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The following up character of the Author of thee Termon is given in the PotaBoy, N°2925, From Thursday Feb.4,to Saturdaj Feb.6.1913-14.

On Tuesday laft Feb.2.] died at the Bath, his Grace Dr Wohin Sharp,id Archbishop York;

a Prelate,who through the whole couple of his - Life, has always prácticed that Integrity &

Resolution, he at firt et out with: nor Who influenced by the changes&revolutions of the Age he lived in, to fišerpe from the Doctrine and Difcipline of the Church of England ,or the Digrity of his Ofice. He was one of the fire who, among the numerous Body of the Clergy, stood in the Gap against the encroachments of Popery & arbitrary Power, in a late Reign; and has in thele his latter day, had the lane Call to oppose the Perfecutions railed by another fort of men, whole Principles are destructive to the very Being of the Churrh, and levell at the Foundation of all Gro-vernments. As he was an exact Pattern of that cremplary Piety, Charity, Steadi nep, and good Condict, requisite in a Go- vernor of the Churchi lo perhaps since she Primitive age of Christianity, and the time of the Apoples, whole Jucespor he was,

ther has been no Man, whole Learning&? Abilities have better qualified pirn toden

fend a Trust of that importance.

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