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daily fervice of the temple, published by me, and rejected by priests and people, the builders of felf-righteousness for themselves, and their deluded flocks. Jezebel, Babylon, the whore and falle-prophet will soon be discovered to every eye', by the fpirit of prophesy poured out on the Fews, which will fulfill the character of Elias in power, and of Elisha in light and love: not according to the foolish opinion of themselves, and of the Romish church, adopted by Dr. Gill and others on Rev. 11. respecting the two witnesses: for they see nothing but mount Sinai under the fire, the blood and cloud of mount Zion. Now as Jezebel was lain, and eat up by dogs on the dung-hill; as her death was violent and unexpected, in the midst of her triumph and power of sorcery by her whoredoms: we must compare her fate to Babylon, which faith in her heart, I fit a queen and am no widow, and shall see no forrow: therefore her plagues shall come in one day, death, mourning and famine. Rev. xviii. 6–9. Fehu who drives furiously, and whose name in the type is, he will remain the same according to Hiller, and by others, he who exifts, or who will be what he will be: this Jehu will come, and drive the priests of Baal out of the * house of Jehovah,


* With respect to Elias our Lord says, he came in John, the baptist. If ye will receive it, this is 'Elias who was to come. Mat. xj. 14 As to any other to come, the expectation has no prophecy


and slay them by the two-edged sword out of the mouth of the spiritual Jehu, by, that great rain, or pouring forth of the water and blood and fire from


to suppose it. The opinion of two great men of temperate and chaste judgment in spiritual things shall be laid before my readers. Dr. Burnet in his theory of the earth, book 3. chap. 5. writes thus. “ I am very willing to admit, that Elias will come, according to the sense of the prophet Malachi iv. 59,6. But he will not come with observation no more than he did, in the person of John the Baptist. He will not bear the name of Elias, nor tell us he is the man that went to heaven in a fiery chariot, and is now come down again to give us warning of the last fire. But some divine person may appear before the second coming of our Saviour, as there did · before his first coming; and by giving a new light and life to the

christian doctrine, may dissipate the mists and errors, and abolish all those little controversies among good men, and the divisions that spring from them : enlarging their spirits by greater discoveries, and uniting them all in bonds of unity and charity, and in the common study of truth and perfection. Such an Elias, the prophet seems to point out; and may he come to be the great peace maker, and preparer of the ways of the Lord.Henry More, a great judge of the prophetical style and typical characters in persons and events, adopts the fame fentiment, subjoining only a zeal and a spirit of rebuke to false teachers or prophets in the fifth of his divine dialoguese Let me add, this spirit will appcar in the converted Jews, who from Sauls will become Pauls, and the most zealous and unwearicd publishers of the great salvation mentioned by the apostle. Rom. xi. 32. This expectation is supported by our Saviour among the signs of his second coming. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the END come. Matt. xxiv. 14. The fecond witness to the same advent is his beloved disciple in Rev. xiv, 14. Who sees the angel fiying through the midst of hcaven, hav, :

the CLOUD of GLORY, in the latter day; which will be as fudden as unexpected according to our Lord's words. Luke xviii. 8. Matt. xxiv. 30. The Psalm here fays, that the tongues of dogs shall lick up the blood of the enemies, which is declaring that God will so open the eyes of men by the plentiful effufon of the holy spirit on all flesh, that they shall hate and despise that life and themselves too; when they shall know the man of sin, and the woman of unclean blood to be their own house of the earthly Adam : when Christ shall anoint them with the eye-falve to see their own nakedness and shamt now, and the covering of the white rayment; which he shall send down as he did on the first born at Pentecofte, when the confusion of tongues and distinction of nations were taken away by the fiery baptism to the 120 brethren, preaching as evangelists in all tongues, the magnificent gifts of God. Hence, when dogs shall eat Jezebel in the portion of Jezreel, the prophet Hofhea says, the children of

Fudah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together, and come up out of the land, for great thall be the day of Jezreel, of the feed of God: 2 Kings ix. 10, 36. Hof. i. 11. Hiller translates God shall scatter, and Hulsius de Vall. prophet. 294. more properly understands Jezreel, the feed of God to be delivered from bondage by the destruction of Jezebel; which is true, as the death of flesh delivers the spirit of life into liberty and white rayment, as the lamps of Gideon shone bright and terrible, when the pitchers were broken. Fudg. vii. 20. Here then we must consider these dogs as the instruments of divine vengeance against flesh, and the carnal will, the enmity or opposition to God: and it is no more improper for these mean and despicable weapons of holy displeasure to be invited to feed on blood, than for the fowls in the midst of heaven, to be called by an angel to gather themselves unto the supper of the great God, that they might eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of horses and of them that fit on them, and the flesh of all men both free and bond, both small and great: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. Rev. xix. 18—21. In this sense, we may regard Caleb as the dog to Fofhua, as well as both are servants to Mofes ; because the destruction of flesh, the fin, must precede the restitution and redemption into fpirit. And the sword of Abraham went before Ifaac; the sword of Mofes ate up the flesh of the curse in Canaan, Ham's evil blood, fervant of fervantsthe

ing the EVERLASTING GOSPEL, to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, just before the fall of Babylon, the great city. This points out the seventh trumpet, where the mystery is finished, and the fabbath of the Lord begins, when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord, and his Chrift, and he shall reign for ages of ages. Rev. xi. 15.



fword of David flew the carnal enmity in all the adversaries, before Solomon, the fon and king of peace reigned over the nations, which are happily suba düed unto him, and blessed by him as the illustria ous type of the blesser of nations from a better temple, throne, city, and kingdom, than the first could shew in a short and perishing greatness. Now in such an evangelical sense, we may interpret Calebin, fuch Calebs, as the excellent Gell observes p. 359. of his effay toward the amendment of the translation of the bible. These dogs are faithful, vigilant, and of good will, and are Calebs, according to the heart of God, as David was in his wars, chosen to exhibit the vengeance of the Lord against fleshi, which is the fruit of the whore to be burnt in ever." balting fire, as it was every day shewn by the fin and trespass-offerings, devoured into the lamb's fire, the Ariel, or lyon of God, greedy of his pren in a good sense, and watchful as a dog that never slept, but was ever ready for his master's service. 2dly, as there was a separation ever shewn at the altar of Mofes, where the mixture of good and evil was divided and set apart in all offerings for firs and trespasses, and in peace-offerings; one part was caft away, and the other received into the fire, blood and cloud of that figurative altar; we may consider these dogs in the noblest properties, not in the worst of their kind: as the wisdom of the serpent is good, if attended with the harmless nature of the

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