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THE following work was originally undertaken at the suggestion of my much esteemed friend, E. Hawkins, Esq., President of the Adelphi Glee Club, who, with myself, lamented that so many magnificent compositions should remain in obscurity for the want of some general record to keep them in the recollection of the numerous Amateurs and Professors, forming the various Glee and Catch Clubs in the United Kingdom.

Having frequently witnessed the gratification derived by the auditory in vocal societies, from being enabled to follow the words of concerted pieces during the performance, I resolved on compiling a similar work to that of Mr. R. Clark, collecting such pieces as had escaped his observation, and adding many others by eminent Composers of the last fourteen years, a large

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proportion of which have been composed since the publication of Mr. Clark's work.

Should I succeed in contributing to the gratification of my liberal Patrons, my expectations will be realized; and I trust, that when this publication shall be diffused among the various meetings so widely established for the study and encouragement of this style of composition, its utility will be appreciated.

I cannot conclude without acknowledging my obligation to the Members of several Societies, (individually and collectively,) especially those of the Adelphi Glee Club, whose early and liberal patronage has been my greatest encouragement.

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15, Compton-street East, Regent-square. October 5th, 1840.


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Adelphi Glee Club, London (twenty-five copies).

Addison, R., Esq.

Ashton, John, Esq.

Allen, James, Esq., Manchester.

Ainsworth, David, Esq., Manchester.

Ainsworth, G. M., Esq., Manchester.

Apollo Glee Club, Liverpool (six copies).

Baker, William, Esq.

Barton, Jefferey L., Esq.

Bayley, W., Esq.

Barlow, John, Esq., Manchester.
Bury, George, Esq., Manchester.
Bagshaw, John, Esq., Manchester.
Bacon, H., Esq.

Bacon, R. M., Esq., Norwich.

Burke, J. H., Esq.

Baker, William, Esq.

Barker, S., Esq.

Booth, Sir Felix.

Bennett, James, Esq.

Beefsteak Club, Liverpool (five copies).

Brown, J., Esq., Organist, Margate.

Capel, John, Esq.
Clarke, R., Esq.

Cooke, R., Esq.

Chadwick, Elias, Esq., Manchester.
Chappell & Co., Messrs.

Cooke, John, Esq., Manchester.

Close, John, Esq., Manchester.

Calvert, John, Esq.

Cramer, Addison, and Beale, Messrs.

Calvert, - Esq.

Cartwright, Samuel, Esq. (two copies).

Chambers, Edmund, Esq.

Chinnery,, Esq.

Chapman, E., Esq., Gent. of the Chapel Royal.

Card, W., Esq.

Clarke, Miss.

Cooke, T., Esq.

Callcott, W. H., Esq.

Cabbell, B. B., Esq.

Coventry and Hollier, Messrs.

Davies, D. R., Esq., Manchester.

Duncan, James, Esq.

Evans, James, Esq.

Elley,, Esq.

Ellerton, Lodge, Esq.

Ellis, Wynne, Mrs.

Fitzherbert, T., Esq. (two copies).

Freeling, Clayton, Esq.

Ford, R., Esq.

French, Josiah, Esq., Gent. of the Chapel Royal, Windsor.

Fish, W. Croft, Esq.

Francis, T., Esq.

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