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Contained in Bohn's Libraries.



CENTURY. Containing a complete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments of Modern Times. By C. A. Eaton. With 34 Steel Engravings. 2 vols. 55. each.

See BURN and Dyer.


ROSCOE'S (W.) Life and Ponti

ficate of Leo X. Final edition,
revised by Thomas Roscoe.
vols. 35, 6d. each.

SCHILLER'S WORKs continued.
IV.- Robbers (with Schiller's

original Preface), Fiesco,
Love and Intrigue, De-
metrius, Ghost Seer, Sport
of Divinity.

The Dramas in this voluine are translated into

VI.- Essays, Æstheticaland Philo.

VII.—Wallenstein's Camp, Pic-

colomini and Death of Wallenstein, William Tell.

Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called 'the Magnificent.' With his poems, letters, &c. roth Edition, revised, with Memoir of Roscoe by his Son. 35. 6d.


Correspondence between, from
A.D. 1794-1805. Translated by
L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols. 35. 6d.

RUSSIA. History of, from the

earliest Period, compiled from the most authentic sources by Walter K. Kelly. With Portraits. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

35. 6d.


Translated by J. S. Watson, M.A.

SCHILLER'S Works. Translated

by various hands. 7 vols. 35. 6d.
each :-
1.-History of the Thirty Years'

II.--History of the Revolt in the

Netherlands, the Trials of
Counts Egmont and Horn,
the Siege of Antwerp, and
the Disturbances in France
preceding the Reign of

Henry IV.
III.-Don Carlos, Mary Stuart,

Maid of Orleans, Bride of
Messina, together with the
Use of the Chorus in
Tragedy (a short Essay).

These Dramas are all
translated in metre.

SCHLEGEL'S (F.) Lectures on

the Philosophy of Life and the Philosophy of Language. Translated by the Rev. A. J. W. Morrison, M.A. 35. 6d.

Lectures on the History of Literature, Ancient and Modern. Translated from the German. 35.6d.

Lectures on the Philosophy of History. Translated by J. B. Robertson. - Lectures on Modern History, together with the Lectures entitled Cæsar and Alexander, and The Beginning of our History. Translated by L. Purcell and R. H. Whitetock. 35. 6d.

Æsthetic and Miscellaneous
Works. Translated by E. J.

Millington. 35. 6d.
SCHLEGEL: (A. W.) Lectures

on Dramatic Art and Literature.
Translated by J. Black. Revised
Edition, by the Rev. A. J. W.
Morrison, M.A.

35. 6d.

SISMONDI'S History of the

Literature of the South of
Europe. Translated by Thomas
Roscoe. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each,


fold Root of the Principle of
Sufficient Reason, and on the
Will in Nature. Translated by
Madame Hillebrand. 55.

Essays. Selected and Translated. With a Biographical Introduction and Sketch of his Philo

sophy, by E. Belfort Bax. 5s. SCHOUW'S Earth, Plants, and

Man. Translated by A. Hepsrey.
With coloured Map of the Geo-

graphy of Plants. 55. SCHUMANN (Robert). His Life

and Works, by August Reissmann. Translated by A. L. Alger. 35. 6d.

Early Letters. Originally pubblished by his Wise. Translated by May Herbert. With a Preface by Sir George Grove, D.C.L.




or Kindred Words and their Opposites, Collected and Contrasted by Ven. C. J. Smith, M.A. Revised Edition. 55.

SMITH'S (Adam) The Wealth of

Nations. Edited by E. Belfort
Bax. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

35. 6d.

SENECA on Benefits. Newly

translated by A. Stewart, M.A.

Theory of Moral Sentiments; with his Essay on the First Formation of Languages; to which is added a Memoir of the Author by Dugald Stewart. 35. 6d.

35. 6d.

Minor Essays and On Clemency. Translated by A. Stewart,

M.A. 5s. SHAKESPEARE'S Dramatic

Art. The History and Character of Shakespeare's Plays. By Dr. Hermann Ulrici. Translated by L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

SMYTH'S (Professor) Lectures

on Modern History; from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the American Revolution. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

Lectures on the French Revolution. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

SMITH'S ( Pye) Geology and

Scripture. 2nd Edition. 5s.


