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View where He lay with exultation; "Tis there our hope begins :

Yet stay not there, thy sorrow feeding,
Amid the scenes He trod ;
Look up, and see Him interceding
At the right hand of God.


if 3 Still in the shameful cross I glory, Where His dear blood was spilt ; For there the great Propitiatory Abolished all my guilt:

mf 2 Weep not for Him at Calvary's station; mf 4 By death He death's dark king defeated,

Weep only for thy sins:

And overcame the grave;






Yet what, 'mid conflict and temptation,
Shall strength and succour give?

He lives, the Captain of Salvation;
Therefore His servants live.

Rising, the triumph He completed;
He lives, He reigns to save:

f Heaven's happy myriads bow before Him;
He comes, the Judge of men;
These eyes shall see Him and adore Him;
Lord Jesus, own me then!

Josiah Conder.


Thy doubting servant chide, And bad'st the eye of sense behold Thy wounded hands and side;

2 Grant us, like him, with heartfelt awe
To own Thee God and Lord,
And from His hour of darkness draw

A fuller faith's reward.

St. Albinus,



f 1 Jan no longer, Death, appal us;

Jesus lives! by this we know,
Thou, O Grave, canst not enthral us.

135 And Thomas answered and said unto Him, My Lord and my God.-JOHN XX. 28.


3 And while that wondrous record now


Of unbelief we hear,

O let us only lowlier bow
In self-distrusting fear;



2 Jesus lives! henceforth is death
But the gate of Life immortal;
This shall calm our trembling breath,
When we pass its gloomy portal.

Jesus lives! for us He died;
Then, alone to Jesus living,

Behold I am alive for evermore.-REV. i. 18. thy now

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4 And pray that we may never dare
Thy Spirit so to grieve;
But at the last their blessing share
Who see not, yet believe.

Mrs. Emma L. Toke.

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Pure in heart may we abide,
Glory to our Saviour giving.


Jesus lives! our hearts know well, Nought from us His love shall sever; Life, nor death, nor powers of hell, Tear us from His keeping ever.


5 Jesus lives! to Him the throne
Over all the world is given:

May we go where He is gone,
Rest and reign with Him in heaven.

Hallelujah! Christian F. Gellert, tr. by F. E. Cox.

A men.


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But in the hope, that shall not die,
To rise and live again.

C.M. D.

That I may know... the power of His resurrection.-PHIL. iii. 10.

EAR Saviour of a dying world,

Where grief and change must be,
In the new grave where Thou wast laid
My heart lies down with Thee:

O not in cold despair of joy,

Or weariness of pain,

f 2 I would arise in all Thy strength
My place on earth to fill;
To work out all my time of war

With love's unflinching will;
Firm against every doubt of Thee

For all my future way:
To walk in heaven's eternal light
Throughout the changing day.

mf 3 And then, there shall be yet an end;
An end how full to bless!

How dear to those who watch for Thee
With human tenderness!


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Then shall the saying come to pass
That makes our hope complete:
And, rising from the conquered grave,
Thy parted ones shall meet.

4 Yes, they shall meet, and face to face,
By heart to heart be known,
Clothed with Thy likeness, Lord of Life,
And perfect in their own:

For this corruptible must rise,
From its corruption free,

And this frail mortal must put on
Thine immortality.

f 5 Shine then, Thou resurrection Light,
Upon our sorrows shine;
The fulness of Thy joy be ours,

As all our griefs were Thine:
Now in this changing, dying life,

Our faded hopes restore,
Till, in Thy triumph perfected,
We taste of death no more.
Anna L. Waring.

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3 And ever on our earthly path
A gleam of glory lies,

That we may be where now Thou art,
And look upon God's face.


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A light still breaks behind the cloud
That veiled Thee from our eyes.

Lift up our hearts, lift up our minds;
Let Thy dear grace be given,
That while we wander here below,
Our treasure be in heaven.

5 That where Thou art, at God's right hand,
Our hope, our love may be:
Dwell Thou in us, that we may dwell
For evermore in Thee.

Mrs. C. F. Alexander.

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(By permission of Novello and Company, Limited.)

We see Jesus... crowned with glory-HEB. ii. 9.
OOK, ye saints, the sight is glorious,
See the Man of sorrows now
From the fight returned victorious!

ƒ1 Lo

Every knee to Him shall bow:
Crown Him, crown Him;
Crowns become the Victor's brow.

2 Crown the Saviour, angels, crown Him!
Rich the trophies Jesus brings;
In the seat of power enthrone Him,
While the vault of heaven rings:
Crown Him, crown Him;
Crown the Saviour King of kings!

mf 3 Sinners in derision crowned Him,
Mocking thus the Saviour's claim;
f Saints and angels crowd around Him,
Own His title, praise His name :
Crown Him, crown Him;
Spread abroad the Victor's fame!

ff 4 Hark! those bursts of acclamation!
Hark! those loud triumphant chords !
Jesus takes the highest station :

O, what joy the sight affords !

Crown Him, crown Him
King of kings, and Lord of lords!

T. Kelly.

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