9. Sacra

dicated, Lon., 1726, 8vo. 2. Two Discourses, 1729. 3. mental Week, 2d ed., 1839, 32mo; 1844, 18mo.


Translation of Father Simon's New Testament; with XXIV. Serinons on Various Subjects, 1840, 8vo. 11.

Notes, &c., 1730, 2 vols. 4to. 4. Vindication of Eustace Psalms and Hymns, 1844, 32mo.

Webster, Thomas, a native of the Orkneys; be- Budgell, 1733. 5. Tracts, consisting of Sernons, Discame Keeper of the Museum of the London Geological courses, and Letters, 1745, 8vo. 6. Two Discourses and

three Sermons, 1751, 8vo. Also, single sermons, pamSociety, and Draftsman, 1814, and House-Secretary and Curator, 1826 ; Professor of Geology in University Col- phlets, &c. He established The Weekly Miscellany, which lege, London, about four years before his death, Dec. 26, Nichols's Lit. Anec., vii. (Index) 458, 708; Nichols's

was short-lived. See, also, SKINNER, THOMAS, M.D. See 1844, See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1845, i. 211. 1. Op the Fresh-Water Formations in the Isle of Wight, 1814;

Ilust. of Lit., viii. 116. (Index.) Some New Varieties of Fossil Alcyonia, 1814; On the London, and formerly Fellow of Queen's College. Cam

Webster, Rev. William, late of King's College, Geognostical Situation of the Reygate Stone, 1821 ; On A Fresh-Water Formation at Hordwell Cliff, 1821; On

bridge. 1. Sermon, Jude 3: Contending for the Faith,

(Nov. 5.) Lon., 1837, 8vo. 2. An Evangelical Ministry the Strata at Hastings, 1824, 4to. Froin the Trans.

the Strength of the Nation ; with Notes for the Times: a Geolog. Soc.

2. Assisted by Parkes, Mrs. WILLIAM, Serm., (2 Chron. xxvi. 5,) 2d ed., 1852, 8vo. 3. With Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy, with nearly 1000

WILKINSON, WILLIAM Francis, Vicar of St. Werburgh's, engravings, Lon., 1844, 8vo ; with Additions by an American Physician, (D. M. Reese, M.D.,) n. York, Derby, formerly Theological Tutor in Cheltenham Col1845, 8vo; new edits., Lon., 1847. 8vo ; 1852, 8vo; 1861: avd' Exegetical, 2 vols. 8vo: i., Four Gospels and the

lege, The Greek Testament; with Notes, Grammatical 8vo, 318. 6d. Commended by Tait's Mag., Lon. Lit.

ReGaz., Lon. Spec., John Bull, and Britannia." See, also; Acts, 1855; ii., Epistles and the Apocalypse, 1861. The Housekeeper's Encyclopædia, by Mrs. E. F. Has. Quar. Rev., Jan. 1863, art. iv.: Editions of the Greek

viewed in Lon. Athen., 1861, ii. 646. See, also, Lon. kell, N. York, 1864, 12mo. He published an enlarged

Testament. edition of Imison's Elements of Science and Art, 1807, 1864, 8vo. Based upon Donaldson's

, with extracts from

4. The Syntax and Stnonyms of the Greek, 2 vols. 8vo: 1808, 2 vols. 8vo; 1824, 2 vols. 8vo; and contributed all the geological part, and the greater Archbishop Trench, Dean Alford, Dr. Wordsworth, portion of the drawings, to ENGLEFIELD, Sir Henry Bishop Ellicott, and Vaughan on Romans.

" His work, for one of no very high pretensions, is carefully CHARLES, M.D., No. 5.

and thoroughly executed."- Lon. Reader, 1866, i. 734. See, also, Webster, Thomas, R.A., b. in London, 1800, is well known by his “ Dame's School,” “ The Frown," and He published a Revised and Enlarged ed. of William “ The Smile," (rendered popular by the Art Union en- Carpenter's Comprehensive Dictionary of English Synogravings,) his “ • Boy and many Friends," and other nymes, 1860, 12ino; 7th ed., 1866. See, also, Thomas, excellent pictures. See Knight's Eng. Cyo., Biog., vi. David, D.D., No. 8. (1858) 578

Webster, William Bullock. 1. Ireland con. Webster, Thomas, Secretary to the Institution of sidered as a Field for Investment or Residence, Dubl., Civil Engineers, London. 1. Principles of Hydrostaties, I 1852, 12mo; 2d ed., 1853, 12mo. 2. English Governon


and Foreign Grumblers, Malta and Lon., 1864. Reviewed | (the same, we presume, as the author of Radii Augus. in Lon. Reader, 1864, ii. 10. See Mr. Webster's paper tiniani, supra) published—S. Persius Enucleatus, sive On the Failure of Deep Draining, &c., in Jour. of Röy. Commentarius exactissimus et maxime perspicuus in Agricult. Soc., vol. ix., art. xi., 1848, very rudely censured Persium, Poetarum, omnium difficilium, studio Davidis in Lon. Quar. Rev., Dec. 1819, 116 et seq.

