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in St. James's Library.
Balima eacabafa eanaa irraurista, diarba da caeoraba

fobor camelanthi, Iren. Lib. 1. C. 18.

Juvatque novos decerpere flores,
Insignemque meo capiti petere inde coronan,

Unde prius nulli velarunt tesrpora Nufa. Lucret.
The Fifth EDITION: With the Au-

thor's Apology and Explanatory Notes.
By W. W--tt--n, B. D. and others.

LOND ON: Printed for John Nutt, near

Stationers. Hall, M DCCX.

Y la lect


Treatises wrote by the same Author, most

of them mentioned in the following Discourses; which will be speedily published.


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Character of the present Set of Wits in

this Isand. A Panegyrical Ellay upon the Number THREE.

A Dissertation upon the principal Productions of Grub-street.

Lectures upon a Disection of Human Nao in
A Panegyrick upon the World.

An Analytical Discourse upon Zeal, Histori cheo-physi-logically considered.

A general History of Ears.

A modest Defence of the Proceedings of the Rabble in all Ages.

Me A Description of the Kingdom of Absurdities.

A Voyage into England, by a Person of Quality in Terra Australis incognita, tranflated from the Original.

A Critical El ay upon the Art of Canting, Philosophically, Physically, and Mufically confidered.

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For the, &c.

F good and ill Nature equally operated

upon Mankind, I might have saved my self the Trouble of this. Apology; for it

is manifest by the Reception the following Discourse hath met with, that those who approve it, are a great Majority among the Men of Taft ; get there have been two or three Treatises written expresly against it, bem fides many others that have flirted at it occafionally, without one Syllable having been ever published in its Defence, or even Quotation to its Advantage, that I can remember, except by the Polite Author of a late Discourse be tween a Deist and a Socinian.

Therefore, since the Book seems calculated to live at least as long as our Language, and our Taft admit no great Alterations, I am content to convey fome Apology along with it.

The greatest Part of that Book was finished above thirteen Tears hnce, 1696. which is eight Tears before it was published. The


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