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FREUD, SIGMUND. Totem and Taboo.

“GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW” for 1917. “Proposed Expedition to New

Guinea.” GERINI, Col. G. E. Researches on Ptolemy's Geography of Eastern

Asia. GESNER, KONRAD. History of Animals. GOULD, CHARLES. Mythical Monsters. GOULD, S. BARING. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. GRAY, Louis HERBERT. North American Mythology. GRIBBLE, FRANCIS. The Early Mountaineers. GROOME, FRANCIS H. Gipsy Folk-Tales. GROTE, GEORGE. History of Greece. GUERBER, H. A. Myths and Legends of the Middle Ages. GUILLIM, JOHN. A Display of Heraldry. HAKLUYT, RICHARD. Principal Voyages of the English Nation. “HARPER'S BOOK OF Facts. HARRISON, J. E. “Satyrs” and “Silenoi,” in Encyclopedia of Religion

and Ethics, vol. xi.
HEDIN, SVEN. Through Asia; Central Asia.
HOMER. Iliad and Odyssey, Pope's Translation.
Hugo, VICTOR. Notre Dame de Paris.
HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER Von. Personal Narrative of Travels to the

Equinoctial Regions of America; Views of Nature; Researches
Concerning the Institutions and Monuments of the Ancient Inhab-

itants of America. HYAMSON, ALBERT H. “Sambatyon," in Encyclopedia of Religion and

Ethics, vol. xi.

IBANEZ, V. BLASCO. Mexico in Revolution.
IRVING, WASHINGTON. Tour of the Prairies; Life and Voyages of

Christopher Columbus; Voyages and Discoveries of Companions
of Columbus.

JACOBS, JOSEPH. The Story of Geographical Discovery.
JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY H. British Central Africa.
JOSEPHUS._Antiquities of the Jews.
JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY. The World's Discoverers.
JOYCE, THOMAS A. Mexican Archæology.
KEANE, John. The Evolution of Geography.
KEANE, A. H. The Gold of Ophir; Man, Past and Present.
KEITH, A. BERRIEDALE. Indian Mythology.

KNAPP, PHILIP COOMBS. "Crete and Atlantis," in Geographic Review

for 1919.

LANDRIN, M. ARMAND. Les Monstres Marins.
LANG, ANDREW. Custom and Myth; Modern Mythology.
LANKESTER, E. Ray. Secrets of Earth and Sea.
LAUFER, BERTHOLD. “The Story of the Pinna and the Syrian Lamb,”

Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1915.
LELAND, CHARLES G. The Algonquin Legends of New England.
LIVINGSTONE, DAVID. Missionary Travels and Researches in South

Africa. LOWER, MARK ANTONY. The Curiosities of Heraldry. LUCIAN. The True History. LUQUET, G. H. “Human Figures in Paleolithic Art,” L'Anthropologie,


"MABINOGION.” Translation by Lady Charlotte Guest. MACHAL, JAN. Slavic Mythology. MAHAFFY, ARTHUR. “The Solomon Islands,” in Empire Review for

1902. MAJOR, RICHARD HENRY. Discoveries of Prince Henry the Navigator

and their Results. McCRINDLE, JOHN W. The Invasion of India by Alexander the Great,

as described by Arrian, Rufius, Diodorus and Plutarch. McCULLOCH, John A. “Celtic Mythology”; “Abodes of the Blest,” in

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, vol. i: “Monsters," in vol.

viii. MACIVER, D. RANDALL. The Ancient Races of the Thebaid. MacRITCHIE, DAVID. “Dwarfs and Pygmies," in Encyclopedia of

Religion and Ethics, vol. 1.; “Giants,” in vol. vi. MARIE DE FRANCE. Lays. Translation by Eugene Mason. MAUNDEVILLE, SIR John. Marvelous Adventures, edited by Arthur

Layard. MENDANA, ALVARO DE. The Discovery of the Solomon Islands,

Hakluyt Publications. MERRIAM, Ć. Hart. The Dawn of the World. MILLINGTON, ELLEN J. Heraldry in History, Poetry, and Romance. MILLINGTON, W. H. (and BERTON L. MAXFIELD). "Philippine Super

stitions,” in Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1906. MORTIMER, W. Golden. History of Coca. MÜLLER, É. MAx. Contributions io the Science of Mythology; Com

parative Mythology. MÜLLER, W. Máx. Egyptian Mythology. MURGER, HENRI. Scènes de la Vie de Bohème. PIGAFETTA, Antonio. Magellan's Voyage Around the World, edited

by James Alexander Robertson.