Wedderburni, Scoti Abredonensis-Opera Posthumum, Websier, William G., b. at New Haven, Con. Ainstelodami, 1664, He contributed to the Funepecticut, 1805; d. 1869. See WEBSTER, Noah, LL.D., rals of Patrick Forbes, Abred., 1635, 4to, and commenNos. 1, 37.

datory verses to De Arte conservando Sanitatem, 1651, Webster, William Henry Bailey. The Recur- and was the author of many other commendatory poems ring Monthly Periods and Periodic System of the Atino- and elegiac verses. A notice of Wedderburn-who has spheric Actions, &c., Lon., 1857, 8vo, pp. 302.

been too much neglected by biographers and bibliograWeddell, A. J., Lutheran pastor, Cumberland, Md. phers--will be found in Chambers's and Thomson's Biog. The Purposes of God in the American Union; a Thanks- Dict. of Em. Scots., ed. 1855, iv. 450. giving Sermon, 1860, 8vo.

Wedderburn, Major J. W., assisted Jones, Joun Weddell, James, Master Royal Navy. Voyage Matthew, in tho Naturalist in Bermuda : a Sketch of the towards the South Pole, performed in the Years 1822–24, Geology, Zoology, and Botany of that Remarkable Group Lod., 1825, Svo; 2d ed., 1827, 8vo.

of Islands, &c., Lon., 1858, 8vo. * Deserves to find a place on the shelf of every library that Wedderburn, James, b. in Dundee, about 1500, d., pretends to a collection of voyages and travels."-Lo. Quar.

as is supposed, in England, 1564–5. Ane Compendious Rer., xxxiv. 309. ** We wish to be understood as attaching a degree of national

Buike of Godly and Spirituall Sangs, collectit out of consequence to this work."--Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1825, 609. See, also, sundrie Partes of the Scripture, wyth sundrie of uther 629, 617.

Ballates changed out of Prophane Sanges, for avoyding Wedderburn, Alexander, a Scottish writer of the of Sinne and Ilarlotrie, Edin., 1597, 12mo. This is the 17th century. Radii Augustiniani; sive Præcipuæ S. earliest known edition ; but the book is thought to have Patris Augustini in Sacræ Scripturæ Locos Annotationes, been in use before 1549. Among the contributors to the ex omnibus ipsius Operibus collectæ et justa SS. Li- volume are reckoned John and Robert Wedderburn, brorum, Capitum et Versuum ordinem Digestw,--Sylvæ ("supposed to have been the principal translators of the Ducis, 1652, Liber rarissimus. See Orme's Bibl. psalms that were used before the Reformation,”) brothers Bib., 461: WEDDERBURN, David, No. 8.

of James. Wedderburn, Alexander, b. at Chesterhall, East Lord Hailes published a specimen of the Buike in 1765, Lothian, Scotland, 1733, was made Solicitor-General, and Sir J. G. Dalyell republished the whole of it in bir 1771, Attorney-General, 1778, and Lord Chief Justice Scottish Poems of the Sixteenth Century, Edin., 1801, 2 of the Common Pleas, and Lord Loughborough, 1780; | vols., also in 1 vol. large 8vo. To James Wedderwas Lord High Chancellor, Jan. 27, 1793-April, 1801; burne is also attributed The Complaynt of Scotland, created Earl of Rosslyn, 1801; d. Jan. 3, 1805. Obser- (vyth ane Esortatione to the Thre Estaits to be vigivations on the State of the English Prisons, 1793. He

lante in the Deffens of their Public Veil,) s. a., sed 1518 subsequently published a Treatise on Evglish Poor- or 1519, 16ino. Roxburghe, 8734; resold, Heber, Part Laws, and he contributed critiques on Barclay's Greek 4, 2321, £23. Edited, with a Preface and Glossary, by Grammar, the Decisions of the Supreme Court, and the Dr. John Leyden, 1801, 8vo, 150 copies, and 50 copies on Abridgment of the Public Statutes, to the (old) Edin. 1. p., 4to. See Observations on The Complaynt of Scotburgh Review of 1755, repub. Lon., 1818, 8vo: see land, 1802, 8vo. Leyden ascribes this work to Sir David Preface, by Sir J. Mackintosh. He also criticised, (in Lindsay; Mackenzie and Lord Hailes give it to Sir 1774, before the Committee of the Privy Council,) not in James Inglis. the most gentle manner, Dr. Benjamin Franklin.

