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10 better than the spider's web, when God comes to take away the soul.

We have been led to these remarks by hearing a relation of the following incident which took place recently at the state prison in this town.

A convict who was a professed universalist, but a man of consiilerable discernment, was confined to a sick bed. While thus situated, a pious man was led to converse with him on religious subjects, and to inquire into the nature of his hope. He expressed on this occasion a firm belief in the doctrine of universal salvation, and unlimited confidence in the mercy and goodness of God. Opportunities were repeatedly embraced to bring the subject to the mind of the sick man, and arguments used in vain to shake the ground of its belief-be constantly asserted his firm reliance on divine mercy, and his full belief that all men, on leaving this world, will be received into the arms of the Savior. This confidence continued and this hope appeared to sustain him under all his sufferings, till he was convinced that his case was dangerous and there was little or no prospect of his recovery. He then began to exhibit marks of trouble and anxiety, and at the first convenient opportunity requested his faithful friend to read and pray with hiin. The friend expressed surprise, and inquired, Why this concern? Where is the ground of your hope ? What has become of your belief in the doctrine of universal salvation ? With a heart apparently, torn with grief, and eyes suffused in tears he exclaimed: Oh it is good for nothing! It is vanity! A castle built in the air, and presenting no foundation on which to rest the soul in a trying hour! Did you ever believe in the doctrine of universal salvation ? I must be candid now, was the reply, I never did. Amidst all my pretension I never hal confidence in its truth. It may have served at times to stifle

my conscience, and in scenes of wickedness, to quiet my fears, but I never had a full belief that such a a system would stand the final test. He continued angious to attend to the bible and to hear the prayers and pious counsel of his friend; but to the last moments of his life deprecated in the strongest terms, the delusive and fatal error which he had formerly attempted to believe. Beware, Universalists, and avoid the pangs which rent the breast of this your brother. Before it is too late, renounce the delusive hope which you now so fondly cherish. Embrace the heavenly truths of the gospel, that

you be not finally cast where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.-N. H. Rep.


The above piece we take from "The Evangelical Monitor,” which is issued from the same office, where the Christian Repository is printed. Our very faithful friend, Rev. Walter Chapin, our readers are well aware, has now and then copied a few pieces to warn us of the awful crisis which he supposes awaits us, and, if possible, to save some of us from that dreadful sentence from which there is no appeal, and those tartarean pains that never end. We sincerely thank him for all these well meant kindnesses. But if it be our misfortune to be altogether erroneous, it is equally his to give us a piece, not calculated to produce conviction.

We inquire in the first place, what is the character of this poor, distracted Universalist? We find he was a convict in the Newhampshire State's prison. This bespeaks his character, that he was a wicked man.

21. When he was "candid," he said he "never did" believe in the "doctrine of universal salvation." It seems then that he had been habitually uncandid, and pretended to believe what he never did. This affords another proof of liis wickedness, falsehood, and hypocrisy. Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee, thou wicked servant.

3. As we have this account for a Congregational sto. ry, and as the man never did believe in universal salvation, we conclude he was one of the dregs of Congregationalists, who had tried to still the upbraidings of conscience under Universalists' garments. On our part, we are glad the matter turned out as it did; for

we never supposed that Universalists' garments would cover the crimes of Congregational hypocrites.

4. The Congregationalists have done wrong in trying to palm this poor creature on us, calling him our brother; for by his own confession he was not our brother in the faith of universal salvation. “Thou sittest and speakest against thy brother; thou slanderest thine own mother's son. These things thou hast done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself; but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.” Ps. 1. 20, 21.

5. Their caution to Universalists, saying, "Beware, Universalists, and avoid the pangs which rent the breast of this your brother,” is very untimely and extremely preposterous. They had just told us, the man was not a Universalist, by his own "candid” confession. Will you receive then a caution from us? Beware, Congregationalists, how you try to hide your iniquities, and sooth the upbraidings of conscience under the cover of universal salvation ; lest the day of trial fill your souls with the pang's which rent the breast of this your brother."