PINKERTON, JOHN. Collection of Voyages and Travels.
PLINY. Natural History. Bohm's Classical Library.
PLUTARCH. Parallel Lives.
Polo, MARCO. Travels.
PONTOPPIDAN, Rt. Rev. ERIK. The Natural History of Norway.
Powell, Talcott. “Lumberjack Legends," New York Herald-Tribune,

1924. PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. Conquest of Mexico; History of the Conquest

of Peru. PURCHAS, SAMUEL. Purchas, his Pilgrims. PHYFE, WILLIAM HENRY P. Five Thousand Facts and Fancies.

QUATREFAGES, A. D. The Pygmies.
QUINN, DANIEL. “In Arkadia," in Catholic University Bulletin for


RECLUS, ELISÉE. The Earth and Its Inhabitants.
REDDALL, HENRY FREDERIC. Fact, Fancy, and Fable.
REDWAY, JACQUES W. The New Basis of Geography.
REICH, Emil. Woman Through the Ages.
REID, MAYNE. Odd People.
ROTHERY, GUY_CADOGAN. The Amazons in Antiquity and Modern

Times; A B C of Heraldry.
St. John. The Lives of Celebrated Travellers.
SAWYER, FREDERIC H. The Inhabitants of the Philippines.
SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY R. The Indian Tribes.
Schmitz, LEONHARD. A Manual of Ancient Geography.
SCHUCHERT, CHARLES. “Atlantis the Lost Continent,“ in Geographical

Review for 1917. SCHULLER, RUDOLPH. “Atlantis the Lost Continent,” in Geographical

Review for 1917. “Scottish GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE” for 1902. The Discovery of the

Solomon Islands. SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP. Arcadia. Smith, GRAFTON Elliot. The Migrations of Early Culture; The

Evolution of the Dragon. Smith, J. Russell. The World's Food Resources. SMITH, WILLIAM. Dictionary of Ancient Geography. SOLINUS. Collecteanea. SPENCE, LEWIS. An Introduction to Mythology; "Atlantis and the

Maya Civilization,” in Occult Review for 1921; "Traces of Atlan

tis in American Myth," in Occult Review for 1920. “STANDARD ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF Facts.” STANFORD's Compendium of Geography and Travel. STANLEY, HENRY M. Through the Dark Continent.

STRABO. Geography, in Bohm's Classical Library.
SULLIVAN, Louis R. “The Pygmy Races of Man,” in Journal of the

American Museum of Natural History for 1919.
SWEET, WILLIAM WARREN. A History of Latin America.
SWIFT, JONATHAN. Gulliver's Travels.
SYNGE, M. B. A Book of Discovery.

Teit, J. A. "Water Beings in Shetlandic Folk-Lore,” in Journal of

American Folk-Lore, 1918. TERMIER, PIERRE. “Atlantis,” in Annual Report of the Smithsonian

Institute for 1915. THOMAS, CYRUS. “Quivera-A Suggestion," in Magazine of American

History for 1883. Thomas, NORTHCOTE W. “Animals,” in Encyclopedia of Religion

and Ethics, vol. i. TOZER, H. F. History of Ancient Geography. TYLOR, SIR EDWARD BURNET. Researches into the Early History of

Mankind and the Development of Civilization; Primitive Culture.

VAN LOON, HENDRICK WILLEM. The Golden Book of the Dutch

VERY, BARON DE SANTA-ANNA. The Land of the Amazons.

