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JEHOVAH dat lætum nuncium ?
Virginum nuntiantium ingens chorus.

The greatest and noblest sense of this pfalm, and others, depends on David and his victories over the enemies of Israel, standing as figures and pledges of greater conquests over more terrible ene mies by the Meffiah, fustaining all the names and characters of the law, in a manner suitable to the Saviour of the nations. Victories past in the old letter will be illustrious in the new fpirit. The conquests of Abraham's sword, of Mofes, Foshua, David and others, ftand for earnests and preludes of greater enemies within us, and without us, to be brought down and flain at the feet of Jesus Chrift, and by the two-edged sword proceeding out of his mouth, which executes the judgments of the Lord according to that name: I kill, and I make alive : I wound, and I heal. Deut. xxxii. 39. which has another witness to it in that beautiful hymn of Hannah 1 Sam:ü. 6. The Lord killeth, and maketh alive; he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up. It is the same truth in the gospel, as the altar of fire under the law, the throne of judge ment daily, which devoured the offerings for fins and trespasses; and at which fire, the rams, bulls, calves and goats were killed, reduced to ashes by that victorious element, teaching the abolition of sin in the different orders of fallen beings, figured by those beasts, whose forms of animal blood were

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quite destroyed, teftifying, that a fire from heaven should cut away by the concifion of the spirit thé coat of skins, mystically our flesh and blood of the fall, as it cathe at Pentecoste, a pattern of the Lord's true judgment against our flesh, the house of bondage, more forely laden and afflicted than any beast of the field, by many more evils, physical and moral, the lot of man under sin. The double office of the lamb on his throné, killing and quickening, has been fully explained in the * temple service with all the rites performed at the altars tontinually, pubfished by me 1766. Where a clear testimony is given from the blood of sprinkling to the falvation of all fallen children of God, in different order of times as that dispensation figured in the moons and fabbaths. Ifa. lxvi. 23. Commentators have been perplexed to assign a reason for preachers in this place, having a fæminine termination; and suppose that it alludes to the custom of virgins finging for vi&tories over enemies. Exod. xv. 20. 1 Sam. xviii. 7. Bishop Lowth, Michaelis, Ainsworth and Calmet

• The reviewers of that day called that interpretation, a piece of Hutchinsonianism. For which false judgment they ought to blush. That writer, (though he has many excellent things scattered in his works) would, from his calvinistic system, have condemned a work proving the salvation of all men; and from his intemperate zeal, would have thought the author worthy of death, or excommunication.


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speak thus, adding dancing to that custome Whatever the later Jews thought of God and his victories, blinded by false prophesying, David saw the gospel in all his views of the enemy, and preaches it through all the kingdoms and nations put under wrath by the letter, to Moab, Ammon, Edom, Egypt, Ethiopia, and other devoted people. We shall find these female evangelizers, Hamebasseroth, in the women who first brought the good news of the refurrection of Jesus Christ to the brethren; in whom, as the second Adam, and new head of the whole creation, all men were raised in the council of God, according to his own testimony, in the law, the prophets, and the gospel. Exod. xxiv. 6, 8. Ifa. xxii. 52, 15. John i. 29–12, 32. 1 Cor. xv. 20-23. 1 John ii. 2. 2dly, we must meet these preachers again, virgins and chalte brides, married at Pentecoste, in the cloud overshadowing, and in the red stones of fire; when they were so inebriated with their bridegroom in that fecret union of two made one ; when, as the wife Jews spoke of old time, the Spirit of the creature found the higher Spirit of the creator, and mingled in one joyful, and never ceasing fire of life and happiness; as all commixtures, marriages, and inosculations in fpiritual powers, with their attractions, adhesions and unions, are formed, as light rushes into light, air into air, vapor with vapor, so that the inferior is raised into, and absorbed into the life, joy


and bosom of the superior. 3dly. David sees this company multiplied to 144000 virgins singing the fong of Moses and the lamb on mount Zion. Rev. xiv. 1-4. according to a fundamental axiom in sacred physics, understood by the ancient Jews, every inferior spirit in every power, outward and inward, light and vessel, is Nekubbeh, totally penetrated by the superior as his house or dwelling place : just as to aslift our heavy and dim conceptions by an earthly image, the rays of a lighted torch are im. bibed by the stronger rays of the sun. Thefe again in their turn, according to the greater fpirituality of their natures, may pervade another, as light pierces air, water and glass : and by the depre, called will by fome, hunger and thirft by our Lord, is the bond of marriage, or firm adhesion and union formed through all systems, as these principles of love, defire, will, or appetite, are seen in every form of life, according to the gradations afcending, and descending. Light is the husband and head, the warm coverer in every world, and has his bed and marriage, with all creatures, the subjects of his empire: Visible light is the garment and clothing of the invisible living light. On this ground, fathers in the peculiar language of the holy Spirit, affume a fæmi. nine ending, Aboth ; because as lights or funs-from the father of lights, they are his great vessels or temples; and on this ground, we must explain the character of the Lord God to Ifrael.. Thy maker is

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thy hushand, the Lord of hosts is his name. Ifa. liv. 5. Hof. ii. 7. * So Nashim, women, in Hebrew, adopt a masculine termination, because what receives the active power of a superior, as its palfive subject, may be in turn, an agent to an inferior. This order of physical causes and com. binations of agents and patients is visible in all systems; and in our world, it is shewn by the light penetrating and clothing the great fea of air, which enters the water, as that does the earth ; and all concur in a wonderful operation, and incubation in and over all animal and vegetable bodies, without cessation. Nor can one be die vorced, or separated from the marriage band, without destroying the whole system. Gusset is mistaken in deriving the name from forgetfulness, because women have not fo tenacious a memory; or because the father's name and family are 'ex

* In Hebrew, maker and husband are plural; and we must giant, that God knows best in what manner to speak to his crea-, tures ; and whether man understands or not, he ought to treat such things with more reverence, than Grotius, Le Clerk, Socinus and bis disciples, who make God speak after the manner of eastern kings, we for greater majesty, instead of I. These princes are more likely, in the kyle of eastern pride, (bold enough in the well,) to assume the language of God, (as Lucifer wanted to usurp his throne,) through a heart lifted up by grandeur, and intoxicated with vanity, as the Asiatic princes are to this day, the weakest and haughtiest among the rulers of unfortunate mankind.



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