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blood of the lamb, which will eat and devour cona fusion, evil, and the whore's flesh, and all her chile dren into the everlasting fire of love and grace, paffing knowledge. 3dly. The goings or ways of the Lord were manifefted at mount Sinai, and Horeb, blackness as the raven, which it signifies. But this raven of Noah, an unclean bird by the law, and the black bread of Elijah's food cannot rest, till it change into white, and becomes in that garment, a dove silvered, and yellow as gold. The clouds and blackness of * darknefs are changed into white as fnow on Salmon, and mount Zion, the throne of

· * The transmutation of dark matter into white luminous clouds, was taught by Moses at the altars of brass, and gold. When the fields are white for the barvest, we may know why manna is of this colour, why the judges of Israel ride on white ases; and why he that was faithful and true, sat on a white horse, in righteousness judging and making war; while the armies in heaven' followed their great leader on white horses. Rev. xix. 11. Why the head, and his elders appear, sometimes on a white cloud, or on a wbite throne. They that know how blackness can be changed into frowy white, and by fire yet stronger, into ruby and purple redness, can witness to a true regeneration of matter, of earth dark as the tent i of Kedar rising into whitness as snow, and as rich with fragrant odours as the fily. Cant. i. 2. Hof. xiv. 5. Elijah went in the strength of one meal forty days and forty nights unto the mount of God, (ha-elohim) tọ Horeb. 1 Kings 19. and when the divine fur.. nace and cross within him had perfected thc gold and silver, he soon after was tranfmuted into a chariot and horsemen of fire, and appeared in glory with Mofes on the mount who had his forty days and nights, when his face Abone too bright for Israel from the glories within, covering with rays the outer, man. O 3


the great whitener of our black garments appears, for God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John i. 5. The holy Spirit came as a dove, to crown the head of Jesus Chrift, and constitute bim visibly a high priest after the order of Melchizedek, who bringeth righteousness and peace to the whole world. The same spirit came as a dove in fire at Pentecoste, and in the white garments of the ANCIENT of DAYS. 'Here the apostles as twelve fathers, en, grafted each their decad from the firft fruits, which made 120, answering to the 120 priests at Solomon's temple, and the same number of princes Daniel (who is the judgment of God) set over the great kingdom of Babylon. Compare in this place Gen, vi. 3. Deut. xxxiv. 7. 2 Chron. V. 12. Dan. vi. 1. Aēts i. 15.—By jubiles, the grand trumpets of deliverance, they fill fix moons, and fall into the first day of the feventh month, which is the last trumpet of John, where the mystery is finished; and the baptism of blood and fire and vapor will be poured out on all flesh; for thiş is the vintage month, and the wine-press of the wrath of the Lord God almighty in the utter abolition and destruction of flesh, and the lalvation of Jew and Gentile as the apostle. speaks în Rom. xi. 32. To which also Ezekiel bears witness in chap. xxx. 3. The day is near, even the day of JEHOVAH, a day of a cloud; it Thall be the time of the nations; the time, when the earth fhall be filled with the glory of the Lord.


Numb. 21. and with the knowledge of his glory, as the waters cover the sea. Hab. ii. 14. Ifa. xi. 9. Bishop Lowth makes Isaiah chap. 66. conclude with everlasting torment, even when the prophet had said before, that all flesh shall come to worship before me, faith JEHOVAH. The carcases that have transgressed, are those of all men without: distinction; and if we knew as Paul did, in me (that is in my flesh dwelleth no good thing) we ought even now to abhor this flesh, our fin, our Jhame, and our nakedness.

Verses 25, 26. The fingers go before; the players on instruments after: in the midst are virgins striking the timbrels. In the congregations bless ye GOD the LORD (Elohim Adonaj) from the fountain of Ifrael.

The first verse represents the children of Israel, as many suppose, rejoicing over the destruction of the Egyptians at the red fea, when Miriam, the fister of Moses and Aaron, and all the women with this prophetess, (the bitterness and first ground of. corporeity, heavenly or earthly, as her name im ports) fung the praises of God for their typical des liverance from those enemies of Egypt, (the land, of straitnesses or compactions of matter,) Exod. xv, 20, 21. And again at the destruction of the Philiftines and Moabites, women lung the song of triumph in 1 Sam. xviii. 6, 7. and Fudg. xi. 34.

But what are these songs and triumphs, but pre. ludes and pledges of the song of Moses and the lamb on mount Zion by the virgins, all Bathshebas, bearing seven burning Spirits to unite with the strong male, the fun of eternal and living light, when they have got the victory, over the beast, the olde dragon and ferpent, and his image, the flesh and blood of the fin, which Adam attracted by the deceit and envy of Satan, the head of the fallen angels. Now under the gospel, or God. visible in flesh, and manifefted as the great mystery of godliness, we must find the fingers and trumpeters, and voices of brides and virgins at Pentecofte, when mount Sinai changed into mount Zion by the second advent of Christ in the spirit, the quickening' fpirit, without sin untó sálvation. These are the true fons of the Solomon, and both male and female, Zacharim, who are princes and singers to all nations who proclaimed the wonderful things of God in the fire, blood and vapor of Zion in all tongues to the ends of the earth. And as the ancient prophets published their fymbolic and figue rative predictions with harps and other musical instruments, fit for good tidings veiled for a time; so David, the prince of prophetical and evangelical fongs * and hymns, says, awake, luite and harp:


• The wiser Hebrews compared the letter of the law to water, and the spiritüal sense to wine; so much they thought the mystery

and in Psal. xlix. 3, 4. The author says, hear this, all peoples; give ear, all inhabitants of the world: high and low, rich and poor together. My mouth shall speak wisdom ; and the meditation of my heart understanding. I will incline mine ear to a parable ; I will open my dark or sharp, saying upon my harp; and in Psal. lxxvii. 2, 3. I will utter dark sayings from old time ; which we have

to excel in dignity the mere history. In this view, the apostle says, that even the letter of the new testament killeth, bringeth forth only death and judgment; and the spirit quickeneth, produce ing falvation and justification in all the mysteries spoken of by our Lord in Matt. xiii. 11. on which Dr. Robert Gell has wrotę like a master in Israel in his golden remains. These writings merit that honourable title. The apostle again gives this lesson, “ In malice be ye children, but in understanding be ye men, perfe&t: and again, 3 Cor. 3, 1. 'I could not speak unto you as fpiritual, but as car. nal, as bakes in Chrif; and in Heb. v, 11, 14. Ye are become such as have need of milk, and not of Arong meat. For every one that usetb milk, is unexperienced in the word of juftification, for he is a babe. Strong meat is for the perfect, (adult in understanding,) · who have their senses exercised, (meaning rather circumcised of the

skin, in the ear, heart and lip, and therefore more sensible of divine things, as laid bare and open,) to the discernment of good and evil.Galatinus observes, that the whole tribe of modern Talmudifts, darkened in their understanding, embrace only the biftorical and literal sense of the sacred oracles; when the ancient Jews fought out the secrets of the law by means of the spiritual and mystic fense. Yet, that even the Talmudists compare the letter to a candle, bought at a little price; and the spirit to a jewel hid in the house, which they search for by the light or example, Maffal, of the letter, as even Maimonides declares in More Nevochim, çiting Hofhea chap. xii. and Ezekiel chap. xvi.


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