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Order-Monogamia. Jasione montana,

Hairy sheep's scabiouş. Viola odorata,

Purple sweet violet.

Yellow violet.

Orchis bifolia,

Butterfly orchis, ustulata,

Little purple orchis. conopsea,

Red-handed orchis. Ophrys ovata

Common twyblade. cordata,

Least twyblade. insectifera,

Bee orchis monorchis,

Yellow, or musk orchis. Serapias helleborine,

Bastard hellebore.

Typha latifolia,

Great cat's tail, (bullush. Spargarium erectum,

Great burr reed.

Order-Diandria. Salix pentandria,

Sweet willow. helix,

Yellow dwarf willow. caprea,

Common sallow. reticulata,

Mountain dwarf willow.

Order-Triandria. Empetrum nigrum,

Crow, or crakeberries. Valeriana dioica,

Marsh valerian. Rumex acetosella,

Sheep's sorrell,

Order-Enniandria Mercurialis perennis,

Dog's mercury.

Graphalium dioicum,

Cat's foot.

Ophioglossum vulgatum, Adder's tongue.
Osmunda lunaria,

Moonwort. Asplinium ruta muraria, White maiden's hair. scolopendrium,

Hart's tongue.

Order-Musci. Lycopodium selago,

Fir club moss, alpinum,

Mountain fir club moss.

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Of the Principal Manors in Wensleydale, taken from

Domesday Book; compiled circiter A.D. 1083.

Manor-Village or
Owner temp St.

Edward Owner cir. 1083.

the Confessor.


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Tor& Eg-l'Earl Alan

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} Wihomar

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Steward; ber- Gospatric Gospatric
wic of Ascame
Spennithorne Ghilepatric Ribald


sons Middleham Ghilepatric Ribald Coverham

brand Harnby Tor


Aschil & Leyburn

Audulf Witton (West) Glumer Earl Alan containing the Berwics of E. Witton, Thoresby, the same

the same Wensley, & another Wensley Thoralby Bernulf Preston

Torfin Bodin Redmire 'tric and

| Earl Alan Gamel

1 & Ribald) Aysgarth Cnut Gosfrid Crocsby Bernulf Bernulf Carperby Tor

Emsan Burton (West) Turchil Goisfrid Bolton Ghilepatric Ribald Bolton parva

4 sons of

Earl Alan

Thornton (Wst.) Turot Earl Alan

Archil Gospatric

Torfin Bodin

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Ghie pa

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The above affords only a general view of the state of the country at the time of the Domesday Survey; for many of the smaller berwics are omitted.


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From the Midilleham Household Book of Richard IIl., partly before

and partly after his accession to the crown. “Warrant to thauditor of Middelham to allowe Geaffrey Franke, reck of the same, in his accompts the summe of ciixx xvils x® yt is to wit xxiis and ixa for grene cloth for my lord prince and Mr. Niguill by him bought; xx" for making of gownes of the same cloth; xiii iiid to the gild of Alverton; vs for chesing of ye King of Westwitton; v8. xid. for russhes; xxvis. viiid. to Augnes Coup; xis. for a cloth sak; xxiiis. iva. for a horsse bought for Will Litill Scott; xxvi*. viiid. to Seint Xpofir Gild at York; vs. for a fether to my lord Prince ; xks. for a foder of lede bought of thabbot of Couerham; xxiis. iiid. for ye lord Ric costs from Middelham to Ponctfret; xlvis. iiiia for the Lord Richard beriall; xiiii. id. to Dyryk Shomaker for stuff for

my lord prince; vis. viii'. to ye Lord Richard servants; vis. viiid. for ye chesing of ye King of Middelham; xvs. for my lord prince offering to of Lady of Geruax, Couerham, and Wynsladale; xviis. ixa. for c'ten stuff bought for Mr. Nevill; xvs. ixa for stuff bought of Edward Pilkington; xxd for my lord prince offering at Geruax; iis

. vid. for offering at Fonteins; iiiis. for his offering at Pountfret; xlviiis. ixa. to Jayn Colyns for offerings and other stuff by her bought; xxi. vid. for thexpenses of ye Lord Ric seruants and ye horsse at Middelham; iiii!. x®. to Olyver Cambre, John Vachan, Ruke Metcalf, Anthony Patrik Dennys, John Marler, for their quarter wages at Midsomer. xxxiii'. iiiia to Henry Forest for his halff yere

