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From the Building of the Temple to the Babylonish Captivity, 400 years; according to Hales, 414 years and 6 months.

Mun. Hales.

3001 or 4391 The dedication of the temple.

3029 4421 The death of Solomon, succession of Rehoboam, and revolt of the ten tribes.

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KINGs of Israel for 264 years.

Mun. Hales.

3030.or £421 Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, abolishes the worship of the Lord, and sets up the worship of golden calves.

4439 Jeroboam is overcome by Abijah," with the loss of 500,000 of his men. 4443 The death of Jeroboam, and succession of his son Nadab. 4445. The death of Nadab, and succession of Baasha, who builds Ramah, to hinder the Israelites from going to Jerusalem. 4468 The death of Baasha, and succession of his son Elah. 4469 Zimri kills Elah, and usurps the kingdom of Israel; but Omri soon besieges him, and forces him to burn himself in his own palace. 4473 Omri, when seated in the throne, builds Samaria, and makes it the seat of his empire. 4480 His death; and the succession of his son Ahab. 4503 Elijah, the prophet of the Lord, causes the false prophets of Baal to be slain, and appoints Elisha to be his successor in the prophetic office. 4514 Ahab defeats Ben-hadad, king of Syria, who laid siege to Samaria, and afterwards in a pitched battle. 4502 He makes war against RamothGilead, and there being slain in disguise, is succeeded by his son Ahaziah.

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4516 Ahaziah accompanies Jehoram, king of Israel, to the siege of Ramoth-Gilead, and being af. terwards put to death, by the order of Jehu, his kingdom is usurped by his mother Athaliah, who destroys all the royal family, except young Joash. 4522 Athaliah is put to death, and Joash, being seated on the throne, repairs the ruins of the temple. 4562 Joash orders the high priest Zechariah to be slain in the temple; wages war with Hazael, king of Syria; is forced to give him large sums of money; is murdered by his servants, and is succeeded by his son Amaziah. 4591 Amaziah declares war against Joash, king of Israel, and is defeated; he dies; (interregnum here of 11 years;) and is succeeded by his son Uzziah, otherwise called Azariah,in whose reign the prophets Isaiah and Amos arise in the kingdom of Judah.

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4654. The death of Uzziah, and succes-
sion of his son Jotham, in
whose reign Isaiah and Hosea





3233 3242 3245 3249


army of the Israelites, and procures plenty of water for them.

4526 The siege of Samaria by Benhadad, wherein he and his army are seized with a panic fear, and break up in confusion at night. 4516 Jehoram is wounded at RamothGilead, and after that slain by Jehu, who usurps the crown.

4544 The death of Jehu, and succession of his son Jehoahaz.

4561 The death of Jehoahaz, and succession of his son Joash. Elisha dies about this time. 4579 The death of Hazael, king of Syria, and succession of his son Benhadad, who wars against Joash.

4576 Joash obtains a great victory over Amaziah king of Judah. 4577 He dies; and is succeeded by his son Jeroboam II. in whose reign the prophets Jonah, Hosea, and Amos prophesied in Israel. The Olympic games were instituted this year. 4618 The death of Jeroboam II. and a long interregnum of 22 years. 4640 Zechariah, the son of Jeroboam, at length obtains the kingdom, but, after a reign of six months, is killed by Shallum, who, after a reign of one month, is killed 4641 by Menahem, who dies, and is 4651 succeeded by his son Pekahiah. 4653 Pekahiah is assassinated by Pekah, who succeeds him. 4660 The city of Rome began to be built. 4665 Arbaces, governorof Media, (who in Scripture is called TiglathPileser) and Belesis (otherwise called Nabonassar) conspire against Sardanapalus, king of Assyria, and having besieged I

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3362 or 4670. The death of Jotham, and succes. 738 or 741 : 3254 or 4665 him in Nineveh for three years,
sion of his son Ahaz, who is compels him at last to burn
invaded by Rezin, king of Sy- himself and all his riches in his
ria, and Pekah, king of Israel, own palace; whereupon Ti:
and at length invites to his glath-Pileser ls acknowledged
assistance Tiglath-Pileser, king king of Assyria, and Nabonas-
of Assyria, submitting to pay sar lays the foundation of the
him tribute. Babylonish empire.
3264 4673 Tiglath-Pileser overcomes Rezin,
king of Syria, and puts him to
death; them enters the land of
Israel; takes many cites, and
carries away a great number of
8265 4683 Hosea, the son of Elah, puts Pe.
kah, king of Israel, to death,
and usurps the throne.
3276 4687 Tiglath-Pileser dies; and is suc-
3278 4686 Ahaz dies; and is succeeded by 722 725 ceeded by Salmaneser, who in-
his son Hezekiah, who restores vadesthe kingdom of Israel,and
the true worship of God (which makes Hosheatributary to him.
Ahaz had almost quite subvert- 3279 4692 Hoshea, king of Israel, thinking
ed) in Judah and Jerusalem. to shake off the yoke of Salma-
neser, makes an alliance with
- So, or Sabacon, king of Egypt;
whereupon Salmaneser besie-
ges Samaria, and, after three
years, takes it, and carries a-
way the people captive, and so
extinguishes the kingdom of
Israel, after it had subsisted
from the separation 264 years.
3285 or 4696 Salmaneser dies; and is succeed- 715 or 715 # 3347 or 4758 Holofernes invades Judea, and is
edby Sennacherib, who invades slain by Judith,
the kingdom of Judah,and takes 3361 4770 Manasseh, after his return from
several of its cities. Babylon, dies; and is succeed-
3291 4686 Hezekiah’s sickness and reco- 709 725 ed by his son Ammon.
very. He gives money to Sen- 3363 4772 Ammon is murdered by his ser.
nacherib, who still continues vants; and succeeded by his
the war against him, but, at son Josiah, in whose reign Ze-
length, loses all his army by the phaniah prophesied.
stroke of an angel; whereupon 3370 4772 Josiah endeavours to reform seve-
the Medes revolt from his do- ral abuses that had been intro-
minion, and at his return to duced, and restores the true
Nineveh, he is put to death by worship of God.
two of his sons, and succeeded 3376 4783 At this time Jeremiah begins to
by a third, named Esarhaddon. rophecy.
3306 4715 Hezekiah dies; and is succeeded 694 696 : 3394 4803 Josiah is slain in battle against
by his son Manasseh. - Necho, king of Egypt; (where-
38.23 4734 Esarhaddon makes himself mas- 677 677 upon Jeremiah composes his
ter of Babylon, and reunites book of Lamentations) and is
the Assyrian and Babylonish succeeded first by Jehoahaz,
empire. and after him by Jehoiakim,
3329 4740 He takes Manasseh prisoner, and 671 671 in whose reign Habakkuk pro-
carries him in chains to Baby- phesied.
lon. 3398 4825 Nebuchadnezzartakes Jerusalem,