Respecting the particular remarks, contained in the first part of this piece on universalism, our readers will judge of their merits by this unfortunate example of illustration. As it fared with old Haman, so with many of his sons; they hang on the gallows which they made for Mordecai.

MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES, It is said in a late London paper that a large edi. tion of the Koran is printing by the society of Arabian Merchants, to distribute among the Mahometan tribes.

C. Register. The Pope.-The health of His Holiness continues precarious. He is in his 824 year, having been born at Cesena, Romania, 14th Aug. 1742; was elected Pope at Venice, 14th March, 1800, and crowned the 21st of that month. His thigh bone was broken in his

late fall, and he is laboring under a compound fracture.

Later intelligence from Rome, states the death of the Pope to have taken place on the 20th of August. The news of his death was received at Paris by telegraph.

We have received another letter from our brother Worrall, Pastor of the Universalist Church in Glasgow, Scotland,) communicating tidings of good things. Also, the two first Numbers of the “GOSPEL COMMUNICATOR," a new publication, edited by our brother Worrall, and proclaiming the “Great Salvation."

Gospel Herald.

Bernardston, Sept. 29, 1824. t

Franklin Association. The Franklin Association of Universalists convened at Br. Greenleaf's in Whit. ingham, Vt. agreeable to adjournment, on Wednesday the 24th of September instant.

Present, Brs. David Ballou, Hosea Ballou, Hollis Sampson, John Brooks, Hosea Ballou, 2d, and Hubbard H. Winchester.

Three sermons were preached by Brs. J. Brooks, H. Ballou, and H. Ballou, 2d.

The Association adjourned to meet at Bernardston, Mass. on the 3d Wednesday in October, 1824.

We publish in this number a religious Conference between a Universalist and Congregational minister. We may state, no doubt, with propriety, that the sentiments of the Universalist on the 25th chapter of Matthew, are those of the connexion in general; but the Editor of this work has been, of late, more inclined to doubt the correctness of the application than formerly. Our brethren contend that the whole of the 24th and 25th chapters must have been fulfilled in the age in which our Savior was upon earth; but yet they extend the consequences to this day. He sees no reason why the consequences may not as well extend to a future state, provided the description corresponds with the description of that state, in other portions of the divine testimony.

New Pope.-By the late arrival from London, we learn that Cardinal Della Genga has been elected Pope, and has taken the title of Leo XII.-C. Reg.

Black River Branch of the Western Association. The annual meeting of this Association was held Oct. 8th and 9th, at Ellisburgh, N.Y. The brethren who took a part in the public performances were, Brs. Cornelius G. Parsons, Warren Skinner, Abner Wood, Benjamin Hickox, Calvin Morton, Stephen R. Smith, John French, and Pitt Morse. Br. Abner Wood received a letter of fellowship to preach the gospel. The Societies in Richland and Antwerp, and “The first Universalist Church and Society in Sackets Harbor,” were received into fellowship. The next meeting of this Association is to be at Brownville, on the fourth Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1824.

Genesee Branch of the Western Association.--The meeting of this body was held this year at Pittsford, Monroe Co. N. Y. September 23, and is adjourned to meet at Pembroke, the 3d Wednesday and Thursday in September, 1824. They received into fellowship “The first Universalist Society in the village of Buffalo,” and “The first Society of Restoration Universalists of the town of Alexander.” Br. J. Holiday received a letter of fellowship, and Brs. J. S. Thomson and L. S. Everitt were ordained.

Questions from a Roman Catholic, we calculate to attend to in our next.

OBITUARY. Died, in Rutland, October 3, Mr. DANIEL CRAPMAN. At Reading, October 11, Mr. PAUL FLETCHER, aged 48. At Weare, N. H. Mr. John PRIEST, aged 35. He has left an amiable wife, and children, ever dear to parents, to lament their loss. He cultivated the confidence and affection of

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