"A most curious piece, well written, and fraught with great “One of the few great advocates who have also been great in learning: the only classic work in old Scottish prose."-PINKERthe llonge of Commons."-LORD MACAULAY: Edin. Rev., Oct. 1811, 2:28: Warren lustings.

See, also, Bibl. Harl., vol. i., 8371, iv. 12070; Herbert's * llis decisions evince little of the learning of his profession, and do not pren show a very legal structure of the understand

Ames's Typ. Antiq., iii. 1477-82; James Watson's Hist. ing."-LORD BROUGHAM: States. of Time of Geo. In., ed. 1855, i.

of Printing ; Inglis, or ENGLISH, SIR JAMES, and authori179.

ties there cited. See, also, Brydges's Collins's Peerage ; Cunningham's "Previously to the introduction of the version of Sternhold Bing. Hist., vi. 434; Park's Walpole's R. and N. Authors, and Hopkins into Scotland, in 1564, the reformed congregations iv. 391; Lon. Mon. Mag., xix. 49: Lon. Gent. Mag., sang versions of twenty-one pealms and paraphrases of the Lord's 75: Campbell's Lord Chancellors; Wraxall's Memoirs; Praver, creed, and commandments, which had been executed for

that purpose by the subject of this memoir."---Chambers's and Blackw. Mag., xvii. 50; Notes and Queries, No. 116; Thomson's Dict. of Em. Scots., ed. 1855, iv. 419, (q. r.) Sparks's Franklin; Bancroft's U. States; The Letters of

See, also, Blackw. Mag., iii, 179. Lieut.-Gov. Hutchinson, &c., 2d ed., 1774, 8vo; Mock

Wedderburn, John. See WEDDERBURN, JAMES. Epitaphs on Alex. Wedderburn and Tbo. Hutchinson,

Wedderburn, Margaretta. Mary Queen of Scots, Phila. May 3, 1774; Dr. Alex. Carlyle's Autobiog., 1861. and other Poems,'1811, 8vo. Wedderburn, David, one of the most eminent of

Wedderburn, Robert. See WEDDERBURN, JAMES. Scottish Latin Poets, is supposed to have been b. about

Wedderspoon, Patrick. Occasional Sermons, 1570); was appointed conjunct master (with Thomas

1733, 8vo. Reid) of Aberdeen Grammar-School, 1602; teacher of "the high class" of the University, 1614; teacher in Manner how to kepe Merchantes Bukes of Accomptes,

Weddington, John. A brieffe Instruction and humanity in Marischal College, 1619; retired from his

Andwarpe, 1567, fol. Grammar School, 1640; d. between 1651 and 1664.

Weddle, Thomas, Professor of Mathematics in the 1. In Obitu Henrici Walliæ Principis Lessus, Edin.: Royal Military College, Sandhurst, a native of Stamford, 1613. 4to. 2. Jacobi VI. Scotiam suam revisenti ham, Northumberland, d. at Bagshot, Dec. 4, 1853, aged Evvevopavanprov D. Wedderburnii, 1617, 4to. See his

36. Method of solving Numerical Equations of all two poems on the King's visit, and five other poems of

Oriers, Lon., 1812, 4to. A most useful discovery. He hie, in Deliciæ Poetarum Scotorum: see Johnston, AR- contributed to The Lady's Journal, The Lady's Dinry, TAUR, M.D. 3. Abredonia Atrata sub Ohitum Serenis

The Cambridge and Dublin Mathematical Journal, &c.; simi et Potentissimi Monarchæ Jacobi VI., Abredoniw, and these papers should be collected and published in E 1. Rahanus, 1625, 4to, pp. 12. Heber, Part 1, 7358, 88.

