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was taken up to the throne of the ANCIENT of DAYS, as it was revealed to Daniel and John; whom I have shewn to be the feed of the woman clothed with the fin, and upon her head a crown

før my name, Shemi, is in bim. Exod. xxiii. 21. 2dly, Names reprefent natures according to real truth. To be called, or named God or Lord, is to be such in truth. 3dly, Christ speaks, “ you shall not see me again, till you say, blessed is be that cometh in the name of the LORD;' this passage is allowed to be taken from that beautiful Pfalm cxviii. 26. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of JEHOVAH. 4thly, Paul shews us Cbrif, who was provoked, and executed judgment from that cloud of fire, as Elohim Adonaj, the Lord God over Ifrael, as both these names are acknowledged to be relative and common to other beings of great excellence in heaven : and by the Jews, they contain some thing of judgment and rigor against an enemy, or a finner; which attributes of power and magistracy as corrective and avenging, are not found in JEHỌVAH; for in that name, it is said, fury is zot in me. Ifa. xxvii. 4. sthly, Because the coming of Christ in GLORY, is coming in the name, titles and attributes of JEHOVAH, who maketh the clouds, his chariots; and these clouds are for the Mefiah, and bis Ifrael. 6thly, Because he may be said to ride, as well as walk in the name of the Lord: for, as the solar light is said to have wings and feet, meaning only the velocity of its motion, and the . cxpansion of its rays; so God is said to walk among the camp of Ifrael, though no local motion, but bis presence be fignified by. such expressions. Lastly, because this name, this name ancient, or from old time, more especially points out the ANCIENT of DAYS, to whose throne che son of man was taken up, several yet unknown ages, before he was manifested personally in flesh, which was the great secret, mystery of godliness to be openly revealed, and not the beginning of it, as the Socinians in particular labour to maintain. The beavens are called the names, because they ex,


of twelve stars: he was carried in the clouds of heaven, cherubical chariots, to fit on the right hand of the most high on his throne of fire, many ages past: who, being made one with the creator of all heavens and all earths, called days by evenings and mornings, in facred physics darkness and light was to become man under the fall, and shew both his true kingdom and priesthood over flesh in his own body from the woman under the law; and who, after having killed and slain the flesh, the enmity and fin, was to raise, and quicken it by the glory. of the father given to him; and to become the visible head, and first-born from the dead openly declared over all Ifrael. It is a rule of sacred physics, that the first heavens or names, Schemoth, must rule and govern all other heavens, and their kings, later in generation, and indeed the sons and children of the most ancient. To this throne, or chariot of fire, the son called Elohim or God, in Psal. xlv. 7. was exalted, where the union of the eldest : God with this younger son, forms the blessed and

press the hidden essence of God, as eetypes, or visible generations. They are dual in reference to the mystery of the two holy places of the temple: and when Shem, the name, takes a foeminine termi. nation, as ab, father, doth, it signifies this one universal truth, that all beings generated, both in matter and Spirit, are vesels and brides penetrated always, and filled with the life; glory, joy, power and every blessing of the invifble firft causes in all, through all, and above alle


fure foundation of salvation for all loft and perished children of deity. The imagery of a rider must be applied to the cherubim or chariot of „God, at v. 18. to whose throne ten thousand thousands of angels or cherubim are united, and receive their everlasting fires, lights, and all the treasures of the supreme God. The work and explanation of the cherubim of Ezekiel fhew the generation and evolution of the glories forming a perfeet man after the image of God.' And on this chariot or glory of JEHOVAH fits man, one righteous Adam, and will fit, till all things are subjected unto him. The prophet John thews the fame throne ; on which God, and the lamb, the male of the first year, are fitting and feeding Ifrael, and all nations with the incorruptible blessings, and exhaustless riches of the new Jerusalem. Rev. vii: 17. Ifa, xxv. 8. Pfal. xxiii. 1. Rev. xxi. 4.

“ BEHOLD, he will give in HIS VOICE, the VOICE of STRENGTH.”

Behold bears a forcible meaning, calling for great attention to some wonderful work. And it is a low sense to apply this voice to thunder, to prophesy, or to the preaching of the word, as many have done. Those who speak of the voice of angels, and the last trump, give a greater dignity and importance to the expression. It is spoken in reference to the VOICE of GOD, called the TRUMP of GOD, and the VOICE of the ARCH-angel, our Lord,


the ancient Michael, who began the war with the dragon from the hour of his birth and separation, Rev. xii. 1—7. Dan. vii. 13. Psal. ii. 3-5. 2dly, it refers to that power of Christ, the truth; the rea furrection and the life, when he cried out with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. John 11. when this pledge and earnest of the glory of his power over all flesh, was given by that loud voice, which will call all from their graves in the order of their rifing in, and through him. 3dly, It looks to that promise, once more I shake; not only the earth, but the heaven, that those things which cannot be shaken, may remain. Heb. xii. 26. When the heavens whichi now are, shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements be dissolved, and the earth and all its. works shall be burnt up. 2 Pet. iii. 10-13. 4thly; It comprehends those thunders, and voices, and lightenings from mount Zion, in which the quickening spirit of the second Adam, the Lord from heaven, descends, and manifests himself to his faith ful few, and chosen out of the world. These go forth in strength and power to call men from the graves and land of darkness, and shadow of death in this flesh and blood; to such as have faith to bear the inner cross and furnace of Zion, and know the secret place of thunder in their own temple, the black: ness of darkness, whence God commandeth the light, the marvellous light to break out, and shine as the day-star in the heart for ever. 5thly, The


thunders, voices, lightenings, earthquakes and hail manifested at Pentecoste, the visible Zion from the invisible on high, in rusning wind, in blood and fire, and pillars of vapor, are here alluded to, as well as the tongues of fire, the trumpets of the elders at this evangelical festival, when all things became new from the LORD of the GLORY, and the BLESSER of the NATIONS." Lastly, as a prophecy, it looks to the time of the seventh trumpet, the mystery of which figure David understood; for at this trumpet, great voices are heard in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and his Christ, that is, the whole assembly of the first-born, and he shall reign for ages of ages. Rev. xi. 15-19.. : : : · Verse 36. Give strength unto GOD; his EX- .. CELLENCY is upon ISRAEL; and his STRENGTH is in the CLOUDS. Shekakimy. Venerable is GOD out of HIS SANCTUARIES: the GOD of ISRAEL, giving strength to the PEO. PLE. BLESSED be GOD. Elohim.

This paffage demands the afcription of all strength and power unto God, as the sole, independent and unoriginated source of it: and informs us, that his peculiar excellency, and most exalted perfections are found in Israel. Which name must be understood of the divine Jacob, first in his twelve fons. 2dly, in the 144000 decreed

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