. wages; xi. to Yest for mending of my lord's virga ; xiia. to Martyn ye fole; xiid to Sheren by the way; xxd for my lord's drynkyng at Rynghouses ; viii'. for trussing corde; viii'. for a bridill bit; xv. x4. to St. Thomas Bremles for my lord's almes; xüi". iv4 for a prymmer for

. my lord; vii*. x4. for a blak satan for couering of it, and

a of a sawter; iis. for my lord prince's drynkyng at Kippes; xxxviils. xvi*. xid. for thexpenses of my lord prince houshold and ye Lord Ric. from Saint

to midsomer day; xxxis x. for thexpenses of the same house from midsomer day to ye ijde day of August; xxviils. xviim. va. for my said lord's household at Wedderby & Tadcastre; vif. viiia. to Metcalff and Pacok for rynnyng on fote by side my lord prince; c'. to Jane Colyns for hir hole yere wages ending at Michelmesse ; xls. for costs of the hounds and yeir wages yo kepes them; rils xiii. ivd. for houshold wages; xliiis

. viii'. for keping of Sonstewgh; xls to Michel Wharten for wark; v marcs for lieing at London viii dayes, and for comyng .wb ye jewells from London; xls. to ye Lyntons; xxiii. iva for thexpences of my lord prince's housholde from Yorke to Pountfret: xx. for iii wagnes from York to Pountfret; vis. va. for thexpens of my lord prince chariot from York to Pountfret, &c. iis iiiia. to a wiff besids Doncastre by ye king's commandment; ii$. xių for their bating of ye chariot at York; viii. iia for thexpenses of my lord prince horsse at York; xx$. ia for bringing of stuffe from Barnard's Castell; vt vim. viiia for viii yerds of blak velvet; iiii!, x*. to Olyver Chambre, John Vaghan, Ruke Metcalff, Patrik Dennys, John Marler, for ther quarter wages from midsomer to Michilmesse; iii. iva. for fustyan bought of Thomas Fynche; vi! xviii'. for money paied to Sr Thomas Gower by him laid out for thexpenses of the Lord Ryvers. Geuen the xxv day of Sept. a'. primo. Harl. M.S. 133. p. 118.


No. 2,

Copy of a license granted to Richard, Lord Scrop, for the erection of Bolton Castle.

Rex omnibus ad quos refert salutem, sciatis quod de gra' n' ra speciali concessimus & licenciam dedimus p' nob' & heredib' in'ris' dile'o et fideli n'ro Ric'o le Scrop cancellario n ro g’d ipse manerium suum de Bolton in Wencelawedale sen unam placeam infra idem manerium muro de petra et calce firmare & kemellare et man’ illud sen placeam illam sic firmatum et kernellatum vel firmatam et kernellatam tenere possit sibi et heredibus suis imp’n’m sine acc'one vel impedimento n'ri vel heredum n'rorum justie. Escaetor' vicecomitum aut alior' ballivor' scu ministror'n'ror vel heredum n'ro' quorumcunque, In cujus rei T. R. apud Westm. quarto die Julii. De man' kernellando R. Lescrop. p'br'e de privato sigillo. No. 3. The first letter written in English by Mary Queen of Scots.

I feel persuaded most readers will take an interest in perusing the first letter written in the English language by the martyred Queen. It was penned at Bolton castle, in the second month of her captivity. All her previous letters were either in Latin, French, or the vernacular Scotch of the period—it is therefore, in some degree, a literary curiosity.

The Queen of Scots to Sir Francis Knollys. Mester Knoleis, I heve sum neus from Scotland; I send you the double off them I writ to the quin, my gud sister, and pres you to du the lyk, conforme to that I spak yesternicht vnto you, and sent hasti ansar. I refer all to your discretion, and will lisne beter in your gud delin for mi, nor I kan persud you, nemli in this langasg: excus my iuel writin for I neuur vsed it afor, and am hestet. Ye schal ci my bel vhuilk is opne, it is sed Seterday my unfrinds wil be vth you. I sey nething bot trests weil, and ye send oni to


ye may asur her schu wuld a bin weilcom to a pur strenger, huar nocht bien acquentet vth her, wil nocht be ouer bald to wriet bot for the acquentans betwixt ous. I will send you little tokne to rember you off the gud hop I heuu in you, gues ye find a mit mesager I wuld wysh ye bestouded it reder upon her nor any vder; thus affter my commendations I prey God heuu you in his kipin. Your assured gud frind,

MARIE R. Excus my iuel writin thes furst tym. (Bolton, Sept. 1st, 1568.)

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