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now we are fo apt to dote upon, is one of the
greatest and molt dangerous Enemies we have,
and therefore is defied and renounced by all
Christians in their Baptism, as well as the
World and the Devil. It continually tempts
and follicits us to Evil; every Sense is a Snare
to us, and all its Lufts and Appetites are inor-
dinate and insatiable; it is impatient of Christ's
Yoke, and refuseth Discipline; it is ungover-
nable, and often rebelleth against Reason; and
the Law in our Members warreth against the
Law of our Minds, and brings us into Capti-
vity to the Law of Sin which is in our Mem-
bers : and when the Spirit is willing, the
Flesh is weak; so that the best Men are forc’d
to keep it under, and use it hardly, lest it
should betray them into Folly and Misery.
We are now in a State of Warfare, and must
always be upon our Guard and Watch, conti-
nually arming and defending our selves against
the Assaults of the Flesh, and all its violent
and impetuous Motions. How doth it hinder
us in all our religious Devotions? How soon
doth it jade our Minds, when employed in any
divine or spiritual Meditations; or how easily
by its bewitching and enchanting Pleasure doth
it divert them from such noble Exercises ? So
that St. Paul breaks forth into this sad and
mournful Complaint, Rom.7.


O wretched Man that I am ! who fall deliver me from the Body of this Death? Who shall? Death shall; that shall give us a full and final DeliveraoçeWhen once we have obtained the Re


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furrection unto Life, we shall not any more feel those Lustings of the Flesh against the Spirit, which are here fo troublesom and uneasy to us; our Flesh shall then cease to vex our Souls with its evil Inclinations, immoderate Desires, and unreasonable Passions: But being it self spiritualized, purified, exalted, and freed from this earthly Grossness, and all manner of Pollution, shall become a most fit and

proper Instrument of the Soul in all her divine and heavenly Employments. It shall not be weary of singing Praises to God Almighty thro infinite Ages : It shall want no Respite or Refreshment, but its Meat and Drink thall be to do the Will of God.

In these things chiefly consists the difference þetween those Bodies which we shall have at the Resurrection, and this mortal Flesh; which we can but very imperfectly, either conceive or express: but yet from what hath been difcourled on this Subject, it doth fufficiently appear that a glorified Body is infinitely more excellent and desirable than this vile and contemptible Flesh which we now carry about witli us. The only thing remaining, is,

III. And lastly; To draw some practical Inferences from all I have said on this Subject. I shall but just mention these five, and leave the Improvement of them to your own private Meditations.

1. From what I have faid, we may learn the best way of fitting and preparing our felvés


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to live in those heavenly and spiritual Bodies which shall be bestowed upon us at the Resurrection; which is, by cleansing and purifying our Souls still more and more from all fleshly Filthiness, and weaning our felves by degrees from this earthly Body, and all sensual Pleasures and Delights. We should begin in this Life to loosen and unty the Knot between our Souls and this mortal Flesh; to refine our Af fections, and raise them from things below to things above; to take off our Hearts, and leisurely to disengage them from things present and sensible, and to use and accustom

our selves to think of and converse with things spiritual and invisible; that so our Souls, when they are separated from this earthly Body, may be prepared and disposed to actuate and inform a pure and spiritual one, as having before-hand tasted and relished spiritual Delights and Pleasures, and been in some degree acquainted with those Objects which shall then be presented to us. A Soul wholly immersed and buried in this earthly Body, is not at all fit and qualified for those celestial and glorious Mansions which God hath provided for us : An earthly sensual Mind is so much wedded to bodily Pleasures, as that it cannot enjoy it self without them; and is incapable of tasting or relishing any other, tho really greater, and infinitely to be preferred before them. Nay, such Perfons that mind only the Concerns of the Body, and are wholly led by its Motions and Inclinations, as do swpatir tùo fuxir, as it were embo


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dy their Souls, would esteem it a great Unhappiness to be clothed with a spiritual and heavenly Body : It would be like clothing a Beggar in princely Apparel. Such glorious Bodies would be unealy to them; they would not know how to behave themselves in them; they would e'en be glad to retire, and put on their Rags again. But now, by denying the Sollicitations of our Flesh, and contradicting its Lusts and Appetites, by weaning our selves from bodily Pleasures, and subduing and mortifying our carnal Lusts, we fit and dispose our selves for another State : and when our Souls are thus fpiritualized, they will soon grow weary of this Flesh, and long for their Departure; they will be always ready to take wing, and fly away into the other World, where at last they will meet with a Body fuited to their rational and spiritual Appetites.

2. From hence we may give some account of the different Degrees of Glory in the other State. For tho all good Men shall have glorious Bodies, yet the Glory of them all Ihall not be equal : they shall all shine as Stars; and yet one Star differeth from another Star in Glory: there is one Glory of the Sun, and another Glory of the Moon, and another Glory of the Stars. So also is the Refurrection of the Dead. Some will have Bedies more bright and resplendent than others. Those who have done some extraordinary Ser. vice to their Lord, who have suffered bravely and courageously for his Name, or those who by the constant exercise of Severity and Mor


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tification have arrived to a higher pitch, and attained to a greater measure of Purity and Holiness than others, shall shine as Stars of the first Magnitude. Dan. 12. 3. And they that be wise, mall shine as the Brightness of the Firmament ; and they that turn many to Righteousness, as the Stars for ever and ever. It is certain that the purest and most spiritual Bodies shall be given to those who are most ficted for them, to the most heavenly and spiritual Souls : So that this is no little encou. ragement to us to make the greatest proficiency we can possible in the ways of Virtue and Piety, since the more we wean our selves from these present things and sensible Objects, the more glorious and heavenly will our Bodies be at the Resurrection.

3. Let this Consideration engage us patiently to bear those Afflictions, Sickness, and bodily Pains which we are exercised with in this Life. The time of our Redemption draws nigh: Let us but hold out a while longer, and all Tears shall be wip'd from our Eyes, and we shall never sigh nor sorrow any more. And how foon shall we forget all the Misery and Uneasiness we endur'd in this earthly Tabernacle, when once we are clothed with that House which is from above? We are now but in our Journy towards the heavenly Canaan, are Pilgrims and Strangers here, and therefore must expect to struggle with many Straits and Difficulties; but it will not be long before we shall come to our Journy's end, and that will make amends for all: We shall then be in a quiet and


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