book-form, -say in an octavo of about 500 pages. See hd. 4. IpOGEVKTIKOV pro R. Caroli in Scotia Inaugu- Lon. Gent. Mag., 1854, i. 100, (Obituary.) ratione, 1633, 4to. 5. Institutiones Grammatica, 1633; Weddred, Rev. John. Scriptural View of the Editio secunda, 1631, 12mo. Heber, Part 6, 3803, 98. Resurrection and Ascension, Lon., 1787, 4to. 6. Sub Obitum Viri Clarissimi et Carissimi D. Arcturi

Wedge, John. General View of the Agriculture Jonstoni, Medici Regii, Davidis Wedderburni Suspiria, of the County of Warwick, Lon., 1794, 4to. 1611. Repub. hy Lauder in his Poetarum Scotorum Wedge, Thomas. General View of the Agriculture Musæ Sacræ, Edin., 1739, 2 vols. 8vo. One of the best

of the County Palatine of Chester, Lon., 1794, 4to. of Johnston's minor poems was addressed Ad Davidem Wedgwood, Hensleigh, late Fellow of Christ Wedderburnam, Amicum veterem, and it elicited a reply College, Cambridge. 1. Principles of Geometrical Defrom Wedderburn. 7. Meditationum Campestrium, seu monstration, Lon., 1844, fp. 8vo. 2. Development of Epigrammatum Moralium Centuria duw. Abredoniæ, the Understanding, 1848, 12mo. 1613, 8vo. Heber, Part 6, 3804, 108. Sive Centuria

* An elementary work of considerable ability."-Blakey's Hist, tertia, 1614, 8vo. After his death, his brother Alexander' of Philos. of Mind, iv. 102.


3. Geometry of the Three First Books of Euclid, 1856, See, also, Macmillan's Mag., June, 1965; Lon. Reader, 12ino. 4. Dictionary of English Etymology, 8vo: vol. 1865, i. 510, 512, 553, ii. 65; Shilling Mag., July, 1865; i., 1859, A-D, pp. xxiv., 508; with Notes and Additions Blackw. Mag., Aug. 1865; Edin. Rev., July, 1867. by George P. Marsh, N. York, 1862, imp. 8vo, pp. xix., In 1868 Miss Meteyard (Silverpen) was complimented 247.

by a pension on the Civil List of £60 per annum. Those “ Dictionaries are a class of books not usnally esteemed light reading; but no intelligent man were to be pitied who should

who are interested in the ceramic art should procure: I. find himself shut up on a rainy day in a lonely bouse in the

History of Pottery and Porcelain, Mediævaland Modern, dreariest part of Suisbury Plain, with no other means of re

by Joseph Marryat, with cold plates and 300 wood cuts, creation than that which úr. Wovlgwood's Dictionary of Etymo- 2d ed., 1857, ined. 850; II. Notes on Venetian Ceramics, logy could afford him. He would read it through from cover to by W. B. Drake. F.S. A.; Forming a Supplement to cover at it sitting, and only regret that he had not the second volume to begin upon forthwith. It is a very able book, of great

• Marryat's Pottery and Porcelain," 1868, med. 8vo; research, full of delightful surprises, a repertory of the fairy

III. History of Ancient Pottery and Porcelain : Egyptian, tales of linguistic science."-Lon. Spertator.

Assyrian, Greek, Roman, and Etruscan, with 200 Ilus“It is one of the most fascinating books of the time."—N. trations, by Samuel Birch, 1858, 2 vols. 8vo: IV. Marks Amer. Rer., July, 1862, 285.

and Monograms on Pottery and Porcelain, being a landSee, also, Amer. Theolog. Rev., April, 1862; Atlantic Book for Connoisseurs and Collectors, by W. Chaffers, Month., Aug. 1862; Evangel. Quar. Rev., Oct. 1862. P.S.A., Lon., 1863, demy 8vo: Ilall Marks on Gokil and Vol. ii., E-P, Lon., Dec. 1862, pp. 578.

Silver Plate, &c., by W. Chaffers, F.S.A., 1863, r. Svo; “The best book on English etymology yet written."Lon. header, 1863, i. 42, (review of vols. i., ii.) See, also, ii. 311.

V. A Century of Pottery in the City of Worcester : heing Vol. iii., Pt. 1, Q to Sy, 1865, pp. 366.

the History of the Royal Porcelain Works, from 1750 to “For the words that it treats, Mr. Wegwood's book is not

1851, hy R. W. Binns, F.S.A., 1865. Svo: 1. p., 1to; and merely the best, it is the only Etymologica Dictionary worthy

add-VI. The Natural History, Ancient and Modern, of of the name.”Lon. Reader, 1865, ii. 740. See, also, 420, 1866, Precious Stones, &c., by the Rev. C. W. King. 1865, Svo; i. 32).