Literary Biography by Karl Elze,
Ph.D., LL.D. Translated by

L. Dora Schmitz. 55.
SHARPE (S.) The History of

Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, A. D. 640. By Samuel Sharpe, 2 Maps and upwards of 400 Illus

trative Woodcuts. 2 vols. 55. each. SHERIDAN'S Dramatic Works,

Complete. With Life by G. G.S.

SMOLLETT'S Adventures OI

Roderick Random. With short Memoir and Bibliography, and Cruikshank's Illustrations. 35. 6d.

Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, in which are included the Memoirs of a Lady of Quality. With Bibliography and Cruikshank's Illustrations, 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

35. 6d.

Contained in Bohn's Libraries.


SMOLLETT'S The Expedition

of Humphry Clinker. With Bibliography and Cruikshank's Illustrations. 35. 6d.

SOCRATES (surnamed 'Scholas

ticus '). The Ecclesiastical History of (A.D. 305-445). Translated

from the Greek. 55. SOPHOCLES, The Tragedies of.

A New Prose Translation, with
Memoir, Notes, &c., by E. P.
Coleridge. 55.

The Oxford Translation. 55.



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SOUTHEY'S Life of Nelson,

With Facsimiles of Nelson's writing, Portraits, Plans, and upwards of 50 Engravings on Steel and Wood. 55.

Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Progress of Methodism. 55.

Robert Southey. The Story of his Life written in his Letters. With an Introduction. Edited by

John Dennis. 35. 6d, SOZOMEN'S Ecclesiastical His

tory. Comprising a History of the Church from A.D. 324-440. Translated from the Greek. Together with the ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY OF PHILOSTORGIUS, as epitomised by Photius. Translated from the Greek by Rev. E.

Walford, M.A. 55. SPINOZA'S Chief Works. Trans

lated, with Introduction, by R.H.M.

Elwes. 2 vols. 55. each. STANLEY'S Classified Synopsis

of the Principal Painters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools.

By George Stanley. 55. STARLING'S (Miss)Noble Deeds

of Women ; or, Examples of Female Courage, Fortitude, and Virtue. With 14 Steel Engravings. 55

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STAUNTON'S Ohess - Player's

Handbook. A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game. With numerous Diagrams. 55.

Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chess-player's Handbook. Containing the most important modern improvementsin the Openings; Code of Chess Laws; and a Selection of Morphy's Games. Annotated. 55.

Chess-player's Companion. Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection of Match Games, and a Selection of Original Problems. 55.

Chess Tournament of 1851. A Collection of Games played at this celebrated assemblage. With

Introduction and Notes. 55. STÖCKHARDT'S Experimental

Chemistry. A Handbook for the
Study of the Science by simple
experiments. Edited by C. W.
Heaton, F.C.S. With numerous
Woodcuts. New Edition, revised

throughout. 5s. STRABO'S Geography. Trans

lated by W. Falconer, M.A., and H. C. Hamilton,

3. vols.

55. each.

STRICKLAND'S (Agnes ) Lives

of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest. Revised Edition. With 6 Portraits. 6 vols.

5s, each.

Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 vols. 55. each.

Lives of the Tudor and Stuart Princesses. With Portraits. 55.


quities of Athens, and other Monuments of Greece; to which is added, a Glossary of Terms used in Grecian Architecture. With 71 Plates engraved on Steel, and numerous Woodcut Capitals. 55.

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SUETONIUS'Lives of the Twelve

Cæsars and Lives of the Grammarians. The translation of Thomson, revised by T. Forester.

55. SULLY. Memoirs of the Duke

of, Prime Minister to Henry the Great. Translated from the French. With 4 Portraits. 4 vols.

35. 6d. each. SWIFT'S Prose Works. Edited

by Temple Scott. With a Biographical Introduction by the Right Hon. W. E. H. Lecky, M.P. With Portraits and Facsimiles. 11 vols. 35. 6d. each.

[Vols. 1.-IV. & VIII, ready. 1.- Edited by Temple Scott.

