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The song, or hymn, in such reiterated terms of praise and joy, is here commanded for the greatness of the mercies and loving kindnefs of the Lord in that righteousness, or justification brought to light for the salvation of all nations, even those marked out as the greatest enemies of Ifrael, confequently of the Lord God, their particular king and protector,

Sollu signifies most probably the preparing a high or royal way, as it is translated in the septuagint, in this pfalm, and in Ifaiah lxiii. 10. David as a prophet, understood the mysteries of the law, and by just reason the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, or of the Meffah: for he was not a child to rejoice, even to folly and madness, at the beg gerly elements of the ark, and of the ministration at the altars of Moles; but he knew the whole of the mystery, from the little foundation stone of the holy of holies, on which the ark of the tabernacle stood; and the design of the figures of the entire service of the law, from the little fheaf of first fruits at passover through the extent of the moons, the fabbaths, and years to the jubile. For he is himself the figure of the Mefah, from the first election, or separatton from the brethren of his father, and mother; over whom he was placed as their head; and all typical enemies subdued under his feet: truths as well known to the ancient, as they are now lost, and forgot. Now we must begin from


the time of that separation, when the Messrah was taken from the woman, as the one feed; when he bore the new name Michael; and when the dragon was cast out of heaven with his angels to the earth. Rev. xii. 1,7. And when the kingdom was given unto him, as Daniel shews us, chap. vii. 13, 20. And as this royal prophet, and prefigurer of the fon then fitting in glory on mount Zion, Psal. ii. 1, 12. faw into the types, and symbols, and emblems, of the new temple rebuilding in him, his heart and flesh rejoiced at every pledge and earnest of greater victories and deliverances to be fulfilled in his Lord: of which, his sword and conquests were only preludes; and all blessings of the land he reigned over, only shadows of the eternal and exalted gifts of the new earth on high.

The great event which can answer to this triumph and overflowing of joy of this typical king, can only be found in our Lord, in the days of his flesh, as the fin-offering for the whole world, at his public and royal entrance into Jerusalem, riding on an ass, and the foal of an afs, according to the prophet Zechariah's words, chap. ix. 9. When the multitude strawed the way with their garments, and with palm branches ; when this multitude went before, and followed after, crying, Hosannah to the fon of David: blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD, Hosannah in the highest : blessed be the king, who cometh in the name of the C 2

LORD, 20 ] LORD, the king of Israel. This was the only claim he made to his natural right to the old ferua falem, as born the fleshly heir of David by the virgin of his house: but in his fpirit, or spiritual generation from old time, he was David's Lord. Mich. v. 2. Mat. xxii. 45. And in the spirit, he renounced all rights of flesh, and taught mankind, that his true kingdom was not of this world; nor for flesh, but for spirit : into which, he will change all things at his second coming without fin, that is, no more the fin-offering, but the quickning and tranfmuting spirit in the glory, the clouds of heaven unto falvation to the ends of the earth, amen.

The first entrance was done as a prophetical ear. niest of his fecond advent: and the transporting joys, and acclamations of men, women and children, (while some of the pharisees said, master, rebuke thy disciples;) were from a divine power and inftinct, agitating them with fuch overflowing exultations, as forced utterance from the mouths of all the multitude: for it is well observed by * Driessen, that it was done as a prelude to a most illustrious event, at which all the world shall be astonished; and I say too, all the world shall repeat the same Hosannah, and all tongues thall shout his name, even his enemies shall bow down

: . V. Anton. Drieffen Jesus nafcens, &c. p. st.

at his feet, and bless him for his transcendent mercies to them. For, according to this expectation, he said, after denouncing judgment against the old Jerusalem, and her children ; ye shall not see me henceforth, till you shall say, blessed is he that cometh in the NAME of the LORD. And this glorious manifellation will be, when every eye shall see him, and they also that pierced him; and all tribes of the earth shall wail because of him, even so, amen, Rev. i. 7. This happy epiphany must take place, when the gospel of the kingờom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations; and then mall the end come, Mat. xxiv. 14. In the same view, John saw an angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel, to preach good news to all the inhabitants of the earth, and to every nation, and tribe, and tongue, and people. And this precedes the fall of Babylon, the great city, the whole world ; the evils, burdens, miseries and wants of which confusion, will be taken away by the millennial fabbath, according to the privileges of the typical fabbath under the law, which have been illultrated in the fabbatical year published by me. The time for this, say the ancient Jews, will * begin in the latter part, or

“ * V. Windet de vita funct. Statu. p. 144. et Raym. Martin. pug. fidei 213, 14, and Rhendferdi diff. de fæculo futuro. fect

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evening of the fixth chiliad: and our Lord speaks, when the son of man cometh; (is coming,) shall he find faith on earth ? understood by some of no belief in his advent, as in the days of the flood, and of Sodom, Mat. xxiv. 37. By others interpreted of an almost universal state of unbelief in his name, and character, according to the apostles. There shall come in the last part of the days, fcoffers walking after their own lusts, and faying, where is the promise of his coming ? 2 Pet. iii. 3. Fude 18. yet even this dark picture and scene of things must change into astonishment, when the converted Fews shall proclaim the name Jehovab, as revealed in Exod. xxxiv. 6, 7. and publish that council of God just before his manifestation in the clouds, made known unto Paul, Rom. xi. 32, 36.

To him that rideth on the heavens Gnaraboth, some translate heavens; some desarts; others plains and pleasant places. The verb gnarab has, according to Mercer and others, the most extensive signification of any hebrew root, Yet though it has so many senses, there is a kind of cognate meaning, and affinity running through



32. Meufchen brings a remarkable passage from the Talmud, in Sanbedrin, fol. 97, Mefias will not come, till all the world become Sadduces. These days of the christian world, become a great Canaanitish city, full of buyers and sellers, whose Gods are gold and silver, will fulfill this sign of times.

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