VII. Antique Gems: their Origin, Uses, and Value as Vol. iii., Pt. 2, T-W, 1867, pp. 200. Also, complete Interpreters of Ancient History and as Wustrative of in 3 vols. 8vo, 1867, £2 48. Mr. Wedgwood, assisted by Ancient Art, with plates and 1:30 wood-cuts, by the Rev. the Rev. J. C. Atkinson, author of Glossary of the Cleve- C. W. King, 2d ed., 1866, Svo; VII. Hand- Book of land Dialect, 1868, 4to, is now (1870) engaged upon an

Engraved Gems, hy the Rev. C. W. King. 1866, p. 8vo. enlarged edition. 5. On the Origin of Language, 1866, The Wedgwood Memorial Builling at Burslem will lovg fp. 8vo.

emhalin the memory of the great English potter. In The philologist should add to Wedgwood's Dictionary, 1866 a collection of his correspondence with roval perEnglish Roots, &c., by Dean E. N. Hoare, d ed., Dubl., sonages, with C. J. Fox, W. Wilberforce, Sir W. Iainil. 1863, 12mo, and his English Exotics, 1863, 12mo ; A ton, &c.,--above 1500 letters —was sold at auction by Glossarial Index to the Printed English Literature of

Sotheby & Wilkinson for £22 18. the Thirteenth Century, by Herbert Coleridge, 1859, Sro,

Wedgwood, Miss Julia. See WESLEY, Joux. Ap. 104; and Proposals for the Publication of a New Wedgwood, R. 1. Book of Remembrance: the English Dictionary of the Philological Society, Lon., Outline of an Almanack on the Ancient Cycles of Time, 1859, 4to, pp. 32. Mr. Wedgwood has contributed 1814. 8vo. valuable papers to the Proceed. and Trans. of the Phi- Wedgwood, R. Constitution of Decrees of the Jolog. Soc.: see Westm. Rev., April, 1855: Contemp. Holy Apostles, Lon., 1851, p. 8vo. Lit.

Wedgwood, Thomas. Experiments, &c. on ProWedgwood, Josiah, the inventor of several beau- duction of Light by Heat, &c.; Phil. Trans., 1792, 128, tiful species of pottery, and manufacturer of cameos,

215. intaglios, medallions, miniature pieces of sculpture, ini- Wedgwood, William B. 1. Constitution and tator of the Barberini or Portland Vase, &c., was b. at

Revised Statute of the United States, &c. to 1814, Phila., Burslem, Staffordshire, Jan. 12, 1730, and d. at his seat 1844, 8vo. 2. Revised Statutes of Massachusetts, &c. at Etruria, Staffordshire, Jan. 3, 1795. 1. Description

to 1841, N. York, 1845, 8vo. 3. The Government and of a Thermometer for the Higher Degrees of Heat, Lon., Laws of the United States; comprising a Complete and 1784, 8vo. He contributed several papers on this and Comprehensive View of the Rise. Progress, and Present other subjects to Phil. Trans.. 9. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit. Organization of the State and National Governments, 2. Letter on the Navigation from the Trent to the Mer- 1866, 8vo, pp. 500. The substance of over 100 Lectures sey, 1785, 8vo. He was the chief promoter of the Trent

delivered before the Law School of the University of and Mersey Canal. 3. Description of the Portland Vase, New York. 4. A Law Manual for Notaries Publio and formerly the Barberini. &c.; new ed., with the Addition Bankers; including a Summary of the Law anı Princi. of Notes by Thomas Windus, 1815, r. fol. This ed. was ples of Commercial Paper, the Law of Indorsement, etc. puh. to accompany Windus’s New Elucidation of the etc.: Edited by Professor W. B. Wedgwood and I. Smith Subjects on the celebrated Portland Vase, 1845, r. fol. Homans, 1867, 8vo. The two vols. were puh, at £4 56. 6d. 4. Catalogue of

Weed, Henry R., D.D. Questions on the Confes. Cameos, Ininglios, Medals, Bas-Reliefs, Busts, &c.; with

sion of Faith and Form of Government of the Preshya General Account of Tablets. Vases, &c., Etruria. 1787, terian Church, with a Selection of Scripture Proofs, 8vo; 6th ed., 1787, Sro. Privately printed at his own