With a Biographical Introduction by the Right Hon. W. E. H. Lecky, M.P. Containing : А Tale of a Tub, The Battle of the Books, and other

early works. II.- The Journal to Stella. Edited

by Frederick Ryland, M.A. With 2 Portraits of Stella, and a Facsimile of one of

the Letters. III.& IV.-Writings on Religion and the Church.

Edited by
Temple Scott.
V.-Historical and Political

Tracts (English). Edited

by Temple Scott VIII.-Gulliver's Travels. Edited

by G. R. Dennis. With

Portrait and Maps.
The order and contents of

the remaining volumes will

probably be as follows :VI.&VII.-Historical and Political

Tracts (Irish). IX.-Contributions to the 'Ex

aminer,' 'Tatler,' 'Spec

tator,' &c. X.-Historical Writings. XI.—Literary Essays and Biblio


STOWE (Mrs.H.B.) Uncle Tom's

Cabin, or Life among the Lowly.
With Introductory Remarks by
Rev. J. Sherman. With 8 full-

page Illustrations. 35. 6d. TACITUS. The Works of. Liter

ally translated. 2 vols. 55. each. TALES OF THE GENII; or, the

Delightful Lessons of Horam, the
Son of Asmar. Translated from
the Persian by Sir Charles Morell.
Numerous Woodcuts and 12 Steel

Engravings. 55.
TASSO'S Jerusalem Delivered.

Translated into English Spenserian
Verse by J. H. Wiffen. With 8
Engravings on Steel and 24 Wood-

cuts by Thurston. 55. TAYLOR'S (Bishop Jeremy )

Holy Living and Dying, with Prayers containing the Whole Duty of a Christian and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions and

furnished for all Necessities. 35. 6d. TEN BRINK.-See BRINK. TERENCE and PHÆDRUS.

Literally translated by H, T. Riley,
M.A. To which is added, SMART'S


CHUS, and TYRTÆUS. Literally translated by the Rev. J. Banks, M.A. To which are appended the Metrical Versions of

Chapman. 55. THEODORET and EVAGRIUS.

Histories of the Church from A.D. 332 to A.D. 427 ; and from A.D. 431 to A. D. 544. Translated from

the Greek. 55. THIERRY'S History of the

Conquest of England by the Normans; its Causes, and its Consequences in England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Continent. Translated by William Hazlitt. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

Contained in Bohn's Libraries.



nesian War. Literally translated by the Rev. H. Dale. 2 vols. 35. 6d. each.

An Analysis and Summary of. With Chronological Table of Events, &c. By J. T. Wheeler. 55.

Tackle, &c., by Henry G. Bohn. With Portrait and 203 Engravings on Wood and 26 Engravings on Steel. 55.

Lives of Donne, Hooker, &c. New Edition revised by A. H. Bullen, with a Memoir of Izaak Walton by Wm. Dowling. With

numerous Illustrations. 55. WELLINGTON, Life of. By ' An

Old Soldier. From the materials of Maxwell. With Index and 18 Steel Engravings. 55.

Victories of. See MAXWELL.


tise on Wines: their Origin, Nature, and Varieties. With Practical Directions for Viticulture and Vinification. By J. L. W. Thudichum, M.D., F.R.C.P. (Lond.).

Illustrated. 55. URE'S (Dr. A.) Cotton Manufac

ture of Great Britain, systematically investigated. Revised Edit. by P. L. Simmonds. With 150 original Illustrations. 2 vols. 55. each.

Philosophy of Manufactures. Revised Edition, by P. L. Simmonds. With numerous Figures. Double volume. 75. 6d.

WERNER'S Templars in

Cyprus. Translated by E. A. M.

Lewis. 35. 6d. WESTROPP (H. M.) A Hand

book of Archeology, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman. By H. M. Westropp. 2nd Edition, revised. With very numerous Illustrations. 55.

VASARI'S Lives of the most

Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. Translated by Mrs. J. Foster, with a Commentary by J. P. Richter, Ph.D. 6 vols. 35. 6d, each.

WHITE'S Natural History of

Selborne, with Observations on various parts of Nature, and the Naturalists' Calendar. With Notes by Sir William Jardine. Edited by Edward Jesse. With 40 Portraits and coloured Plates. 55.

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