WALLIS, W. D._"Prodigies and Portents,” in Encyclopedia of Re.

ligion and Ethics, vol. x. WALSH, WILLIAM S. Curiosities of Popular Customs; Handy Book of

Curious Information. “WARNER'S LIBRARY OF THE WORLD's Best LITERATURE.” WEIGALL, ARTHUR E. P. “A Nubian Highway," in Blackwood's Mag- .

azine for 1907. WELLS, H. G. The Outline of History. WESTROPP, THOMAS J. “Brasil and the Legendary Atlantic Islands,"

in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy for 1912.
WHEELER, WILLIAM A. Familiar Allusions.
WIENER, LEO. Africa and the Discovery of America.
WILLIAMS, ARCHIBALD. The Romance of Early Exploration.
Williams, HENRY S. The Historians' History of the World.

XENOPHON. Anabasis.

ZAHM, J. A. Along the Andes and Down the Amazon; The Quest

Eldorado; Up the Orinoco and Down the Magdalena; Through
South America's Southland.



Æthiopis, 152

Afer, Dionysius, 8
Aaf Mountains, 207

Afghans, 353, 359
Abarimon, 114

Africa, 2, 49, 78, 105, 122, 125, 134,
Abbadie, 130

143, 145, 147, 153, 196, 199, 206, 207,
Abchaz, 220

211, 263, 270, 351, 364
Abdallah of the Land, 3

Africa's warrior women, 178-184
Abdallah of the Sea, 3

Age of Fable, 348
Aberdeen Almanac, 102

Agate, 24
Abodes of the Blest, 257-261, 262, Agatharcides, 199, 353

Age of Ignorance, 362
Abomey, 180, 183, 188

Agira, 163
Absalom, 188

Agostina, 174
Abu baraquish, 60

Agriophagi, 199
Abul Abbas, 61

Aguirre, 304
Abulfeda, 362

Ahacus, 320
Abyssinia, 38, 54, 74, 75, 76, 130, 178, Aigamuxa, 115

Aigiarm, 170
A eademy of Armory, 66

Aikeambenanos, 166
Acephalites, 109, 346, 349, 368, 372

Ajasson, 90
Acheron River, 262

Akbar, 237
Achilles, 152, 153

Akkas, the, 132, 144, 145, 147, 149
Acoloro, island of, 158

Alabama, 319
Acoma, 323

Aladdin, 72, 73, 218
“Acorn-eaters," 247

Alani, the, 193
Acridophagi, 198-199

Alarcon, 321
Acroconopes, the, 103

Albany, land of, 194
Actæon, 28

Albatross, 74
Actium, 97

Albertus Magnus, 140, 350
Adam assayed, 357

Albinos, 193-194
Adam of Bremen, 160, 268, 335 Alciphron, 60
Adam's footprint, 8

Aldrovandi, 79, 140, 212
Adam's Peak, 8

Aleutian Islands, 106, 255, 360
Addison, Launcelot, 42

Alexander, 19, 63, 81, 91, 232, 235, 236,
Aden, 267; Gulf of, 233

237, 259, 353
Adriatic Sea, 249

Alexandria, 223, 353, 354
Ægean Sea, 186, 187

Algonquins, 81, 118, 119, 303, 369
Ægipans, 206

Al Istakhri, 362
Ælian, 39, 53, 55, 56, 81, 96, 123, 286, Aljahedh, 362

Allerion, 66
Æneas, 76

Alligator god, 338
Æneid, 75

Alps, the, 80, 191, 203
Æschylus, 96, 194, 309, 907

Altai Mountains, 55, 117
Æsculapius, 84

Alton, 80
Æsop's fables, 375

Alvarado, 323, 324
Ætas, the, 137, 148

Alvares, Father, 178
Æthicus of Istria, 138

Amazons, 2, 84, 118, 151-189, 207, 237,
Ethiopica of Marcellus, 186

362, 365, 368, 369, 375

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