Phila., 18mo. prese. See Lon. Gent. Mag.. Ixv., i. 84. (Obituary :) 1852,

Weed, Thurlow, for many years proprietor and i. 250 : Chalmers's Biog. Dict., xxxi. 268; Alinon's Anec., editor of The Albany Evening Journal. Letters from Appendix : Nichols's Lit. Anec., iii. 443, v. 420. viii. 367, Europe and the West Indies, Albany, 1866, 8vo; also 740, ix. 613 : Lon. Quar. Rev., xxxvii. 320, (hy Sir Wal contributions to periodicals, &c. ter Scott:) Lon. Tiines, Fch. 17. 1821. (Wedgwood Me

Weed, William Bouton, pastor of the First Conmorial:) Wedgwooil: an Address Delivered at Burslem, gregationalist Church and Society of Norwalk, Connecon October 26, 1863, by the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone,

ticut. Serinong, N. York, 1861, 12mo. Posthumous. M.P., Dec. 1863, 8vo, pp. 64, with wood-cuts: Art Jour

" It is rare that any volume of sermons is given to the public

which is more full, not only of thought, lwit of the seeds of nal, Dec. 12, 1864, &c., (Wedgwood and Etruria : by L.

thonght."-- Bibl. Rep. and Prinre. Rer., July, 1861, 570. Jewett.)

Weeden, John. Treatise on the Growth of CuSee, also, I. The Wedgwoods: being a Life of Josiah cumhers, Lon., 8vo. Wedgwood: with Notices of his Works and their Pro

Weeding, s. Wet Sheet: addressed to the Medical ductions, Memoir of the Wedgwoods and their Families, Men of England, Lon., 1843, 8vo. and a History of the Early Potteries of Staffordshire, by

Weedon, Cavendish. Oration, Anthem, and Poems Llewellyn Jewitt, F.S.A., &c. &c., with Portrait and

at the Performance of Divine Music, Jan. 31, 1701, Lon., Illustrations, 1865, 8vo, pp. xx., 435. From The Art

1702. 4to. Journal. II. The Life of 'Josiah Wedgwood; from his Weedon, Francis Charles. Poems, (with a Private Correspondence and Family Papers, in the Pog. memoir of the author prefixed,) Lon., 1863, fp. 8vo. session of Josiah Mayer, Esq., F.S.A., Francis Wedg- Posthumous. wood, Esq., C. Darwin, Esq., M.A., F.R.S., Miss Wedg- "On the whole. Mr. Weedon's verses convey the idea of conwood, and other Original Sources; with an Introductory sideralide latent power, and justify his aspirations after higher Sketch of the Art of Pottery in England, by Eliza Mete- literary distinction than the brevity of his life allowed him to

attain."- Lon. Reader, 1863, ii, 531. yard, 1865-66, 2 vols. 8vo.

Weedon, James, D.D., Vicar of Chalfont, St. “Indispensable to all who wish to know any thing about English ceramic art and its great inventor."-Lim. Sit, Rev.

Peter's, Bucks. X. Discourses on several Subjects, Lon., "A very accurate and valuable book."-Lon. Eram.

1777, 8vo. Posthumous.


Weedon, Thomas. Practical English Grammar, Washington and Marion are very popular, but the sam“ must lo Lon., 1848, fp. 8vo.

said of them. You know not how much of fiction there is in Weekes, John. Secrets of Art and Nature ; being editions than all others, and has been read by more persons

them. That of Washingtou has probably gone through moro the Suinme and Substance of Natural Philosophy, by than that of Marshall, Ramsay, Bancroft, and Irving, put Dr. Alex. Reed, 1660, fol.

together."-- BISHOP MEADE: Old Churches, Ministers, and Fumi. Weekes, Nathaniel. 1. Choice of a Husband, lies of Virginia, 1857, li. 235. Lon., 1754, 4to. 2. Barbadoes; a Poem, 1754, 4to. 3. " Author of a Washington's Life--not one word of which we The Angel and Curate; a Poem, 1765, 4to. 4. The

believe. It is full of ridiculous exaggerations."-Joux NEAL:

Blackw. Mag., xvii. 3. Messiah ; a Sacred Poem, 1775, 4to. Weeks, Della Jerman. Legends of the War, stalled Prebendary of Durbain, June 7, 1634, and d.

Weemse, John, of Lathocker, Scotland, was inBost., 1864, 16mo. Printed for Private Circulation.

1636. Weeks, G. A. See WEEKS, John M.

1. Christian Synagogue; wherein is contained Weeks, G. W.

the diverse Reading, the right Pointing, Translation, India Idylls, Loo., 1865, fp. 8vo. See Lon. Reader, 1865, i. 479.

and Collation of Scripture with Scripture, &c., (with an Weeks, H. Prize Essay on Fine Arts Section, 4to; 3d ed., 1630, 4to.

