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On Easter Sunday a singular custom prevails. After twelve o'clock at noon, the men take off all the women's shoes whom they can lay hands on, which must be ransomed-this continues till noon of the following day, when the women commence reprisals on all hats and caps, and enjoy a similar reign for an equal period.

These and some other practices may seem too trivial to merit record, but times and customs change; so we know not how soon all may be swept away. One usage has gone already, which only a few years back was practised by old men,-that of making a genuflection on entering any church; an interesting fact, since it shows that nearly three centuries of Protestant rule had not sufficed wholly to eradicate Catholic practices even amongst those who had left the Faith.

Were I to speak of the superstitions,-of the wonderful Barghist, and other night-walking goblins,—or to treat of the dances of the fairy people,(1) I might fill

several pages.

Or were I to describe the sporting advantages of the district, I should tire some readers, though this subject is highly interesting, and nowhere can be found a keener or more vigorous race of sportsmen than the men of Wensleydale. Here, though the nobler objects of the chase are gone, fox, hare, and otter hunting may be enjoyed; together with grouse, pheasant, partridge, duck, and all kinds of wild land or water-fowl shooting; as well as excellent salmon, pike, and trout fishing; the pleasure of all these sports being, if possible, enhanced by the beauty of the landscape through which they are pursued. Athletic sports, such as cricket, fives, football, and quoits are,

1 See Appendix, page 295.

and always have been, popular amongst all ranks of residents. Of Middleham Moor's racing achievements it is superfluous to speak; they have a national renown.

And now my task is ended, my mission--so far as it has extended—is accomplished; and “what is writ, is writ; would it were worthier!" The brief task has been an agreeable one, and though at present so incomplete, may perhaps never be resumed by me. Other and far distant scenes will probably hereafter find me principally, and the green valley of the Yore thus chance to become almost only a memory; but wherever Fate and Fortune lead me, these mountains and moors, woodlands and meadows must always remain dear. No one who has ever breathed their air, climbed their heights, or dived into their recesses, can readily forget them, or regard them with other than affectionate feelings, more especially when associated with youth's happy time, therefore

If lands afar should greet my sight,

And I repose 'neath sunnier skies,
Where summer reigns serenely bright,

And rosy daylight rarely dies;
Where'er my wandering steps may be,

Until life's changeful dream is o'er,
In cherish'd memory dear to me

Will be the smiling banks of Yore. Prolixity waxes into wearisomeness—so Reader, “ you that way; we this way.” I bid you farewell, and wish most cordially, in the words of the knightly Minstrel from whom I have so often quoted

“ To all, to each a fair good night,
And pleasing dreams, and slumbers light."



Feast of the Assumption B. V. M., 1853.



The following list does not pretend to strict accuracy. It is taken partly from a M.S., and many species are added from that given by Dr. Whitaker, which appears to have been furnished by J. Fothergill, Esq., surgeon, Askrigg

ORDER 1.Accipitres. Osprey,

Falco halictus. Henbarrier,

cyaneus. Buzzard,

buteo. Kestrel,

tinnunculus. Sparrow hawk,

nisus. Hobby,

subbuteo. Merlin,

æssalon. Long-eared Owl,

Strix otus. White or Barn Owl,

flammea. Tawny or Wood Owl,

stridula. Red-backed Shrike,

Lanius collurio. Cinereous Shrike.


ORDER 2.Picæ.

Corvus corax.
Common Crow,

frugilegus. Jackdaw,

monedula. Jay,

glandarius. Magpie,

pica. Green Woodpecker,

Picus viridis. Kingfisher,

Alcedo ispida. Cuckoo,

Cuculus canorus. Nuthatch,

Sitta europea. Creeper:

Certhia familiaris.

ORDER 3.-Anseres. Wild Swan,

Cygnus ferus. Grey Lag Goose,


Anas anser. Bernacle Goose,

erythropus. Brent Goose,

bernicla. Velvet Duck,

fusca. Scoter,

nigra. Common Wild Duck,

boschas. Sheldrake,




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Anas clypeata. Wigeon,

penelope. Pochard,

ferina. Garganey,

querquedula. Golden-Eye,

clangula. Tufted Duck.

fuligula. White-Eye,

nyroca. Teal,

cruca. Corvorant,

Pelicanus carbo. Crested Shag,

cristatus. Common Gull,

Larus canus. Black-cap Gull,

ridibundus. Great black-backed Gull

marinus. Goosander,

Mergus merganser. Smew,

albellus. Weasel Coot,

minutus. Crested Grebe,

Podiceps cristatus. Dusky Grebe.

obscurus. Red necked Grebe,

rubricolis. Dabchick,

minutus. Imber Diver,

Colymbus imber. Speckled Diver,

stellatus. Red throated Diver,

septentrionalis. Common Tern or Sea-swallow, Steina hirundo, Lesser Sea-swallow,


ORDER 4.-Gralle. Common Heron,

Ardea cinerea. Bittern,

stellaris. Curlew,

Scolopax arquata. Whimbrel,

phaopus. Woodcock,

rusticola. Great Snipe,

major. Common Snipe,

gallinago. Jack Snipe,

gallinula. Cinereous Godwit,

canescens. Green-shank,

glottis. Red-shank,

calidris. Lapwing,

Tringa vanellus. Green Sandpipe,

ochropus. Common Sandpiper,

hypoleucos. Purre,

cinclus. Dunlin,

alpina. Red Sandpiper,

islandica. Golden Plover

Charadrius pluvialis. Dottrel,

mocinellus. Sea-Lark, or Ringed Dottrell,

hiaticula. Oyster-catcher,

Hoematopus ostralegus. Water-rail,

Rallus aquaticus. Land.rail,

Gallinula crex. Common Water-hen,

chloropus. Small spotted Water-hen

porzana. Coot,

Fulica attra. Great Coot,


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ORDER 5.-Gallinæ.

Pheasant, Red Grouse, Partridge,

Phasianus colchicus. Tetrao scoticus. Perdix cinerea.

ORDER 6.-Passeves.

Cross-bill, Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, House Sparrow, Common Linnet, Bunting, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, Nightjar, Chimney Swallow, Martin, Sand Martin, Swift, Fieldfare, Thrush, Blackbird, Ring Ousel, Dipper, Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher. White Wagtail, Winter Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail, Blackcap, Gold-crested Wren, Hedge Sparrow, Redstart, Redbreast, Wheatear, Willow Wren, Common Wren, Whinchat, Whitethroat, Babillard, Great Titmouse, Blue Titmouse, Bottle Tit, Sky Lark, Tit Lark, Wood Lark, Starling, Bohemian Waxwing, Cushat, Ringdove,

Loxia curvirostra.


chloris. Fringilla carduelis.


linota. Emberiza miliaris.


schoniclus. Caprimulgus Europeus. Hirundo rustica.


apus. Turdus pilaris.


cinclus Muscicapa grisola.

atricapilla. Motacilla alba.


garrula. Parus major.


caudatus. Alauda arvensis.


Stunu vulgaris. Ampelis garrulus. Columba ænas.


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