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Preach'd at the


Of the Reverend

Benjamin Calamy, D.D.


Late Minister of St. Laurence Jewry,

January the 7th, 1686.

By WILLIAM SHERLOCK, D.D. Dean of St. Pauls, Master of the Temple, and Chaplain in Ordinary to her Majesty.

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To his Much-Esteemed Friends,

the Church-Wardens and Parishioners of St. LAURENCE JEWRY, and St. MARY MAGDALENE, Milkstreet.



HO I had no Intention to make this Sermon publick,

yet I could not with any Modesty deny your Request, when you had paid so great a regard to the Counseỉ given you in it. i heartily congratulate your happy Agreement in the Choice of so excellent a Person to succeed the not-to-be-forgotten Dr. CALAMY; who, I doubt not, will deserve all that Honour and Kindness, which it is so natural to you to shew to your Ministers. I here present you with the Sermon as it was preached, except


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ing some few things at the beginning, which were left out in speaking, to shorten it as much as I could, without injuring the Sense. I am sensible the Character falls very short of what our deceased Friend deserved, but it is every word true, and I thought had been as inoffensive too as it is true ; and so I believe it will appear to wise and considering Men, and others may judg as they please. If it will contribute any thing to make both Ministers and People more faithful in the Discharge of their several Ducies, I have what I aimed at, both in

Preaching and Printing it; especially if 1 you please to accept of it as a Testimony of the sincere Respects of,

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Who then is a Faithful and Wife Sere

vant, whom bis Lord hath made
Ruler over his Housbold, to give

them Meat in due season? Blessed is that Servant, whom his Lord when he cometh shall

find so doing.

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N this and the foregoing Chapter, our
Saviour acquaints his Disciples with the
Signs and Prognosticks of his Coming;

which plainly have a double Aspect, both upon bis comiog to destroy Jerusalem, and upon his coming to judg the World. But the Application he makes of it, is of universal Ule; Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come, ver. 42. which is excellent Advice, in what sense foever we understand the coming of our Lord: for the coming of our Lord signifies his coming to take account of us; and whether we apply this to the hour of our Death, or to the last Day of Judgment, still it concerns us to watch; that is, to be always diligent and careful in doing our Duty, and discharging that Truft which is committed to us, thår whenever our Lord comes, we may give up our Accounts with Joy.


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