Address by Rev. William Symson,) 2d ed., Lon., 1623, Exhibition of 1851, Lon., 1853.

2. Portraiture of the Image of

God in Man, 1627, 4to; 2d ed., 1632, 4to. Weeks, Helen C. 1. Grandpa's House, N. York,

3. Exposition 1868, 16mo. 2. The Ainslee Stories, 1868, 16mo. 3.

of the Laws of Moses, Morall, Cerernoniall, Judiciall, White and Red; a Narrative of Life among the North

&c.; Together with an Explication of sundry difficult west Indians, 1869, 16mo. Contributor to The River

Texts of Seripture, 1632, 3 (sometimes bound in 2) vols.

4to. side Magazine and Our Young Folks.

The Exposition of the Moral Law, or Ten ComWeeks, James Eyre. Poetical Prospect of Work- mandments, and Exercitations Divine, forming part of ington, with a Correc edition of the Poetical Prospect 1632, 410.

the above, were sometimes bound separately in 2 vols., of Whitehavet, Lon., !732, ovo.

4. Treatise of the Foure Degenerate Sonnes, Weeks, John X., of Middlebury, Vermont. 1.

viz., The Atheist, The Magician, The Idolater, and the

Jew, 1634. 4to. Manual on Bees; with an Appendix by Wooster A.

The above, Nos. 1-4, with Observations Flander, N. York, 1854, 12mo. Mr. Weeks was the in: Naturall and Morall, were pub. collectively as bis Works, ventor of the Verinont bee-hive.

1636, (soine 1637,) 4 (sometimes bound in 3, sometimes in

2. History of Salis. bury, Vermont; with a Memoir [by G. A. Weeks) of the 2) vols. 4to. Also hound separately as follows: I. ChrisAuthor, Middlebury, 1860, 12mno, pp. 362. Posthumous.

tian Synagogue, 1636, 4to. II. Portraiture of the Image

of God in Man, 1636, 4to; 1637, 410. III. Exposition He was a contributor to agricultural journals, and left in MS. a History of the Five Nations.-which we hope sition of the Moral Law, or Ten Commandments, in two

of the Laws of Moses, 1636, 4t0; 16:37, 4to. IV. Expoto see published. See list. Mag., 1858, 64: 1860. 159.

Parts, 1636, 4to. V. Exercitations Divine, 16:36, 4to. Weeks, Robert K. Poems, N. York, 1867, 16mo.

VI. Treatise of the Foure Degenerate Sonnes. 1636, 4to; " A work which deserves, and we believe will receive, at the hands of those whose appreciation is the student's great re

1637, 4to. VII. Observations Natural and Moral, 1636, warri, the rorognition and homage due to the vital spirit of 4to. Nos. I., II., III., VI., and VII, contain the whole poetry."- Rounil Table.

of the Works, IV. and V. being divisions of a part of Weeks, William Raymond, D.D., b, at Brook- No. III. lyn, Conn., 1783 ; graduated at the College of New Jer- “Weemse has given us a rich massment of Biblical Treasures sey, 1809: minister of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, well worth your having."-COTTON MATHER.

“ Woemsuis works contain much valuable information, espeNewark, N. Jersey, 1832-16; 11. 1818. 1. Nine Sermons, 1813. Three edits. 2. Scripture

cially his Christian Synagogue and Exercitationes,”-Dr. WilCatechism, 1813. Two edits. 3. Pilgrim's Progress in “llis Foure Degenerate Sonnes' is both curious and rare." the Vineteenth Century, 1819, 12mo. Posthumous. Also, STRONG. single sermons, letters, tracts, &c., q. v. in Sprague's An

“ Much Jewish learning."- Bickersteth's C.S., 4th ed., 446. pals, iv., Presbyterian, 473.

