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AS S some explanation may be expected of the apparent incongruity of placing an American author third on the list of a new Edition of "the Poets" issued in this country, the Publishers beg to state that they have done so in compliance with the widely-expressed wish of their customers, the booksellers, who have of course been influenced in like manner by their customers, the public; the general experience of "the trade" being that the Poems of Longfellow are more enquired for, at the present time, than those of any other non-copyright author, except Shakspeare. The criterion of popularity is not always a true one; but it may be safely asserted, in this instance, that the companionship will be no dishonour even to the great names of Milton and Wordsworth, and that there will be no discord between their song and his

"Who sings,

To one clear harp in divers tones."

The Poems omitted from the present Edition of Longfellow, in order to bring it within the compass of two volumes, and make it uniform with Milton and Wordsworth, already issued in this series, are the Golden Legend, Miles Standish, The Spanish Student, part of The Wayside Inn, and some of the Transiations.

Should it appear desirable, the omitted Poems may be published in subsequent volumes of the Series.

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