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the fins and trespasses brought there by a total abolition, in the mystery by a glorious transmutation into his fire, or fiery image. Now as dogs eat up Jezebel cast forth on the dung hill, it tells us, that all our blood is unclean, and from one sinful source. It is in this view, that we are to understand Isaiah chap. lxiv. 6. We are all as an unclean thing, all our justifications are as a garment of rejections, Gniddim, and is the same as the Davah Ze, the fickness or menstruous cloth, chap. xxx. 22. And both contain the same teftimony of the law, that our blood, and flesh, its fruit, was the wages of Adam's fin, and the cause of the death we suffer in these filthy garments. Let priests, if they will have the name, call the proud and haughty son's and daughters of men, to look at this testimony, and learn humility by knowing themselves naked and in shame, unless the blood of the peace-maker was working to cover them with the house from heaven, from his own loins, which will bear the fire and rejoice for ever, when the houses of dust and death are no more, and their inhabitants have no name, or memorial left on earth. Now Jezebel is introduced by John, as calling herself a prophetess in the church of Thyatira, not as Hulfius fupposes, to represent the Jewish church, but the bringing in of false prophesying to save their corrupt lufts and palfions, and to seduce God's servants to commit for. nication, and to eat of things facrificed to idols. For

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the great strength and inchantment of idolatry confifted chiefly in the indulgence of the fenfual paffroņus; in feasts and banquets, and in the grand are tifice of all, the free use of women ; into which, the Love-feafts foon degenerated under the gospel, and were juftly forbid to be celebrated. Fezebel is the painted whore, deceiving the people and feed. ing the false numerous prophets of Baal in the king's house, while Elijah, the true * prophet and solitary voice is in the wilderness. In the spiritual sense, Jezebel is our flesh of the blood of the mixture of good and evil; and the works of it are described in a black catalogue verified by daily experience. Gal. v. 19–21. The apostle fays also, in me, (that is in my flesh by Adam, dwelleth no good thing) but we all know it to be the houfe of fin and death. And Paul's flesh was as good as that of any son of the old, earthly Adam. Rom. vii.

* We behold the beloved disciple introducing in his revelation the most eminent types in persons of the law, for a greater and ultimate accomplishment under the gospel. Elijah shut the hea. vens, that it rained not for three years and six months; so the two witnesses in fackcloth, the testimony of the law or figure, and that of the gospel or spirit, sbut the heaven for 1260 days, generally understood for so many years, that it rained not in the days of the prophefy. A long time this seems to withhold the pouring forth of the water of life; but when it flows, it will be like that in the days of Abab, (the brother a father, ) an inundation, though beginning from a cloud as little as a man's hand, at the end of their teitimony drawing near


17, 18. This is the fome woman arrayed in purple and scarlet, which means the blood of our fall, who rides the scarlet coloured beast, another expression for the flesh, and its evil works : she is again the great whore fitting over many waters, interpreted peoples, and multitudes, and nations and tongues. Rev. xvii. 3; 4, 15. As we are all born of corruptible feed, the water of flesh and death ; water therefore is to be explained of feed, as Vitringa, (who had a more spiritual eye than most commentators) observes on Isa. xlviii. 1. according to the more understanding part of the Hebrew writers. Obf.S. L. 1. p. 165. Expounders of sacred writ would rather find Babylon, antichrist, the whore and the beast at Rome, or any where, but in themselves, in their own body of the fin, of death, and ou? humiliation, by which three names the apostle calls our flesh and blood; when he looks to the everlasting fire of the wrath under Moses at the altar, where the lamb sat in righteous judgment condemn. ing it, in the bulls, rams, and goats to eternal aboli. tion in dust and ashes under his feet. On the FOREHEAD of the whore is written mystery, BABYLON the GREAT, the mother of harlots, and of all the abominations of the earth. Myftery means, a secret from the world, or peoples, which never loved the truth, but are given up to believe a lie, that they may be condemned to a just judgment for their willingness to retain the


] truth in unrighteoufnels: 2 Theff. ii. 11. That this strong delufion is more evident and gross in the Popish church by the cunning of priests and their long train of eçclefaftical liftors, to execute their bloody decrees against the friends and children of light, love and truth: yet Draco with his laws written in blood, is not confined to that abominable church, but is found in every secular establishment from the council of Nice to that of Trent, of Dort, and of the Wefminster-divines. Now the blood which produces the flesh to die, is unclean by the law; by the mark of the circumcisng knife; by the woman's feparation: all which look back to Adam by his will revolting from his head and Lord, Baal, hufhand and master, clothed with a coat of fkins, the mystical veil for the properties of the animal world, which his eating of the tree of good and evil brought upon him; which God in the feed of the woman promised to take away, and give him the covering of glory, which he had at first. This clothing of pure gold, with the eternal fire in the lamb's blood, the strong male in his generation, was openly revealed at Pentecoste, and promised by

Joel, the mouth of the Lord God, to be poured out on all flesh; which then will be the white rayment to cover our nakedness and shame: strange exprefsions, if this flesh be originally from God, and not from the transgression. All teachers and masters in Ifrael havę cost away the testimony of the law,


because neither they, or proud men and women love not to view their own picture of degradation, and cannot find a religion for gentlemen and ladies, nor for kings and high-priests, but a religion for a finner, a loft child, a prodigal wandring from his father's house, naked, poor, blind and miserable, reclaimed to be established in life and happiness, by the compassions of the father of spirits mani. fested in the blood and sufferings of a beloved son, the propitiation for the fins of the whole world. 1

John ii. 1, f. 1 Tim. iy. 10. John xụi. 32. The blind leaders of the blind suppose, that the law speaks only to the Jews; it speaks to all fallen beings, and is the golden tongue of the riches of God's mercy in Christ. These ignorant writers imagine too, that Babyłon is confined to the antichristianity of the church of Rome, when it may be even questioned, whether it be even insinuated in this comprehensive prophecy, except as a member of the false prophet who accompanies the beast. And this prophet signifies every representation of the gospel, which flatters and feeds the corrupt passions of the old Adam devoted to destruction, while the new, inner and spiritual man is renewed daily, as the other outer man perisheth daily, that is, continually. 1 Cor. iv. 20. The manner of this destruction, and of the renovation of the finner has been explained at large by the ministration at the two altars of brass and gold spiritualized in the


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