"He was well acquainted with the original Scriptores, with

Jewirb manners and antiquities, and with the best mode of inWeelkes, Thomas. 1. Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6

terpreting the Bible. The style in quaint, but always intelligible, Voyces. Lon., 1597, 410; Ed., with an Introduction, by ... The writings of Wormse, thongh now greatly superseiled, E. J. Hopkins, for the Mus. Antiq. Soc., 1813, fol. 2. are not unworthy of being remembered."--Orme's Bibl. Bib.,

461. Balletts and Madrigals to Five Voyces, with one to Six Voyces, 1598, 410 : 1608, 4to. 3. Madrigals of 5 and 6

Weeseley, W. M. Wertheim's Devotional ExerParts, apt for the Viols and Voices, 1600, 4to. 4. Madri- cises for the Use of Jewish Woinen, Lon., 1852. 8vo. gals of 6 Parts, apt for the Viols and Voices, 1600, 4to. 5. Weever, John. 1. Epigrainmes in the oldest Cut Ayeres or Phantasticke Spirites for Three Voices : With a

and newest Fashion, Lon., 1599, 16mo.

The 224 EpiSong, a Remembrance of iny Friend Mr. Thomas Morley, gram of the Fourth Weeke is inscribed Ad Gulielmum for Six Voices, in 3 parts, 1608, 4to: Lilly, £3 138. 611. Shakspeare. As Weever composed his book in 1595,

Weemes, John, of Craigtown. Jo. Wemii Baoié wc i when he was pineteen.) Shakspeare was then thirtyYTTEpox), sive de Regis Primatu Libellus, Edin., 1623, 4to. See Drake's Shaksp. and his Times, i. 705, ii. 28, Thick paper. Heber, Part 6, 9x.

371, 372 : Warton's Hist. of Eng. Poet., ed. 1810. iii. 233; Weeins, Mason L., an Episcopal clergyman who

Ritson's Bibl. Poet., 390 ; Beloe's Anec., vi. 156-60; Cola sometimes officiated at Pohick Church, near Mount Ver- lier's Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865; Allot, Robnon, in the time of General Washington, subsequently ERT, No. 41.

2. The Mirror of Martyrs; or, The Lifo becaine famous as a travelling book-agent for Mathew

and Death of that thrice valiant Capitaine and most Carey, and as an author. He d. at Beaufort, S.C., May Godly Martyre. Sir John Old-castle, Knight, Lord Cob. 23, 1825. 1. The Philanthropist, Dumfries. 1799, 8vo; bain, Lon., 1601. 12mo. Sotheby's, May, 1856, fino, 9th ed., Phila., 1809. 2. Life of George Washington, £27: Lilly, title Fac-Simile, morocco, £12 128. 1800; 11th ed., 1811, 12mo. More than forty edits., and

“ Many words of uncommon usage or original coinage are scatstill repub. 3. The True Patriot: an Oration, (1802,)

tered throughout the poem."-- Brudges's Cens. Lit., iv. 477, (q. v.)

See, also, OLDCASTLE, Sir John. 8vo. 4. Life of General Francis Marion, 4th ed., 1816,

3. The History of Christ in Minimo or a Nutt-shell. 12mo. Many edits., and still repub. Horry disclaimed the honour of joint authorship. 5. Drunkard's Looking. Weever, Joux, (infra:) see Bryoges's Cens. Lit., vol. ii.

A very small volume. This has also been ascribed to Glass, Balt., 1816, 8vo. 6. Life of Benjamin Franklin, with Essays, Phila., 1817,; 6th ed., 1822, 12mo; ! Queen's College, Cambridge, d. in London, 1632. aged

Weever, John, a native of Lancashire, educated at new ed., 1835, 12mno. 7. Life of William Penn, 1829, i 56. 12mo. He also published The Old Bachelor, a number Monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Islands

Ancient Funerall Monvments within the Vnited of Tracts, &c. See Duyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., i.

adiacent, with the dissolued Monasteries therein con484; W. G. Simms's Views and Reviews, (Weems the

tained, &c, Lon., 1631, fol. Currer, 2644, £4 48. Large Biographer and Historian :) John Davis's Travels in the U. States ; Lossing's Field-Book of the Revolution, and paper: Hibbert. 8632,. £16 108.: Sir M. M. Sykes, Part

3, 1178, £16 168.; Williams, 1932, £26 58.; Puttick's, his Mount Vernon and its Associations. Mr. Weems was certainly the most popular biographer June, 1858. (with the Index inlaid,) £32.

Second edition, 1661, fol. of his day; he has never been esteemed the most vera

Third edition, with Addenda and Index, by the Rev. cious.

Wm. Tooke, 1767, 4to. Turnbull, Dec. 1863, £1. The Some of Mr. Weems's pamphlets on drunkenness would be most admirable in their effects, but for the fact that you know original MS. is in the Library of the Society of Antinot what to believe of the narrative. There are passages of quaries, where are other MSS. of Weever's. deep pathos and great eloquence in them. His histories of A work of great value:


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