Orlando Furioso, Volume 5

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Otridge and Son [etc.] at the Union Printing-Office, 1807

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Page 32 - The sport of winds : all these upwhirl'd aloft Fly o'er the backside of the world far off, Into a limbo large and broad, since call'd The Paradise of fools, to few unknown Long after, now unpeopled, and untrod.
Page 49 - Proscriber had descended to us in a more hideous form than they now appear, if the emperor had not taken care to make friends of him and Horace. I confess the banishment of Ovid was a blot in his escutcheon; yet he was only banished, and who knows but his crime was capital?
Page 12 - I Pilate am, the falsest Judge, alas ! And most unjust ; that, by unrighteous And wicked doome, to...
Page 24 - All sadness but despair : now gentle gales, Fanning their odoriferous wings, dispense Native perfumes, and whisper whence they stole Those balmy spoils.
Page 95 - Scarse do they spare to one or two or three, Rowme in their writs; yet the same writing small Does all their deeds deface, and dims their glories all.
Page 32 - There vows and there unnumbered prayers remain, Which oft to God the sinner makes in vain ; The frequent tears that lovers' eyes suffuse, The sighs they breathe, the days that gamesters lose ; The leisure given which fools so oft neglect, The weak designs that never take effect. Whate'er...
Page 68 - TRUE is, that whilome that good Poet sayd, The gentle minde by gentle deeds is knowne : For a man by nothing is so well bewrayd As by his manners ; in which plaine is showne Of what degree and what race he is growne...
Page 83 - To threatening death amid the seas and wind. But Fortune, that decreed you, yet unborn, With glorious deeds your country to adorn, 480 Your vessel to a realm unpeopled bore, And safely landed on the Syrtes' shore. Eas'd of her birth, to death your parent bends, Her spotless soul to Paradise ascends. Such was your fate, so will'd some favouring power, Myself was present at the needful hour: Then (as the place allow'd) this friendly hand Interr'd your mother on the lonely strand : Wrapt in my vest...
Page 35 - Whose womb Orlando's godlike reason held : This well he knew, for on its side were writ These words in letters fair, ORLANDO'S WIT*.
Page 141 - Ilion, and the Grecian fate ; Full oft I told ; at length for parting mov'd : The king with mighty gifts my suit approv'd. The adverse winds in leathern bags he brac'd, Compress'd...

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