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Ann. Mun.







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Hales. 3398 or 4809

and carries Daniel and his companions, captives, into Babylon. Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue. The history of Susanna at Babylon, and Jehoiakim's revoltagainst Nebuchadnezzar. The birth of Cyrus, and the death of Jehoiakim, whose body is thrown into the highway, without any burial; and the succession of Jeconiah, who (after a short reign) is taken, and carried to Babylon, while his uncle Zedekiah is left at Jerusalem in his place. Ezekiel begins to prophecy in Chaldea, and foretels the destruction of Jerusalem. Zedekiah confederates with the king of Egypt, and revolts against Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem; defeats the Egyptian army; takes the city, and utterly destroys it, with the temple; puts out Zedekiah's eyes; carries him to Babylon; and sends the Jews, that were left in the country, captive beyond the Euphrates. And thus ended the kingdom of Judea, after it had subsisted, from the time of the separation, 388 years.

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of the computation generally

Mun. Hales. - Chr. Hales. 3523 or 4926 Xerxes invades Greece, succeed- 471 or 485 ed by Artaxerxes, called in Scripture Ahasuerus. 3544 4947 Ezra is made governor of Judea. 460 464 3556 4967 Nehemiah governs Judea 12 years. 448 444 3648 5055 Alexander the Great born at Pella. 352 356 3667 5070 The temple on Mount Gerizzim $37 341 begins to be built by Manasseh. 3681 5092 Alexander dies, and the Grecian 319 319 begins. 3716 5127 Ptolemy Philadelphus, under whom 284 284 the Scriptures were translated, begins his reign in Egypt. 3844 5247 Death of Antiochus Epiphanes. 160 164 3902 5305 Death of Hyrcanus, rise of the 92 106 Jewish sects. 3930 5333 Death of Alexander Jannaeus. 74. 78 3939 5342 Upon Alexander's death, Aristo- 65 69 bulus seizes the kingdom of Judea. 3998 5394. Herod kills his two sons. 2 3. 4000 5411 The birth of our Blessed Lord and s Saviour. MEDIAN AND PERSIAN DYNASTY. 3447 4858 Darius the Mede or Cyaxares. 553 553 3449 4860 Cyrus the Persian. 555 551 3464 4875 Takes Babylon the first year of his reign. The same year the Jews return under Zorobabel. The first high priest Joshua, same year. 3465 4876 The second temple begun. 555 535 3471 4882 Cambyses reigns. 529 529 3479 4890 Darius Hystaspes. 521 521 3484 4895 Temple finished. 516 516 3515 4926 Xerxes. 485 485 3517 4928 High priest Jehoiakim. 483 433 $536 4947 Artaxerxes Longimanus. 464 464 3537 4948 Stops the rebuilding of Jurusa. 463 463 lem. 3540 4951 Artaxerxes marries Esther. 460 460 3543 4954 Sends Ezra to Judea. 457 457 3547 4958 High priest Eliashib. 453 453 Nehemiah Governor, as before. 3577 4988 Darius Nothus. 423 423 3580 4991 Nehemiah's reform. End of the 420 420 Old Testament canon. PERIOD VIII. From the birth of Christ to the completion of the canon of the New Testament: in all about 97 years. *. Hales. 3. Hales. 4004 or 5411 The Vulgar Era is 4 years short o or 1

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3937 3737 3960 3963 3995

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5396 John Baptist born.

Ant. Chr.

292 276 250 217 195 175 172

163 163 160 153 143 136 106 105




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From his birth to the destruction

of Jerusalem, 75 years.

Nativity of our Lord about autumn. Passover, A. D. 25, &c. Jerusa

lem destroyed.


291 276 250 217 195 175 172

163 163 160 153 148 136 106 105 78 69 69

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3679 5000 Onias. 321
3700 5111 Simon the Just, 300


3 Y 2


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