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hard and known, and our fathers have declared unto us. We will not hide from their children the praises of Jehovah, and his strength, and wonders which he hath done. Thus the fone of the most high God (peaks in consonance to ancient pro. phecies and events too: “ I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things kept secret from the foundation of the world. Matt. xiii. 35. Rom. xvi. 25. The priests and pharisees (who were in general rich) despised the poor and lower or. der of their brethren, superciliously styling them, people of the earth. And what did this arrogance and pride produce, except darkness to their own hearts, and falling both into the ditch. In oppofition to this haughty temper, (lifted up by empty Learning and much wealth always carrying dominion and power over weak and timid minds, our Lord speaks.” To the poor is the gospel preached; and blessed is he who is not offended at me, for preaching the mysteries of the kingdom to those, whom others despise, as the priests, fcribes, pharisees and lawyers did at that day; who at last crucified the master and Lord of all the temple, and have ever fince crucified the spirit and force of his gospel. They indeed never had the boldness to deny the use of the facred writings, commanded to be read every seventh year before all Ifrael in the court of the women, as I have at large explained under the priyileges and statutes of the fabbatical year published,

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by me: they only took away the key of knowledge, by corrupt glosses and deceitful interpretations. It was reserved for the impudence of priests under the gospel to shut up the book, not from one nation only, bụt from all nations professing a belief in facerdotal lies, not in Fefus Christ, the one teacher. and malter over all. The wise and prudent, rejected by Christ, and lording it over the multitude, are always flattering themselves; and as Urfinus speaks of the Jews, mutually giving proud titles, Rib, Rab, Rabbi, Rabban, &c. they are, says he, like mules scratching each other. And yet they have ever been the most distant from faith, humility and love. Who built the Popish antichristian doctrines ? Such councils of wise men as condemned Christ at Jerufalem. Who defend the laws and judgments of those ignorant and merciless masters as Lords over the faith of their brethren? The fame characters combiñed with political craft and power; adverse to that brotherly love, and fuch a blessed equality of Gtting at one table, which Ihone fo conspicuous at Pentecoste, when the church was a city set on a hill, and the falt of the world to falt all facrifices with a portion of that eternal fire of the Lord's altar from above. Then was the letter and spirit of the Baptist's cornmands fulfilled: “ He that hath two coats, let him give unto him that hath none: and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.". This part is now only to be seen in the

palaces palaces of Popes, Cardinals, Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Archbishops, Bishops, and others of this beautiful family and offspring, generated from this fimple Toot. " Be not ye called Rabbi, for one is your 4: master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren ; and ..^ he that is greatest among you, shall be your fer

is vant. Matt. xxiii. 6–12. He that is greatest, let % him be as the younger, and he that is chief, ' as he " that doth ferve. Luke xxii. 15." The christian world is become a Canaanitish city, full of thieves, greedy monopolizers, and selfish appropriators of the gifts of providence: of which it may be said too, whence come wars and fightings? come they not from your lufts; and from that wisdom which defcendeth not from above ; being earthly, fenfual: devilish? Jam. iv. 1. How art thou fallen from thy first love! thy candlestick is removed i the fires of thy altars are nearly extinct, and a Laodicean fpirit, neither hot, nor cold, spreads over all. All the world wondered after the beast; and worshipped the dragon who gave power unto the beast. This was done, when the testimony to the lamb who taketh away the fin of the world, the first teftimony was proclaimed by the mouth of John, the Baptift. John i. 29–33. Then * beastial persecution took


* The celebrated Sydney somewhere says, “ christianigy is a divine philafophy for the mind: our faviour, however, speaks to


place, and Conftantine's power and arm drove the two witnesses, the law and gospel, into the wilderness, who have shut the heaven, that it rain not during the days of their prophefy in fackcloth. The picture of this secular and political religion shall be given, drawn by 'no mean pencil of an early christian hand. “ The prince entered into the church, not as a true and plain christian, which had indeed

the heart chiefly; and to poor and simple fouls, who are more capable of feeling the force and impression of the love of God and his son, than philosophers, who have been for the most part, dis-, puting against the first and most natural signatures of God on the human heart. Colliber, an excellent judge, ascribes to priefts the discouragement of all inquiries which might breed a dislike of fuperstitions which yielded such great fecular: emoluments : and that instead of instructing people in better principles of worship, they rather added to the imposture, by frequent inventions of new and more gainful fopperies.”, chap. 1. of his impart. inquiry &c. Ladautius supports the same sentiment L. 2. C. 3. Div. Inftitut. for none but priests had the power of feeding the minds of the multitude with idle pomp, and frivolons ceremonies fit only for childish understandings. With regard to the bible, Muralt in an excellent tract, called divine inflinet, p. 54. juftly remarks, that the teachers had seized it for themselves, and darken'd it for others. They have made use of it to frame a system of opinions, which the spirit of God never had in view; which the partriarchs, the propheti,

Jesus Chrif, and his apostles have never known; and which has done men all the damage, which their reason armned with the kill. ing letter, could do them. Bacon concurs with Dr. Cheyné, that neither critical, nor philological knowledge can interpret the fa. ered writings ; and surely the church of Rome have their Calmeti, Mountfaucons, Huets and Ugolinuses, not inferior to any in his man literature.


been most happy and desireable ; but he brought in with him his nobility, his honour, his arms, his enfgns, his triumphs, his haughtiness, his pride, his fuperciliousness, that is, he came into the house of Chrift, accompanied with the devil; and what could not be done, he would have joined two houses and two cities together, that of God, and the Devil; which could no more be effected, than conjoining Rome and Constantinople, which are distant by so long a tract of sea and land. Their zeal cooled by degrees, their faith decreased, their whole piety degenerated; instead whereof, we now make use of shadows and images, and I would that we could but retain these." Let the enemies to the christian name, faith and hope, tell the fatal consequences of this unnatural alliance, which is yet felt and lamented by the wife and good in every part of the christian world. The whole thirteenth chapter of the Revelation describes the dragon with two horns as a lamb, trampling yet upon the precious name of Jesus Christ, the PROPITI. ATION for the SINS of the WHOLE WORLD. 1 John ïi. 1, 2. I refer the learned for an account of change of doctrines to Origen. Lib. 8. Explan. in Epist. ad Roman. To Clemens Alexandrinus. Adumbrat. in Epist. 1 Johannis. To Gregory Nazianzen, Édit. Paris. 1630. p. 664, 5. To Gregory Nyssenus, Edit. Paris. p. 1695. To Sulpicius Sea verus de vita B. Martini. Edit. Lugd. p. 488, 1647.


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