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F (as alledged in the tenth Letter of this Book) the Public Reading the Holy Scriptures on the Lord's-Days in the Affemblies of Christians, is an Ordinance of God's Appointment, for the fpiritual Benefit of all Sorts of Hearers, and is a Part of the Public Worship He requires from his People; then it ought to be performed in every worshipping Affembly of Chriftians, on thofe Holy Days: And thofe Congregations, and their Ministers, who have not used this Ordinance ought no longer to neglect it.

The following Queries are propofed to confideration.

1. As to thofe Minifters of Chrift, who have not performed this Part of the Public Worship of God on the Lord's-Days, it is queried, Whether they are not guilty of diminishing from the Things, which the Lord hath commanded, and guilty of withholding from Him Part of the Public Worship which he requires; and guilty of withholding from ferious Chriftians an Ordinance appointed for their further Inftruction, Edification, and Comfort; and guilty of withholding from the ignorant and ungodly Perfons, who may come to the Public Worship of God, what he ordained, as a Means of Knowledge, Converfion, and Salvation to their Souls?


2. As

2. As to the People of thofe Congregations, it is queried, Whether they are not bound in Duty, for the Glory of God, and the Good of immortal Souls, to entreat their Minifters to perform this as well as the other Parts of Public Worship, that fo they may enjoy the Advantages, and Comfort of Hearing the Holy Scriptures read every Sabbath Day?

See Col. 417. And say to Archippus, Take heed to the Miniftry, which thou had received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

T. L.



REDICTIONS, are all thofe Declarations of future EVENTS recorded in the Holy Scriptures, which God by his Providence has brought, or will bring to pass; whether those Events be Punishments. or Bleffings.

THUS the Declarations of the Destruction of Jerufalem, and of the Miferies which befel the Jews, were Predictions.

THUS the Declarations of the Deliverance of the Children of Ifrael out of Egypt, and from the seventy Years Captivity, were Predictions; and fo indeed, are all the Threatnings God has denounced against the Wicked; and all the Promises of Bleffings, which he has made to Nations, or particular Perfons, who love and serve him, and keep his Commandments: And thus the Sacred Declarations in the two first of these Letters are Predictions.

THE Providence of the righteous and faithful God, is always fulfilling his Word: Therefore David said unto God, I will praise thee with my whole Heart,-for thy Lovingkindness,

A 2

kindness, and for thy Truth; for thou haft magnified thy WORD, above all thy Name. Pfal. cxxxviii. 1, 2. God has done it above every other Way, in which he had made himself known; and he does fo ftill, by bringing to pafs the Events foretold by the Prophets of the Old Teftament, and by the bleffed Jefus, and the Apostles, and Prophets of the New.

It is therefore incumbent on all Chriftians to take Notice of them, fo far as they shall oome within their Knowledge; and to obferve the Dealings of the fupreme Governour of the World, with their own Country, and their Neighbours, and likewise with themselves; whether the Events, which occur be merciful, or afflictive.

THE Works of the Lord (both those of Creation, and those of his Providence) are great, fought out of all them, that have Pleafure therein. His Work (of Providence, as well as of Creation) is honourable, and glori


and his Righteoufnefs endureth for ever. He hath made his wonderful Works to be remembred. Pfal. cxi. 2, 3, 4. We ought therefore to obferve, and remember them.

A DISREGARD of the Acts of the righteous and gracious God in his Government of the World, and more especially in what relates to our own Country, our own Ci

ties, and Families, and Perfons; is a provoking Disregard of himself.

BECAUSE they regard not the Works of the Lord, nor the Operation of his Hands, he shall deftroy them, and not build them up. It is faid Pfal. xxviii. 5.

THE two first of thefe Letters were published, 1750. under the Title of Sacred Declarations, confidered, &c. and are now published again, with others fubfervient to the fame Design.

I HAVE in these Letters collected a Summary both of the Law, and Gospel, and a Summary of the Predictions of Punishment appointed for the Wicked; and of the Predictions of Bleffings for the Righteous, for all true Believers in this Life, at Death, and afterwards; and on thefe Accounts, it may be useful for Chriftians frequently to look into them.

THE laft Letter is added on the Account of the Importance of its Contents, and the many Advantages which may be obtained, by diffufing the Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures among the People.

In the poetical Lines cited in these Letters, I have here and there changed a Word to render them more expreffive of my own Thoughts.


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